A child with grey eyes A child with grey eyes. Dreaming about seeing or staring into grey eyes is a forewarning about a possibility of crossing your paths with a deceitful and conniving individual or group of people who would make it their first priority to take advantage of your gullible nature or other weaknesses in personal character. The notion that it was a child could also indicate that these circumstances could be affecting not you, but someone in your life who may need your assistance but is unwilling or unable to ask. They could be in need of emotional or financial support, but are too shy or proud to engage in a conversation with you. If you know someone in your waking life who may evoke such feelings in you, it may be prudent to make yourself more available to them.
Daughter writing word "MOM" on a drawing My step daughter calls me mom and writes it on paper as she has drawn me something. In this dream, she calls out mom as though to get my attention to see her artwork. All that is there is the word MOM in capital letters. Hearing your child call out for you symbolically represents being called back to your roots. Throughout the course of your life, you may have lost sight of your dream or made compromises based on what you had to do at the time. The imagery of "mom," however, is trying to bring you back to where you were before things got off track. Your subconscious mind may be sensing an upcoming opportunity that you could use to get a head start.
Daughter burning alive in an oven Dream my daughter was laying in an oven and it caught on fire, she was burning alive and I was trying to get her out the oven. I would give my life for my child, she had me by the hand and she was screaming and I woke up. It scared me to death, please help. In the context of this dream vision you have experienced, seeing your daughter burning alive in the oven predicts emergence of a new person in her life, which would drive a wedge into the relationship between you and her. Possible reasons for this to happen could be her falling in love with someone special, becoming pregnant or moving away, soon or when the time comes for her to make this decision. Fire in a dream, by itself, is also symbolic of personal renewal and transformation, therefore, it could be a positive experience for both of you, even though it may hurt when it first happens.
A child appearing to have drowned, but alive Found a child floating in a pool. Thought it was dead, removed the child and he was fine. A floating child that appears dead signifies a lack of certainty in your course of action, possibly prior to making important decisions. The ambivalence present in the dream furthermore indicates that it is not a good time for major decisions. The successful rescue of the child preceded by his appearance as dead is a sign of all-pervading pessimism that determines your recent behavior. You should concentrate on yourself during the incoming period by withdrawing from decision-making about things which may interfere with the course of actions you would normally follow.
Grandson strangling I dreamt of my grandson strangling me and saying "Now I have you alone". Being strangled in a dream suggests your relationship with that person, your grandson, may be suffering. This is likely because neither of you has been putting in the effort to do new things together or keep the bond between you strong. If left much longer, this situation may continue to deteriorate and might collapse altogether.
Saving kids from a car filled with smoke There were four kids in a car, one being a new born. When the car was parked, the two older ones came out. While someone was putting oil in the car, smoke filled the inside of the car. I yelled for help, but no one moved. I went in to get them myself. At the end they were safe. I remember there was no fire, only smoke. Cars are often symbolic of our life-journey on this planet, and both the newborn baby and the children you see in this car represent positive events in your life, such as upcoming successes and lucky chances. However, seeing the car fill with smoke before the children were evacuated suggests you may not be focusing on goals or events which could raise you to the next level. For example, you may spend a lot of your time daydreaming about what could be out there instead of going out and making it happen. Saving the children at the end of this vision is a message from your subconscious saying you can do the same thing with your life if you take control of the situation and make well-informed decisions.
Trying to save a child from a snake and from drowning There was an albino snake by the poolside standing beside me, then the snake jumped in the pool, then jump out, then my three-year old son appeared and I ran to the other side of the pool where he was and he fell in and I jumped in after him. I got a hold of him but I couldn't bring him out of the water and I suddenly woke up. Seeing an albino snake is an ominous sign indicating being on the receiving end of some disturbing, unpleasant news. This is likely related to the sign of your son drowning, which indicates that someone close to you could be developing a problem with their breathing, such as asthma, bronchitis, or a bad cold. Your difficulty getting him out of the water suggests this problem could last for some time, though it is unlikely to develop into a serious issue.
Children falling down the shaft under the bed 2 of my children are on a top bunk bed. The bunk bed starts slipping into a shaft. I tell my daughter to stop moving. She says there is a lady (who we don't know) that keeps moving it. I see that the bed is going to fall and tell my daughter to jump and I will grab my son. But as she jumps off, he slips down the shaft and I scream out his name, he hits the bottom, I think at least he will die instantly, so he won't know anything about it. But he wakes and is crying out in pain. Then I wake up crying. This dream contains many signs and, as a result, is very difficult to interpret. A vision centered around the idea of a bed that shakes and is pulled into the ground by an outside force can indicate suffering great losses. The external force here could represent a current situation in which you feel powerless or an upcoming circumstance which you may not be able to avoid, prevent or change. This is supported by watching your son fall and being hurt, which indicates being deserted in your time of need by friends or family members. You may feel increasingly disappointed and even betrayed because of their lack of care and attention for you.
Looking after a rambunctious child and visiting places I had a dream where I was taking care of my boyfriend's daughter. By the way, I haven't met her. Anyways, all I remember is she was beautiful but a little hyperactive. I took her to the store and she couldn't decide what to get. When we were out of the store we were heading to see my boyfriend (we never got to see him). But on the way, there was a bridge being fixed and when we got to the other side, I saw my niece playing in dirt. I asked her to come with us, but she refused. My boyfriend's daughter started running all over the place, straight down the street and I think I saw her in white pants. All I remember. Looking after mischievous children points to the fact that you are getting older and some things that used to worry you before do not really concern you anymore. It can also represent a positive sign that with age comes wisdom and that you are now able to accomplish a lot more than when you were younger. The white pants symbolize changes in your life, but since they were not particularly clear nor prevalent in your dream, these could simply be minor changes that come naturally with growing up.
Toddlers using bathroom by themselves for the first time I was in the bathroom with my twin boy toddlers. They were urinating in their potties for the first time. I was so excited and happy! I shared it via SMS to a male friend. Seeing little boys urinate is symbolic of childish behavior. The fact that there were two boys in this vision indicate that whatever causes this behavior is likely to be a big deal for you. You friends usually think of you as the type who is in control and knows what to do in most situations, so a sudden lapse into childlike tantrums and irrational anger may confuse or upset them. However, given your delight in sharing this experience on social media, you likely feel completely justified in your words and actions.
Trying to save a little girl and becoming frightened by her appearance I'm driving through thick fog, when all of the sudden I hear the voice of what sounds like a little girl talking through a fan. It's choppy, but after a moment what she's saying becomes clear. She is saying "Help me, please help me. Don't leave me alone". I get out of the truck and start running into the woods where I find a little girl covered in lacerations. When I approach the girl and touch her shoulder, she turns around and has no face, it is twisted and mangled like some Silent Hill shit. Instantly, I feel as though I am being strangled and wake up not being able to breath and panicking. Scary dreams often manifest when you are experiencing a lot of tension or stress in your life. Perhaps you are going through a period of self-doubt or a lack of control in your current existence. The source of tension implied by the thick fog could be causing uncertainty and worries in your waking life, that is why you are unable to think clearly about how to proceed. As a result, there is a tendency to lose your sense of direction in life. The effect of your predicament on your psyche is exemplified by the disfigured girl in your vision. It may be that you fear a loss of innocence and playfulness in the process. Maybe you also feel suffocated by your current circumstances, like something or someone is holding you back or preventing you from speaking your mind. For that reason, some sort of transformation or change may be needed to resolve your problems, so you do not feel smothered and helpless.
Adopting someone's child The woman I love having another person's child and being left destitute, and I accepted them as my own. Baby boy clinging to me calling me dad. And woman also clinging to me but looked beat down living in a poor place. Your dream reflects on multiple aspects of your current life, taking in your lover's child as your own speaks of not being able to complete important projects or simply failing to make the necessary progress without admitting it to yourself. Dreaming of being around people who are poor usually symbolizes traveling and spending a lot of time in different locations. You should beware of your time being spent away from where more important tasks and responsibilities are waiting to be taken care of in your waking life.
Son losing his penis while urinating I had a dream that my 6-yr old son was urinating in the toilet, then all of a sudden his private part fell off. A hole was left and that's where he peed, but I saw him peeing all through the dream. My son was calm and I was crying and panicked I was afraid. What does this mean? The penis symbolizes power, aggression and fertility. Dreaming that your son's penis falls off reveals your anxieties regarding your relationship with him. If you look at it from the perspective of power, then there is a sense of losing control over your son's childish behaviors, which is symbolized by the act of urination. This struggle of exercising your authority over him brings out feelings of frustration. Alternatively, when viewed from the fertility and sexuality angle, the fear and panic that manifested in your dream point to the worries you are harboring in raising your son. It is possible that this vision stems from your uncertainties as a parent about how to balance control over your child while giving him the freedom to play and discover his identity.
Children making a snowman My 6 year old son had a dream that he and little sister were playing outside with snow. He said everything was covered in white snow and they were building a snowman. Also that they were alone. Normally, snow hints at cold and frigid feelings, however in your son's dream, the playful element and the making of a snowman reveals a curious and lively disposition on his part. Perhaps he wants to spend some time for fun and recreation. Having no one else around besides his sister could be indicative of his yearning for family time and togetherness, a time to truly bond.
Daughter jumping out of the window to her death My adult daughter was in her bedroom three stories up. I looked at her brushing her hair, she looked like the teenager she once was, natural-colored wavy hair. She was wearing a light blue chiffon dress, she turned and smiled, then jumped up and down on her queen-size bed, over-balanced on landing and fell through a window gap down three stories of stairs to her death on the floor below. What could this possibly mean please? Dreaming of seeing your daughter in her youth indicates a nostalgia for a simpler, idealized time in your life. There is a desire to keep her within your protection, away from harm, and shield her from the realities of life. The transition of her jumping for joy on the bed and then falling out the window to her death is symbolic of her journey into adulthood and your realization that you are no longer responsible for her actions or decisions. As it does not appear to be a suicide, but rather a consequence of her jumping up and down the bed, her falling out and down from the window implies separation from her family, maybe out of wanting to be independent. Hitting the ground and dying in the dream does not necessarily mean death in real life, it could be that growing up and facing the difficulties in the real world has made her more grounded and realistic in her perspective. Nonetheless, the vision is communicating your apprehensions towards your daughter's recent or past decisions and actions, reminding you to continue to look after and support her.
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