Looking for daughter at a party I dream of myself and looking for my daughter at an all-white lesbians party. Looking for your daughter during a dream vision may actually represent your desire to regain some part of yourself that was lost in the past. This could include anything from picking up an old hobby or regaining self-confidence in your looks and abilities. This symbol may be interpreted further to suggest you would be given some type of opening or suggestion to pursue this goal, perhaps by your daughter given her presence in the vision. The party with lesbians suggests that your dreams may be partially career-related, like going back to school for a particular type of degree or giving up a *normal* career to pursue something unusual or less business-oriented, like painting or music.
Having a teenager for a daughter Having a dream about having a pretty teenage daughter with an abusive ex of ten years. The pretty teenage daughter in your dream is a representation of your self-image. This is an aspect of your personhood that is vibrant and youthful. You likely aspire to reconnect with this part of yourself instead of being weary or jaded about the real world. In this context, the abusive ex symbolizes all the hardships you experienced over the years which negatively affected your worldview. Your subconscious is telling you to let go of any personal grudges which may be holding you back from living your best life.
Children frozen solid I dreamed I was in someone's house. We opened up a freezer lid, and inside was a frozen child girl. Then I remembered they had 2 kids, so went outside, it was snowing, frozen ground. There was a couple of older cars. I found a boy child, frozen with ice all over him. Someone was with me, not sure where I was or who any of them were. Just an old freezer, the lid had to be lifted off. Seeing the girl and boy totally frozen, more ice on the one outside. Your dream about the frozen children represents your desire to freeze young people in time and preserve their innocence. Perhaps the increasingly chaotic world is making you worry about the youth and the protective part of you wants to shield them from the ugly parts of humanity. It is also possible that the children represent a part of you which is pure and innocent, and you want to hold on to this naive worldview which is devoid of problems. Similarly, the snow and frozen ground means you are witnessing a lot of suffering from people around you and you feel conflicted about joining them in their struggle or staying in your bubble where you are safe. Even the fact that you find yourself in someone else's house is significant to your current mindset. It means you are finally stepping outside of your comfort zone and ready to view the world from an outside perspective. This will help you gain a much broader understanding of society and empathize with people who may have vastly different life experiences than yours.
Cloaked children Cloaked children chant "Shut up". This dream vision signifies deceit, envy from someone or a group of people. Also could mean your own identity crisis or inability to make sound decisions, now or in the near future.
Son playing with stray dogs I dreamed I was in the yard, my grown son was there, but he was only around 8 years old. There were 3 medium size black friendly dogs and 2 blonde colored dogs that were strays or someone had dropped off. My son was running and playing with all of them. I was wondering where I would keep all the dogs. My son was having so much fun with them. Seeing your son as a child refers to your protective instincts. Even though he is already a grown man, you still see your son as an innocent and possibly naive. In this context, the black dogs and blonde dogs probably represent his relationships, both romantic and friendly. These are the people he has come to embrace as his family, hence you are also inclined to treat them as such. Unfortunately, black dogs are ill omens. There is a chance your son could be betrayed by a close friend and your subconscious is telling you to advise him about choosing his friends wisely and be a little more cautious. No matter how friendly some people are, they could be hiding ulterior motives.
Watching daughter clean herself I dreamed I opened a curtain and saw my adult daughter cleaning herself after having a bathroom accident, she was kneeling in a water fountain, I then picked her up and hugged her and kissed her and said everything is ok. I'm a male my daughter is 25. Seeing your daughter washing or cleaning herself means someone you love may have done something shameful or embarrassing and they want to rid themselves of the possible stigma attached to their actions. The curtain symbolizes privacy, so perhaps you would discover this by accident. This person could be deliberately hiding their problem from you because they are afraid of being seen as a disappointment. Fortunately, your unconditional love for this person means you will not judge them for their mistakes or lapses. Instead, you will bear this burden with them and even help them overcome this challenge.
Daughter with a long brown snake I dreamed I was at someone's house, there was a staircase. My daughter picked up a rather long snake, it was neutral color, maybe green or brown. It looked like a rope, it was so long. She had it in her left hand, and a knife to probably kill it in her right. She handed me the snake, it was looped up like rope. I held it as she went upstairs, then I threw the snake to the floor and got away from it. The long snake your daughter was carrying in the dream refers to her rebellious tendencies and immaturity. The fact that she passes it on to you while she went up the staircase indicates a distance between the two of you as she grows up. Perhaps your disagreements while she was young have created a gap in your relationship. Maybe it means you are being left to clean up her mess as she lives her life without any accountability. The knife is another symbol of conflict. This usually indicates a separation. Throwing away the snake at the end of the dream reveals your own decision to let them carry their own burden instead of trying to fix them or save them from themselves.
A child with blue hands Child with blue hands. A child with blue hands represents a desire to have children but being unable to do so for some reason either for yourself or someone you know closely. If it is you, perhaps it is not an appropriate time in your life, or maybe you are physically unable to procreate. In either case, your desire for offspring, while currently unattainable, may be possible in the future. You could go through a procedure that would allow you to sire biological children, go through the adoption process or become involved in groups that mentor children.
A woman claiming to be your child Woman claiming to be my child turns into a child when she takes a bath. Rather than looking at the symbols present individually, this dream is better interpreted as a whole. That said, this vision seems to suggest that minor troubles and inconveniences in wake life are putting a strain on your closest relationships. For instance, you may be out of work, having to juggle multiple schedules or simply over-inundated with small tasks around the house. These little troubles build up and can cause you to lash out at family and friends, whether they deserve your ire of not. This dream vision may be a reminder to try and be more diplomatic and patient, even when you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
Carrying an injured child I dreamt of carrying a child (a boy) with head injury and covered in blood to a nearby clinic or hospital. In real life, I am scared of blood. This child was left by two grown men on the curbside who ran away after I shouted at them. Carrying a little boy in your arms represents a new beginning or the start of a different way of life. The child's head injury and the blood you saw, however, suggest this may not be the most auspicious development, as blood can represent illness or worry. Perhaps this vision is warning you that an upcoming sickness could derail your plans and send you down a different path than you were expecting.
Daughter with an outburst of emotions In my dream I saw my daughter crying unconsolably and hugging me. She is 21 years old and hates expression of emotions. Seeing your daughter cry in the dream realm is likely a projection of your own apprehensions about the future. Since your daughter is not expressive or emotional in reality, this scenario is your subconscious providing a cathartic experience for you as you connect with your daughter perhaps because you are not always able to in waking life. This could also allude to your frustrations about family members you think are not motivated enough or are not living up to their potential. Finally, consoling a family member with hugs is an auspicious symbol of joy. So perhaps your subconscious is comforting you and telling you that everything will be better.
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