Setting an old wedding dress on fire I was in my grandmother's bedroom. And she had this mannequin-type thing that had an old wedding dress on it. For some reason I had this want to burn the house down. So I struck a match and lit the dress on fire. Then I started to gather my things before the fire got too big. But before I knew it the fire was out. And the only thing that actually burned away was the dress. I began to feel horrible because then I realized that the dress was my grandma's mother's old wedding dress. The mannequin in your dream is likely a representation of yourself and the vintage wedding dress alludes to your past, including childhood and family affairs. As such, the act of setting it on fire suggests the possibility of cutting off connections from your past or severing ties with some of your loved ones. Some unexpected news or surprising information could feed your increasing resentments and frustrations towards your kin. Committing arson also reveals rage. Perhaps your inability to unburden yourself of certain issues would stoke the fire of anger inside of you and when you do let your anger get the best of you, you may end up hurting your loved ones and possibly damage those relationships.
No dress to go to a party I dreamt that a friend suggested we can also go to a function in the evening. I agreed, but did not have enough money to buy evening dress. I looked all over but still could not find it. Woke up like that. Dreaming about planning to attend or getting ready for a party is indicative of your current situation when you are socializing or networking with a lot of people who you think could be helpful in achieving your dreams and aspirations. However, not being able to afford or find appropriate attire signifies your distrust in or doubts about certain individuals you have been interacting with, either because of their personalities which are different from yours, or because you feel apprehensive of their true motivations behind the facade they are maintaining while communicating with you.
Yellow clothes in a drawer I opened my drawer and found various t-shirts and athletic shirts in the same yellow-gold color. Dreaming about finding yellow-colored clothes signifies upcoming success and good fortune. It predicts a period of great happiness for you and you would be able to share the joy with the rest of your loved ones as well. The notion of finding athletic clothes could also indicate that you would enjoy good health and vigor, which would allow you to live life to the fullest. Keep yourself prepared for new opportunities and be sure to welcome enjoyment into your life.
A crush wearing ugly clothes I had a dream where I was having dinner with my crush and her friends, and she was wearing ugly clothes. She was wearing a blue and yellow striped sleeveless dress with a "Coca-cola" singlet on top of it. What does this mean? Sharing a meal with those who are close to you may predict one of them leaving or moving away for a long time. While the motive is unclear, your crush's ugly clothing could reveal one of two things. Ugly, dirty or ill-fitting clothing represents deceit in the dream world. On one hand, it may mean she has not been honest in her intentions and is planning to forsake you at some point. Another interpretation could indicate that she reciprocates your feelings but would act badly in order to force others to leave your circle of friends so that she has you all to herself. The blue and yellow dress further illustrates the unpleasantness and distress either of these situations would cause.
A woman in a white coat and hat I dreamed of well-dressed woman in a white coat with leopard print collar and matching hat standing over me. Dreaming of a well-dressed woman predicts receiving malicious news in the future. There may be individuals spreading rumors or gossip that may involve you. The woman's white coat represents your fear of being judged. You try so hard to control your image, so being talked about, accurately or otherwise, causes you a lot of stress and apprehension.
Matching clothes with jewelry I was collecting beautiful stones from under the bed. A lot of smooth beautiful stones that were rocks, not any kind of jewelry. However, I found a set of beautiful turquoise earrings. I smiled and chose to pair them with a black blouse and black pants. I held the blouse up to inspect it, asked my mother "Where are black pants?". She replied "On the line, drying". I looked out the window at the black pants and pictured the outfit on on me with earrings. Female. Dreaming about discovering precious stones under your bed signifies fresh opportunities which you would find in unexpected places. These would help you improve your life to a great extent. Stumbling upon a pair of turquoise earrings predicts that you would make the most of these prospects and become successful. The presence of your mother in the dream further reinforces the notion of the accomplishments and triumphs appearing in your life's path. Make sure you remain open to new developments and welcome them with open arms. This is a period of great fortune because things would turn in your favor.
Red jeans Keep having a dream about red jeans. I'm not wearing them and they have tags on them. I'm just holding them up in front of me. The red jeans in your dream represent a desired lifestyle. You may have been thinking about changing your ways of life and wondering about what it is like to live a certain way. Red is the color of passion, so perhaps this desire may have something to do with a long-held dream or aspiration. Merely holding the red jeans and not trying them on likely reveals your pragmatic nature. In theory, it may seem tempting to pursue your passion, yet your reality tells you it may be an impractical move.
Receiving clothes from an unfamiliar girl It was about a girl whom I don't know in real life giving me a piece of clothing and I was very happy to see her. Her name was Richa, with long black hair. In a box she brought me a clothing piece. Being given clothes which made you feel happy is a very auspicious sign to experience in a dream. It could mean a variety of positive outcomes, including possible improvements in everyday aspects of your waking life. However, because the girl giving this piece of clothing was unfamiliar to you in the dream, it could be some time before you attain complete inner peace and harmony present in your life.
Wearing torn slippers and people offering newer ones I had a dream in which I was walking with a pair of torn-up slippers on my feet. While walking, I got frustrated about the slippers and decided to remove them from my feet and to walk with my bare feet. Then immediately, a lot of passerby women decided to help me with their slippers so that I would not walk with my bare feet. And while they were all giving me their slippers, I realized that an old lady's pair of slippers was quite new and I chose it and put them on my feet and I awoke. Envisioning yourself wearing torn or old shoes could portend receiving unpleasant or bothersome news in the coming future, this is more so true if you found yourself unable to remember what kind of shoes they were. Walking barefoot means there are uncertainties or concerns about those who are close to you, such as family or close friends. The offering of old shoes by other women predicts trips full of difficulties and unwanted surprises. However, it seems that once you get over this period of time, you may find that you have developed inner peace and harmony within your life, as symbolized by the old woman giving you new slippers that you then chose to wear instead.
Mad at the lover for wearing white dress I am male. I have seen a dream in which my lover was married to another guy, she was in a normal white dress like the ones girls wear in school as their uniform whereas we Muslims don't wear white dress during a wedding. Then came to a thread and began to worship it, which we Muslims don't do. And I was very upset and angry in my dream and was continuously eating feces or shit. When you dream that your girlfriend has become involved with another man, it could be a manifestation of your frustration with work or everyday household tasks and responsibilities. It could allude to having a lot of difficulties achieving your goals and completing your duties within the established time frame and you could be feeling you are lacking the resources needed to take care of things properly. The notion of eating your own feces, on the other hand, could reveal your tendency to look at things with a rather negative perspective and this kind of outlook on life could be detrimental to you, maybe even leading to thoughts of self-inflicted harm or suicidal tendencies.
Wearing a biker's jacket I am a happily married woman, well I thought I was. I dreamt I was back in my home town when I met a group of bikers who were on tour, a good-looking guy bought me a drink and told me to wait for him, he told me that the pink jacket I was wearing was not nice, so he gave me his jacket and then left to finish the tour of Europe after which I put the jacket on and found he had left his wallet and watch in the pockets. If you are a married woman and you dreamed about having an outside affair or infatuation, it could foretell some future challenges arising inside your marriage. You may be at risk of losing the love and respect of your husband and this could be the result of the way you may have acted around him, for example when showing signs of irritability, anger or other sorts of negative emotions. Since your dream contained scenes of interacting with a biker, you could also be subconsciously hoping for a similar way of treatment coming from your husband, perhaps even with sexual undertones when certain fantasies on your part still remain unfulfilled.
Being given clothes and shoes by a deceased lady I had a dream that a lady I knew when I was a small girl, she is now long deceased. She brought for me two huge sacks, one full of clothes, the other full of shoes. Apparently she had made this promise still in the dream and kept it. I opened the bag full of shoes. I found assorted shoes. Many baby shoes, a pair of sneakers too small for me and several different types of black sandals that could fit. None of all these shoes were new. They were handed me down. I packed them back to keep for me. Your dream may seem contradictory at first because dreaming of a deceased friend could mean you may receive unexpected and exciting news, but envisioning old shoes could mean exactly the opposite, which is having to face some unwanted surprises and difficulties, most of which would involve trips to places or locales known to you. Perhaps the visit of the old lady you once knew is a sign that you should be preparing for some difficult times, while knowing that you have the strength to overcome them and embrace brighter opportunities which would allow you to improve your situation. The notion of old shoes could also mean that these problems you would face are not completely new to you, but you would finally begin to understand how to deal with them.
Fiance wearing high heels I am a female aged 38 years, I saw my fiance wearing my high heel shoes in a dream and he seemed so comfortable, what could be the meaning? Thanks in advance. Usually, seeing men wearing women's shoes, such as high heels, indicates you may be feeling some discomfort, since these shoes in general are not comfortable for those not used to wearing them. Since your boyfriend seemed comfortable wearing them in your dream, perhaps it could mean that there is something in your relationship you are concerned about, something you thought could be a problem, but you have discovered your fiance can handle it perfectly well and so a potentially problematic issue has come off as inoffensive.
Stealing clothes Stealing clothes. Stealing clothes in a dream vision is often connected to low self-esteem but also a penchant for false confidence and pride. In a sense, you are robbing yourself of opportunities to grow and learn about yourself by putting on a fake persona in front of others. The clothes you stole, then, are those other personalities. It is likely that you act more strong, obnoxious or careless than you normally would in order to please those you consider friends. However, doing so not only ruins your image in their eyes, but hurts your self-confidence as well. It would be better to be honest about your feelings and preferences instead of hiding who you really are.
Wife hiding clothes I have this dream or a dream similar to it over and over again. I am with my wife and other people and she hides my clothes. Everyone else changes their clothes to go someplace nice, but when I want to change mine, they are gone and she won't tell me where they are. So, I have to get undressed, shower and wait naked in the bathroom for my clothes which are hidden. If she finds my clothes, they are all tangled up and I cannot untangle them! So everyone else is ready to go, not me. So, I wake up mad at my wife! Clothing in dreams represents your image or outer appearance. In that sense, dreaming that someone hides your clothes could mean that somebody is trying to change certain aspects of your personality. It could mean that your wife's expectations of you are different from how you perceive yourself. As such, the clothes when they are found appear tangled up. Alternatively, being naked in the shower means being vulnerable. Perhaps your wife is forcing you to face your own personal demons and flaws. The longer you get to know each other, the more personality traits present themselves and not all of them may be positive. Sometimes you may bring out the worst in each other and that can be difficult to accept.
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