Husband's clothes on another person Dreams about husband's clothes worn by someone else. A dream in which a stranger is wearing your husband's clothes points to the possibility of being suspected of wrongdoing. Your husband or somebody close to him may suspect that you are being unfaithful. This does not necessarily mean in a romantic way, it could also be that you are suspected of stealing money from him or having a secret you do not want him to find out. Open communication is always your best option in such a case.
A T-shirt in the laundry basket Saw bright yellow work t-shirt of ex boyfriend in my laundry basket. The laundry in this dream represents suppressed emotions and unresolved issues. So finding the yellow shirt of your ex in your laundry basket reveals lingering issues from your past. You may have been trying to deny existing problems and a lack of closure, but your dream is telling you that it is something you need to confront in order to get a fresh start. You may be having trouble finding someone new because you refuse to clean up past hurt or you are unable to let go of your anger and grudges.
Losing a shoe while on a roller coaster I dreamt I was on a roller coaster and my shoe fell off and I was going to retrieve my shoe. When I got off the roller coaster, I could see where it had landed. However, before I could do anything, I saw another roller coaster come off the tracks and crash and land where my shoe was. Riding a roller coaster in your dream could mean that your existence has been unstable and erratic lately. The constant ups and downs are negatively affecting your sense of security, particularly the financial side. Losing a shoe means major financial setbacks. Perhaps you need to find a more stable job or move to a more developed environment in order to ensure that your needs are being met. Make decisions based on the possible improvement of your current living situation.
Embarrassed to wear old clothes I dreamed about wearing ugly and old clothes and feeling embarrassed to go in front of my friends. Seeing yourself wearing ugly or unfashionable clothes and feeling shame and embarrassment at the prospect of having your friends mock you for what it appears to look could be a subconscious representation of certain feelings that you may be harboring. It is possible you no longer enjoy the company of some of your friends, most likely the older ones whom you have known the longest. You may feel that they drag you down and may even be keeping you from reaching or achieving certain goals. You should perhaps talk with them before doing anything that you could end up regretting later.
Frightened by men while wearing uniform I don't remember the dream in full, but this is what I remember. Prior to turning left to an intersection of a road I was walking on for a while, was wearing a inform dress like that a navy uniform sea blue. So I turn as I saw two men approaching me in my direction from a distance as I caught sight of them I turn back from my steps walking away from their sighting disappearing completely, maybe because I was afraid they will see me wearing that uniform. So please explain to me? The intersection in your dream alludes to a pivotal moment. Maybe you are currently in that situation or would soon be in a position to make a decision regarding the direction you are headed, whether professional or personal. Taking the left turn depends on your associations about the left. In general, it means you chose the less traveled and more risky path. Wearing the navy uniform possibly means that you know your decision is not the rational one. The uniform represents your pragmatic side, which explains why you were afraid to be seen. Maybe a part of you is ashamed or not proud of the decision soon to be made.
Wearing navy uniform pants I wore navy-blue lace pants. Navy blue clothing represents wisdom and truth. The symbol of the navy blue lace pants in your dream could reveal your desire to reconcile old-fashioned traditions with the lessons you have learned from your experiences. You may find that what you believe and what happens in reality could often clash.
Swapping slippers with a friend In my dream, a friend asked me to exchange her cut shower slipper with my leather slipper because she had to go somewhere with her husband. She brought the slipper, but the right foot was cut and the slipper was big in size and could not fit me. I was also far from my home, so I was very surprised and I was like, why would my friend want me to walk on my bare foot. The ripped slipper that your friend was wearing in this dream suggests you may become antagonistic with her some time in the future. This could be gossip done behind her back or a direct confrontation provoked by you or her. In either case, her wanting to switch shoes with you signals the end of your companionship, possibly forever. Harsh words are likely to be exchanged, which would be difficult to take back or forgive later by either side of this conflict. Finally, your idea that you would have to walk barefoot may predict becoming more social without her in the future, suggesting that she may have held you back before.
A black sari with a silver border A woman gave me a black sari which had a silver color border and along with another color... Is it bad? Receiving a black sari from someone in your dream signifies sadness, possibly brought about by personal problems. It could be due to any reason such as losing someone you care about, failures in your plans or maybe being deceived by a trusted person. Fortunately, the silver contour connotes hope in the face of adversity. No matter how bad things may get, you have the option of looking forward to a better tomorrow with much more favorable outcomes.
Wearing a long pink skirt My co-worker said she saw me in her dream and I was wearing a long pink skirt. She just remembers seeing me in a long pink skirt. The imagery of wearing a pink skirt in a dream is often associated with the idea that the person wearing the skirt has outstanding personal traits and strong character on the outside, but is, in reality, struggling with a roller-coaster of negative emotions and self-doubts on the inside. Your co-worker may be subconsciously attuned to your unpredictable emotional states and it is being revealed in her visions as a sign of poor communication or even possible conflicts making their way to the surface soon.
Little red shorts It seemed like I have had this dream before, something felt very familiar about the little red shorts outside my bedroom door. I don't know what else was in the dream, I just felt I dreamt about the shorts before. Symbolically, images of shorts in a dream are reflections of your regrets or worries related to some silly or thoughtless act or behavior you have committed or shown in front of someone who did not deserve such treatment. You could be subconsciously questioning your motivations or reasons for behaving this way and thinking of admitting the wrongdoing to the person or people affected. The red color of the shorts also indicates that these mistakes have been made on the spur of the moment or while acting in haste.
A white coat-like dress My dream was about this guy that I've been talking to for about a year. We were together as a couple in my dream. He told me he bought me something special to wear for a special event that I was going to attend. He bought me a white coat-like dress and told me to wear it. I stood in front of a long-length mirror while he presented the dress to me. I wore the coat that was long like a dress to the event. Becoming a couple with the man you have feelings for in a dream represents having similar type of desire in waking life. You may long for the intimacy of a committed relationship and wonder when it would be your turn to experience the bliss of long-term love and affection. Your subconscious mind seems to be taking this a step further, as the image of a white coat which resembles a dress alludes to the idea of marriage and the wedding dress a bride would wear. If things are going too slow for you, it may be high time to take matters into your own hands.
Buying already owned shoes I was standing in a thrift store, looking at a rack of old shoes. Then my brother to my right, picks up my current shoes off the same rack for me. Then I started thinking to myself, "I wonder when the other people will come to pick up their own shoes?" Why are we buying my own shoes back? The image of your shoes in a dream generally represents your current lifestyle and attitude. As such, dreaming of buying back your own shoes suggests possible struggle of expressing your identity. There are probably individuals around you trying to control your actions or influence your personal views, so this vision reflects your fight to retain your individuality and make your voice heard.
Washing children's raincoats I was in a laundry room I have never been in before, alone but talking to myself about washing children's raincoats, 100's of raincoats I was putting into the washer and then putting them in the dryer. Doing laundry in a dream vision is often connected with the idea of acquiring wealth in waking life. That is, it usually portends being the beneficiary of some will or recipient of material property or money. The source of this inheritance would likely be surprising to you, as the image of raincoats could point toward a person you do not know well, most likely a distant relative. The absence of an heir in their life may be the reason they have chosen you to receive the fruit of their life's work.
Wearing platform shoes Please interpret the dream. I was looking at my left foot whereas I wore silver color sandals with white platform. A dream in which you see yourself wearing platform shoes likely points to a change in social environment or place of residence that could soon take place wherein there would be a possibility of meeting new acquaintances. This new surroundings and new characters in your life may make you feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. Therefore, you should look at these upcoming changes in a positive way and try to make the best out of what is to come.
Being ashamed of wearing jeans In my dream I was in a room of people I know and when they looked at me, they said "Oh my, Carol has on pants!" I hung my head in shame and said "It's all they had". I don't ever wear pants, so this is very puzzling to me. Also the pants were brand new blue jeans. Blue-colored clothes normally symbolize truth and wisdom. The fact that you are wearing blue pants and being ridiculed for it could represent such events as these happening in wake life. Your habit of taking a stand and speaking the truth might be made fun of by others. Additionally, those around you may misunderstand your point of view. However, it is important that you maintain your stance regarding what you believe is right. Despite what others think of you, you would always feel better if you do not compromise your morals or lower your standards.
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