With children in a helicopter and a cave I dreamt of looking at a stormy sea then getting into a helicopter. My children are with me but they are small. We fly over the stormy sea smoothly. There is no fear but a certain awe looking at the sea. The next thing I know I am in a dim-lit cave with an old man. The presence of my children is felt but not seen. The cave is small and I can see the sea but no water comes in. The old man digs and I see a cross made out of straw some of the edge is missing. I urge my children to hurry. I woke up. Flying over a stormy sea in your dream vision means that there are challenging times ahead for you and your family. The state of the sea could be a metaphor for unstable psyche and emotional turbulence. There could be disagreements or problems which can make you and other members of your family highly emotional. Meanwhile, the helicopter represents your aspirations. Perhaps you and your family are prone to living beyond your means or focusing on impractical goals and aspirations. As such, this need to project perfection and conform to other people's expectations may cause conflict and rifts between you and your loved ones. Finally, the cave at the end of the dream alludes to safety and refuge. The old man likely symbolizes wisdom and experience. Your mind could be telling you to use your rational and pragmatic side to find solutions to your problems. Only when you become enlightened would you be able to find peace and serenity.
Son failing to save another child I dreamt of my son jumping into a dug to save a girl child and in this process he also got hurt. What this dream means, please email me? Dreaming about seeing someone being stuck in a pit could be symbolic of your recent realization about some major downfalls or poor quality of life affecting those who matter to you. Considering that it was your son who was present in this scenario, it could point to some existing or emerging issues in his relationship with you or other members of your family. His inability to save the girl in this dream alludes to the need for some improvements which could help restore trust and mutual understanding among all those who you think could be involved.
Unable to help a sick grandchild I dreamt that my first grandchild was sick and in the hospital dying and the doctors and nurses were not helping. I was doing everything I could to make sure he would be OK, but he was not getting any better. I woke up before the dream ended and he was still alive in my dream, but it was very upsetting. There are two main aspects of this vision which need to be addressed separately, although they are closely related. The first is the image of your grandchild sick in the hospital. This symbol is often thought to be prophetic, usually predicting sickness for either him or another child related to you. Seeing this image may represent a warning, so that you can make preparations for this time or perhaps find a way to intervene and prevent the sickness from happening in the first place. Alternatively, the notion about the hospital staff doing nothing and that you were alone taking care of him could be an indication that you tend to go overboard when caring for others. While a nice quality to have, constant attention and interruptions demanded or solicited from you could get in the way of much needed quiet and rest you require for yourself.
Leaving daughter alone to go to jail My daughter had a dream about me leaving her home alone and going to jail. Please advise, (F) gender. Your daughter's dream about you going to jail reveals your lack of communication. Your daughter could be feeling neglected because you are too preoccupied with other commitments and responsibilities. In addition, she feels like she is not being heard whenever she tries to reach out to you. In that sense, going to jail could also symbolize your tendency to be rigid and strict which is causing a barrier in your relationship with your daughter. She has something to tell you, but she could be scared of your rejection.
Hanging own son I had a dream a teenage kid told me to hang my son. The noose was around his neck and I kicked the chair out from under him. Then after a short time I figured out that I could save him by grabbing the chair and putting him on the tree limb. We survived but he was very limp from hanging for that period of time. Hanging another person in your dream signifies complicated and challenging issues plaguing you in real life. Since you are hanging your son in the dream, this means that family is central to your problems. The noose around your son's neck symbolizes your tendency to be controlling and strict towards your child or children. Essentially, your subconscious is warning you about the negative effects of being a tough disciplinarian. Fortunately, this vision tells you that you would soon realize the error of your ways, though much of the damage would already be done. What you can do is communicate clearly with your children and allow them to enjoy a certain degree of freedom so they can be who they want to be instead of growing up fearful of disappointing you.
A misbehaving little girl The main thing that stuck out was this ginger-haired little girl of at least 12 or 13. Her name was Monoke. She seemed to follow me and haunt people (not a ghost). I was buying some house, and the realtor was talking to me when I looked out the glass door and Monoke smiled and waved at me. I was confused and walked over to the realtor, and suddenly when I looked out the window, she smashed the realtors passenger window and ran. And I chased her down. Being haunted by a little girl is an indication of your own hopelessness and lack of control. Things are getting out of hand in your household and you have no idea how to make things better. This also denotes confusion, especially if you have a big decision to make. For instance, buying a new house represents happiness and prosperity ahead of you if you decide to accept an offer or opportunity. The confusion may stem from the legality or the strings attached to this opportunity. You are not willing to sacrifice your integrity for a higher income or more power. The little girl's ginger hair is another dream symbol to consider because it has to do with big changes. In this context, chasing after the girl means you are looking for something new, perhaps even completely different from your current way of living. In this vision, your subconscious is telling you that change is inevitable, but you have to be willing to embrace and manage all the consequences that come with it.
Protecting children from a tornado and abuse I am a 39 year old female. I was trying to protect my 6 kids from a tornado by getting them down into a cellar. Then in my childhood hometown I was late for a movie with my husband. We were all at my grandparents' home, I took some random dog pee and I was yelling at my girls to hurry and get ready. I went to a restaurant with my husband where our current city mayor told me that a strange home security salesman named Michael Panelli took my two daughters. I screamed in horror and started to cry. Both the childhood hometown and your grandparents' home in your dream vision reveals your preoccupation with the past. Things at the moment could be stressful and unsatisfactory, so you are looking to happier days from your past as an escape. Although this could also mean you are looking for answers and wisdom from your past so you do not repeat the same mistakes. This is further confirmed by the next two dream symbols which are tornado and cellar. The tornado refers to failed plans and disappointing results. You would experience setbacks in your career or current undertakings and you would try to shield your children from the financial issues. Similarly, being late for the movies means you feel you are not providing enough for your family. Your goals are not materializing, so you feel frustrated. In fact, your frustrations could be extended to your family as you feel like your kids do not appreciate all your sacrifices which is symbolized by dog's urine. Instead of gratitude, all they do is complain. Unfortunately, this will not be the end of your problems because the kidnapping of your daughters means you are going to make a big mistake which would add a host of challenges and difficulties for your and your family. In your attempt to discipline your kids, they may start to resent you for being too strict.
Daughter leaving I am male. I saw my daughter move to Korea. In the airport I said to my daughter "If you leave never come back here". And I grabbed the ticket and tore it. Envisioning your daughter preparing to leave for Korea at the airport may be the symbolic representation of your subconscious recognizing she is her own woman. Whether she is still young or full grown, your daughter is still your daughter. You worry if she makes the right decisions and want the best for her, desiring to step in and save her from disappointment even when parts of you know she has to discover these things for herself. This is manifested in your taking and tearing of her plane ticket. This symbol suggests you find it difficult to let go and let her have her way. Your vision, then, is a reminder that sometimes a parent's job is simply to let their children find out how life works by themselves.
Daughter falling from a balcony My child falling from a balcony, my daughter is 4 and I had a dream last night we were lost in a holiday apartment and she had fallen off the balcony which was like 10 stories high. Witnessing a child falling from a building is a bad omen in dreams. This vision portends a possibility of a colleague's or a friend's child becoming ill in the near future. This outcome could also apply to your own child, so you need to be extra vigilant in making sure your daughter is healthy and has a strong immune system. If it happens to a child you personally know, then you could be asked for moral support and even financial assistance, especially if the parents are not financially stable or struggling to make a living.
Daughter injured, rodents and snakes My mom was driving, there was a crash, she shielded my daughter with her own body. In the hospital to heal my daughter was reduced to embryonic state but could still talk and communicate. Then my dream morphed completely to a rodent eating a snake which I stopped, but then the snake started eating another snake? The car crash involving your mother and your daughter depicts an ongoing struggle between you and your mother about how to raise your own child. While you may not always agree about parenting styles, you both mean well. However, the regression of your daughter's development as a process of healing in the vision relates to how the struggle between the two of you is actually making her feel smothered. As for the second part, the rodent eating a snake represents a threat to your household. There is going to be a clash between you and a family member which will not end well for both parties. If one or both of you manages to keep your emotions and anger in check, then you could both learn a valuable lesson and become enlightened in the process.
Jumping off a porch with daughter There is a house and the porch has no back to it. My daughter takes off running I take off after her, she jumps off, I jump off and I slide down a rock. She gets on the same rock and slides down too. I grab her, the rock detaches from the dirt and starts to sink. We go under the water and I try to swim above water so we can breath. Jumping or falling off a deck reveals your anxious nature. You are always anticipating terrible events and tragic incidents that would fall upon you and your family. Ironically, jumping into the unknown also points to being gullible. In essence, you are actually the one placing yourself in questionable situations by being too trusting of others. Since you are easily fooled, you inadvertently place your family in danger, whether it has to do with bad investments or scams. In the context of your dream, scammers could try to use your daughter to encourage into participating in their scheme. Just remember to steer clear of opportunities that look too good to be true.
Son's hands covered with blood My son came into my kitchen with plastic bags on his hands. They were covered in blood. I asked what was wrong. He said "My hands are bleeding because I cut my groin muscle". Seeing blood on your son's hands means you should be focusing more of your energy on him because he is currently in need of your help and guidance. This is coupled with his groin injury, indicating trouble with sexuality or sexual health. In essence, dreaming about your son in this context shows you are worried about some aspect of his sexuality, although your exact concerns depend on his age and your situation. For example, if he is still a child, you may be wondering how to explain his bodily functions. If he is a teenager, however, you may be apprehensive of his budding sexuality and how to explain his responsibilities as a young adult.
Identical twins at birth and later on I dreamed of having identical twin girls with my boyfriend as the father. I gave a home natural birth to them. Also, I remember seeing them as 9 months old. It may or may not mean anything but after I gave birth to the twins my body was fit and perfect. I was breast feeding the girls. Giving birth generally implies major changes underway or the resolution of existing issues. This is usually a positive dream symbol signifying development and progression. If you are in a rut, then expect your circumstances to change for the better in the next few days or weeks. Meanwhile, the identical twins symbolize a celebratory occasion related to family and social connections. This is closely tied to the symbol of giving birth, especially since both signs appear in your vision. You could soon settle down and get married which would bring about a lot of adjustments, but it would also give you much joy and excitement for the future.
Upset daughter and another dying I'm a mother and my daughter has died and my other daughter is upset with me. The death of a daughter usually signals a shift or an entirely new phase in your relationship with family members, most likely her or her siblings. Both of you would feel the significance of the change in dynamics, but whether or not it is for better or worse is unclear. Your other daughter ignoring you suggests she may be about to go through a change in regards to her significant other or partner, so changing family dynamics due to marriage or a move seem more likely. Perhaps this vision is a warning, then, to consider how you would react to news from family members, as sometimes first reactions, especially those involving surprise, may not fully encompass our true feelings, leading to misunderstanding and hurt feelings.
Estranged son being dead I dreamed my son was dead in a coffin on top of s piano and his bottom teeth were false and crooked. I reached in to straighten them. My son does not keep in contact with me on a regular basis and I have not seen him in 4 years. Although it is a distressing imagery, the death of your son is actually a symbol of hope. It means he will experience a big challenge or problem, but he will be able to avoid the negative repercussions or overcome them. The dentures or false teeth also refer to a struggle. No matter how much you want to help your son, sometimes you need to hang back and let him deal with his problems on his own. You will be even prouder once he surpasses all the trials. Even the coffin is a sign of good tidings. This symbol combined with the piano suggests peace and harmony will reign in his life. You could receive good news about your son, such as an achievement of a major milestone.
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