Visiting someone's house during Christmas Dreamed I was in a stranger's house at Christmas. Grandmotherly stranger was showing me around the house filled with children playing with gold glitter. I passed by musical instruments like guitar and keyboard. I touched one of the keys on the keyboard and it began to play lovely music. Woke up suddenly. Dreaming of Christmas typically suggests generosity, familial bond and celebration. The warm and festive atmosphere of your dream, with the grandmother figure and the children playing, likely alludes to your excitement about the upcoming holidays and reuniting with your loved ones. However, the musical instruments in the vision carry a negative message. Specifically, it could reveal that there may be some troubles, difficulties or unpleasant news coming your way. The keyboard playing music of its own accord is an unfavorable symbol related to the physical absence of someone you love or cherish. They could go on a retreat, disappear or pass away. Only the pleasant memory about that person would remain.
A moldy structure and trees burning A structure with mold inside and out and the surrounding trees of my home kept smoldering and catching fire for no known reason. Dreaming of decay symbolizes the presence of negativity in your life. You may experience some difficulties in reality which would cause you a great deal of grief and sorrow. The morbidness is further emphasized by the imagery of trees catching fire for no reason. Any plans which you have made in wake life would be disrupted, and things would not go according to your expectations. Make sure you are prepared to deal with obstacles and challenges that would prevent you from living your life fully.
Going inside a strange basement I had a dream that I went inside an abandoned house to explore the inside. I went in through a door that took me to the basement. The basement looked like a cave with rock walls but there were windows, so I knew that it was a house. I went down a few steps and there was fireflies in the room and the walls were covered with a moss-like surface. I looked up and noticed the ceiling was made of water and it had a huge white spider in the water. I ran and as I was leaving the water fell on my back. Being inside an abandoned or dilapidated house in a dream typically signals an upcoming encounter that would cause a lot of dissatisfaction regarding the actions of a confidante or someone very close to you. Going into the basement represents your intuition and instinct kicking in upon observing uncharacteristic behavior from the individual in question. Furthermore, the fireflies you find in the basement symbolize the ideas and insights you would gain if you decide to follow your gut. Unfortunately, what you would discover could be disturbing and unpleasant, as indicated by the white spider. Perhaps this is a reminder for you to be extra observant and empathetic in order to spot brewing conflict before it gets worse.
People punished inside an unfamiliar house I am stuck in a house with no doors to get out along with many people those I do not know. In one of the rooms, some people are lying down on bed on their belly. Some people are beating them on their bums with sticks. I am not beaten. I even get to go everywhere inside the house. Except for the room where people are beaten. Please note these dreams are not during my dreams, but in the stage where I am half awake and half asleep. Even if I open my eyes and lie down, the vision is still there. Dreaming of being inside a house with no doors for escape likely means you feel trapped. There is a sense of restriction and inability to express yourself in this scenario in your dream. Furthermore, the vision of people being beaten with sticks could be a projection of your suppressed anger or even repressed sexual energies. Again, these powerful images correspond to a turbulent mind because you lack an outlet or avenues for catharsis. Hence, the feeling of being in between sleeping and dreaming while you are witnessing all these images reflect your own confusion and state of limbo. You may need to find a way to free yourself of whatever burdens you carry, otherwise you run the risk of imploding.
Escaping a building through a clown mouth I dreamed that I in a crowd of people inside a building, I forgot a lot that happened in the dream, only remembered bits and pieces. Then I moved away from them looking for things. Eventually, we had met this bad lady, we wanted to avoid her seeing me. I went through doors and came across a big clown mouth. It opened its mouth and I crawled in. Eventually I found outside, my dream shifts to being fully outside admiring the view. I am free. Being in the confined space of a building with a bunch of people conveys an almost claustrophobic feeling. You may tend to feel like you do not belong with your current set of peers and colleagues, hence you keep moving around in search for something more. In addition, your friends and family according to your point of view may be too focused on adult responsibilities and acquiring stuff they think they need because society deems those acquisitions as part of being grown-ups. For you, however, it may get a little too taxing to keep on comparing yourself to others and conforming. As such, the clown's mouth which points you to your freedom is a reminder to try not to take things too seriously and just enjoy what life has to offer.
Missing door and windows Someone removed the door and windows of my apartment. Doors and windows are associated with opportunities, receptiveness and social connections in the dream world. Hence, your dream vision suggests that someone could be making you feel alienated or like you do not belong, either through outright exclusion or offhand remarks that confirm your outsider status. Alternatively, it is also possible that you are isolating yourself from others. You could be closing yourself off or getting lost in your own thoughts, thereby alienating those around you who love and support you.
Peeing in church and chased by others I run into a commune catholic church with shoes in hands to pee. Four toilets. Four women. When it's my turn, I sit on first toilet. Too close to another woman. I move. To a new toilet. I am alone and see little boys' room in front of me. A little boy in Halloween costume chases me out of the bathroom, the whole church chases me, turns into dead people. I turn into three separate people in a car still running. Get caught and wake up. Having to urinate in the dream world is often associated with pain and discomfort. The source of your issues seems to be represented by the number four, a symbol that points towards trivial tasks or busy work. You may feel like you always have a great deal to do but never seem to get anything done. In this way, your discomfort would be your frustration with not making progress or not doing tasks that are meaningful. This can also be seen in your inability to choose a toilet. Splitting into multiple people further emphasizes this point, predicting that part of you wants to continue working and hoping for the best, while another part of you desperately needs a change. You would need to make a difficult decision that could seriously alter the course of your everyday life.
Trying to retrieve things from trailers Recurrent dreams of living in various house trailers where in my dream I realize I use to live there but left all my belongings and want to return to gather my belongings or see if they are still there. I've had this dream many times, and there has been 3 different homes total, but when I have the dreams it is always one of those homes in it, which I have never seen nor lived in out of my dreams. Trailers are mobile dwellings oftentimes regarded as notions of non-anchored existence in the dream world. These trailers likely reflect your free spirit and nomadic nature. As such, recurring dreams containing this theme or symbol likely reveal your desire to find a home for yourself, somewhere you can feel comfortable and able to express your true self. These symbols likely appear in your dreams whenever you are feeling displaced or have a sense you do not belong. Alternatively, you may be seeking independence and freedom. Perhaps you feel stifled in your current situation.
People jumping off a bridge I am a female. I dreamt how people were jumping off a bridge in my city and dying. They didn't jump because they wanted but they were trying to help somebody down. I accidentally pushed a friend of mine and she almost felt down because my best friend didn't help me to help her. It was like I was yelling but nobody was listening. In the beginning of the bridge there were several people lying down on the ground. It was like they were dead. I didn't know any of the people except my two friends. Bridges often represent connections or transitions, meaning you could be entering a new phase of your life in the waking world. Watching people jump off the bridge in order to rescue someone may be indicative of pressing issues people your age are experiencing. It is possible that your peers are making bad decisions, and their parents feel the need to bail them out. As a spectator in the dream, it is likely that you are also somewhat invested in the issues your friends are going through, but perhaps you are getting yourself too involved in something that has nothing to do with you. In fact, your involvement could end up backfiring. Instead of focusing on the plight of others, maybe your subconscious is telling you to focus on your own challenges.
Jumping on rooftops of England It was very vivid. It looked as if I was in England during the 1700s or 1800s. I had incredible power, as I was jumping from rooftop to rooftop. And not just hopping, but jumping at least 30ft in the air. When I landed I could see a reflection of myself, and I was wearing the old England ware, overcoat, top hat, etc. It felt so real, I can even remember what the rooftop tile felt like on my hands. England has been associated with refined taste and aristocracy. Thus, the setting of your dream could mean that you have an appreciation for the finer things in life. In relation to this, the act of jumping over rooftops reveals your lofty ambitions and high standards. You could be setting a high bar for yourself which is matched by your impressive drive and motivation. England in the 18th century is likewise characterized by its rise to power and the resulting rivalries. It is also a period of transformation, so perhaps this is how your life is going in reality. In setting off or chasing your life-long dreams, you may find yourself dealing with rivals as well as confronting and getting to know yourself in the process.
Being rich in Hawaii In my dream, my family lived in Hawaii in this huge condo. We were the richest family in town, and everyone was all over us so they could hang out with us. We had a private jet and were always flying to Pennsylvania to visit family. Hawaii is often associated with rest and relaxation since the image of this tropical paradise conjures a picturesque landscape seemingly separate from the rest of the world. As such, Hawaii also has an association with hedonism and escapism. Perhaps you have aspirations of making it big in this world in order to avoid the struggles you may have been experiencing for much of your existence. The material wealth that comes with being the richest family in town alludes to financial freedom and social mobility. This dream scenario captures your heart's desires which may have not yet happened in reality. Nonetheless, being wealthy in dreams oftentimes boosts the dreamer's motivation to succeed. At the very least, the clarity of your aspirations means that you would triumph in your career through focus and determination.
Locked in a hospital room I was visiting my boyfriend in hospital and a lady said if he left the room visit would be over! That night I dreamt we were in visiting and he left the room, the lady slammed the door shut, I was locked inside the room and couldn't see my boyfriend or hear him. I was left alone looking around the room and through the window of the door seeing if I could see my boyfriend, but couldn't see him. I woke up then, so that's it. Dreaming of visiting your boyfriend in a hospital may be related to a potentially shocking news in your future. This surprising piece of information may change the way you perceive your boyfriend. Likewise, being left all alone and locked inside the hospital room alludes to feelings of being trapped in a complicated situation. This event would unveil certain qualities you did not know about your boyfriend and could place you in a very difficult place trying to make sense of it. You may have to regroup and get back your bearings in order to figure out your next steps.
Being in a garden and attacked by something I had 3 dreams last night that somehow all intertwined with each other. What I'm mostly concerned about is the last dream. So, in the two dreams before that I was with people, with friends and all that and then I end up by myself all alone in this green house (garden house). It's dark in there but I can see the plants and then right in the middle is a statue of Mother Mary in a black cloak and something had ended up ripping it and I looked to my right and something jumps out at me, but I wake up. A greenhouse symbolizes transformation, while Mother Mary or the Virgin Mary represents love and selfless actions. As such, there is a possibility that you would face a difficult situation in the near future which would ultimately change your perspective about the world. It may be akin to a loss of innocence and purity. Perhaps you would be betrayed by someone you have placed a lot of trust in. The darkness also points to negative emotions and cynicism, which is part of your test of character. It is up to you whether you would succumb to pessimism or continue believing in the goodness of people.
Chickens on the bed and a strange man I'm a female who had this dream early Tuesday morning. It was night time. I was inside a modernized cabin with rays of street light beaming through the window. A man was walking by butt naked to his bed, but when he pulled the sheets back there were three healthy chickens on the bed. I helped him put the three chickens in a coop and then he turned around facing me and his penis was thick and standing attention. I couldn't recognize his face, but he reminded me of someone I've regained contact with recently. Dreaming about being in a cabin with someone symbolizes that you would experience a wish fulfillment. The notion of finding chickens on the bed signifies that you are about to come into a great deal of fortune. This perception is further supported by the presence of a naked man in the room with you. Such an image implies that you are about to find material wealth along with a great deal of good luck. This period of auspiciousness could be related to monetary gains as well as fulfillment in your sexual relationships. It is a time to be pleased and content because things would turn in your favor. Make sure you keep yourself open to any such opportunities and welcome these circumstances with open arms.
Buildings with red wool outside Two places being built using red wool on the outside of the building. Dreaming about buildings being constructed signifies upcoming changes in your life. These circumstances could be related to getting ahead work-wise or acquiring a higher status in other spheres, such as financial improvement. However, the positive imagery is negated by the symbolism of red-colored wool. The color red in this case represents discord. It implies that you may become separated from your friends and family through quarrels. Such conflicts could be the result of you achieving success and perhaps taking too much pride in it. Remain humble and try to keep your loved ones close by regardless of your position in life.
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