Wearing a bridesmaid's dress Wearing or trying on a white bridesmaid dress. Trying on a bridesmaid's dress reveals your desire to be in a loving and committed relationship. You feel like you are always overlooked by potential partners and this makes it harder for you to make meaningful connections. Fortunately, the bridesmaid's dress is also associated with a blossoming love, so you would soon meet someone who would make you feel appreciated. Rather than a whirlwind romance, you and this person would have plenty of time to strengthen your bond before getting romantic.
Wearing a sweater with an enemy I dream of a person I was not friend with, she is dead, and I let her put on my yellow sweater. We both had one arm in it. The yellow sweater means a loved one would betray you. The person in your dream could be instrumental in making you understand the motivations behind the betrayal. The reasons why you are not friends with her would likely be the same reasons why someone would turn his or her back on you. This unpleasant experience would teach you a valuable lesson about empathy and being more sensitive to the feelings of others.
Wearing fur suits I was in a house, I saw four furries. They were really nice. I wanted to be one too. They told me that there was two fur suits in the upstairs bedroom on the right. There was a tiger fur suit and another one that I do not remember. I put on the tiger fur suit. Me and the furries had some fun and talked. Then I woke up. I thought that I had it two days in a row because there was two parts. I didn't have it for two days though. It was the best dream I ever had and I tried to have it again but I couldn't. Fursuits symbolize warmth and comfort. As such, the furries in your dream refer to people, likely friends or family members, who make you feel loved and accepted. They are your source of strength whenever you feel insecure or whenever you doubt yourself. Meanwhile, putting on the tiger fursuit represents your duality. On one hand, you are a very caring and friendly person. On the other hand, you can also become fierce and aggressive, especially when your rights are being violated. Ultimately, this dream lets you know that you have good people around you whom you can rely on whenever things get rough. You just have to look out for each other to keep negative energies at bay.
Several layers of clothes The lady I'm in love with was putting on several layers of clothes with no regard for how they fit. She put on lace turquoise panties over jeans at some point. Asked why? She said she is getting ready for whatever we decide to do for the rest of the day. Dreaming that the woman you are in love with is putting on clothes in the dream world refers to the numerous stages, events or situations you could find yourself in while pursuing a romantic relationship with her. In essence, each layer of clothing represents a layer of her personality you would learn about or a trial you would go through together. For example, putting panties on over jeans may refer to a period of time when lust would overrule more important values, like trust or loyalty. Either of you may be tempted to objectify the other in search of sexual gratification. While short periods of time engaging in this behavior are neither uncommon nor bad, there were obviously multiple combinations of clothing in the vision, alluding to the variety you may expect in the future. The best course of action should you wish to continue with this woman is to accept developments as they occur and try to keep an open mind to each new situation that unfolds.
Buying a vest Mother and I looking through clothes in a store. Clothes I was looking at had some holes in them. I saw mother trying on vests. The symbolic vision of looking for or buying clothes at a store is usually a positive sign of expecting to reconnect with family members, old friends or other people who play an important part in your life, but who, at the same time, are presently not close to you for one reason or another. However, the next two symbols, both of holes in the clothing and an item of clothing without sleeves could contain a prediction of big disappointments or regrets once the anticipated reunion takes place. Perhaps you should protect yourself and your company from any negativity by being more considerate and understanding toward each other.
Taking off boyfriend's socks I dreamt my boyfriend and I were lying in bed talking and he let me take his socks off his feet. Being in bed with your boyfriend symbolically represents strain and stress in the real world, particularly in regards to relationships. You and your boyfriend may be going through a rough patch currently or could soon go through an ordeal that shakes your foundations. This is opposed by the image of you removing his socks. Socks represent illness or disease, so it is possible that your disagreement revolves around sickness. Possibly you worry about how this disease was contracted or who would be responsible for what in the case one of you cannot work. Taking off the socks, however, points towards turning over a new leaf, meaning you would be able to move past this event and perhaps grow stronger as a couple because of it.
Men wearing dark clothes My dream: 2 groups of men, one group wearing black and the other group wearing gray. The two groups of men you saw in your vision represent two possible but equally unhappy paths your life could take. The group wearing black clothes represents difficulties related to illness and unfavorable outcomes to certain questions currently on your mind. Any uncertainty you are facing in your life right now would surely turn out badly if you tried to secure an answer now. The men dressed in gray symbolize financial troubles, possibly following some minor insignificant material gains, which could contribute to stress and anxiety in reality.
Receiving a piece of clothes from a teacher Got a green blouse piece as Tambulam from a Brahmin teacher. Receiving a green piece of clothing means you are being encouraged to be more confident and assertive. Green is the color of wealth and abundance, so your teacher in the dream symbolizes a mentor or elder who is guiding you in the real world and wants to see you succeed. You need to be open to advice as well as criticism from people wiser and more experienced than you because they can help you make better decisions.
Giving away pants to someone My dream was about giving away two of my pants to an unknown woman. Giving your pants to an unfamiliar woman in a dream world represents your attempts to bring others happiness and peace of mind in reality. If you have recently taken to making mocking comments or tend to have a negative outlook on life, this same symbol may be a gentle reminder from your subconscious that looking at the glass as half empty makes it difficult to improve and feel better. Therefore, it would be wiser to keep a "glass half full" outlook for the betterment of both your life and the lives of those around you.
Escaping a house in a dress I am female. I dreamt I was wearing a dress that I own blue an white in color while trying to escape a house. A blue and white dress is symbolic of the dual nature of relationships. On one hand, you have the love and commitment of your partner, but on the other hand your closeness makes you vulnerable to hurt and broken trust. This issue is further explored in the image of your trying to escape a house, a symbol that suggests trouble within your home or social circle is causing you to look outside your current sphere of influence for new opportunities, relationships or career paths.
Choosing a shirt for the boyfriend I dreamed of my happy boyfriend and choosing a red and white striped shirt from a pile of new shirts as a gift for him in my family home. Red clothes depict romance, while white clothes refer to life-changing events. In this case, the red and white striped shirt could mean he is contemplating a big change in your relationship. Unfortunately, this change is negative in nature and may be referring to dishonesty or a possible break up. On the other hand, this yearning for variety in the romantic department could be your own desires which your subconscious is telling you to confront through this dream.
Clothes in the closet unfit to wear My dream is, I am rummaging through my closet (in my dream it is the same one I had as a child) and I can't find my clothes. I am in a hurry, need to change for work or in another scenario for a party, but the only clothes in the closet are children's clothing or someone else's clothes that don't fit or are inappropriate. A closet without appropriate clothes for you to wear refers to an identity crisis. Because things are moving fast in your life and you need to adapt quickly in order to thrive, you may be losing sight of your core values. For instance, finding a child's clothes suggests regression while finding someone else's clothes symbolizes the pressure to fit in with your current social circle. For both scenarios, it means you are struggling to find your place in this world while being true to who you are. Once you find your true identity, including finding out what will give you fulfillment, then you can begin to carve out a path for yourself where you will succeed by your own merits.
Flying with a cowboy hat on I was flying and I had a cowboy hat on, I was worried my hat would fly off. Flying is a symbol commonly associated with achieving freedom in reality. In some cases it shows a growth in independent spirit and autonomy, while in others it means you would overcome someone or something that has been holding you back. Being worried about the loss of your cowboy hat could suggest that you wonder how this change in dynamics would affect your personality. Would more independence also mean a loss of your carefree spirit? This vision is a subconscious reflection on these topics and perhaps indicates a need to sit down and decide which qualities are most important to you as an individual.
Barefoot at school I am a male and I have had repeated dreams, all slightly different, but they all revolve around me forgetting to put on my shoes before school and ending up barefoot in school. To dream about yourself being barefoot at school symbolizes the imminent termination of a relationship with a person you like. You will probably experience a big disappointment and pain when this personal connection ends, which is not necessarily related to your romantic pursuits. The fact you see the same scenario very often in your dreams may indicate your fear of this separation. You may be sensing this upcoming closure, so you may be trying to subconsciously fight against it in your dreams.
Helping crush to find his clothes My dream was of my crush (male). He was naked and only wearing his underwear. We where both in my sister's room alone but I (female) had on all my clothes. He was trying to find something to wear quickly but we couldn't find anything. Our main focus was finding a purple shirt but no luck. After this I woke up. I hope you can tell me what this means because I'm confused, thank you. Envisioning your crush or romantic interest naked and then trying to find clothes to cover his nakedness signifies that he has been struggling with inner conflict. He might be seeking your or someone else's help to show him the right direction so that he could find an answer to his doubts. It also indicates his urge to satisfy some deep desires concerning taboos in an intimate relationship with someone. However, he probably only wants to find someone to support him by giving advice to choose between what is right and what is wrong.
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