Huge waves and a construction site Female: Huge waves hitting the door and coming inside at times throwing my things down but the floor wasn't wet, calmed down when I asked it to, again opened the door and found machines, huge machines all orange and heated up and people with yellow construction hats working on them and some of them looked at me. My dream was broken when I heard someone patting the door hard but when I woke up no one was knocking. The door in your dream represents an opportunity which will soon fall on your lap. While some opportunities are clearly going to make your life better and elevate your current situation, this one is much more complicated. The imagery of strong or big waves hitting the door, for instance, suggests losses and negative circumstances. There is a chance that accepting this opportunity will end up costing you instead of rewarding you for your leap of faith. On the other hand, the machinery and construction workers both indicate enthusiasm, ambition and development. There could be pros and cons to taking a chance, so it would be up to you to decide whether the rewards outweigh the losses in the long term.
Unable to flush the toilet I dreamt about trying to make use of my toilet but to my greatest surprise that the stool pit was full of excretion. At that point I quickly rush down to fetch some water in order to get rid of the excretion but the water tap wasn't functioning. A toilet filled with excrement is actually a highly auspicious dream symbol alluding to wealth and financial gains. This particular dream symbol means you will go through a period of happiness, contentment and peace. However, there is an unintended consequence to this. Your inability to flush the toilet represents your guilt. Perhaps you feel unworthy of the blessings, so you cannot find it in you to enjoy all the wealth and money you earn.
A stranger in a room I am in this circular room, yellow bricks, a hooded man comes to the doorway at the top of the stairs, more skinny, he's hooded and I can't see his face, he holds out his hand, like royalty do when someone kisses their hand, and then I wake up. The circular room in your dream symbolizes your idea of perfection or self-actualization. This is how you see yourself or how you want to see yourself. The bricks represent bad experiences and hard-earned lessons which made you wiser, but they also made you guarded and calculating. This is your safe zone, and soon this sense of comfort will be breached and not in a good way. The hooded man represents deception, meaning a crafty individual will charm their way into your heart past the barriers you have placed after your previous bad experiences. This person's charm and winning personality are merely distractions for their awful motives to use your trust for their own benefit or even to plot your downfall.
A big house being auctioned A big house of a family with kids, old-looking outside but modern inside with what seem like an amusement park located in the forest. There was a soldier going in the house who seems to live there too. The house is being auctioned. Envisioning a large house with a nice, rustic exterior but a comfortably modern interior could shed light on your current feelings about your position in life. You probably see others making big decisions and leaps forward while you are doing the same thing you always have. The auction you witnessed could be interpreted as a sign that you would find more prosperity and satisfaction if you jump in and seize the day. You would be surprised at how much your own initiative can accomplish.
Being harassed at a candy store I left my house and walked to the mall and I walked into the candy store. I talked with the woman at the register for a little bit and she convinced me to give her my phone number then she asked for my home address. After I refused a man came out of the back and tried to convince me to give up my home address after that failed he tried to grab me and force me to give up the address, but I got away. After that I met a friend whom I haven't talked to in a while and then he got snatched. After that I left. Finding yourself inside a candy store in a dream vision represents your quest to find more joy and happiness in your life. This symbol usually appears whenever the dreamer feels stressed out in reality or is busy carrying too many responsibilities, so the yearning to experience rest and leisure becomes more pronounced. Both strangers who tried to get your personal details suggest that work is starting to seep into your personal or home life. You are working too much that you often have to bring home some of these tasks just to keep up with the workload. This is a dangerous sign of an imminent breakdown or burnout. In addition, the long-lost friend who got snatched or kidnapped in your dream is a symbol of the life you want to live which is unlike your current situation. Perhaps this person represents a more laid-back or less stressful existence which you want for yourself.
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