Deceased mother giving nice clothes I dreamt of my late mom giving me fancy, beautiful very neat clothes. I was so overjoyed. What could it mean? I'm a lady. Dreaming about receiving brand new clothes could mean that something important is about to happen in your waking life that would finally allow you to fulfill your wants and aspirations. The notion that it was your late mom giving you these items could mean that these events will be directly connected to your past, as if it was the conclusion of a long-term dream you once had and never thought you would actually be able to achieve.
Used jeans turning into leggings I was in a used clothing shop and having a look at used clothes. I bought one pair of light blue jeans but when I was wearing them, they turned to a dark gray stirrup leggings. It had specific design. A lace on the thigh and through it I could see my thigh that was so fat. Also the stirrups were loose. Also I realized that these leggings belonged to a very rich and divorced lady in my home town. She is two years older than me. Dreaming about trying on old clothes belonging to someone you know could mean that there is something in this person's life which parallels your current situation and so you refer back to them in order to have some sort of example, a paradigm that you can either follow or avoid. Since you mentioned that the leggins belonged to a very rich and divorced lady in your home town, it could mean that there are certain aspects of her life that you want to relate to, maybe a way of being, a certain freedom or style. You imagine yourself wearing her clothes in order to relate to her on some level. However, this does not mean that the person is a role model, it could just as easily be a warning to go your own way and stop imitating others.
Cutting clothes after being trapped I am a male. I had a dream of being trapped in a network beside a river. The trap was hooked to my clothes. So I had to tear my clothes and even borrow scissors from an old woman selling clothes there. I finished cutting the clothes, and I came out freely without wearing tops, only trousers. Being caught in a trap near a river could mean that you have been exposed to certain events or situations that, although challenging, may bring about positive changes in your life, making you feel rejuvenated and blessed. As for the old woman in this vision, she could be a sign that the troubling events or situations referred to by the trap symbol relate somehow to your past, possibly to some kind of unresolved issue that you would finally be able to put to rest.
Son choosing between two skirts for the mother Mother asks adult son to choose between two skirts. A skirt is a symbol of femininity and sexuality in dreams. They can also symbolize tact and chastity, depending on the length and material. The longer the skirt, the more old-fashioned and traditional the values that are being exemplified by the skirt. In a sense, the son is basically being asked to choose between two points of view when it comes to handling his sexuality. Would he prefer to handle his relationships in a more traditional way or develop progressive values? Perhaps this is your own preoccupation as well. You could be torn between two possible value systems and choices to make.
Dressing as a bridesmaid for males I am a man, it was the day before a wedding and I bought a white bridesmaid's dress for myself. I had a whole outfit: tights, shoes, pants. Everyone seemed to know I was going in this but no one judged or said anything. What does it mean? Cross-dressing in dreams may reveal your desire to understand or embrace the characteristics of the opposite sex. In your case, you may be interested in knowing the inner workings of the female mind. You may also be curious about certain feminine traits because of a particular female in your inner social circle, likely a romantic prospect. Understanding her would mean forging a stronger bond and a better relationship. Because the female clothing you are going to wear in your dream vision is a bridesmaid's dress, you may be thinking about settling down yourself. You could also be wondering whether your significant other is contemplating the idea of marriage. Perhaps you have received hints or signals from her broaching the subject of weddings and engagements. You seem open to the idea, which is why your mind conjured this scenario. It not only allows you to place yourself in her shoes but also gives you a taste of the significance of this occasion.
A friend stealing a pink coat I had a new coat, pink and woolly (I wouldn't normally wear something like this) and it was suddenly stolen from me by a once close friend whom I haven't spoke to in over a year! The coat just seemed to vanish but I seemed to know it was her that took it, I told my mum who didn't seem particularly bothered about it and when I wanted police involved she told me to go find my receipt to prove to police it was mine. She usually has very strong feelings about things that happen to me! I am female, 32. A lost coat in dream visions generally pertains to a period of change or transformation. The coat itself is a metaphor for safety and comfort, but it can also refer to a defensive characteristic and a tendency to put up walls. In your case, perhaps losing the pink coat refers to your desire to reconnect with old friends. Specifically, the friend who stole your coat in the dream is likely the one you are missing in reality. After over a year of silence and lack of communication, you may be ready to reach out and clear the air. In addition, your mom could be the voice of reason and experience that you have been looking for as of late.
A friend dressed in the same clothes I pass a friend in an old wooden hallway wearing similar clothing to me and hat to me and I say "Ha, we're dressed the same" after passing with no response but the friend responds in a cold way towards me and we pass. Wearing clothes that are similar to those your friend is wearing could symbolize your desire to possess qualities your friend has. For example, your friend may be particularly smart, out-going or confident, and you hope to develop such qualities in yourself. Your friend's cold reaction could be your internal concerns that you would be seen as a copy cat. However, if you truly want to gain positive traits, you should not worry about what others think and only focus on making yourself better.
Cutting roommate's clothes with scissors My house mate dreamt that I was cutting her clothes with scissors and we fought when she saw me doing it. Our clothing serves as protection and barrier from external elements. Clothes are supposed to protect our bodies from environmental threats. They can also represent modesty and privacy. The same associations are true for clothing as a dream symbol. As such, the act of cutting your housemate's clothes in this dream vision could be an indication of animosity between the two of you. Destroying her clothes with scissors can point to the possibility that you may be accused of ruining her reputation or making her look bad in front of others. Perhaps this is also a projection of your enmity towards her. Even if you do not acknowledge these negative feelings or you are hiding your distaste in reality, her subconscious may be showing her this dream scenario as a form of catharsis or a release of her or your thinly veiled anger and contempt.
Someone ruining clothes in the laundry 3 days ago I dreamed that I was doing my laundry. After I finished my laundry, the scene was I am outside which I no longer remember in detail but when I return to the house, a beautiful lady repeated doing my laundry. When I saw her, she was soon to finish it, but I noticed that she did not separate my light-colored clothes from dark clothes which caused stains and discoloration to some of my clothes. My dark blue jeans is next to my white shirt and gold dress. Both of my white shirt and gold dress had blue stains from my jeans. I did not confront her but I was frustrated deep inside. When I was inside the bus, I was able to share this with one of my friends. I wonder what this dream means. Dreaming that you are doing the laundry symbolizes spiritual cleansing and purification. You could be in the process of getting rid of bad habits or generally trying to become a better person after going through a lot of trials and making a lot of mistakes. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman or lady in your dream vision portends exciting occasions ahead of you. It could be a party, a reunion or a random encounter with someone from your past which would trigger strong emotions or even feelings of nostalgia. While you would initially look forward to parties or similar events, it may end up giving you mixed feelings which would affect your current resolve to transform yourself. Perhaps the discoloration of your clothes means attending those events could make you feel sad or lonely, as indicated by the blue stain. Instead of moving forward with your self-improvement plans, bitterness and resentments could come bubbling to the surface of your consciousness. Alternatively, the beautiful lady could also represent your aspiration. Perhaps in trying to achieve that ultimate goal, it may end up destroying you or bring out the darker or more chaotic aspects of your personality.
Being given saris at a temple I dreamt about me, mom and sis at a Temple (Kaliamman Temple) by the beach. We attended for prayers and coincidentally they were offering sarees to all the women there. Most of them were purple and a little bit of green. We were queuing up. But I guess I woke up before I received it, I told my mom and she said next month we are going to an island where they have a Kali temple opposite to the beach. A temple in dreams denotes growth and transformation. This can also refer to spiritual enlightenment. Since the temple is located by the beach, it means you are conflicted. You are torn between following the advice of your elders or letting your emotions guide your judgment. The sari provides further clues about the source of your dilemma. A sari symbolizes safety, security and modesty. It seems that you want to break free from traditions and be free to make your own choices, but your family could be trying to rein in your stubborn nature so you can have a more stable future.
Partner wearing blue shoes I saw my partner coming out surprisingly from nowhere when I was passing by but he didn't see me. And he was wearing blue Adidas shoes. What are your interpretations? Seeing your partner wearing blue shoes could refer to an upcoming separation from this individual. This does not necessarily mean a breakup or a permanent disunion, however. It could mean one of you would have to travel or go away for awhile, possibly because of work or familial obligations. You would not need to worry about anything specifically during this time, although you may have some concerns about traveling or the reason for traveling in general.
Husband buying and wearing a sari My hubby purchased a new saree for me and he is demonstrating first himself with new saree. A saree or sari can have intimate connotations in the dream world. It can also refer to new experiences. So in the context of your dream, it means your husband would open up your mind to new ideas and experiences when it comes to your marriage and your relationship in general. He would be guiding and teaching you new skills, be it about physical intimacy or more practical matters related to making your marriage stronger. Alternatively, your husband could have a tendency to be controlling. He could even be underestimating you on a lot of matters and your subconscious is pointing out this power imbalance.
At a hotel wearing formal attire A distinct dream where I have a black dress on with black high heels. I'm at a hotel and saying I only want room number 17 and it must be an executive suite. Trying to get a room at a hotel and specifically requesting a suite may mean you are about to go through a series of trials and tribulations, most likely something to do with an important project or task you would soon undertake. The number 17, then, takes on a special significance, as it indicates frustration and mental fatigue upon facing these challenges. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed and tired after days and weeks of long nights and little peace. However, the black dress and matching heels predict bad news, in this case, that your hard work is all for naught. Whatever you hoped the outcome to be, there is little chance it could come to fruition. It may be better to cut your losses early or choose a plan of action that is more likely to succeed.
Husband receiving clothes from a dying man I dreamed about a man and my husband, I didn't recognize who the man was in my dream, but I saw that the man is really sick and he is dying. My husband suddenly appears in my dream and it seems that he knows the man, then I don't know why but the man gives my husband clothes. 3 different colors - red, black, and I think the other one is gray. My husband took the clothes and he wears the black one and I found out in my dream that the man who gives him the clothes is already dead. That's all. Seeing a dying person in dreams denotes impending hardship you and your husband would experience. The origin would be unknown which would make it harder for you to cope, especially if someone back-stabbed or betrayed you. The clothing given to your husband represents different outcomes to your personal trials. Red clothes mean you would triumph over your enemies and enjoy material gains as well as overall happiness. But since your husband chose the black clothes, then failure is ahead accompanied by misery and suffering from this setback. After the dust settles, your partnership and marriage would either become stronger or it would break under the sheer weight of your problems.
A shirt with unfitting sleeves I am wearing a shirt of which one sleeve is loose and the other tight. I want the loose sleeve tailored to fit. The tailor begins to cut and we realize it is the wrong sleeve. The tailor cuts the both sleeves. Ill-fitting clothes in dreams, whether they are too large or too tight, signifies change. This represents an end to old habits or lifestyle. Sleeves in particular refer to work ethics. You are ready to focus on advancing your career and working hard to achieve your goals. However, since the tailor ends up cutting both sleeves, it means things would not go according to plan. There will be distractions and obstacles in your way, so you have to be flexible enough when unforeseen things occur. Having a strict plan and putting all your hope in it would only make you frustrated, whereas flexibility and adaptability would give you more chances to succeed.
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