Driving and ending up on railway tracks In my dream I was driving my car down a street with a boy that is in love with me but I'm not so sure how I feel about him. Out of nowhere the road suddenly ended and we fell into the darkness landing on a train track. A dream in which you find yourself driving a vehicle accompanied by someone usually suggests that there would be some upcoming events involving this companion which could arise out of or influenced by your actions and behavior. Hence, your paths in the waking world would likely cross or become inevitably entangled due to a series of choices you make. Consequently, reaching the end of the road to eventually emerge on train tracks probably points to the adjustments or changes to your path or personal journey as a result of your shared experiences with this boy.
A coffin falling into a car A coffin falling into the car. Cars are often symbolic representations of our journey through life, so seeing one in a dream vision may reflect the current status of your daily being. If the road seemed bumpy, it may portend troubles and tribulations. On the other hand, a smooth road signifies ease and comfort. The coffin that fell represents the end of this period. If the falling coffin caused the car to crash or be damaged, it may point toward a sudden, jarring end which leaves you feeling off-center and shocked.
Driving fast and backwards in a car Female. I've had this dream numerous times. I'm backing up my vehicle and it speeds up and it takes a long time for me to be able to stop it, so I'm basically flying backwards at a high rate of speed. Operating a vehicle in a dream is often thought to represent our journey through life, so this vision has two possible interpretations. Driving backwards may represent taking an unconventional route to reach your future goals. On the other hand, driving backwards out of control could indicate a tendency to focus on the past without preparing for what the future brings. In either case, this vision may represent your need to focus and move toward your goals in the future.
Water inside the car My dream was about water inside my car. Your car symbolizes social mobility and ambition. In the dream world, it is a representation of your drive and motivation to go after your goals. As such, finding water inside your car may allude to your uncertainties and insecurities about your capabilities. Perhaps certain disappointments and criticisms have affected your self-confidence in a negative way. Alternatively, you could be questioning your choices and wondering whether you are on the right track.
Being in a car about to explode We were in a car that the guy knew it was gonna explode, but to save the people he ordered me to get in the car and go with him, so he can move it. I didn't know that the car will explode and we went to a place with no houses or anything and got out of the car quickly he hugged me, so he can protect me from the flames. I pushed him and was so mad at him and started hitting him and crying but he was just smiling at me and removed my tears. Dreaming of a car explosion or a car blowing up usually represents pent up anger and frustration. Because cars symbolize social mobility, your dream vision could mean that the grudges you hold and resentment towards others are preventing you from focusing on the things that matter. Instead of motivating yourself to pursue your passions, you could be dwelling too much on negative thoughts and emotions. The guy who saves you from the explosion may be the partner you have been looking for to balance out your personality. There is a possibility that you would meet this individual during a significant event in your reality. He could either be a romantic prospect or someone who would become a trusted friend.
A car on fire I dreamt I was passing through a place and I saw a car burning, then me and my uncle were trying to put the fire out only to find the car was not there anymore and what was left was just a small fire. The burning car you saw in your vision represents a conflict you are witnessing from the outside. You may have a friend or family member who is fighting with someone in reality. You may be wanting to help but are unsure what to do or say in this situation. Trying to extinguish the fire suggests you would be faced with difficulties if you interfere with something that is not your business. You may earn the ire of both sides by trying to calm them down at the height of their anger. The last symbol, seeing that there was no trace of the car in the small fire predicts that everything would boil over on its own and without your meddling.
Parking in the wrong spot I parked wrong and they tolled my car. Dreaming that you were illegally parked, or parked in a "no parking" zone, means you may be getting yourself involved in something that does not concern you. Perhaps you have a tendency to butt in or meddle in other people's problems. This could get you in hot water or give you more headache than you can handle. Maybe you think you are helping out, but in reality you are just giving yourself and those involved unnecessary grief.
Father's truck on fire I had a dream that my dad was showing me his truck (which is fairly new in real life). He turned his head to look at me with tears in his eyes, he said "They were trying to put blank in my truck with the crane but it fell and smashed into the side". The truck had then caught fire. Not said, but I could see that flames had engulfed the truck prior to me seeing it. Trucks in dreams generally symbolize problems and extra burdens, but they can also represent hard work and industry. In the context of your dream, your father may be going through a rough patch because of work piling up. This is related to the symbol of the truck catching fire. It can refer to burnout or an emotional breakdown. Perhaps he is taking on more than he can handle and this dream is your mind's way of making you aware of his struggle so you can extend a helping hand.
Pulling a truck with dark horses I am hooking up an old farm tractor to pull a truck. Then I hook up the large farm truck to a team of horses, so that the horses can pull the truck over a 90-mile trip. Horses are dark in color, but with very nice-looking leather harnesses, etc. on them. All works well. But it is a reoccurring dream. Trucks in dreams generally refer to problems and responsibilities. Their large and unwieldy qualities represent the difficulty of the challenges you may be dealing with. Meanwhile, horses symbolize strength and endurance. Perhaps you are entering a difficult time at work or even at home. Fortunately, you are motivated and focused enough to see this problem through to the end. Your will and perseverance would allow you to overcome this rough patch. This dream may manifest every time you are going through difficulties. Maybe it is your mind's way of mentally preparing you for the challenges ahead.
In a car with no driver and a scary woman I was sitting in the back of a moving car and it's so scary cause it won't stop and no one's driving it? And sometimes when I look around in the car there's a woman with me and her hair is dark and covers her face and sometimes she's young and sometimes she's old. When you dream about being frightened during a car ride, it could mean that you have real-life concerns about your plans or projects being disrupted by a particular person's actions. If you piece this together with the faceless woman, there could be someone in your social circle who has feelings of envy towards you and is pretending in order to gain your trust and undermine your efforts to succeed. The faceless woman with dark hair whom you notice in the dream could be the person or people you suspect of being treacherous towards you.
A bus with broken tail lights A charter bus with broken and missing tail lights. I refuse to board and will not let church members get on board for a church trip. Broken tail lights in dreams could be an allusion to a muddled past. Perhaps the charter bus in your dream vision represents a belief, a movement or a project which is being promoted as something that would be beneficial for you and your peers. However, the broken tail lights mean that there could be something fishy about the proposition. It could be that the individuals behind it have questionable motives. As such, your instinct is likely telling you to be more careful when dealing with shady personalities to protect those you care about from being scammed or taken advantage of.
Driving a favorite car I had a dream I was getting into a Mazda RX-7 FX which is one of my favorite cars and has my favorite engine, the rotary engine a tiny 1.3 liter. I got in, the sound felt so real and the car was vibrating as it idled. I started revving that baby and there was smoke everywhere when I backed down from the exhaust. Then I took it for a drive and again what the hell it felt to real I had such a great time. What does this mean? Dreaming about your favorite car is a very auspicious vision. Cars are symbols of social mobility and progress, so driving your dream car means that your goals and aspirations are within reach. The vivid quality of the dream further validates the fact that success is almost at hand. In addition, driving this new vehicle also alludes to the likelihood of meeting interesting personalities. This can happen as a result of rising through the ranks at your work or traveling to distant and fascinating places. Those individuals could further open up a host of opportunities for you, so make sure you make the most of this favorable period.
Changing a tire on a truck I was putting air in a truck tire and blew a hole in the tire. The truck was a big white truck. And the tire was on the rim but not on the truck. I was standing in a dark parking lot. Cars and trucks are often symbolic of the dreamer and their journey through life. As such, being in a parking lot may represent a stopping point or pause on the path you are following. Perhaps you have plateaued and do not know what to do next, or you have traveled as far as you can and are not sure where to go from this point. In either case, trying to fill the tire and popping it may refer to unintended self-sabotage. You may say or do something in the future in an effort to improve your standing that ultimately backfires, causing others to dislike or despise you. It would be wise to carefully consider all your future actions and interactions if you hope to remedy this situation.
Being killed in traffic I am a girl. Yesterday night I dreamt of surrounded by a lot of vehicles which included trucks, big cars. They all were heading towards me and trying to kill me. Before that dream i dreamt the same thing but at that time I was on a wider road and I was saved. All the vehicles were behind me trying to kill me but I escaped and saved myself. But the next dream was not good as I was not saved in that. Big and heavy-duty vehicles like trucks are metaphors for being overworked. This may be a recurring theme in your dream visions because you have a tendency to take on a lot of tasks and responsibilities even when you can no longer handle more workload. Furthermore, the road refers to your life path and how you navigate your way around problems that arise. As such, the wider road in the previous dream could mean that you had more control over your problems, possibly because you still had enough mental and physical energy to tackle them. Unfortunately, you cannot keep carrying such heavy burdens all on your own because as your second dream suggests, it would eventually wear you down. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, especially if you know that forcing yourself to perform when you are not in tip-top shape could cause irreversible damage to your overall well-being.
Falling out of a car I was driving in a car with someone, I'm not sure who. I turned a corner really fast and fell out of the car. It kept going and I was chasing after it. Could not catch up to it. Driving a car in the dream world is often considered synonymous with our personal journey through life. As such, driving a car at the beginning of the vision suggests you feel in control of your current path or course of action. However, the corner you turned represents a sudden shift in some aspect of your life that can throw you out of control. Furthermore, chasing the car after the fact suggests you may have trouble regaining your previous secure position. The stranger in the car with you could be the manifestation of a particular person or group who are influencing this particular situation. If you can find any similarities between the person you were driving with and individuals, groups or companies from reality, you may want to be wary of their interactions and motives when dealing with them.
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