A child with grey eyes A child with grey eyes. Dreaming about seeing or staring into grey eyes is a forewarning about a possibility of crossing your paths with a deceitful and conniving individual or group of people who would make it their first priority to take advantage of your gullible nature or other weaknesses in personal character. The notion that it was a child could also indicate that these circumstances could be affecting not you, but someone in your life who may need your assistance but is unwilling or unable to ask. They could be in need of emotional or financial support, but are too shy or proud to engage in a conversation with you. If you know someone in your waking life who may evoke such feelings in you, it may be prudent to make yourself more available to them.
Daughter writing word "MOM" on a drawing My step daughter calls me mom and writes it on paper as she has drawn me something. In this dream, she calls out mom as though to get my attention to see her artwork. All that is there is the word MOM in capital letters. Hearing your child call out for you symbolically represents being called back to your roots. Throughout the course of your life, you may have lost sight of your dream or made compromises based on what you had to do at the time. The imagery of "mom," however, is trying to bring you back to where you were before things got off track. Your subconscious mind may be sensing an upcoming opportunity that you could use to get a head start.
Daughter burning alive in an oven Dream my daughter was laying in an oven and it caught on fire, she was burning alive and I was trying to get her out the oven. I would give my life for my child, she had me by the hand and she was screaming and I woke up. It scared me to death, please help. In the context of this dream vision you have experienced, seeing your daughter burning alive in the oven predicts emergence of a new person in her life, which would drive a wedge into the relationship between you and her. Possible reasons for this to happen could be her falling in love with someone special, becoming pregnant or moving away, soon or when the time comes for her to make this decision. Fire in a dream, by itself, is also symbolic of personal renewal and transformation, therefore, it could be a positive experience for both of you, even though it may hurt when it first happens.
A child appearing to have drowned, but alive Found a child floating in a pool. Thought it was dead, removed the child and he was fine. A floating child that appears dead signifies a lack of certainty in your course of action, possibly prior to making important decisions. The ambivalence present in the dream furthermore indicates that it is not a good time for major decisions. The successful rescue of the child preceded by his appearance as dead is a sign of all-pervading pessimism that determines your recent behavior. You should concentrate on yourself during the incoming period by withdrawing from decision-making about things which may interfere with the course of actions you would normally follow.
Grandson strangling I dreamt of my grandson strangling me and saying "Now I have you alone". Being strangled in a dream suggests your relationship with that person, your grandson, may be suffering. This is likely because neither of you has been putting in the effort to do new things together or keep the bond between you strong. If left much longer, this situation may continue to deteriorate and might collapse altogether.
Saving kids from a car filled with smoke There were four kids in a car, one being a new born. When the car was parked, the two older ones came out. While someone was putting oil in the car, smoke filled the inside of the car. I yelled for help, but no one moved. I went in to get them myself. At the end they were safe. I remember there was no fire, only smoke. Cars are often symbolic of our life-journey on this planet, and both the newborn baby and the children you see in this car represent positive events in your life, such as upcoming successes and lucky chances. However, seeing the car fill with smoke before the children were evacuated suggests you may not be focusing on goals or events which could raise you to the next level. For example, you may spend a lot of your time daydreaming about what could be out there instead of going out and making it happen. Saving the children at the end of this vision is a message from your subconscious saying you can do the same thing with your life if you take control of the situation and make well-informed decisions.
Trying to save a child from a snake and from drowning There was an albino snake by the poolside standing beside me, then the snake jumped in the pool, then jump out, then my three-year old son appeared and I ran to the other side of the pool where he was and he fell in and I jumped in after him. I got a hold of him but I couldn't bring him out of the water and I suddenly woke up. Seeing an albino snake is an ominous sign indicating being on the receiving end of some disturbing, unpleasant news. This is likely related to the sign of your son drowning, which indicates that someone close to you could be developing a problem with their breathing, such as asthma, bronchitis, or a bad cold. Your difficulty getting him out of the water suggests this problem could last for some time, though it is unlikely to develop into a serious issue.
Children falling down the shaft under the bed 2 of my children are on a top bunk bed. The bunk bed starts slipping into a shaft. I tell my daughter to stop moving. She says there is a lady (who we don't know) that keeps moving it. I see that the bed is going to fall and tell my daughter to jump and I will grab my son. But as she jumps off, he slips down the shaft and I scream out his name, he hits the bottom, I think at least he will die instantly, so he won't know anything about it. But he wakes and is crying out in pain. Then I wake up crying. This dream contains many signs and, as a result, is very difficult to interpret. A vision centered around the idea of a bed that shakes and is pulled into the ground by an outside force can indicate suffering great losses. The external force here could represent a current situation in which you feel powerless or an upcoming circumstance which you may not be able to avoid, prevent or change. This is supported by watching your son fall and being hurt, which indicates being deserted in your time of need by friends or family members. You may feel increasingly disappointed and even betrayed because of their lack of care and attention for you.
Looking after a rambunctious child and visiting places I had a dream where I was taking care of my boyfriend's daughter. By the way, I haven't met her. Anyways, all I remember is she was beautiful but a little hyperactive. I took her to the store and she couldn't decide what to get. When we were out of the store we were heading to see my boyfriend (we never got to see him). But on the way, there was a bridge being fixed and when we got to the other side, I saw my niece playing in dirt. I asked her to come with us, but she refused. My boyfriend's daughter started running all over the place, straight down the street and I think I saw her in white pants. All I remember. Looking after mischievous children points to the fact that you are getting older and some things that used to worry you before do not really concern you anymore. It can also represent a positive sign that with age comes wisdom and that you are now able to accomplish a lot more than when you were younger. The white pants symbolize changes in your life, but since they were not particularly clear nor prevalent in your dream, these could simply be minor changes that come naturally with growing up.
Toddlers using bathroom by themselves for the first time I was in the bathroom with my twin boy toddlers. They were urinating in their potties for the first time. I was so excited and happy! I shared it via SMS to a male friend. Seeing little boys urinate is symbolic of childish behavior. The fact that there were two boys in this vision indicate that whatever causes this behavior is likely to be a big deal for you. You friends usually think of you as the type who is in control and knows what to do in most situations, so a sudden lapse into childlike tantrums and irrational anger may confuse or upset them. However, given your delight in sharing this experience on social media, you likely feel completely justified in your words and actions.
Trying to save a little girl and becoming frightened by her appearance I'm driving through thick fog, when all of the sudden I hear the voice of what sounds like a little girl talking through a fan. It's choppy, but after a moment what she's saying becomes clear. She is saying "Help me, please help me. Don't leave me alone". I get out of the truck and start running into the woods where I find a little girl covered in lacerations. When I approach the girl and touch her shoulder, she turns around and has no face, it is twisted and mangled like some Silent Hill shit. Instantly, I feel as though I am being strangled and wake up not being able to breath and panicking. Scary dreams often manifest when you are experiencing a lot of tension or stress in your life. Perhaps you are going through a period of self-doubt or a lack of control in your current existence. The source of tension implied by the thick fog could be causing uncertainty and worries in your waking life, that is why you are unable to think clearly about how to proceed. As a result, there is a tendency to lose your sense of direction in life. The effect of your predicament on your psyche is exemplified by the disfigured girl in your vision. It may be that you fear a loss of innocence and playfulness in the process. Maybe you also feel suffocated by your current circumstances, like something or someone is holding you back or preventing you from speaking your mind. For that reason, some sort of transformation or change may be needed to resolve your problems, so you do not feel smothered and helpless.
Adopting someone's child The woman I love having another person's child and being left destitute, and I accepted them as my own. Baby boy clinging to me calling me dad. And woman also clinging to me but looked beat down living in a poor place. Your dream reflects on multiple aspects of your current life, taking in your lover's child as your own speaks of not being able to complete important projects or simply failing to make the necessary progress without admitting it to yourself. Dreaming of being around people who are poor usually symbolizes traveling and spending a lot of time in different locations. You should beware of your time being spent away from where more important tasks and responsibilities are waiting to be taken care of in your waking life.
Son losing his penis while urinating I had a dream that my 6-yr old son was urinating in the toilet, then all of a sudden his private part fell off. A hole was left and that's where he peed, but I saw him peeing all through the dream. My son was calm and I was crying and panicked I was afraid. What does this mean? The penis symbolizes power, aggression and fertility. Dreaming that your son's penis falls off reveals your anxieties regarding your relationship with him. If you look at it from the perspective of power, then there is a sense of losing control over your son's childish behaviors, which is symbolized by the act of urination. This struggle of exercising your authority over him brings out feelings of frustration. Alternatively, when viewed from the fertility and sexuality angle, the fear and panic that manifested in your dream point to the worries you are harboring in raising your son. It is possible that this vision stems from your uncertainties as a parent about how to balance control over your child while giving him the freedom to play and discover his identity.
Children making a snowman My 6 year old son had a dream that he and little sister were playing outside with snow. He said everything was covered in white snow and they were building a snowman. Also that they were alone. Normally, snow hints at cold and frigid feelings, however in your son's dream, the playful element and the making of a snowman reveals a curious and lively disposition on his part. Perhaps he wants to spend some time for fun and recreation. Having no one else around besides his sister could be indicative of his yearning for family time and togetherness, a time to truly bond.
Daughter jumping out of the window to her death My adult daughter was in her bedroom three stories up. I looked at her brushing her hair, she looked like the teenager she once was, natural-colored wavy hair. She was wearing a light blue chiffon dress, she turned and smiled, then jumped up and down on her queen-size bed, over-balanced on landing and fell through a window gap down three stories of stairs to her death on the floor below. What could this possibly mean please? Dreaming of seeing your daughter in her youth indicates a nostalgia for a simpler, idealized time in your life. There is a desire to keep her within your protection, away from harm, and shield her from the realities of life. The transition of her jumping for joy on the bed and then falling out the window to her death is symbolic of her journey into adulthood and your realization that you are no longer responsible for her actions or decisions. As it does not appear to be a suicide, but rather a consequence of her jumping up and down the bed, her falling out and down from the window implies separation from her family, maybe out of wanting to be independent. Hitting the ground and dying in the dream does not necessarily mean death in real life, it could be that growing up and facing the difficulties in the real world has made her more grounded and realistic in her perspective. Nonetheless, the vision is communicating your apprehensions towards your daughter's recent or past decisions and actions, reminding you to continue to look after and support her.
Graphic images of own chidlren My dream was of my youngest son. He was tricking and forcing my daughter who will be two next month. By making her drink from a water bottle then sucking on some man. I never seen before penis. As much as I was trying to shake myself awake from this nightmare, it continued. I am terrified!! Please help. Strange sexual situations or sex-related scenes can be disturbing, however the symbolic meaning of these dreams are more or less straightforward. The penis represents aggression, power and fertility. Other interpretations of seeing a penis in dream visions include family, wealth, respect and honor. Since your dream involved your young children, the sexual energy associated with the male organ can be discounted. Instead, the sucking action could refer to your anxiety over your daughter's future and the society she will grow up in. Will she be empowered or will she be dominated by men? This, and possibly other related questions that crop up in the course of raising your daughter, brought up the graphic images in your subconscious state.
Son trying to make others wear costumes My son giving costumes and no one would wear them, I got mad and we left and he was crying and I told him "You don't have to beg anybody to like what you do". Costumes are usually associated with deceit and distraction, so seeing your son giving them out could be a warning from your subconscious that he is up to something he shouldn't be. His sadness and your words of advice further indicate the presence of peer pressure. In your vision he is the one trying to influence others, but in wake life he may be at the mercy of those around him. Deep down you probably see and understand his struggle, though helping him deal with the situation is easier said than done.
Grandson upset because grounded Grandson is sobbing, deeply, in my arms while telling me he was grounded for the entire summer, in his room. He was hugging my neck on and off as he was told me this and I was holding him and trying to comfort him while asking questions to validate the details. Feelings of protectiveness towards your grandson and your family in general are reflected in this dream. You could be worried about his well-being and your subconscious is reminding to be his source of support and reassurance. Perhaps you sense some distance from your loved ones in real life and you miss the bond from previous years, anxious that he would no longer need you as he grows older. This dream vision is a reminder as well as reassurance to always be there for your family, and that your support and wisdom are invaluable to them, even if sometimes not properly acknowledged or reciprocated.
Being informed about daughter in distress Someone shouting at my window with a message that my daughter is crying. To dream that your daughter is crying indicates that you may cause distress to a loved one. Perhaps a family member may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed over your insensitive comments or thoughtless behavior. Alternatively, you could receive an unexpected news that may cause some emotional upheavals within your social circle.
Losing a grandchild while out and about I was at a yard sale or someone died and they were moving clothes out, said I could have what I want, so I kept setting clothes aside to take home. Then grand baby started crying, so I picked him up and he disappeared in my arms. I started crying and running for help, he was at home when I got there. Yard or garage sales in dreams signify repeating patterns in your behavior. Maybe you are clinging too much to the past, such as past achievements or past relationships, hence your subconscious is telling you to let go and move on. It is also likely that you keep relying on past experiences to use the lessons learned in your present situation. Babies traditionally represent new beginnings and opportunities, hence the disappearance of the baby implies failures or pursuing pointless goals. You may be looking for growth and pursuing your dreams in the wrong places, so you need to look within yourself to decide what you really want in life.
Adopted child and having twins as an addition My son who was adopted 7 years ago, he was taken and adopted. I saw him older and I gave birth to twins, but I don't remember having them in my dream, just that I had them. I was going to Hawaii. Traveling somewhere in a dream is a highly positive sign associated with happiness and romance, especially if the destination is physically far away from you. The twins you gave birth to paint the picture with more details, indicating a family celebration of sorts in which many people gather together. In this case, it seems that you are to either attend a wedding or be part of one yourself in the near future.
Trying to help a daughter in peril who does not exist in reality I dreamt I had a daughter, but it didn't feel like she was mine, she was suffocating with a cup in her mouth, then I removed it, gave her CPR and tried calling out for help and screaming, but no sound came out. Then came the ambulance and said to step back, she isn't mine and took her away, but allowed my cousin to go and all I did was cried until she came back and she was mine now and everyone was finally seeing that she was mine. I don't have a daughter in real life though. This dream vision contains two opposing symbols which are the presence of a daughter and her need for medical care. Having a daughter usually suggests happiness and prosperity in your life, so seeing your daughter in pain could point to difficulties getting in your way of having a better life. Trying to save you daughter and calling for help indicate that in order to get back on track, you should rely on your friends and family, even if you think you are better off alone or being independent. Your pride may be hurt, but their support may be the difference between living a full life or continuing to build a fortress around yourself.
Discovering about having twins at the doctor's office I dreamt that I was at my doctor's office to have my IUD (birth control) removed and when they pulled it out, they also pulled out the twins I was carrying and didn't even know I was pregnant! The twins looked to be maybe 11 weeks along. Then the nurse did this weird thing for me to see their faces with what she called "light projection therapy" with special "balloons" filled with saline and then let me hold them in my hands... I am not pregnant in real life but I do have the Mirena IUD. Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign, despite the surprising nature of their birth in your vision. Twins represent happiness and celebration within your family and, to a slightly lesser extent, good news and prosperity in your personal life. The scene about getting your birth control removed seems to only serve as an introduction to the dream as well as possibly indicating that whatever happiness is coming is likely to be extremely unexpected. The testing as well may show some disbelief on your part as to whether or not such happiness is even possible though your circumstances are likely to prove it is.
Father playing with chidlren who looked unfamiliar My dad was playing with three little kids, I couldn't see their faces. They were my husband's skin complexion. I couldn't tell the genders. My dad looked like he could see and smiled really big and went back to playing with the kids. The kids didn't see me. I've miscarried 3 kids. Dreaming about your father playing with children, especially given the fact that you have miscarried the same amount of children in wake life, suggests you may still be carrying some of the grief or unanswered questions from these events in your heart. Your subconscious needs more closure, perhaps by talking to a trustworthy, fatherly figure, which is seen in the image of your dad. Seeing that these children are happy and playing indicates that, with time and patience, you can find the peace of mind you seek and be happy with your circumstances.
Grandson being chocked by family members I dreamed that my grandson was being chocked by his mother then by my boyfriend. Seeing someone getting choked in a dream alludes to control and restriction. It may be a sign that your grandson is unable to voice his opinions due to being overpowered by authority figures, quite possibly his parents, in his life. It is possible he is going through some personal issues but hesitating to share them out of fear of being judged or criticized.
A child walking on a busy road Dreams about my 7-year old daughter walking alone on a local busy road. Why am I dreaming this? This could be a reflection of your concerns over your daughter. The street signifies the path she would take as she grows older. It is possible that you are anxious about the coming adolescent years and the times you are not around to supervise her. However, there is no need to fret just yet. Dreaming of loved ones walking alone is merely a subconscious state reminding the dreamer to continue being present and to take care of them.
Talking with a little girl and a boy I was talking to a little girl while combing her hair. Also there was a little boy there with us also talking with us. Dreaming of talking with a little girl while you comb her hair is a symbol of unexpected news. In other words, it is possible you may go through a surprising situation or an unexpected revelation in the near future. The nature of such news, however, is not yet clear. That is, it could be either good or bad depending on the situation which is about to unfold.
Being separated from children forcefully My mother and two children are living in my basement, I am not allowed to see my kids. My ex-husband comes in the middle of the night and takes my youngest away, I see him drive away with her and I don't get to tell her goodbye. I start crying and run to my room to pack clothes and leave, I break down and start to bawl, my youngest then comes into my room and grabs ahold of me so tight and says "Mommy, I love u, I love u..." as she's crying. Dreaming about your children being kept from you and then taken away is a highly ominous sign suggesting that you have recently made a major mistake which may lead to further complications in much of your day-to-day existence. The tears and anguish only further emphasize the severity of the troubles awaiting you. In order to avoid more difficulties, it may be wise to try and fix or make up for whatever was done in order to seal the wound.
Giving daughter for adoption and taking her back later I had a dream last night that I gave my 4-year old daughter away. But then later on in the dream I decided I wanted her back, and so I went and took her back since it wasn't a "legal adoption". I knew the people I gave her to. Most of my dreams don't stay with me, but I haven't been able to shake this one. Putting your child up for adoption alludes to a sense of loss. You may have given up in something, possibly a long-headed dream or ambition, thinking that it is a long shot. However, as indicated in the next scenario, you could be regretting passing off on this dream in favor of a more practical, stable route. Your subconscious is telling you that all is not lost. You still have time to chase your goals and aspirations, you only need the right attitude and motivation.
Children at play bothered by a pig I see that I am standing at one of the roads and my small children are playing (although now they are grown-up). I suddenly see a pig running towards them. I shout to warn them, but they do not notice and busy playing, the pig makes two rounds, but my children were not bothered, they were playing, I woke up. Seeing your children as kids reflects your longing for simpler, more innocent times. You could be missing their company due to their busy lives as grown-ups. The pig running and circling them as they play symbolizes all the wickedness of the world. As kids, they are under your protection, so maybe this reflects your protective instincts whenever you sense that your children are in trouble. However, them being grown-ups now and as revealed in your dream, you may be unable to shield them from untoward influences in the real world. What you can do is provide sage advice to strengthen their values and principles to guide their decisions as adults.
Losing a daughter while at a playground Female. I had a dream in which I had a daughter. She was the most beautiful little thing, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was on a playground and I left her alone for a few seconds to grab something from a bench nearby, and when I came back she was lying on the ground face-down, dead. It was the worst image my mind ever conjured up. At the last minute though she lifted her head slowly, so she was not dead but this was my worst nightmare ever. Also I am only 19, so too young to even consider children. Since you are not yet a mother, the daughter in your dream alludes to your femininity and youthful side. The playground likewise points to a carefree attitude and uncomplicated lifestyle. As such, there are aspects of loss and transformation in this vision. Perhaps your current journey to adulthood is alerting your subconscious about the realities of the real world. Growing up entails leaving behind the carefree days of pure play and embracing more responsibilities. The death, therefore, is not referring to a loss of life, but to the need of shedding certain immature ways or letting go of childish behavior.
Unsure about who the father of the baby is I dreamt I was pregnant with twins. I didn't know who the father was and had to figure it out. I had three guys it could be and I wanted to choose one for what he had to offer, but wasn't the likely father. I'm not pregnant and not trying. I'm single. Twins represent joyous occasions. Being pregnant with twins in a dream alludes to upcoming family gatherings or important events. On the other hand, the twins may also be symbolic of conflicting ideas and beliefs. The search for and selection of the father of these twins refers to your personal journey to come up with a decision about which path you want to take going forward. Do you want stability or adventure? Are you ready to settle down or do you want to explore other options? These are the things that you may currently be forced or challenged to contend with in the real world.
A grandchild vanishing from a boat I dreamt I was on a small boat with my grand baby and then she disappeared. Dreaming that you are on a small boat with someone who suddenly disappears can be interpreted as a sign of good fortune that would quickly vanish. You may win something only to lose it soon after or make a new friend and later find out that he or she was not all that nice to begin with. Treasure what you already have and do not let yourself be fooled easily by things and people that come and go.
Daughter wanting to move house I dreamt I was in my daughter's house on the steps and she was telling me she no longer wanted the house. I asked "Where would you move to?" and she was unsure, only that she wanted to leave her house. Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Moving house symbolizes a change of pace. Your dream wherein your daughter expressed a desire to move probably alludes to her current discontent. Maybe she wishes to change her employment or her commitment to her current partner is being put into question. Not knowing where to move reveals her confused state. Perhaps she needs your guidance in whatever predicament she is in. You may have had a recent encounter with your daughter which triggered the alarm in your subconscious, and this vision serves as a reminder to be there for your daughter in her time of need.
Giving birth to different twins I dreamt about giving birth to twins. One of the twins was OK and started rolling over the bed and l had to rush to help not to fall from the bed. The other one was not like a real human and was just lying there. Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is usually an auspicious sign which points to attending a happy family gathering or celebration in the future. This could be a wedding, reunion or birthday party which brings together many relatives you have not seen in a long time. The energetic baby, which almost rolls off the bed, suggests being completely surprised (in the good sense) by the presence of someone you really liked or admired when you were younger. However, the baby that did not move could represent some other people invited you would rather not meet again.
Pregnant with a baby girl without a father I had a dream I was pregnant, a nice round tummy. I wondered who the father was, but I don't recall having sex. I also knew I was having a girl, it was a gut feeling. And I know I didn't pull a J Lo and got a sperm donor. In the next part of my dream, I had a girl! Baby girls are associated with change and new personal experiences, so knowing that you are about to have a girl and then actually giving birth to a female child could symbolize your feminine intuition being spot on. You may want to pay closer attention to your gut feelings over the next few weeks as some unexpected situations unfold.
Taking care of an unfamiliar little girl I had a dream that my girlfriend and I were asleep. This little girl ran into our bed. I got up and went downstairs to make the little girl breakfast while my girlfriend was still sleep. Then I made sure she got ready and took her to school. Seeing an unfamiliar little girl in your bedroom and subsequently cooking for her points to an unexpected event. A surprising occurrence may soon take place in your life. Whether positive or negative, this event would shock you to your core and make you reevaluate certain important decisions you have made along the course of your life. You should not let doubt cloud your judgement afterwards or there could be unfortunate consequences for you.
A boy and a girl as twins Dreams about 2 beautiful blond twin boy and girl. A dream about twins of different genders alludes to opposing ideas or differing perspectives. These opposing forces actually serve to balance each other instead of clashing. Like yin yang, the appearance of the twins in your dream suggests your need to achieve a semblance of balance at work and at home. To achieve contentment and security, both feminine and masculine characteristics must be taken into account to get a holistic view of your situation and create the kind of lifestyle you desire.
Emotionally touched after meeting a little boy I walk into the room and see this little boy playing with his friends and it looks like my house and when he sees me he comes running to me and hugs me and won't let go. Fast-forwards to outside, he's still hugging me and I told him that I had to go and he looks at me sad and then gives me a kiss on the cheek and I start to cry and hug him again and I just wake up crying and every time I think about it I am in tears?? Help! The little boy playing in your house may be a representation of a boy you know in the waking world. This little boy could be a significant part of your social circle, maybe even a loved one. Alternatively, it could be the boy inside the man that you know. Maybe saying goodbye to the boy in this dream alludes to the opposite of the Peter Pan syndrome, such that the man you know may have lost his innocence and youthful wonder which you think is a shame. Perhaps this individual had to grow up too fast and too soon.
Saving children from drowning in the pool I have 5 kids, one threw 5-year old in my dream, I was trying to save my youngest daughter from the bottom of the pool. As I grab her and head back up I see my middle son fall to the bottom of the pool and I continue to try and save them. One of the five keeps falling back in. Seeing your children falling into the pool over and over despite your best efforts to prevent this from happening has negative connotations. This vision portends the possibility that your children, or those belonging to close acquaintances or relatives, may be susceptible to certain health problems. This dream could also be an indication that they should be kept away from anything that looks like a source of disease or infections, at least for the near future.
A man collecting chidlren in a bag Children are in a church. A man in a top hat and tux starts collecting the children into a bag. The combination of symbols you have experienced in this dream vision points to a recent episode when you may have been insulted or taken advantage of. The innocent children in church represent your feelings of acting out of kindness and good heart, but still being used by someone or some people for selfish and immoral reasons. It is quite possible that you hold a grudge against some influential or authoritative figure for being abused this way, as the symbolic construct of the man seen in church suggests.
Daughter kissing someone and injured after A group of young girls sitting at a table and my daughter is standing up kissing a girl in a wheelchair and someone escorts my daughter away and she has blisters on her face and chest. Dreaming about your daughter kissing another girl could be interpreted as a sign that disagreements and hostility among family members is about to come to an end. The blisters on her face and hands, however, suggest that the emotional wounds that were inflicted during this time may not heal so quickly or easily. While the open animosity is likely to end suddenly, recovering and rebuilding relationships may take much longer.
Confused about own son and son-in-law I watched my son-in-law is sleeping in my son's bed. I thought it's my son, so I called my son's name and turns out it's my son-in-law and then I wake up. Dreaming about your son-in-law in place of your son is a negative sign associated with someone close to you, either your partner or an immediate family member, beginning to act strangely. Their behavior is likely to disturb you as much as it would surprise you, causing disappointment and possibly embarrassment as well. Unsurprisingly, this could negatively impact your relationship and future interactions with this individual, driving a wedge between the two of you.
Daughter undergoing blood transfusion I had a dream that I was siting next to my 16 year old daughter in an emergency room hospital bed watching her have a blood transfusion. About two weeks later she was talking in her sleep telling me several times that her blood was too thin. She didn't know about my dream and did not remember her dream, only knew she had one, when I asked her the next morning. The symbol of blood in dreams has a lot of interpretations. Being blood-related, this dream about your daughter having a blood transfusion is associated with the state of your relationship with her. Are you perhaps experiencing some distance or gap in reality? Maybe you have not been seeing her eye-to-eye lately or you are unable to relate to her or understand her as you once did. You may be feeding off each other's energy in the real world and she is also noticing the growing gap in communication. This way, your subconscious experiences are inevitably linked. A transfusion means reviving or bringing back vitality. As such, the similar visions you both had serve as a reminder to keep your relationship alive by communicating more openly.
A child given a high position I saw my kid been crowned the chief of our community. Being crowned is highly significant in dream visions, as it usually points to toward major changes and improvements in the individual observed being crowned. Considering that it was your child perceived in this setting, you could soon start seeing some major positive changes in their behavior or physical appearance, possibly a growth spurt or a building of character and strong personality.
Daughter falling out of an open door My daughter and I are in a tall building and there is an open door at the end of a hallway. My whole family is there with us. My oldest daughter falls out of the open doorway at the end of the hall, I wake up before she gets to the bottom. I have had this dream several times in the last few days. Having a dream vision about a wide open door is a positive symbol which predicts receiving a very generous gift, reward or incentive, either as a result of accomplishments and hard work or just as a kind gesture. Falling through this door could represent becoming unpopular with those nearby, especially because of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Considering that it was your daughter who fell out, it seems like she may be the one who receives a gift and is treated poorly by others because of it. Maybe her friends would consider it a sign of favoritism, or her rivals may become jealous and want to retaliate.
A future child resembling a friend I saw my future child who saw me and ran to me saying "Da-da" and I saw their eyes which I've only ever seen on my friend. Envisioning your future child in a dream symbolizes your strong desire to establish a connection with someone you consider important in your life or improve a relationship that could be faltering. Considering it was your friend's eyes this child appeared to have, it could point toward this particular friend being the one with whom you need to reconnect.
In a cave with wounded daughter I dreamt that my daughter and I were in a cave and when she got up to leave, she had blue sores on her knees. Dreaming about caves portends a period of gloom and depression. The fact that your daughter is in the cave with you signifies that the hysteria which you feel is somehow related to her, as it denotes intense feelings of helplessness. Perhaps your daughter's actions in wake life are responsible for you feeling this way. The blue sores on her knees could represent your desire to help her even though you are unable to actually do so. While you cannot fix the problem for her, you can provide complete support and give her assurance of your undying love.
Following a strange pair of children I dreamed about a little boy girl walking down a sidewalk and right before I got close to them, it was like I startled them and they turned quickly to look at me, but their faces were scribbled out with marker and the house they were walking towards was a 2-story white house but the door was scribbled out just like their faces. The entire dream was in black and white. In my dream it was like I was trying to keep up with them but I wasn't meaning to do so. Please help. Dream was very vivid! Your dream in general seems to have a nostalgic atmosphere. Perhaps you are trying to revisit your past or your childhood, quite unsuccessfully, in the real world. The little boy and little girl with their scribbled out faces allude to your youthful and child-like wonder. Maybe reality is treating you badly and you just want to go back to more innocent and uncomplicated times, no matter how futile it is. The black and white appearance of the dream likewise reveals a yearning for simplicity. You could be burdened by lots of gray areas and complex decisions to make, hence your subconscious is taking you to a comforting place.
Beating own children It's been 2 nights already that I'm dreaming of yelling at my 8-year old daughter but ending up beating so hard my 2 year-old son. I have 4 kids, need explanation about it because it's really weird after that when I'm waking up I'm feeling so bad for them ending up hugging and kissing them while they are asleep. Beating up your son in the dream, while disturbing, does not necessarily mean that you have a violent nature nor does it suggest rage towards your children. Instead, the violence and anger directed at them likely points to your need for control. Like any parent, you may be becoming too strict and authoritative towards your children in an attempt to discipline them and keep them safe from harm. In addition, the recurring aspect of this dream may have something to do with the stress and anxieties you are experiencing in the real world. The chaos and possibly never-ending problems may have been projected by your subconscious onto your children, as they are the ones with whom you can exercise authority and control.
Daughter snatched by wolves in a forest My young daughter was kidnapped by wolves in a forest (kind of like a State park). Most of the dream was me trying to search for her, with nobody lending a hand to help. I finally found a cave that was filled with several people (almost like tourists exploring the cave) and so I called her name and I heard her voice "I am here" and she crawled towards me through the other people and I lifted her up and out. I awoke in a complete sweat and could not fall back asleep. A dream wherein you see your daughter disappear could be indicative of secrets or undisclosed information which you have not shared with her. It is probably because she is too young to understand the nature of these secrets. The wolves could represent difficulties which you might face in your daughter's upbringing. Despite your best efforts to care for your daughter you may often face certain dilemmas or difficult choices which make you question your parental skills. Since no one was helping you in the dream, this could be a direct manifestation of little to no help you receive in the waking world while looking after her.
Looking for daughter who is suffocating My dream was more of a dream within a dream. I dreamt, but I was at a hospital with some friends and my children were playing hide-and-seek and in my dream I saw my daughter hiding in a closet full of toys and stuffed animals and she started to suffocate within a plastic bag. In my dream I watched her banging for help trying to get out. I've been searching every closet in the building looking for her emptying out bags of stuffed animals with no luck finding her until days later. Repetitive. To dream of a game of hide and seek alludes to secrets and information being kept from you. Since you end up being the one searching for your hiding daughter, perhaps you sense something bothering her in the waking world. She may be acting withdrawn and avoiding any line of questioning from you. In addition, the toys in the closet could be her comfort zone or anything that gives her a sense of security. Perhaps this is her escape, yet the burden of keeping a secret may be wearing her down because hiding also has the connotation of shame. She could be afraid of judgment. As such, it is your duty to draw her out of her shell and open her up to you in case she has some problems.
Twin boys dying I watched my twin boys being taken off life support and take their last breaths. I did have twin boys who passed in June 2014. Watching or re-experiencing the death of your twin boys in the dream world is likely part of trying to accept this loss and achieve closure following this incident. Something in the waking world may have triggered memories of their passing, making you re-live the grief and pain of the loss. The act of taking them off life support in the dream denotes the inevitability of the situation and allows you perhaps to forgive yourself and attain a semblance of internal peace.
A little girl seen from a distance I've dreamed of a little girl with a pacifier in her mouth standing next to a man. The baby girl you saw in your dream could predict fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking for and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as entering a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. The symbol of the man can have different interpretations depending on how you perceived him. If you thought he looked kind or handsome, it may further point toward progress in your love life. However, if the man looked scary or overbearing, it may mean you would have to overcome some obstacles before reaching your goals.
Beating son with a belt I had a dream about beating my youngest son with a belt for letting his nephew break my phone when he was supposed to watch him. Seeing yourself beating your youngest son can be interpreted as a sign that you are afraid he would do something that would cause unhappiness and misfortune for you. As a result, you may tend to take direct control of his behavior and actions. Perhaps this dream has something to do with stress you are experiencing in the waking world concerning your youngest son. People and situations that cause mental strain in reality often manifest in dreams. In this case, you should pick and choose your battles with regards to your son. While some monitoring is necessary, you may be placing unreasonable expectations on both your son and yourself.
Sick children cracking eggs There were three brand new baskets with fresh eggs in each basket. Then my triplet sons who are autistic started to crack the eggs and as they did, the yolks were rising upwards. Then my son who is non-verbal said, "you see". Dreaming about baskets of eggs has positive connotations. It is an indication of the good tidings which you are about to experience regarding your recent endeavors. It signifies that luck is on your side and things would flow smoothly for you. When you saw your children cracking the eggs it again indicates integrity and goodness on your part. Regardless of the image of cracked eggs, such a symbol in the dream world represents your potential to excel in any sort of situation. Despite the difficulties in your waking life, you remain steadfast and that helps you earn the respect of your family and acquaintances.
A child left in the storm In my dream I'm told that there is a child in a storm water and I could also hear him crying and there was a man standing next to the storm water. The storm and the child are images that play off each other in the dream world. While the child represents worries and concerns that are directly related to your lifestyle and well-being, the storm can be interpreted as the manifestation of hardships and evil present in the world at large. In a sense, imagining a child in a storm can reflect your selfish tendency to ignore the universal issues happening around you and only pay attention to what affects you personally. Alternatively, you could be crying and complaining about the injustices in your life while others around you are suffering more.
A little girl asking about her dress It was a weird dream. I saw that a little girl doesn't like her dress, she's asking me about how she's looking. I told her "Honey, you look fine, but if you want to remove that belt it will look better". And then she said "No, I like it!" Then I told her "Okay, fine honey, just keep it like this. I'll tighten this up". And as soon as I'm done tightening her belt and she's started to run away to the washroom and said she needs to poop, in these fractions of time I found that all of my family members are standing around. This vision seems to represent a dichotomy between what you know you should do and what you want to do. To be more specific, the little girl in your dream is the manifestation of your conscience. The dress she is wearing refers to the habits and tendencies you have in wake life. Her discomfort or lack of satisfaction with the style of dress suggests you recognize that some of your behavior is morally incorrect or does not serve your future interests. Your desire to placate the child, however, shows that you may not be ready to change your ways. The little girl's need to defecate adds a sense of urgency to this vision, as excrement is often related to prosperity and wealth. If you were to become disciplined and get rid of the negative aspects from yourself, you would likely see other positive changes take place around you.
Daughter in an electric chair I dreamt that my daughter was in an electric chair shouting "Mummy, help me!" but I couldn't help her. I couldn't move. I just stood and cried screaming "Stop!" as they hurt my little girl. Witnessing torture in the dream world is an ominous omen. It suggests you or someone you love may soon become ill or be afflicted with some disease. The graphic nature of the torture and your inability to help your daughter could point to this being something very serious or life-threatening. The fact that it was your daughter who was tortured could signify that she is the one who would experience these health problems. Your subconscious may be picking up on something in wake life, and it has given you this vision as a warning to seek medical attention immediately should something appear wrong with your child.
Adopting children from Mexico I am moving to Mexico for my retirement and have been thinking about it a lot and last night I was dreaming I was there and adopted 2 little Mexican girls. Dreaming about your retirement plans, especially since you have been thinking about it a lot in reality, may be your mind's way of making sense of all the information you absorbed during your waking hours. Perhaps you are excited about moving to Mexico, hence your subconscious is fast-tracking the process by giving you a glimpse of the future. On the other hand, adopting children generally points to your generosity. Even though you are moving to a different place, you would carry your sense of altruism with you. Furthermore, adopting Mexican children could also be a metaphor for embracing a new culture and understanding this new environment.
Unable to protect and save children I had a dream that I was a nanny and the house was getting robbed and the 2 children I was trying to protect we loaded up in a car trying to get away. Then it exploded, I was hospitalized, they died and I kept asking about them during hospitalization. Then I fell in love with my therapist, later got pregnant by him. He was abusive to me and I kept hearing a voice that told me "Protect your unborn child". Dreaming about trying to save children from harm but failing to do so because they die anyway reveals the current situation which you have to face in your waking life. It seems that your life is a series of pitfalls and you seem to be getting into more problems despite trying your best to keep out of trouble. The changing scenarios in your dream could portend that regardless of your desire to achieve peace and happiness, you may still face obstacles and difficulties. This is reinforced by your worries about the safety of your unborn child. In this respect, you should keep in mind that a new child is a symbol of hope and the fact that you were told to protect it symbolizes that things might eventually start to improve, just keep yourself motivated and forge ahead with determination.
Saving a baby from an abusive mother I dreamed i found a baby and a woman had pierced the right side of both the baby girl's lips with a safety pin. The baby was crying and I was taking it to a doctor and keeping her as my own. To keep her safe from the woman. Babies oftentimes represent new beginnings and fresh ideas. In that sense, the baby in your dream could be a metaphor for an idea, a project or an opportunity which you want to pursue. The woman who pierced the baby's lips may represent a naysayer or pessimist in your professional or social circle possibly dissuading you from or preventing the development and implementation of your ideas. Perhaps this dream is trying to tell you to take matters in your own hands if you want your projects and endeavors to succeed.
A child falling into raging waters A child slipped, fell, hit head and fell back into raging waters. This vision is an ominous sign related to health problems within your family. In essence, an injured child represents sickness and the possible death of one of your family members. The raging waters further support this interpretation by highlighting the idea of traveling across the River Styx and into the next life. This death may cause great sadness and heartache within your family circle.
Disabled daughter missing Went in my disabled daughter's room, but she and her hospital bed were gone. Looked as if her toys and other furniture was there, but no bed or TV or any of her special equipment. Dreaming that your child is missing could be an indication of your inability to relate to her. Perhaps you have not spent quality time together lately or you have been too busy taking care of her needs that you are struggling to get to know her better. Alternatively, she may be growing up too quickly for you to keep up. There could be a gap or an unresolved issue wedged between the two of you which needs to be acknowledged and resolved in order to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.
Having twins with different length of hair Dreamed me and my fiance were sitting on a couch playing with girl twins. One had long hair one had short hair. We were all happy. The twins in the context of your dream represent the current state of your bond with your fiance. Twins symbolize development, self-confidence as well as contentment. Your romance and partnership seem to be in good shape. In addition, the long and short hair of the twins indicate balance. While long hair suggests being deliberate in making decisions, short hair favors instinct and intuition. In relation to you and your fiance, it means your personalities complement each other. One makes up for what the other person lacks, making a strong foundation for being a couple.
Strange things happening to children I am a female. The dream started off at a playground where one side of the children's faces began to swell, so I took my 3 and went home. It didn't happen to them, but when we got home their eyes turned black and skin began to crack and grow scales. A light came down and sucked them up. I didn't seem to be bothered. I looked at my hands and my skin became more beautiful. A sick girl (maybe cancer) around the age of 3 ran from the room and called out "Mama" and began to become healthy. Even grew hair. The location of the playground represents a carefree attitude and youthfulness. As such, the children becoming sick at the park or morphing later at home predict something that would challenge your positive energy and uncomplicated lifestyle. In many cases, this type of symbol portends someone in your family becoming ill, perhaps one of your children or another relative. Running away is a natural response in this situation, as you likely do not want to lose the part of yourself that is so optimistic. However, becoming more beautiful after the events of this vision could mean that others view your lack of connection to the sadness as a sign of being too self-absorbed or thoughtless. You should try accepting these possibly unfavorable events in order to connect with everyone on a deeper, more meaningful level.
Daughter injured by her friend My daughter was sliced on her arms by her friend whom I disapprove of and I couldn't call the police, my phone wouldn't work properly. Dreaming of your daughter alludes to your anxieties and worries. Specifically, the presence of her friend reveals your overprotective nature especially when it comes to her choice of friends. The wound inflicted on your daughter by her friend is likely a projection of your own pessimism. Perhaps you tend to see the worst in individuals and this feeds into your judgment about them. However, your perception may not be accurate, especially if you do not allow yourself to get to know them better first before forming an opinion.
Son kidnapped by a woman We couldn't find my 7 yr old son. Then I was told by some witnesses they saw a female taking him away. I started crying and sobbing inconsolably. Then my husband woke me up because he heard me sobbing. In general, dreams about missing children or looking for a missing child allude to the dreamer's inability to handle certain issues or problems due to an overwhelming amount of challenges in reality. In your case, your missing son who seemed to have been kidnapped could be a warning of the very real possibility that you would mistakenly or unwittingly neglect the needs of your son. The sheer amount of duties and responsibilities which you juggle on a daily basis may take your attention away from your loved ones, especially your son. This inability to prioritize properly may place a gap between you and your child in the long run.
Losing daughter in a tent with elephants I had another terrible dream last night about losing my daughter. But at the end of the dream I was at an Indian bazaar. There was a huge tent with elephants in it just standing still. Indian women were caressing the elephants and singing and humming to them. Suddenly, I was flying through the tent, up and underneath and around the elephant's gigantic bodies. Losing your daughter in this dream may be a metaphor for a rift developing between the two of you in reality. Perhaps you have had disagreements and miscommunication which may have led to some conflict. The elephants, in particular, signify loneliness and communication problems with others. In your case, the communication issues may be in relation to your daughter. This dream may be your mind's way of reminding you to be more understanding and patient in dealing with your daughter, otherwise your bond could be seriously tested with the possibility of being alienated from each other.
Losing a son who does not exist I am having a continuous dream about losing a son I don't yet have. I'm crying and I have so much guilt about it. I lose myself in depression. I blame myself for him going missing. I have had the dream two nights in a row. Please help me understand what this means. Dreaming about having a son when you do not have one in wake life may be the reflection of your feelings towards another male in your life. This could me a friend, relative or spouse. In a sense, you could be feeling guilty about your thoughts or actions related to this individual but are unable to say anything due to your position. The idea that the boy is lost further elaborates on this idea, suggesting your emotional state is causing a negative atmosphere to develop around you. Until you can pluck up the courage to admit your true feelings, you are unlikely to have peace of mind.
A little girl in the forest Me wearing a black dress wondering a bright-lit forest. I find a little girl in white playing with a doll that looks like me in the middle of a meadow laughing. After I watch for a little, the little girl stands up, smiles then runs into the forest. Wearing a black dress is often considered a harbinger of ill tidings in a dream vision. It often means the dreamer is about to receive some bad or disheartening information regarding something or someone they had been worried or thinking about. This is likely related to someone from your past, as the brightly-lit forest could be the manifestation of someone you once had a close connection with. Considering the image of yourself represented by the doll, it is possible this individual from your past rejects your current lifestyle or has changed in such a way that you can no longer associate or be friends with them. You would probably be greatly troubled and disappointed by this situation, which is supported by the image of the little girl running away, a symbol associated with sadness and despair.
Son looking through a manhole My son was looking at me from the manhole in the ceiling, very angry at me? Manholes envisioned in a dream symbolize being distracted or not showing enough attention to important matters in waking life. You may presently be devoting too much effort and energy to some irrelevant aspects which do not deserve all of the focus you are giving to them and other areas of your life may be suffering as a result, such as your relationships with your loved ones, most likely your son based on his presence in this dream vision.
A child pointing at something A couple, a maid holding a child and myself in a room where the child goes on pointing out to something in the room a couple of times to me. I couldn't see anything. It was scary. Dreaming about someone trying to get your attention by pointing at something could mean you are feeling guilty or fearing that you could be persecuted by others in your circle but you are unable to discern clearly what exactly you did wrong. Perhaps you are afraid you are about to get caught for a past offense or you are considering doing something which could be seen as very negative by others. The notion that it was a child who was the one pointing could mean you are feeling at odds with the innocence the child represents and your actions.
Shooting a son in the eye Hi, I dreamed that I shot my young son in the eye with a gun and blinded him in one eye for life. I was also trying to hide the fact I had done this, trying to hide the gun etc. It was quite horrific. Dreaming about shooting your son in the eye is a symbol of dominance and control on your part. The eyes represent dreams or aspirations and because you injured them in this dream, it could mean that you feel like you are preventing your son from experiencing things he is interested in and you could be feeling guilty about it, even if you believe it is the best thing to do as a parent. You could also be afraid of being judged by others because of the way you try to raise your son and this is perhaps why you were so desperate about covering it up.
A little girl about to fall out of the window Dreaming of a small girl sitting on my window. I am scared she may fall down. Dreaming of being concerned about the safety of a little girl could be a projection of your fears or concerns related to your inability to express yourself or be free while under someone's influence. This person or people could be making you feel suffocated in your current situation when you are unable to speak your mind or make personal decisions. Being controlled or restricted under these circumstances could lead to negative outcomes in your future, so your subconsciousness is urging you to find a solution to this issue.
With children in a helicopter and a cave I dreamt of looking at a stormy sea then getting into a helicopter. My children are with me but they are small. We fly over the stormy sea smoothly. There is no fear but a certain awe looking at the sea. The next thing I know I am in a dim-lit cave with an old man. The presence of my children is felt but not seen. The cave is small and I can see the sea but no water comes in. The old man digs and I see a cross made out of straw some of the edge is missing. I urge my children to hurry. I woke up. Flying over a stormy sea in your dream vision means that there are challenging times ahead for you and your family. The state of the sea could be a metaphor for unstable psyche and emotional turbulence. There could be disagreements or problems which can make you and other members of your family highly emotional. Meanwhile, the helicopter represents your aspirations. Perhaps you and your family are prone to living beyond your means or focusing on impractical goals and aspirations. As such, this need to project perfection and conform to other people's expectations may cause conflict and rifts between you and your loved ones. Finally, the cave at the end of the dream alludes to safety and refuge. The old man likely symbolizes wisdom and experience. Your mind could be telling you to use your rational and pragmatic side to find solutions to your problems. Only when you become enlightened would you be able to find peace and serenity.
Son failing to save another child I dreamt of my son jumping into a dug to save a girl child and in this process he also got hurt. What this dream means, please email me? Dreaming about seeing someone being stuck in a pit could be symbolic of your recent realization about some major downfalls or poor quality of life affecting those who matter to you. Considering that it was your son who was present in this scenario, it could point to some existing or emerging issues in his relationship with you or other members of your family. His inability to save the girl in this dream alludes to the need for some improvements which could help restore trust and mutual understanding among all those who you think could be involved.
Unable to help a sick grandchild I dreamt that my first grandchild was sick and in the hospital dying and the doctors and nurses were not helping. I was doing everything I could to make sure he would be OK, but he was not getting any better. I woke up before the dream ended and he was still alive in my dream, but it was very upsetting. There are two main aspects of this vision which need to be addressed separately, although they are closely related. The first is the image of your grandchild sick in the hospital. This symbol is often thought to be prophetic, usually predicting sickness for either him or another child related to you. Seeing this image may represent a warning, so that you can make preparations for this time or perhaps find a way to intervene and prevent the sickness from happening in the first place. Alternatively, the notion about the hospital staff doing nothing and that you were alone taking care of him could be an indication that you tend to go overboard when caring for others. While a nice quality to have, constant attention and interruptions demanded or solicited from you could get in the way of much needed quiet and rest you require for yourself.
Leaving daughter alone to go to jail My daughter had a dream about me leaving her home alone and going to jail. Please advise, (F) gender. Your daughter's dream about you going to jail reveals your lack of communication. Your daughter could be feeling neglected because you are too preoccupied with other commitments and responsibilities. In addition, she feels like she is not being heard whenever she tries to reach out to you. In that sense, going to jail could also symbolize your tendency to be rigid and strict which is causing a barrier in your relationship with your daughter. She has something to tell you, but she could be scared of your rejection.
Hanging own son I had a dream a teenage kid told me to hang my son. The noose was around his neck and I kicked the chair out from under him. Then after a short time I figured out that I could save him by grabbing the chair and putting him on the tree limb. We survived but he was very limp from hanging for that period of time. Hanging another person in your dream signifies complicated and challenging issues plaguing you in real life. Since you are hanging your son in the dream, this means that family is central to your problems. The noose around your son's neck symbolizes your tendency to be controlling and strict towards your child or children. Essentially, your subconscious is warning you about the negative effects of being a tough disciplinarian. Fortunately, this vision tells you that you would soon realize the error of your ways, though much of the damage would already be done. What you can do is communicate clearly with your children and allow them to enjoy a certain degree of freedom so they can be who they want to be instead of growing up fearful of disappointing you.
A misbehaving little girl The main thing that stuck out was this ginger-haired little girl of at least 12 or 13. Her name was Monoke. She seemed to follow me and haunt people (not a ghost). I was buying some house, and the realtor was talking to me when I looked out the glass door and Monoke smiled and waved at me. I was confused and walked over to the realtor, and suddenly when I looked out the window, she smashed the realtors passenger window and ran. And I chased her down. Being haunted by a little girl is an indication of your own hopelessness and lack of control. Things are getting out of hand in your household and you have no idea how to make things better. This also denotes confusion, especially if you have a big decision to make. For instance, buying a new house represents happiness and prosperity ahead of you if you decide to accept an offer or opportunity. The confusion may stem from the legality or the strings attached to this opportunity. You are not willing to sacrifice your integrity for a higher income or more power. The little girl's ginger hair is another dream symbol to consider because it has to do with big changes. In this context, chasing after the girl means you are looking for something new, perhaps even completely different from your current way of living. In this vision, your subconscious is telling you that change is inevitable, but you have to be willing to embrace and manage all the consequences that come with it.
Protecting children from a tornado and abuse I am a 39 year old female. I was trying to protect my 6 kids from a tornado by getting them down into a cellar. Then in my childhood hometown I was late for a movie with my husband. We were all at my grandparents' home, I took some random dog pee and I was yelling at my girls to hurry and get ready. I went to a restaurant with my husband where our current city mayor told me that a strange home security salesman named Michael Panelli took my two daughters. I screamed in horror and started to cry. Both the childhood hometown and your grandparents' home in your dream vision reveals your preoccupation with the past. Things at the moment could be stressful and unsatisfactory, so you are looking to happier days from your past as an escape. Although this could also mean you are looking for answers and wisdom from your past so you do not repeat the same mistakes. This is further confirmed by the next two dream symbols which are tornado and cellar. The tornado refers to failed plans and disappointing results. You would experience setbacks in your career or current undertakings and you would try to shield your children from the financial issues. Similarly, being late for the movies means you feel you are not providing enough for your family. Your goals are not materializing, so you feel frustrated. In fact, your frustrations could be extended to your family as you feel like your kids do not appreciate all your sacrifices which is symbolized by dog's urine. Instead of gratitude, all they do is complain. Unfortunately, this will not be the end of your problems because the kidnapping of your daughters means you are going to make a big mistake which would add a host of challenges and difficulties for your and your family. In your attempt to discipline your kids, they may start to resent you for being too strict.
Daughter leaving I’m male. I saw my daughter move to Korea. In the airport I said to my daughter "If you leave never come back here". And I grabbed the ticket and tore it. Envisioning your daughter preparing to leave for Korea at the airport may be the symbolic representation of your subconscious recognizing she is her own woman. Whether she is still young or full grown, your daughter is still your daughter. You worry if she makes the right decisions and want the best for her, desiring to step in and save her from disappointment even when parts of you know she has to discover these things for herself. This is manifested in your taking and tearing of her plane ticket. This symbol suggests you find it difficult to let go and let her have her way. Your vision, then, is a reminder that sometimes a parent's job is simply to let their children find out how life works by themselves.
Daughter falling from a balcony My child falling from a balcony, my daughter is 4 and I had a dream last night we were lost in a holiday apartment and she had fallen off the balcony which was like 10 stories high. Witnessing a child falling from a building is a bad omen in dreams. This vision portends a possibility of a colleague's or a friend's child becoming ill in the near future. This outcome could also apply to your own child, so you need to be extra vigilant in making sure your daughter is healthy and has a strong immune system. If it happens to a child you personally know, then you could be asked for moral support and even financial assistance, especially if the parents are not financially stable or struggling to make a living.
Daughter injured, rodents and snakes My mom was driving, there was a crash, she shielded my daughter with her own body. In the hospital to heal my daughter was reduced to embryonic state but could still talk and communicate. Then my dream morphed completely to a rodent eating a snake which I stopped, but then the snake started eating another snake? The car crash involving your mother and your daughter depicts an ongoing struggle between you and your mother about how to raise your own child. While you may not always agree about parenting styles, you both mean well. However, the regression of your daughter's development as a process of healing in the vision relates to how the struggle between the two of you is actually making her feel smothered. As for the second part, the rodent eating a snake represents a threat to your household. There is going to be a clash between you and a family member which will not end well for both parties. If one or both of you manages to keep your emotions and anger in check, then you could both learn a valuable lesson and become enlightened in the process.
Jumping off a porch with daughter There is a house and the porch has no back to it. My daughter takes off running I take off after her, she jumps off, I jump off and I slide down a rock. She gets on the same rock and slides down too. I grab her, the rock detaches from the dirt and starts to sink. We go under the water and I try to swim above water so we can breath. Jumping or falling off a deck reveals your anxious nature. You are always anticipating terrible events and tragic incidents that would fall upon you and your family. Ironically, jumping into the unknown also points to being gullible. In essence, you are actually the one placing yourself in questionable situations by being too trusting of others. Since you are easily fooled, you inadvertently place your family in danger, whether it has to do with bad investments or scams. In the context of your dream, scammers could try to use your daughter to encourage into participating in their scheme. Just remember to steer clear of opportunities that look too good to be true.
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