Unable to protect and save children I had a dream that I was a nanny and the house was getting robbed and the 2 children I was trying to protect we loaded up in a car trying to get away. Then it exploded, I was hospitalized, they died and I kept asking about them during hospitalization. Then I fell in love with my therapist, later got pregnant by him. He was abusive to me and I kept hearing a voice that told me "Protect your unborn child". Dreaming about trying to save children from harm but failing to do so because they die anyway reveals the current situation which you have to face in your waking life. It seems that your life is a series of pitfalls and you seem to be getting into more problems despite trying your best to keep out of trouble. The changing scenarios in your dream could portend that regardless of your desire to achieve peace and happiness, you may still face obstacles and difficulties. This is reinforced by your worries about the safety of your unborn child. In this respect, you should keep in mind that a new child is a symbol of hope and the fact that you were told to protect it symbolizes that things might eventually start to improve, just keep yourself motivated and forge ahead with determination.
Saving a baby from an abusive mother I dreamed i found a baby and a woman had pierced the right side of both the baby girl's lips with a safety pin. The baby was crying and I was taking it to a doctor and keeping her as my own. To keep her safe from the woman. Babies oftentimes represent new beginnings and fresh ideas. In that sense, the baby in your dream could be a metaphor for an idea, a project or an opportunity which you want to pursue. The woman who pierced the baby's lips may represent a naysayer or pessimist in your professional or social circle possibly dissuading you from or preventing the development and implementation of your ideas. Perhaps this dream is trying to tell you to take matters in your own hands if you want your projects and endeavors to succeed.
Child falling into water A child slipped, fell, hit head and fell back into raging waters. This vision is an ominous sign related to health problems within your family. In essence, an injured child represents sickness and the possible death of one of your family members. The raging waters further support this interpretation by highlighting the idea of traveling across the River Styx and into the next life. This death may cause great sadness and heartache within your family circle.
Disabled daughter missing Went in my disabled daughter's room, but she and her hospital bed were gone. Looked as if her toys and other furniture was there, but no bed or TV or any of her special equipment. Dreaming that your child is missing could be an indication of your inability to relate to her. Perhaps you have not spent quality time together lately or you have been too busy taking care of her needs that you are struggling to get to know her better. Alternatively, she may be growing up too quickly for you to keep up. There could be a gap or an unresolved issue wedged between the two of you which needs to be acknowledged and resolved in order to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.
Having twins with different length of hair Dreamed me and my fiance were sitting on a couch playing with girl twins. One had long hair one had short hair. We were all happy. The twins in the context of your dream represent the current state of your bond with your fiance. Twins symbolize development, self-confidence as well as contentment. Your romance and partnership seem to be in good shape. In addition, the long and short hair of the twins indicate balance. While long hair suggests being deliberate in making decisions, short hair favors instinct and intuition. In relation to you and your fiance, it means your personalities complement each other. One makes up for what the other person lacks, making a strong foundation for being a couple.
Strange things happening to children I am a female. The dream started off at a playground where one side of the children's faces began to swell, so I took my 3 and went home. It didn't happen to them, but when we got home their eyes turned black and skin began to crack and grow scales. A light came down and sucked them up. I didn't seem to be bothered. I looked at my hands and my skin became more beautiful. A sick girl (maybe cancer) around the age of 3 ran from the room and called out "Mama" and began to become healthy. Even grew hair. The location of the playground represents a carefree attitude and youthfulness. As such, the children becoming sick at the park or morphing later at home predict something that would challenge your positive energy and uncomplicated lifestyle. In many cases, this type of symbol portends someone in your family becoming ill, perhaps one of your children or another relative. Running away is a natural response in this situation, as you likely do not want to lose the part of yourself that is so optimistic. However, becoming more beautiful after the events of this vision could mean that others view your lack of connection to the sadness as a sign of being too self-absorbed or thoughtless. You should try accepting these possibly unfavorable events in order to connect with everyone on a deeper, more meaningful level.
Daughter injured by her friend My daughter was sliced on her arms by her friend whom I disapprove of and I couldn't call the police, my phone wouldn't work properly. Dreaming of your daughter alludes to your anxieties and worries. Specifically, the presence of her friend reveals your overprotective nature especially when it comes to her choice of friends. The wound inflicted on your daughter by her friend is likely a projection of your own pessimism. Perhaps you tend to see the worst in individuals and this feeds into your judgment about them. However, your perception may not be accurate, especially if you do not allow yourself to get to know them better first before forming an opinion.
Son kidnapped by a woman We couldn't find my 7 yr old son. Then I was told by some witnesses they saw a female taking him away. I started crying and sobbing inconsolably. Then my husband woke me up because he heard me sobbing. In general, dreams about missing children or looking for a missing child allude to the dreamer's inability to handle certain issues or problems due to an overwhelming amount of challenges in reality. In your case, your missing son who seemed to have been kidnapped could be a warning of the very real possibility that you would mistakenly or unwittingly neglect the needs of your son. The sheer amount of duties and responsibilities which you juggle on a daily basis may take your attention away from your loved ones, especially your son. This inability to prioritize properly may place a gap between you and your child in the long run.
Losing daughter in a tent with elephants I had another terrible dream last night about losing my daughter. But at the end of the dream I was at an Indian bazaar. There was a huge tent with elephants in it just standing still. Indian women were caressing the elephants and singing and humming to them. Suddenly, I was flying through the tent, up and underneath and around the elephant's gigantic bodies. Losing your daughter in this dream may be a metaphor for a rift developing between the two of you in reality. Perhaps you have had disagreements and miscommunication which may have led to some conflict. The elephants, in particular, signify loneliness and communication problems with others. In your case, the communication issues may be in relation to your daughter. This dream may be your mind's way of reminding you to be more understanding and patient in dealing with your daughter, otherwise your bond could be seriously tested with the possibility of being alienated from each other.
Losing a son who does not exist I am having a continuous dream about losing a son I don't yet have. I'm crying and I have so much guilt about it. I lose myself in depression. I blame myself for him going missing. I have had the dream two nights in a row. Please help me understand what this means. Dreaming about having a son when you do not have one in wake life may be the reflection of your feelings towards another male in your life. This could me a friend, relative or spouse. In a sense, you could be feeling guilty about your thoughts or actions related to this individual but are unable to say anything due to your position. The idea that the boy is lost further elaborates on this idea, suggesting your emotional state is causing a negative atmosphere to develop around you. Until you can pluck up the courage to admit your true feelings, you are unlikely to have peace of mind.
A little girl in the forest Me wearing a black dress wondering a bright-lit forest. I find a little girl in white playing with a doll that looks like me in the middle of a meadow laughing. After I watch for a little, the little girl stands up, smiles then runs into the forest. Wearing a black dress is often considered a harbinger of ill tidings in a dream vision. It often means the dreamer is about to receive some bad or disheartening information regarding something or someone they had been worried or thinking about. This is likely related to someone from your past, as the brightly-lit forest could be the manifestation of someone you once had a close connection with. Considering the image of yourself represented by the doll, it is possible this individual from your past rejects your current lifestyle or has changed in such a way that you can no longer associate or be friends with them. You would probably be greatly troubled and disappointed by this situation, which is supported by the image of the little girl running away, a symbol associated with sadness and despair.
Son looking through a manhole My son was looking at me from the manhole in the ceiling, very angry at me? Manholes envisioned in a dream symbolize being distracted or not showing enough attention to important matters in waking life. You may presently be devoting too much effort and energy to some irrelevant aspects which do not deserve all of the focus you are giving to them and other areas of your life may be suffering as a result, such as your relationships with your loved ones, most likely your son based on his presence in this dream vision.
A child pointing at something A couple, a maid holding a child and myself in a room where the child goes on pointing out to something in the room a couple of times to me. I couldn't see anything. It was scary. Dreaming about someone trying to get your attention by pointing at something could mean you are feeling guilty or fearing that you could be persecuted by others in your circle but you are unable to discern clearly what exactly you did wrong. Perhaps you are afraid you are about to get caught for a past offense or you are considering doing something which could be seen as very negative by others. The notion that it was a child who was the one pointing could mean you are feeling at odds with the innocence the child represents and your actions.
Shooting a son in the eye Hi, I dreamed that I shot my young son in the eye with a gun and blinded him in one eye for life. I was also trying to hide the fact I had done this, trying to hide the gun etc. It was quite horrific. Dreaming about shooting your son in the eye is a symbol of dominance and control on your part. The eyes represent dreams or aspirations and because you injured them in this dream, it could mean that you feel like you are preventing your son from experiencing things he is interested in and you could be feeling guilty about it, even if you believe it is the best thing to do as a parent. You could also be afraid of being judged by others because of the way you try to raise your son and this is perhaps why you were so desperate about covering it up.
A little girl about to fall out of the window Dreaming of a small girl sitting on my window. I am scared she may fall down. Dreaming of being concerned about the safety of a little girl could be a projection of your fears or concerns related to your inability to express yourself or be free while under someone's influence. This person or people could be making you feel suffocated in your current situation when you are unable to speak your mind or make personal decisions. Being controlled or restricted under these circumstances could lead to negative outcomes in your future, so your subconsciousness is urging you to find a solution to this issue.
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