A flying horse wearing the same clothes I am a 28yrs old male, single. I have often in my dream used to see a flying horse wearing same color and design as my own clothes I put on? Horses tend to represent energy and confidence in everyday activities, so seeing a horse that seems to be dressed the same way as you reflects your internal desire to be more outgoing, sociable or spirited in your daily life. This symbol can suggest that your current mood may be low, and you are likely feeling tired and lonely. Envisioning this horse flying further supports this idea, as seeing yourself flying can point toward the freedom you wish to attain from the burdens you currently carry.
Being dressed in a strange way while hunting and fishing I was going hunting with my crush (which neither of us has ever done) and an old guy chased us off the road because he was mad at us. And then for some reason we were on a large fishing boat and I went into the basement of the boat and saw myself in the mirror and saw that my hair was combed like a nerd and I was wearing tight Corduroy pants with my school mascot painted on the front. I was super embarrassed and woke myself up trying to change. Seeing yourself hunting in your dream indicates the pursuit of personal aspirations. This goal can be associated with your physical or emotional needs. You could be yearning for intimacy and sexual satisfaction. An old man usually symbolizes positive outcomes, warmth and joy. Alternatively, an old person can allude to wisdom and maturity. Perhaps the old man represents your traditional values and old-fashioned beliefs that are holding you back from pursuing worldly desires. The final part of the dream involving a fishing boat is indicative of your survival instincts and adaptability. If you face major changes in your personal life in the future, they may take you outside of your comfort zone. True to your nature, you are likely to sail through any rough patches of your upcoming journey with ease.
A wedding dress which is too big I had a dream where l was wearing a wedding dress, but it was very big, so l tried to pin it in order to fit me, but it didn't. Dreaming of wearing a wedding dress suggests a dormant desire to settle down or find a partner for life. You may also be evaluating your current relationship whether or not you are both ready to move on to the next level. Perhaps you are beginning to look at your current partner as a potential spouse, wondering about what your life together would be like. However, the fact that the dress does not fit could mean that there are hurdles in your path which are holding your back. Maybe you are not yet financially ready to get married or some people may not be as optimistic about your partner as you are and keep telling you about this.
Being told to wash clothes by a dead person Someone in the grave told me to wash the dirty clothes. Talking to someone in a grave, particularly if you know them, emphasizes the negative energy that surrounds them in wake life. If you did not immediately recognize the person, it could be because they are wearing a disguise, that is they could be acting differently than their true nature. Dirty clothes predict learning some troubling or horrifying information about this person, possibly the reason behind their deception or their true aims in befriending you, whether in person or online.
Being asked to keep clothes someone had just bought Last night I dreamt of a man I know and it appeared that we were in a nice clothing store together. I bought a bright new dress and he brought a grey suit and insisted in a nice way I hold onto his jacket for next time. I folded up the jacket and put it into the sales bag he had and gave it to him. He kindly insisted I keep it for next time. He smiled, then walked out of the shop. I felt happy. Dreams that center around the idea of buying new clothes, particularly ones that make you happy and fit you, are usually a highly auspicious sign. In this case, a bright new dress could symbolize improvement in various aspects of your lifestyle, particularly your ability to communicate with and read others. You have likely gained or improved these traits through reflection on your own thoughts and behavior. By taking what you learn about yourself and applying it to communicate with others, you can connect with the people around you on a deeper level than before. This brings us to the image of the man in your dreams. Because you know him in waking life, it seems your subconscious is putting him in your vision for a special reason. A light-grey color of clothes seen in this dream is usually closely associated with material wealth or significant gain, suggesting an improvement in quality of life both for the dreamer and the person perceived to be wearing the clothes. In this particular case, the dream would have a much more positive meaning, as it implies you are seeing the potential value this person has for your future, either as a very close friend or possibly a partner to take your personal or business aspirations to a completely new level.
Sorting through clothes to be donated I had a dream someone donated my clothes to charity. I didn't necessarily wanted to get rid of some items, others I did and I didn't know who, maybe my ex-husband, or how they got them. I had to sort through them in public with people around. I was with someone who used to be my neighbor, we are friendly, but she is better off than I am. Some items were expensive jeans that I don't wear and an old sweatsuit of mine my daughter wears. Donation of clothes to charity pertains to shedding of certain qualities of yourself that perhaps no longer fit in with your current lifestyle. The notion that someone else donated these items on your behalf reflects your reluctance to change your attitude or adapt to the expectations of your friends and family. You may be feeling scrutinized by your social circle and you get a sense that they are trying to change who you are. With any kind of dynamics going, there would always be a compromise involved to maintain peace and order within a group. Perhaps sorting your stuff as they looked on is your way of looking within yourself and negotiating which qualities are essential to your persona and which ones can be shed off for personal development.
A lizard hiding in dirty laundry I saw a lizard among clothes that I was about to wash. I put the dirty clothes on the floor, went to fetch water and came back. I saw a lizard in the midst of the clothes. I tried to chase it away, but it kept hiding in between the clothes preventing me from washing the clothes. I was scared of the lizard. Then I woke up from the dream. Dirty clothes are symbolically linked with the idea of learning more than we want to know about those around us. In this case, your desire to wash the clothes further intensifies this feeling, meaning that you are trying to cover up or wash away what you have recently learned. The reason this so disturbs you can be seen in the image of the lizard which darts in and out of the clothes. As lizards represent self-reflection and analysis, you may start to question your own actions and behavior after learning more about your comrades. You may not like what you see, given your negative reaction to the lizard.
Having different-color clothes and girlfriend following My girlfriend following me with 4 sachets of water on a plate and wearing white clothes when I was wearing black clothes. Wearing black clothes in a dream is usually associated with sadness and death. This vision could be taken literally to mean the loss of someone close to you, however, the other symbols in this vision seem to point toward a more positive meaning. This is because white clothes represent happiness and prosperity which, in combination with the water symbol, predict being successful in an endeavor you are working on at the moment. In essence, victory and satisfaction in your results are going to be following you even though your immediate surroundings indicate otherwise. Things may look dark straight ahead, but if you keep pushing forward you can find a way to make things work.
Boyfriend's lounge pants with burn marks My dream was about a pair of sweatpants that my boyfriend owns, I wear them all of the time, they are practically mine! Anyway, In my dream, I found this pair of sweatpants in the bathroom, when I went to put them on, they were covered in burn marks, they weren't wearable anymore. Dreaming about a beloved article of clothing being damaged or destroyed by fire is an ominous sign which warns you to be careful of trusting people you have just met recently or who "sparked" your interest. This vision suggests that you should be more scrupulous in your evaluation of newer acquaintances as one of them may not be all they seem. Just as "getting burned" in wake life can have both negative effects literally and figuratively, so does this vision seek to prepare you for the worst case scenario.
Ordering a vest at a tailor's shop I entered in a shop for clothes and asked a designer to create a casual-like vest for me, he started taking measures and I woke up. Any meaning of this? Shopping for new clothes denotes personal transformation. It points to shedding old attitudes and perspectives to suit your current state of mind. This shift may be for the sake of your career or in support of a personal decision. Perhaps the vest refers to an upcoming commitment, an engagement or a promotion. Whichever the case, this seems to have a significant impact, as you are more than willing to do your fair share of adapting to the new circumstances in order to fully immerse and commit yourself to it.
Trying on a wedding dress I got another dream where I was trying on a wedding gown as a model, but in my dream I decided to make it real and I see myself dressed in a better bridal gown, walking down the aisle..? What does this dream mean please? Thank you. Trying on a wedding dress in your dream alludes to concerns and anxieties about entering a new phase in your personal journey. There may be some apprehension and hesitation in regards to which path to take moving forward. Are you thinking about settling down? Or would you rather roam free for a while? Trying on the dress suggests your evaluation of the pros and cons of commitment, and this does not necessarily have to be romantic. Deciding a career path or choosing a job for keeps are also within the realm of the symbolism in your dream. It is your subconscious allowing you to explore your options and decide which one is the right fit for you.
Giving away leather jackets Giving out black leather jackets. Black clothes in dreams are often considered the manifestation of difficulties inundating your life. Passing out black clothes, then, could suggest you are quick to "pass" the blame onto others instead of taking responsibility for your own actions. It may be high time to take stock of where your life is headed and make some concrete plans as to how to improve your situation by yourself.
Focusing on lover's swimwear In my dream I saw the man that I have an affair with. In the dream I saw him wearing black swimming shorts with a big bulge. This vision is an ominous sign for your lover, as everything points to difficulties arising in your sex life as a couple. Black clothes, when seen on another person, usually predict health problems for that person. Because the clothes are only covering his privates, it is likely these medical concerns are related to the male organs or digestive tract. The bulge you see could suggest that, whatever the problem, your intimate life may be negatively affected, putting a damper on your time spent together.
Son getting new shoes I had a dream that I was sleeping, my son came in and said "Mom, look I got a new pair of shoes. I exchanged my old Converse which were black and old for these new red High tops". And I looked at him and asked him "How did you go do that?" He said "My grandpa gave me a ride to JC Penney." Then, as he was walking out of my room, he had a very large box and also the high tops red and they were a size 9. New shoes generally represent walking a new path, gaining fresh perspectives or a transformation of sorts. In the context of your dream, the vision of new shoes your son is wearing reveals certain changes in your interpersonal dynamics with him. Perhaps because he is growing up, he is also acquiring new habits and attitudes which may cause both of you to adjust. Alternatively, he may also be receiving advice from his grandparents without your knowledge. Perhaps the lessons he is learning from the elders are helping him navigate his growing pains.
Black and white clothes It started off as a football game with some family members, then changed to all my old graduating classmates wearing white, but me who was wearing my black work shirt. Playing football in your dream can represent cooperation and competition. You could be faced with tasks and challenges in which you would need the support of your family and friends. The appearance of your graduating classmates wearing white clothes alludes to a busy schedule or juggling many duties, perhaps as a consequence of being part of the workforce and earning your keep. In contrast, your black shirt suggests looming difficulties as you try to relate to your peers. You may be off to a different path and you find it hard to fit in with your age group.
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