Shoes upside down on a rack I dreamt all my neice's shoes were turned over on the shoe rack. Shoes in dreams are often thought to represent our place in life or the current status of affairs. In this case, seeing your niece's shoes inside a shoe rack suggests she is doing all the things she should be doing, such as working hard and treating others with respect. However, observing that the shoes have been turned over suggests that, despite her efforts, things are not going the way they should. Maybe others do not treat your niece fairly, or maybe there are other obstacles which prevent her personal growth. Your subconscious may be wondering if there is something you can do to help this situation, resulting in this dream vision.
A crush wearing purple and shoes that do not match The settings of my dream is unknown, but it was about my crush. However, the most significant thing about my dream is how she was dressed. She was wearing a dark pinkish color dress, it almost looked purple. Next, was one heel on one of her foot (a glass platform heel). And on her other foot was a white sandal. Do you guys know what this means? Please I need some answers. I really like this girl, and I'm curious of what this means. Dreaming of your crush reveals your infatuation or constant preoccupation with this individual. Constantly thinking or daydreaming about her in reality would make her likeness manifest in the dream world in order to continue your train of thought from when you were awake. Similarly, the pink or purple dress likely reflects your passionate feelings for her. After all, such colors signify love, happiness and affection. Perhaps this vision means you are falling in love. As such, the glass heel and white sandal allude to your trepidation about pursuing a romance with her because you may view her as someone too pure and innocent. Like glass, this illusion could shatter if you got too close. Alternatively, the glass heel could also point to your fear of messing up and losing someone precious in the process.
At school without shoes I was at my school without shoes, but I was wearing socks and it was raining at that time and I stepped on the grass then it got wet. In a dream, seeing yourself at school without shoes on represents the upcoming end of a relationship with someone you care about. It could be either a romantic or a platonic relationship, and you are likely to feel disappointed and hurt by this separation. Dreaming of rain generally symbolizes your tendency to alienate yourself in wake life, meaning you try to make your presence less noticeable. Perhaps this time your feelings of hurt and disappointment with the broken connection are the primary reason why you would exclude yourself from the company of others. This growing introversion could be a big problem in the future. You should try to open up to someone you know you can trust and share how you are feeling with them, otherwise this situation may lead to more serious psychological issues.
Wearing golden clothes My dream was about wearing a golden shiny color dress and shiny golden belly shoes. Envisioning yourself wearing a golden dress and shoes may represent a completely opposite situation in wake life. This symbol actually suggests that you are about to experience a period of financial insecurity, meaning you would lack the money to purchase such nice clothes and shoes. In essence, you may have enough cash or savings to get through, but you would not be able to waste money on extravagances. If you plan carefully and pick up a side job, you may be able to make this a very short-term situation.
A woman in red sari dancing I see in my dreams that a woman wearing a red Indian sari is dancing alone in a house. The red sari could be an allusion to repressed desires or hidden sexuality. You may have set your eyes on a romantic prospect and are contemplating your next moves to woo them. In addition, observing a dancing woman in the dream world often pertains to emerging love. It usually translates to the possibility of being about to fall in love or start a love affair. Both cases would involve the development of an intimate romantic relationship with an unexpected person. That is, you would become involved with someone that you had never thought you would. However unexpected, the relationship with this person would be pleasing and enjoyable.
Hanging clothes on the line while naked Saw myself naked washing and spreading clothes with some others at a public tap and some guys watching me spread the clothes from a close distance. But I had this carefree attitude in the dream. Dreaming about washing clothes has negative connotations. It indicates that your current ways could prove to be your ultimate downfall. Perhaps you have a frivolous attitude which is having an adverse impact on your relationships. This symbolism is further reinforced by the fact that you were nude and not bothered about it. It represents the insecurities which you face in your waking life. Perhaps this giddy attitude which you have is simply a show and you are trying to hide your vulnerable side. However, you should keep in mind that doing so is only going to create more trouble for you down the road.
Wearing black and white shoes I take off my socks and I am wearing a pair of black shoes without socks. I wearing black shoes and going through a small path. On the small forest path I can see a lot of white mushrooms. There are two pairs of shoes, one is white and another is black. White ones are quickly taken by my boyfriend's wife and the black one I am wearing. When I wear black shoes my boyfriend is looking at me. The colors black and white illustrate a stark contrast in your dream which could be interpreted in various ways. Generally, wearing black shoes alludes to the dreamer's overall satisfaction and happiness, however, it can also be associated with misunderstandings. The juxtaposition of the black shoes you were wearing with the white shoes worn by your boyfriend's wife denotes judgment. Maybe you cast yourself as the villain in the situation because you are figuratively standing between two people. Hence, you could be feeling guilty or ashamed of your actions.
Looking for a piece of a pink dress I had an expensive 2-piece pink dress. I feel asleep and when I woke up, the top half was gone. A friend was supposed to watch it, but she went out with a guy and got drunk. I went to look for the dress. I was in a large hotel. I asked the lady at the desk, she didn't have it. I went through glass doors to an outside area. I was younger and I could hear my shoes on the sidewalk. While outside, 4 men came, 2 in uniform. They looked at me and said "Not her", and started shooting people. I covered my eyes. The pink dress could be an allusion to love and affection. Hence, losing the top part likely means that you are unable to fully commit yourself to someone for reasons that are known only to you. This tendency to hold yourself back from falling head over heels in love may be a reflection of your straight-laced ways. Similarly, the men in uniform represent discipline and order. In that case, perhaps you feel like you need to be more organized and settled. You could be looking for a sense of stability, yet the men's decision not to shoot you suggests your inability to achieve your goals and targets. You may have a clear image of the kind of life you want to lead, yet time and again fate does not seem to be on your side. Personal or professional fulfillment has always seemed to evade you.
Washing underwear before going to a wedding Washing dirty underwear before going to a wedding at a church with daughter and then being late because the garment was not dry in time. This dream about washing dirty clothes is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your waking life. You may find that continuing your current ways can pull you down, creating bigger problems for you in the future. It could also be a sign of worries or concerns that you may be currently experiencing concerning your daughter and her life. You may be suffering after witnessing a recent event that had a serious impact on your psyche. These difficulties may be hard to overcome and you may need to analyze which priorities are applicable to your current life and take action.
Clothes of a deceased mother My husband's cousin gave me 3 plum-colored dresses that used to belong to her mother. Her mother is deceased. She took them out of the bedroom closet and laid them on the bed for me. I did not touch them. She put on a beautiful spring dress that had a lot of wildflowers on it. I complimented her. She was very happy, spinning around like a little girl. The plum-colored dresses in the context of this dream are symbols of wisdom and kindness. Perhaps your husband's cousin likes to dispense practical knowledge or share lessons she learned from her mother as a way of keeping her mother's legacy alive. Some of the advice she gives you may be unsolicited, yet it could be part of her coping mechanism for her grief. In the process of unburdening her personal baggage to you or other family members, she may start feeling a little lighter and more excited about what the future holds for her.
A woman who stopped wearing hijab I dreamt when my brother-in-law came to visit together with his wife and I saw that his wife no longer wears the hijab. The hijab is a symbol of traditional values and conservative beliefs. Perhaps the fact that your brother-in-law's wife was not wearing a hijab in the dream reveals your impression about her. Maybe you find her opinions and ideas too radical or progressive in comparison to the other women in your social circle. Alternatively, her appearance may reflect her independent nature and candid personality. You either admire her for her newfound courage or are uncertain about how to handle her recent transformation.
Someone flapping covers Dreamed about somebody flapping my covers really fast up and down. Dreaming of flapping your covers or any type of sheet reveals your tendency to depend on others for support. You may soon encounter problems in the waking world and you could end up imposing on your friends and family hoping that they would bail you out. This neediness could backfire once your loved ones get tired of constantly coming to your rescue. Perhaps it is time for you to start helping yourself become more independent.
A wedding dress with three colors In my dream, I was supposed to get married when I noticed that my wedding dress had three colors: pink, black and white. But the person who came to help me wear my dress asked why I wanted to wear that wedding dress. Gender: Female. Getting married in a dream can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on your current situation. In general, this type of dream manifests itself during times when you are at a crossroads and facing a life-changing decision ahead. The colors are central to your dilemma. Pink is a symbol of passion and love, while black and white point to a more realistic and pragmatic perspective. Essentially, you may be conflicted on whether to follow your emotional instincts or your rational side. Since weddings and marriages are more personal in nature, this predicament could involve a significant other or a family member. Although marriage can also be interpreted as commitment in a more general sense which may also apply to work. If there is an opportunity for you to advance your career, then you may be trying to find ways to reconcile passion with practical matters in choosing the right path to take.
Finding own underwear on the street I was running for fun by myself at night. I couldn't see anything until I came to my underwear lying in the street. I found it inspiring, since they were mine it meant I am supposed to be here, and while I thought this the underwear was floating. I then realized that they shouldn't be floating and then they flew to the right and revealed a black and white face, like something from a horror movie. I woke up and wouldn't move and my heart started beating fast. Scariest dream I can remember. Dreaming about seeing your underwear lying on the street and then floating away from you could indicate that there are certain secrets which are going to be revealed. Such confidential information being leaked would have a profound impact on your life. The notion of you being scared could be your psyche trying to warn you about what you may soon discover. The scary face in your dream could represent shame and abhorrence that you would feel at what you will have discovered. It could be connected to your own past behavior or recent actions. It would be helpful to reassess your past and conduct yourself in a more prudent manner to avoid facing humiliation and disgrace.
A relative tearing a sandal My sister-in-law trying to wear my new and very beautiful sandals. She wore one, but the second one she torn that. It seems that she was trying to wear them forcefully even though the sandals were her foot size. Seeing someone else wearing your sandals suggests conflict between the two of you. Some news or information may come to light which would place a barrier in your relationship with her. Perhaps some envy is involved, especially directed at you. Your sister-in-law could be coveting parts of your life, wanting to be more like you or perhaps experience what it is like to live like you. This may not be immediately noticeable, perhaps even she would not like to admit it. However, those resentful feelings may just be suppressed and could surface once some type of conflict arises.
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