A fancy car Driving a fancy car A fancy car in your dream could be symbolic of potential exposures to sudden losses or extravagant purchases. It could also reveal your desire to have a higher status quo and social influence. You subconsciously want others to admire and perceive you as a wealthy and powerful person. This dream vision could also symbolize that you feel ambiguous, uncertain or vague about certain aspects of your life, lack self-esteem and self-confidence. You could be confused about the meaning and possible impact of recent life events on your future. Such line of questioning, indecisiveness or confusion related to other people's opinions or recent events could hamper your ability to make prompt and sound decisions.
Flowers of many colors inside an unfamiliar vehicle I had a dream I was at work and I remember walking out to my van and it was gone. I was about to panic until I saw this nice whit car with all of these flowers in it, they were red and orange looking lilies, purple and yellow with yellow buds, and others just lined up on the arm rest, on the passenger seat. I still didn't know who it was for until I got in and stuck my key in the ignition and it started up. That's when something said "you were due for an upgrade", it was like a sports car. This dream vision of stumbling upon a variety of flowers in the car is a representation of your personal reassessment and the obvious need for a change. You could have recently gone through some kind of separation from a love partner or a close friend and could presently be seeking someone's company in your life. You could be bored and dissatisfied with your daily routine, such as going to and coming back from work or performing your everyday duties like a robot. Your mind is preoccupied with the idea of going away somewhere or finding more exciting people to spend your free time with. The nice car filled with flowers in this dream, therefore, serves as a signal for you to try to break free from the mundane existence and come up with ways to live a more colorful life.
Transport trucks parked and needed to be moved I had a dream that there was three 18-wheelers parked and needed moved. Everyone wanted me to move them. I knew where the keys where. Two fit in parking spot together. Third was parked out in front of them. This dream vision about needing to move big trucks out of your way and knowing how to do this could be a reflection of your worries and concerns about something important you need to accomplish at the moment. It could be related to your work responsibilities, household projects or an issue or problem only you are capable of solving. This situation could be at a point where you are overwhelmed with the "load" of work to be done and even though there are no strict deadlines or pressure, you could be slowly sinking deeper and deeper into stress and despair related to this activity with its seemingly unmanageable volume.
Speed chase in an ambulance I dreamed that I had a boyfriend and we were playing with his ambulance because his lights don't work, then ambulances and police cars passed us with their lights and sirens on and my boyfriend followed a few minutes later he started speeding in a police motorcycle and told me to run. I ran with him and lots of bombs started going off. Dreaming about vehicles equipped with sirens points to unfounded states of anxiety or feeling possible (or imagined) threats to the dreamer's well-being or to his or her intimate relationships. Based on the context of your dream, it can be inferred that you tend to cause emotional tremors or make unfair accusations of infidelity, if in a relationship with someone in waking life. Police going after you is a reminder that you should exhibit humility, tactfulness, tolerance and soundness of mind when you get yourself involved in or start having an argument or misunderstanding with another person or a group or people. Acting otherwise would get you in more trouble, which could turn unpleasant, upsetting or even tragic. Sometimes, dreams which involve sirens and explosions serve as subconscious signals of being or becoming isolated, lonely, depressed or even desperate.
Unable to control the car I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car (not any specific car) and every time I press the brakes they don't work. I keep blowing red lights and stop signs even if I press the break very early. I wake up sweating almost every night from this dream. Dreams about being unable to slow or stop a car with the brakes indicate a recent situation or a tendency to do things without thinking them through. Perhaps your quick thinking solved an immediate problem, but not considering the after-effects of your actions may have dire consequences. This dream of being unable to follow traffic rules and drive safely may, therefore, be a subconscious warning that the consequences of your short-sightedness are about to be or have already begun to be realized.
Son sitting in the car refusing to leave My son of 10 was sitting in a car by himself as I was driving past with my daughter in another car. He told me that the mother left him and was to return later. When we reached home I asked my daughter to call and ask if he was still in the car. He was, He explained that the barber machines were not able to take in his name so that his hair could be cut. In the dream I had a in knowledge that the mother was with another man. Car space in dream interpretation means comfort and peace of mind. Based on this symbolism, this dream vision of your son sitting alone in the car could serve as an indication of him trying to find his own comfort zone, if not a desperate need for personal space at the moment. Not being able to cut his hair in this same dream could reveal that lately he may have wanted to share some things, either emotional or material, with others (peers or adults), but these attempts were either disallowed or ignored. Lastly, the notion of his mother being with someone else once again reflects your existing feelings or suspicions that he is not receiving adequate attention or care from you personally or other family members.
Daughter causing a car accident and damage I dreamed that my 13 year-old daughter was driving my car but I wasn't in it. She kind of brushed against a parked police car, when I came to help her, with my hands I pushed the car away from the parked car which was scratched a little bit. Still processing the scratch on the car when again she crashed the car to a bunch of parked cars. I was running toward her, she got out of the car without a scratch. Suddenly the car flipped down the parking lot building on other parked cars. As I stood there looking at the damages I started thinking about my insurance fee going up then I hoped that I was dreaming. Dreaming of your vehicle being controlled by someone else indicates not feeling in control of certain aspects of your life. This may be directly related to your daughter, perhaps because her schedule dictates yours and eats up a lot of your time. However, this could also be related to work or volunteer activities as well. Seeing your daughter's accidents progress in severity represents the situation is quickly becoming or will soon become more than you can handle, your inability to fix or prevent the damage symbolizing the difficulty you are having finding balance. Your concern in the dream is well-founded. This dream could be a subconscious warning to take a step back and reassess how much you are taking on.
Red cars and crossing a railroad I dreamt I was trying to cross a railway line and then all of a sudden I own two red cars. To be understood, we actually should look at this dream in reverse. Dreaming of cars is a relatively common symbol which is usually interpreted as a sign that you are worried about the success of your plans or fear that others may ruin your chances for getting a great opportunity. The fact that the cars were red further supports this idea, showing that your emotions may run a bit high when you are concerned about how things are going to turn out. However, being near train tracks suggests that your goals are to be met with great success, so you should not worry so much about the actions of others.
Having problems while driving a car Me and my sister-in-law were driving to the hospital, she was driving my car very smoothly when she got out of the car she was very happy and looked like she was still in her teens. Me on the other hand was driving home with my granddaughter and find it very difficult to drive back home had little control over the car. In general, this dream speaks of your envy in regards to this person's latest achievements, position in life in comparison to your own, or how you are viewed by other family members when juxtaposed to her. You may have some issues to deal with in your own life, but you are constantly comparing her lifestyle and life position against yours. Even though you may have warm feelings and reciprocity going on at the moment, you may want to consider re-evaluating certain aspects of this relationship.
Leaving a bar and riding fast with a stranger I was sitting in a bar with someone, but he was three or four seats down, I was with a younger boy blonde hair with freckles very boisterous, I was drinking soda that I was dipping through a straw... The young boy got a phone call and stepped outside to talk on it and I wanted to leave. I somehow got into a woman's SUV and was suddenly drunk, she was looking at me smiling in a mischievous way, driving very fast on a curvy, narrow road, with hills going up and down up and down. She was driving about 100 mph, everything was blurry going by, we were going so fast. It was dark outside, and I was drunk. Dreaming about being in a bar and relaxing with someone, whether they are an acquaintance or a close friend, represents needing to get a burden off your shoulders. Going to a bar with someone is a social activity, and experiencing such a vision in a dream is subconscious representation of being concerned about some matter of great importance, but possibly having trouble finding the right person to talk to. By sharing your thoughts with someone else, you may lighten your load as well as gain a new point of view from your companion. At the same time, being taken on a drive on a winding and hilly road is a sign that your frame of mind is very focused on doing negative things or resorting to bad behavior. If you don't change your current ways of thinking and acting, you may find yourself in dangerous situations threatening your well-being and even freedom. The notion that it was another person's car also points to your tendency to easily succumb to other people's bad influence or be controlled by their power they try to exert over you.
Driving a sports car Someone dreamed about me driving a sport car. A fancy or sports car you were driving as envisioned by others could be a reflection of your tendency to be involved in some extravagant purchases and gestures, or your desire to have a higher status quo and social influence. You could act or present yourself to others in a way so that they have to admire and perceive you as a wealthy, capable and powerful person. This dream vision could also symbolize that you feel ambiguous, uncertain or vague about certain aspects of your life, and could actually lack confidence and feel insecure, contrary to what you try to convey.
Driving in the dark and almost hitting a dog and a pedestrian I was driving a car, talking on the phone. It was very dark. I kept seeing a grey American bulldog or pit bull type of dog walking in middle of the road in front of me that I thought I would hit but didn't. Then in the distance there was a guy walking a dog who was about to cross in front of me and as soon as I got closer I couldn't see them anymore (too dark). I noticed my headlights were not on, so I turned them on to help see them better and avoid hitting the dog and person. But instead of it shining light on the road in front of me it blared right into my eyes to point where I couldn't see and then I woke up. The main theme of this dream is connected to you driving a car. This symbol, in a dream vision, is often associated with movement in your life, either physical (like to a new home or place of work) or mental (like intellectual, emotional, or spiritual growth). Darkness within a dream points to some issues in your life which have not been resolved or you have not found closure for yet. Because you are still grappling with this issue, you may be neglecting some other areas of your life. Turning on a light, in this vision, seems to point towards taking action to reach a resolution. However, the light shining back in your eyes at the end of the dream suggests these efforts are likely in vain and are to amount to nothing but more disappointment and frustration.
In the driver's seat of a truck Sitting at the driver position with the key on a very big truck. Dreaming about being in the driver seat of a truck means that presently you are concerned or worried about possible outcomes of an activity or life situation which has a great deal of importance to you personally. You may have invested a lot of time or other resources into making it happen, but some recent developments could have caused you these uneasy feelings and anxiety. However, this dream vision is suggestive that you are just overreacting and have enough leverage for things to go the way you had planned or expected.
A red car driving into a swimming pool It was a red car that just drove down the street, it didn't crash into anything, but ended up in a swimming pool full of water. The color red tends to represent strong emotions, usually indicating getting worked up or upset easily. This is understandable, given that driving down the street in a fast-moving car represents being concerned or troubled about a situation you are currently in. You are likely stressed out either because the outcome is uncertain or because you have little control over the final decision. In both cases, the ending depends on your actions from here on out. Driving into a pool of water predicts a negative outcome for you if you act in a rushed or thoughtless manner. If you react quickly based on your feelings, as you have a tendency to do, you may find things going badly. However, if you take time to respond logically, you may find the situation shifting to favor your desires.
A tractor during construction I saw a tractor packing stones and working in the middle of a road. Watching a tractor pack stones on a road, possibly in an attempt to repair or improve it, predicts that you have the ability to change your life for the better. You probably have unique skills and experiences which give you an advantage over others who could be in a similar position. This vision suggests, however, that you have yet to utilize these abilities, so it may be time to buckle down and figure out how best to improve your life and circumstances.
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