Compliments from a celebrity i saw a celebrity looking at me and saying she too looks beautiful. The encountering of a celebrity in this vision seems to predict some negative energy in your life. This is particularly true if this person was very famous or good-looking. The negative energy, however, is not likely to be anything serious. Instead, it is most likely to manifest as some trivial inconvenience, like hitting traffic or being forced inside by bad weather. Having a celebrity compliment you on your looks suggests spending too much time concerned with your appearance and possibly having narcissistic tendencies. You may want to spend more time focusing on inner beauty than outer looks.
Visitng famous people I visited home of JK Rowlings in Iowa, and another famous person came too, and I also visited another famous person in their home in Connecticut. Can't remember other famous person. Dreaming of visiting and being in a celebrity's house may seem like a fun, exciting experience, however, this vision actually suggests you are about to receive some advice or information which, if followed, may have disastrous effects on your life. This knowledge may have been given in good faith, indicating the other party was either misinformed or does not understand your needs specifically. On the other hand, this inaccurate data may have been planted intentionally to get you to take a certain course of action which hurts you and benefits someone else. You may want to think twice about how you respond to and act on any information you receive in the near future. Additionally, this vision may symbolize facing a terrible situation where the odds are stacked against you. However, this is likely to last only a short amount of time, with things returning to normal slowly thereafter.
Living as a rich person Living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. This dream has two conflicting signs. Being famous in a dream suggests you have dreams that have yet to be realized because you do not have the correct tools or resources to accomplish them. Being rich, however, is often interpreted as a sign of discovering a new talent which, in this case, seems to indicate finding what you need to bring your dreams to life. You should carefully examine your life right now and see if there is anything you have learned or gained recently which is useful for your future.
Meeting celebrities in a strange house My mum was a teaching assistant and she sat next to me in Spanish class, but we had this really awful supply teacher and we kept moving classrooms, so we went outside. But this girl who looked like Wednesday Adams had a chipmunk on her hand and she screamed and ran into the forest. We went into this really modern house and we had to go through challenges to escape and I did, but I went back in because it was Khloe Kardashian's house and I was hiding behind the TV, but then I was walking around and she was dressed up as Bubbles Devere from Little Britain. Noting a lot of personalities you are describing in this dream, it is possible that there is a great deal of disconnect that exists in the relationship between you and your mother. Some flashy and short-lived drives, events or occurrences may be taking your attention away from her needs and prevent you from maintaining a sound connection with her. This vision could also be reflective of your tendency to refrain from discussing your issues and problems with other family members because you want to remain within the comfort zone you have created for yourself.
With a celebrity, making wishes and seeing wonderful things happening I am co-acting with a superstar Shah Rukh Khan. After the shoot, the crew, him and me are gathered in a park, it is early night. The sky is clear and filled with stars. I observe a few shooting stars and then a few more and soon hundreds of them. I fold my hand and make wishes, 1 - to make me as famous as Shah Rukh, 2 - to help me dissolve and attain my goal in spirituality. It is raining, the mood is ecstatic, the shower brings flakes of gold that settle on leaves and soon pebbles and leaves are turning gold. I pick a few pebbles of gold and put in in my pocket, offering some back to the Lord. Being together with someone who is a celebrity in a dream could contain indications of some negative energy present in your life. This is particularly true if this person was very famous or good-looking. The negative energy, however, is not likely to be anything serious. Instead, it is most likely to manifest as some trivial inconvenience, like hitting traffic or being forced inside by bad weather. A starry sky with every little detail that astounds you and leaves you breathless could also indicate the beginning of the period in your life when you would be actively searching for your true purpose and place in life. The images of golden flakes you were collecting is also a sign of your gullible nature and propensity to be deceived or taken advantage of easily. Together with other symbols you have come across in this dream, it might as well be a warning to pay less attention to the material and short-lived, and be more cognizant of things that truly matter, like spirituality and peace of mind.
Seeing celebrities and not liking them My dreams were about I was in California and I saw Kendall and Kylie Jenner and I don't like Kendall and she is so ugly and mean and she is so snobby. Despite your aversion to these particular celebrities, this vision is actually a very positive sign. Being in a known location, particularly if you live quite far from it in real life, predicts some happy and exciting events taking place in your life. You may be offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or take a major step forward in your career or personal life. This is further supported by meeting famous people, which is often interpreted as a sign of expanding your social circle and being involved in multiple groups. Networking may be what sets off the chain reaction of positive events. If you have the chance to meet and interact with people who could positively affect your life, you should take the opportunity to introduce yourself.
Wanting but being unable to attend or watch a concert with favorite singers I have this recurring dream of always being unable to attend the concert of my favorite boy group. They recently had a concert in my country this January but I wasn't able to attend because of school, but it was really my dream concert. I don't why, but I dreamt about the same idea for four times already, but different situations. Like everything I dream about their concert it's either I wasn't able to attend or I'm attending, but I wasn't able to watch the concert because of distractions or other activities I have to do, but I really want to watch... I'm really into this group, I want to see them... Dreaming about never being able to enjoy your favorite concert actually speaks of the troubles that are currently plaguing your mind though they are not necessarily related to the concert itself. In fact, it is more likely the concert is meant to represent multiple good things in your life, but for the purpose of this vision, your subconscious has narrowed in on one thing that means a lot to you. Missing the concert completely or being distracted when the event takes place indicates being in a situation fraught with disagreement and misunderstanding, making it difficult to get anything done. The stress of this situation should not be taken lightly and these negative circumstances, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant, should be dealt with quickly to avoid them snowballing into something completely unmanageable.
A band trying to kill My dream was about my K-pop idols, they wanted to bury us in the Bermuda triangle. While it is unclear whether you are presently alone or with a group of people, being buried in an area in the middle of the ocean could indicate feeling isolated and cut off from others. This was likely triggered by some recent event in which you asked for help and did not receive it for some reason. The fact that it was K-pop idols having this intention, whom you normally admire, the notion of them doing this to you suggests you have been deeply hurt or disappointed by this situation. You may want to consider expressing your feelings to the other party instead of keeping them to yourself.
Receiving name cards from a celebrity and his phone number I'm in a crowed place, I walk outside and see Alexander Skarsgard walking just across from me. I'm suddenly in front of him and I ask for his autograph, he says "Yes, wait here". He walks to a car and takes out 3-4 pieces of paper, he goes through them and gives me one. I look and my name is on the top, spelled correctly. There's a sentence that I can't remember, then my name again, but spelled wrong. He then gives me a small piece of paper. I ask what it is and he tells me it's his number, just in case I need him. Celebrities, the people whom we all admire, often end up in dreams as a sign of our need for recognition and approval. Asking an autograph from a celebrity suggests you may be doubting your competence in handling everyday responsibilities or the tasks that were recently assigned to you. Nevertheless, you may well be called upon to take on a challenge which makes you question your capabilities. This fear of handling things you cannot manage may have led you to the decision to delegate some or all of these tasks to others. But it seems that your performance is suffering no matter which path you have chosen to follow.
Hanging out with celebrities and predominant orange colors I dreamt David Bowie was walking in he middle of the road, in long shoes walking slowly with the traffic. Then I think it was Chrissy Hynde who said "Wait, he has got a birthday card for you". Then he suddenly appeared with the biggest, most colorful flowers in an orange card color way. I also had another separate small bunch of orange roses. I went to his house and put them on the bed as I arranged them to put in water. He walked into the room, and he had this glitter brooch or badge. Dreaming of celebrities or popular personalities reflects your aspirations. You could be desiring certain characteristics of these prominent people or wanting to achieve a similar kind of success. Since Chrissie Hynde and David Bowie are icons in the music industry, maybe you want to cultivate your musical inclinations. The flowers, and roses in particular, refer to growth and progress. Specifically, the roses indicate a blossoming romance. As such, you may be given a break or come across a potential collaboration which could ignite your passion and give you inspiration. In pop culture, orange has been associated with insanity. A more grounded interpretation of this color is becoming overpowered and irresistible offers. For that reason, your vision contains an inherent warning to keep your wits about you and take everything with a grain of salt.
Spending time with a famous girl who is afraid of sunlight I had a dream with a famous girl, she was looking very simple with jeans and a top, we went to a room, sat down and she was looking through a window, was day time, and it seemed to me that she wanted me to also look through the window. When I did, it was a river and the water was moving quite fast to normal, suddenly I opened the window and a strong sun light got on her face and she quickly close the right curtain that I had opened and did some kinda face expression, like she was refusing the sun light. Your dream is packed with symbolism pointing to the direction you are taking in life. The famous girl in your dream represents the qualities you admire and want for yourself or a possible partner. You could also be aspiring for the kind of status she holds or the popularity she enjoys. The window signifies hope and opportunity. When you looked out and saw a flowing river, it reveals a positive view of your future, which involves potentially acquiring wealth, independence and self-sufficiency. However, there seems to be a certain inconsistency in your vision of the future. The qualities and the status you associate with the girl and which you want to attain may not fit into the kind of life you envision for yourself. You could be headed down the right path, but certain people or peers are probably discouraging you or pulling you into a different track. Overall, this is your mind's way of putting things into perspective in order to help you make better choices in the waking world.
Attacked by a politician I dreamt a politician was obsessively sucking on my left hand and I couldn't get him off. There was excessive saliva, he said "Nice jumper" and then attacked me. Dreaming of a politician sucking on your hand suggests that those who have power over you are trying to take advantage of their position to get things from you that they normally would not have access to. These could be tangible benefits, like a cut of your salary or use of your personal items, or they could be intangible, for example, your loyalty or discretion. In either case, you may have difficulty getting back in control of your life, and the situation is likely to only get worse the longer you let it go on.
A friend with a former president I saw my friend's hand being held and led by an ex president. The appearance of a prominent figure or famous personality in a dream is oftentimes inspirational. In the context of your dream, your friend's hand being held and led by the ex-president alludes to your friend's possible dream of imbibing this leader's characteristics. Is your friend inclined to enter public service? Or there could be a desire to assume a leadership position. It can either be the characteristics of the ex-president or the position of power that is being coveted by your friend.
Being recognized and receiving an award Dreams about being an award-winner and people were amazed and I was preparing a banner ready for the function. Receiving an award in a dream vision is considered both a positive and a negative sign mixed together. On one hand, it predicts being recognized or rewarded for endeavors in wake life, earning you the admiration and respect of colleagues and friends. On the other hand, it also suggests your success could cause some envious person to become jealous of your achievements.
Entrusted with a baby and a house by a celebrity In my dream, somehow I knew this famous model and actress who lived in a large beautiful house and we were friends of sort. She had this beautiful little girl, so maybe I took care of her. I know that the baby really trusted me. So she just gave the keys to the house to me and told me it was mine. Upon waking, I remember feeling renewed. This vision sends a rather mixed message, making it difficult to determine its true meaning. The image of the celebrity and receiving her home as a gift could be linked with the idea that things are too good to be true. This would suggest you may have received an offer that requires you to take advantage of it quickly. However, doing so is likely to only cause you trouble and misfortune. You need to seek a new path independent of the one presented to you. The baby girl, then, represents the change you must undergo and the friends and family whose advice you can use to help you through this situation.
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