Park with a rollercoaster and a train station My dream was about me and my older sister and we went to this big open park thing and my best friend was there getting told off by the teacher. This is really strange because this happened in real life in my year of my school went to Russel Park and my best friend, the same person got told of by the teacher... Anyway then I was on a roller-coaster that took me to a train station. This dream is a reflection of you being busy in reality and preoccupied with trying to achieve something very important. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to take a break and the symbol of a train station could mean a trip or travel to some faraway place. The visions of your teacher and your friend in the same dream are most likely an indication of your tendency to procrastinate or be indecisive in situations when you need to make important decisions.
Ants, a crab and a railroad I saw ants and a crab in my dream while I visited my childhood place. It was near a railway track. Dreaming of being close to a railroad means you will have success in achieving your goals, and you will see some truly positive results from the projects or plans you are currently pursuing. A crab in the same dream is an indication of trying to solve or work on a major problem which stands out from the rest of things which keep you busy and represents a special priority for you. In order to be successful in solving this problem you need to use common sense and practical knowledge. Ants could signify a possibility of relocating to a larger (more industrialized) city in search of a better job or for some other reasons, especially this is true if you happened to see these ants in large numbers in this dream.
Walking up and down the stairs and donkey staring upclose I was going up the unknown stairs and then down there was a vineyard and a donkey was staring at me very close to my face. Dreaming about walking up and down the stairs could be suggestive of your tendency to distance yourself from important life goals. Instead of steadily moving toward fulfilling your aspirations and completing your projects, you tend to retract from and boycott your own progression. There could be many reasons behind this tendency. Some of the obstacles could be the result of your own behavior, but also the actions, wills and behavior of others. Moreover, the dream could be related to many areas of your life. For instance, you could be in a non-reciprocated love affair. That is, you could be in love with someone who does not love you back. The vision of donkeys being close to your face is an indication that you could be dealing with some kind of stubborn and opinionated people who are standing in your way to move forward. Since you encountered them while moving downwards, this reinforces the idea that some of the obstacles are being put in your path partly due to the attitudes of others. Their proximity to your face is most likely a subconscious reflection of having to confront a lot of people who could be disagreeing with you, dislike your ideas or be excessively controlling. There would be no way of fleeing from that confrontation.
Dirty bathroom water leaking out of hotel rooms I was sitting in a chair outside a hotel room when brown dirty and yellow clumpy water from the bathroom flowed out and was seeping under the doors of the rooms. I lifted and put my feet up yo avoid it, while a young man with a push broom kept pushing it away. The symbolic vision of being outside of a hotel you have experienced in this dream reflects your hesitation or concerns about going on some planned trip or vacation to a distant location. You could have been having second thoughts about the quality of stay or the treatment you would get there. You are questioning the whole idea of going away and could be thinking that you are not prepared to go for some reason known to you. The vision of overflowing dirty water in dream interpretation signifies a series of disagreements or confrontations with people around you. It could be that you would have to settle several issues with people close to you either before going away or on when you arrive to location of your stay.
A haunted house and creatures pouring out from under floor I dreamed of the same haunted house on three separate occasions. One I could remember is I had my niece on my back running with my mother. The floor opened up and creatures started pouring out of it. Dreaming of a haunted house, especially if it is a recurring dream, means that you have been exposed, either indirectly or intentionally by others, to some ongoing quarrels and conflicts on many occasions. You have been drawn into this conflict because people who are in it depend on you as someone capable of providing protection for them or they simply want you to be involved. The creatures appearing from under the floor of the house and flooding it represent unnecessary rumors or misinformed opinions people outside of this conflict could exchange in regards to what’s happening around you. The most sensible solution to this situation for you personally would be to identify the true reason you stay interested in participating in and spending time on these confrontations.
Huge snake, paying for a hotel and a dead person I dreamed I was abroad standing in a very modern hotel or villa and the next minute a huge snake, really huge with a big head, was sailing between the buildings, we were in awe looking and then we tried to warn people the next minute the snake came back all of a sudden. I was trying to pay for my stay and my old friend said no and gave me an envelope with a card which she loaded 100s of euros on and swiped to pay saying this is my hubby's hotel and he can afford it. You do not need to pay. Then I was sitting in a chair with her and others and a dead friend or boyfriend was rubbing my back saying it is ok. Seeing a gigantic snake in front of you is an omen. Someone who is very dear to you is gravely ill, and it may be a long-term disease. You could play a big role in his or her life by providing support and strength during this trying time. Paying someone with money in your dream symbolizes being faced with hardships. There might also be some undesirable events which can possibly disturb your personal or work life, perhaps because of the aforementioned circumstances. If a dead person was touching you in the same dream, it means you are about to start suffering from the actions and behaviors of people who do not like you and desire to gain an advantage over you while you are dealing with personal issues.
Extra rooms in the house needing repair I just got off from work and I dozed off and I had a dream that we found extra rooms in my moms house (I live there). The first thing I saw was a white bathroom and I found three more doors and one hallway and at the end of the hallway, one stairway leading down somewhere... Also in the dream I found what appeared to be like a kitchen that needed repair, it was full of stuff... This place was behind the house. The images of new rooms within a house combined with additional doors, stairways and spaces could reflect memories or situations which involved a lot of moving or changing, either physically or emotionally. This may be directly related to you, or they may be connected to someone close to you, most likely your mother. The fact that you experienced these visions while napping suggests that one or more of these moves or transformations occurred recently and therefore are fresh in your mind. It may be that your subconscious self is very busy trying to organize all the information originating from these uncertain and destabilized circumstances.
Being in jail and escaping I was in a big jail full of men. Then I had to line up to go to a store. Then I finally escaped jail and went to go hang with my cousin and his friends. Dreaming about being in jail often represents shutting yourself off from others in real life. The men in the prison could symbolize just one person or a whole group of people who make you feel uncomfortable or annoyed. Given that the jail was full, it seems more probable that it is a small, specific group of people who are making your life more difficult than it needs to be. Escaping the jail reflects your desire for more time to yourself. This is either to escape the situation described above or, in general, from working too much. Being with your cousin and his friends at the end of the dream suggests you do have a support network of friends and family who are behind you 100%. While you may or may not be able to avoid those who are bothering you, you can always talk with your loved ones to get rid of some of the stress.
Plastic dolls and bees attacking I had a dream I was in a sorority house that was filled with life-sized dolls. They looked more plastic. And when I looked at them they came to life and looked at me and would walk away. When I would touch one's dress it turned black and distorted and mean-looking and then I woke up. Right before I went into the house I was outside and bees landed on me one at a time, but I felt a slight fear because I don't like bees but none hurt me. Dreaming of a house filled with people who are not real (dolls) implies you feel alone or isolated. Possibly there is a side of you that your friends do not know or recognize, meaning you cannot truly be yourself around them. The dolls that become animated and walk away and the one doll whose dress becomes strange and horrible looking before your eyes both mean you hide this aspect of yourself from others due to fear of rejection or contempt from your friends. However, things begin to look up at the end of the dream. Having a bee touch or land on you suggests there is someone out there who really gets you and is waiting for you to find them. This person could be your true love or a best friend and close confidant.
Finding a place with a deep pool I found an amazing hidden area with green plants, beautiful modern and natural-looking waterfalls and a still clear pool that looked as if it was natural, but somehow man-made. When looking inside this pool of crystal clear water I remember realizing that it was very deep and there was some sort of city or buildings inside...That's when I realized how incredibly deep it was. I remember thinking I wanted to bring a guy I have been in love with for the last year, but we haven't been together. I recently ran into him on Halloween and we haven't talked since.. I wanted to swim, the colors were warm. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream with several symbols mixed together, there are some points which stand out. The warm colors and the beautiful hidden scenery are a moderately positive sign indicating soon gaining some material wealth or inheritance. The deepness of the clear pool suggests trying, and succeeding, in finding an answer to a question that has haunted you for some time. In this case, the feeling of wanting to share the place you found with someone you are in love with suggests it is about him. Maybe you have been hesitant to get too close for fear of being rejected or maybe he has been involved with someone else. In either case, this vision predicts getting some answer, whether it is positive or negative, which allows you to finally feel at peace.
A large house with hidden rooms Repeated dream about a very large house with large hidden bedrooms. Dreaming of being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like a dwelling you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to become a part of your life. The large hidden rooms envisioned in the same dream are an indication of your capacity for love as well as readiness to welcome this individual or these people into your life.
Unable to take an elevator or use stairs I was in a busy area like mines, with my boss, we were in an elevated area, or upper floors, trying to take the elevator to the other upper floor. The elevator behaves strangely, so we cannot get in. While taking the steps to the lower floor, the steps lock up so we cannot move down. To interpret this dream in a meaningful way, we should look at this vision in reverse. Being unable to move floors because the stairs are blocked and the elevator does not work suggests you are currently bored with the routines of your life. You may have a lot of tedious assignments that need to be done, but nothing that you feel is challenging or improving you. The image of being on a high-level floor indicates that where you are now in your life, be it at work or your general position in society, is as far as you can go with your current skills and attitude. The mines represent a subconscious, unrecognized desire to do anything it takes to get further, even if it is illegal. Therefore, this dream may be a warning to carefully consider your next actions and to check if there are other options for improvement that do not involve breaking the law.
Waiting for a performance to starts in a furnished room I was in an upstairs room. There was a stage across, disjointed from the room, but could be viewed from there. The seats were different kinds of sofas and chairs, that were arranged not facing the stage but sideways. Shabby rugs were thrown over them. I was reserving seats for my family members by just being there. There is one friend who owns a cafe there and is busy getting the meals ready. Slowly people begin coming in and the seats fill up except for a few of the 40 seats. The performance does not happen, but I am walking outside looking for a rubbish bin to dispose of a brown paper bag. Seeing furniture in general in a dream is a reflection of existing obstacles and roadblocks in the way of doing things, complications while trying to achieve something important or difficulties related to inability to move forward at this moment in your waking life. Seeing furniture in a dream is also a reflection of the way your perceive the world around you. Images of furniture are reflections of how you structure your world around you, with sacral and everyday symbols, male and female elements, the symbols of the past and the future. The arrangement of furniture in this dream represents structure of the outside world as you see it in your mind as well as relationships and connections in regards to other people present in your existence. The anticipation of the performance you and your family were waiting for is most likely an event or circumstance you and your relatives are anxiously waiting to happen, but there could be a few things which need to be completed before it actually takes place.
A big mansion which looked unnatural A huge mansion, but inside the floors are made of paper scaffolding and everything seems fake. Dreaming of being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like the house you envisioned in your dream, could be a sign that you may soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life. At the same time, you are probably not particularly ready or willing to establish this new relationship, as the fake elements of interior suggest. It could also be that someone you used to know in the past has surfaced recently trying to reconnect with you, but you feel that they no longer interest you or deserve any of your time and attention.
Building an apartment complex and failing at it My girlfriend built an apartment complex and it turned out great. So she built another one, which was flooded by heavy rain and washed away. Seeing someone building a house predicts upcoming changes in your life, usually positive in nature. This most likely means you are about to receive a promotion you have been hoping for or make some other financial gains. However, the image of the second house being flooded and washed away suggests some struggle between good and evil. You may have selfish desires you wish to fulfill with your newfound wealth instead of saving it or sharing it with the rest of your family. You may need to use a lot of self-discipline to avoid spending the money solely on yourself.
Houses collapsing impacting neighbors Hello, I dreamt a white-colored house collapsed and the one next door badly damaged, I didn't recognize the house or anything, my brother in law was there searching in the rubble for his valuables. I helped gather some bits for him. Then my dream jumped to me visiting my sister in a flat that required me to climb a few flights of stairs. Whilst visiting, I went into her kitchen and heard banging, she told me it was her car that got pushed into the building when the next door house collapsed. I couldn't understand how, because she was a few flights up. Confusing dream. The white color of the house you saw suggests an upcoming change. While that does not sound bad in and of itself, the meaning becomes clearer (and more negative) when it is coupled with the sign of that same house collapsing. A collapsed or destroyed house points to experiencing major difficulties in your life. It seems, then, that whatever change you go through is likely to leave you in a worse situation than you were in before. The misfortune you experience may be related to your finances, such as having to file bankruptcy, or to your relationships, like going through a breakup or a divorce. However, walking upstairs to get to your sister's flat predicts a turnaround in this situation, as going upstairs is usually a symbol for success and good luck.
Unfamiliar houses with big rooms I keep having a dream about a house. I dream about one house then the other on different occasions. I dream about these houses repeatedly. I see many rooms, especially big and elaborate bathrooms. There is always an upstairs and a basement. The doors in one house won't lock. This is a fairly ominous vision that contains a serious warning. Dreaming about looking at houses predicts bad times are ahead. Specifically, seeing multiple houses tends to suggest financial problems or the loss of material possessions and property. The cause of such outcomes can be seen in the sign of the large, elaborate restrooms, which represent having unrealistic expectations of a certain situation. In this case, you may have made a bet or investment based more on your hopes and desires rather than on solid facts and practical considerations. It would be wise to carefully consider how you spend your money and take steps to mitigate any damage that may have already started taking place.
The need to have an extension to the top apartment My nephew came into my 2nd floor apartment (which is the top floor) and told me I was needed upstairs. He wasn't panicked but did seem concerned. That was when I awoke with a start from the dream. Dreaming about someone telling you about you needing to expand your quarters serves as a reminder that you are not doing enough for those close to you. You may have forgotten to send a birthday card or disregarded an invitation to a family reunion or celebration. You could be in a situation when people who once were important to you are slowly alienating themselves from you or find reasons not to communicate with you any more unless you do something about it. This vision is a stern reminder to look back and re-evaluate your connections, especially with those who really matter in your life.
An old home disappearing from where it used to be In my dream I was standing facing an empty lot where my home used to be. There was no sign of it and I didn't know what happened to it. Losing your home means that a major obstruction in your plans could impact your life. The routines of daily life and careless leisure activities may become overshadowed by tectonic shifts of events that could impact you in a negative way. Building spiritual and physical strength is your priority now in order to help yourself overcome tough times. It is not time for major investing, spending or indulging yourself, since the misfortune is unspecific, but of a kind that may throw you out of balance in a much more serious way than your experience could handle. Ultimately, at a very minimum, you might be left with little or no control over issues and events and you should exercise increased vigilance to prevent the worst from happening.
Neighborhood being built around All my neighbors completed building their houses except me. The symbol of building a house in a dream vision is connected to the idea of making improvements in your life or bettering your circumstances. In this case, because others are completing their homes and your are not, it represents an internal fear of not keeping up with those around you. While comparing yourself to others is natural and even a good thing at times, it is important to remember that everyone is on their own unique path and hits different stages at different times.
Falling into a well under a house I have had a dream on a number of nights about a well under a house and the house falling down with me in it and I get stuck! The well and the collapse of this house are both symbolic of an upcoming problem or conflict in wake life. This situation is likely to be both challenging and trying in multiple aspects of your life, including physically, emotionally, intellectually, and possibly even spiritually. Being trapped inside the house predicts that there is nothing you can do to avoid this situation, so you need to take some time and analyze circumstances or influences which may potentially cause disturbance in your life and how they can impact your life as a whole.
Being on top of a tall building and no way to get down In my dream I saw a scary building and I was on top of it and then I couldn't find a way to come down. Buildings are often metaphors for life choices. Being on top of a scary building could mean that you have reached an important decision in your life, but are afraid of the consequences of making this decision. The fact that you couldn't find a way to come down could mean that you are in a trap, you may have come to realization about other options that also exist. Whichever choice you ultimately make, it could have both positive and negative outcomes for you.
Walking through an old house and deceased family members Walking through a dimly lit old house, wooden with graying walls in need of much repair. Many rooms in the house. Dead family present. Envisioning an old house that is falling apart has two related meanings. It first represents the state of a relationship with someone who were once close to you, specifically, that it has deteriorated almost beyond repair. However, this vision also represents trying to find peace and reconciliation with this person, giving you both a chance to heal old wounds. This animosity could date back to when the deceased family members were still present. In this case, while it may be too late to make major changes in this life, turning to prayer and reconciling with those who are still living could help alleviate past feelings of hurt and guilt.
Moving into a filthy house occupied by strangers I had this dream that I had moved house, but the place was filthy and I was trying to clean up, then strangers were coming in and sitting down but I couldn't seem to lock the door. I was trying to get them to leave, but they just sat there making a mess and not caring. It was very stressful. Also there was no room for me to sit. Dreaming of seeing yourself moving into a new house is a sign that you may soon receive important news or suddenly go on a trip that you were not expecting. A home in disrepair or decay means that unfavorable situations are about to occur and that you cannot just ignore them. These circumstances are extremely important in your life and can have a great impact, therefore you need to take some action sooner. This hardship could relate to either your personal or professional life, and it will probably have an impact on others as well. The repulsive strangers in your dream, who made you feel uneasy, symbolize change for the worse.
An old house which needs repairs I dreamed about a particular fixer-upper house in my old hometown that I moved away from 8 months ago when I moved to the coast. Dreams about a house that are currently in a state of disrepair are symbolically connected to the act of moving. This is because they represent the mind taking note of all the little things that must be done to make a house a home and is trying to get itself settled in a new place. Because you moved 8 months ago, it is likely there is still a little something missing in your life, such as a favorite photo or a stuffed animal you once loved.
A room on the upper level detaching from the rest of the house In my dream I was in a building with a lot of my friends and family. It was a big building considering that the building was on a ranch in the country. I was on the third story of the building. There was some construction going on because the building had a new installment on the third floor. It was an extra room but I'm not quite sure what it is supposed to be used for. Me and my brother went inside the room to kind of look around a little bit when I noticed there was a button on the floor. So I decided to push it and when I did the room detached from the house. This image of a house with construction being done to it is often symbolic of positive changes happening in the life of the dreamer. Just as home renovations make the house better and more beautiful, so does this sign indicate improvements taking place either in the form of health, wealth or overall happiness. The fact that your friends and family were with you during this time could indicate a similar situation befalling all of you. However, envisioning the room you were in detach from the others could indicate a selfish desire to keep the good things you may receive to yourself.
A house with a broken deck and crocodiles under it I dreamed I had a house and my husband (still living) and my mother, brother and grandmother (in reality are deceased) lived with us. The back deck is on top of a swamp and the boards are all broken up from the crocodiles breaking through. There was a bug in the house and I went out across the deck dodging the crocodiles to put the bug safely on bush. My grandmother went after me, but fell in. The next thing, we were safe back in the house. This dream has a fairly complicated story line which makes it difficult to come to a concise meaning. Dodging crocodiles in a dream vision suggests you may currently be dealing with obstacles created for you by those who are jealous of your accomplishments or by those who simply wish to see you fail. This constant looking over your shoulder has likely wreaked havoc on your nerves, making it difficult to relax or even trust those who are actually on your side. This is opposed by the presence of your deceased mother, brother, and grandmother, which represents that, despite the challenges you are currently facing, you always have people who are on your side and watching over you. With their support, you can overcome your current situation and thrive.
A big tree growing into the walls of a house A very big tree, in fact, so big that it had started growing into the walls of my mother's house, and my two kids had climbed up on it cutting branches. And I kept blaming my mother for neglecting her home to the extent of having a big tree which is almost damaging her house. I could also see close relatives with us. Trees growing inside of a house normally portend good things blossoming in your life, such as finding meaning or a purpose to your existence. The tree in your vision is in the house of your mother, indicating that you may see, if only subconsciously, that she is trying to make herself happy. However, your children's actions of cutting down the tree branches and your harsh words about it growing there can be interpreted as a sign that you and your family may be preventing your mother from having the life she really wants. She probably does not mind the sacrifice, but your subconscious could be feeling guilty about this situation.
Being dragged into a building and raped I know my dream was odd but it's been bothering me, so I need to figure out if it means something. In my dream I was with a group of people and we appeared to be studying something, so we were out in the woods. The next thing I know I found this old building type thing and once I got in it almost looked like a spaceship. When the door shut behind me a group of soldiers ran up and grabbed me and dragged me somewhere. They ended up giving me to this guy who was really tall and creepy looking. He then kept saying how I was of great importance to him and repeatedly raped me. The beginning of your dream involving a group of people studying in the woods could mean that there is an impending shift in your lifestyle or at work. The act of studying implies an improvement of a current situation. The building you saw, on the other hand, refers to your sense of self and self-image. Hence, its outside appearance could mean a low self-esteem, while the strange, alien-looking interiors suggest a personal transformation, such as beliefs or point of view that are different from your usual perspective. The people with the appearance of soldiers, including the man who rapes you, represent authority figures or institutions imposing order and discipline. The act of rape indicates an emotional upheaval as a result of things, ideas or behavior being forced upon you.
Strangers invading the house and ignoring pleas to leave I have a recurring dream of strangers invading my home and taking up residence without my knowledge or permission. I tell them to leave, even shout at them to leave, but they ignore me flat and just carry on as if I never said anything. Recurring dreams are often signs that you are avoiding an ongoing problem. The strangers invading your home suggest problems in your relationship with your family. Perhaps you sense a change in your relationship that makes you feel insecure or apprehensive. You may be feeling neglected and lonely even in the comforts of your own home. This is probably your subconscious telling you to end this cycle of dejection by confronting the problem once and for all. Once you acknowledge the source of your uneasy feelings, then you can begin to take the necessary steps to address them.
Big waves threatening while being on top of a church building In the deep sleep I and my friend both are standing on top of the church roof and enjoying the view of sea in front of us. Suddenly, the waves rise so high like Tsunami and start coming towards us. But while there is a gap of only 5 feet, the waves don't hurt us nor does any damage and it just goes off by itself. At this point we are still standing on top of the roof of the church and praising God. This vision sends a powerful message about your future and should not be taken lightly. Standing atop a church can have a number of different meanings, but in the context of this vision seems to suggest the need for strength, endurance, humility and kindness. These attributes are likely necessary for what the future has in store for you. This is supported by the image of both the calm sea and the sudden waves which, albeit near, do not harm you. This means that your future contains a number of important events and opportunities which, while challenging, could also prove to yourself and others that you are ready for the next level.
In a coliseum with someone dislikable Entering a coliseum (felt like a learning institution) that was "guarded/protected" by large statues with glowing green eyes. A person who I can't stand to be around was only person with me. Envisioning yourself entering a coliseum symbolically represents the stress in your life or the weight of responsibility that you feel on your shoulders. This is seen in the green eyes of the guardians of that place, which indicate being tied to this work. You likely feel you cannot get away from the pressure or that something bad would happen if you stepped away. Your fears may be accurate, as being with someone you do not necessarily like could predict backlash from not doing what is expected of you, especially from peers or group members.
Staying in a hotel room and weird things happening Me and Tyler kids had this huge hotel room, it may have as well been a house. So they were in one bed and me and Jackie are in another, and the first thing that happened was the fire alarm kept going off while we were trying to sleep, but when we got outside, it was daylight at the moment, we went back inside and it was night. After the fire alarm was done going off Jackie fell asleep, I woke up cause I started hearing and seeing things. The most prominent symbol in this dream vision that stands out is the inconsistency with night and day. Having a dream in which there seems to be both day and night occurring at the same time usually represents a great love in life. This could be related to someone you are already in a relationship with, meaning that some event may come to pass which would strengthen your love for this person. Alternatively, it could be a completely new person appearing on your horizon soon who flips everything upside down and makes you feel special. In either case, there is unlikely to be another love experience like this one.
Being transported into a mental institution and interacting with patients An elderly woman running towards me down a bright white (sterile) hallway of a mental asylum, when she reaches me, she grabs my hand and puts it in her mouth while still running and is now dragging me down the hallway. All the patients have overly large misshapen heads. I arrived to the institution in a aerodynamically-shaped transport "pod", it had a slanted nose, it was also white, but this pod does have a yellow stripe the length of it. THIS is the only color other than the white that I remember. This vision contains two central symbols which predict negative circumstances in the near future. First, the crazy woman and the large, misshapen heads of the other patients of the mental asylum point toward an unfortunate event that is likely to have multiple negative impacts on your life. For example, if you applied for a job and were not hired, not only could you feel stressed or depressed, but you may also have difficulty supporting yourself or your loved ones, causing you to take out loans or borrow money. This cycle could spiral further downward, resulting in serious obstacles which need to be overcome. The mental asylum itself represents the great mental strain you may find yourself under and suggests that relief is not likely to come soon enough.
A house built on ground and water at the same time I am looking at a small house, half of the house is sitting on land, the other half on water. A large shark is trying to attack me? The small house you see represents your heart or your soul in the context of this vision. Half of the house is "built like that of the wise man's" which was placed on solid ground. The other half is in water, at the mercy of the waves which ebb and flow. In essence, this means there is a struggle within you to do what is good and right, or to do whatever you fancy at the time. Whichever side wins is based on the decisions you make in the near future, and the shark suggests that you cannot hold off deciding what type of person you wish to be any longer.
Unable to find a decent apartment and being frustrated I'm female. I have had dreams about searching for a new apartment. I want to live alone in a one bedroom, but the property manager shows me an apartment where a female needs a roommate. She isn't home, it's nice and clean, but the bathroom is odd. It was an open floor that looks down the stairs, she is not there to meet. The 2nd is also nice, but the female is having a party. I'm having a very difficult time getting any help to find the room that's not attached to the apartment. Makes me mad. Both searching for a new apartment and seeing an odd-looking bathroom portend major changes taking place in your life, especially changes regarding location or scenery. This vision seems to point toward traveling somewhere, either temporarily or permanently, which gives you the opportunity to see new things and experience a different way of life. It may be a good time to seize the day and make the most of any occasions that arise.
Lost in a big house, meeting an old friend and an owl hitting the wall All I remember is seeing an old friend I liked back in high school and still like. It's been a while since we've seen each other, so when I saw her in the dream I gave her a huge hug, told her I missed her whilst spinning in circles. Then I don't know if this was a separate dream or the same. All I remember in this next sequence was it being silent, and I was in some strangers' house and I was walking around trying to figure out where I was when a grey owl hit a wall. I wasn't frightened, just confused. This dream vision has two important messages which are the product of the past memories you have about your high school friend whom you used to like so much. Being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like a house you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you could soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life. The imagery of the owl in flight which eventually hits the wall speaks of some upcoming unexpected difficulty or hardship affecting someone you may or may not be acquainted at the moment, and your readiness to lend a helping hand. There is a high probability that these two circumstances are interconnected, and would result in finding someone special in your waking life, just like the person you miss so much.
Swimming in an outdoor pool of a building The same dream I have every few years... I see a white oblong building which is a leisure center, containing an indoor and outdoor pool. When inside the building, I see that the indoor pool is busy, so I go to the outdoor pool (this turns to 3rd person viewing), and see myself floating about on a Lilo. Nothing else happens, but last night there was a man in the pool (a current work colleague of mine) who I was floating away from. Dreaming of a large building that you recognize as a leisure center suggests you are confident in who you are as a person and understand both your strengths and weaknesses well. This may be the result of years of self-reflection or of a few pivotal events which have shaped you, making you the person you are today. Swimming in an outdoor pool indicates, however, that you do not feel challenged in your current environment. In fact, the lack of difficulty is not only cumbersome, it makes you question your position in life. If you feel this is related to your work situation, you may want to seek more responsibilities. If not, it may be high time to take up a new hobby and push yourself to the limit in something new and exciting.
Lizards inside and outside the house and girlfriend waiting to be let in Lots of small lizards in the house of my uncle and outside a big lizard, and after a few minutes, a girl who I don't know and in the dream is my girlfriend waiting also for me outside to open the door. The lizards in your dream imply overthinking. You may be worrying about a lot of things at the moment. The big lizard is a warning that you could meet or get acquainted with an individual posing a serious threat to you. This person or group of people may have ill intentions towards you and may be out to destroy you. In relation to the appearance of the girlfriend waiting for you to open the door, it portends suspicious people trying to get into your good graces or take advantage of your good will. If you had this dream, be careful of people whom you meet in the near future.
Lots of things happening at a hotel and on the road It starts that I am about to enter a hotel. The hotel starts to flood. While opening the 2nd floor door dead or dying fish float in. Next, in a car going down a dirt road. Similar to Costa Rica to a place where guys were filming a movie. I am hating what I am wearing, in a washroom, meet two lovely local women. We sit and chat in the middle of the floor. I start to misplace items, purse, friend's jumper I borrowed, shoes, memory. Meet cute guy, he gets my #. Friend is mean. I leave, but can't remember the name of the hotel. Your dream as a whole alludes to a significant shift or transformation in your life. The luxury and comforts provided by a hotel refers to your current contentment with your status quo. Your existing lifestyle may however suffer a blow. Floods signify an upcoming misfortune. It could mean an upcoming illness, defamation of character coming from people who dislike you, or a long and useless court proceeding. The dead or dying fishes point to the resulting sorrow and losses from the challenges you are about to encounter, this could be related to material possessions or emotional and psychological aspects of your life. Possibly, as a way to recover from turbulent times, there could be a need to let go and unburden yourself of unnecessary baggage, material or emotional. Misplacing things and forgetting memories is symbolic of shedding parts of yourself that are no longer relevant to your soon-to-be-transformed self.
Walking in a green garden My dream was about me walking in a green garden. Walking about a lush, green garden in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign representing your personal growth and development. You may have recently found or are about to find some wisdom which could drastically alter your perception and help you mature as a person.
A strange place with a rat and owl inside There wasn't a door, but it was small, really small, and if you face it, the door was to the left and it was in the building and when you walk in there, there is a little space of wood floor and then a room of hay where you keep a horse or something. But there was a rat, a big rat, I guess it was building a nest, but it ran out and then there was an owl that came out of nowhere and ate the rat slowly and blood went everywhere and shit. But there was someone talking I can't remembered what they said. This vision contains powerful imagery represented by the rat and the owl. In this context, the rat, despite being large and grotesque, signifies happiness in your life, particularly events which bring joy and satisfaction to you. However, the image of the owl suggests you are ruled by fear, and this fear prevents you from living your life to the fullest. The fear could manifest in the form of a phobia, such as being afraid of heights or spiders, but more likely is related to stepping out of your comfort zone or leaving the safety of the group. In either case, seeing the owl devour the rat shows quite literally how your own lack of drive and desire to overcome your weaknesses prevents you from grasping at the opportunities which surround you. Until you can move beyond your fear, you are doomed to remain where you are.
Trying to keep balance on rocking caskets I was in a house that kept shaking and I couldn't get out, but when I did, I walked onto a stage that had tombstones all over it. The next thing I know, I'm standing on rocking coffins and I'm struggling to stay standing while my crush is standing next to me and he's not struggling to stay standing. This vision is highly ominous and warns of some serious troubles which may affect your relationship in the near future. The first sign is that of the shaking house, which can be interpreted literally to indicate a "shaky" financial situation. At present, you probably do not have any money saved up and may even be in debt and, therefore, under a financial strain. The dream then moves you to the image of tombstones, which are often thought to represent the slow death of a close relationship, usually romantic. Together with the first symbol, it seems very likely that the problem is related to money. Coffins which shake and shift imply that the other party in this relationship is about to move on despite your best efforts to keep it viable.
Trying to escape from a building and being barefoot I was moving up and down, but stranded in a commercial building failing to get to an exit, but later, I saw an exit gate where a young girl opened it for me, while I reached out I realized I was walking barefooted, and rushed back to pick my shoes. I came back holding them in my hands. To get an overall view of the meaning behind your dream, a breakdown of the symbols is necessary. First, trying to find an exit in a commercial building suggests a latent need to escape an undesirable situation in the real world. Second, the young girl represents your child-like nature. Third, being barefoot alludes to poverty. Finally, the shoes you pick up symbolize a new approach in life. Given the context of your dream, it seems as if you are trying to improve your living conditions. Perhaps you are having financial difficulties and you are looking for opportunities to get you out of a bind. The way to overcome your plight is to leave behind your carefree ways and be more mature in dealing with your problems.
Being warned not to go into the woods and running inside an abandoned building Male. I was walking on the road with 4 of my friends, the feeling was very eerie, a sunrise with fog coming off the cracked pavement. I see these woods on the side of the road, I remembered I just couldn't remember how I want to go there, but all my friends said "No" and wouldn't tell me why they wouldn't go to the woods. Then we are in a huge abandoned building, like a post-war setting and me and my best friend are running through this place. The setting of this had been in over 100 of my dreams. Dreams revolving around the idea of a path or a road represent your journey through this lifetime and the events, activities and experiences which take place during that time. In this vision, you were traveling with friends, which is interesting, given the consistent presence of a forest near you. The forest symbolically represents feelings of loneliness or isolation. You may not be physically alone in the waking world, but you probably do feel emotionally isolated from others or a certain friend or family member. This is supported by the image of the abandoned building which illustrates your deep dissatisfaction with your present situation.
Dreaming about home land My husband is currently incarcerated, he has been having different dreams of himself in his country of Honduras. Your husband's dreams of his homeland suggest a longing for a more idyllic past. Perhaps his current situation is causing the vision of Honduras to manifest while he sleeps. It is an escape to more innocent years, as well as a recollection of fond memories. It is also possible that he associates his country with freedom as a counterpoint to his present-day existence. Along with his life in his country of birth could be valuable lessons he wishes he has taken to heart in order to avoid a life behind bars. Furthermore, homeland could simply imply home, wherever that may be. It is only his most salient association with the word which explains its recurrence in his subconscious states.
A big complex under construction Saw a big complex under construction in a big town, perhaps Mumbai, whose owner is myself. In fact, I wish to have such a big house in reality because after my grand father's death in 1983 I lost a big house of my childhood. Large buildings, such as the complex you saw in your vision, are good signs, representing the confidence you have in your abilities and personal success. Perhaps, at this exact moment, you are unable to have the house of your dreams, but this symbol suggests you have, within you, the power to make this dream a reality. It may require sacrifice and hard work, but the results are likely worth the effort on your part.
House walls expanding and distorting the building Living in a house to wake up noticing the walls are slowly moving and taking different direction of the house, making it unlivable. Dreaming of seeing the walls if your house moving away and apart refers a loss of security. Something is threatening your source of livelihood, hence your anxiety manifested this symbol in your dream. You could be experiencing some hindrance or interference from those who are working with you to complete a particular task or goal.
Being put in a wooden box to suffocate Someone tried to suffocate me by putting me in a wooden box, but I got out OK. A dream in which someone tries to suffocate you to death by locking you in a wooden box, but when you manage to escape, points to certain issues with your current relationship. The excitement may have started to fade, that spark that first ignited your romance could be long gone. If this is the case, you may need to bring variety and novelty into the relationship. Try to be innovative and do not be scared to welcome new things.
Being inside a filthy house I dreamt my brother in law, sister and I moving into a house that had a lot of junk inside, was greasy, feeling dirty and smelled piled bags with dirty diapers in it, clothes, everything was dirty, except the kitchen. It had silver back splash over the stove, there was a pot with writing on it, a flower pot hanging with fake white flowers, a lot of them, in one hall I saw a door, so I opened it, it was a closet hidden door to kitchen, looked in and was eye-leveled with floor couches were dirt, I was trying hard to clean them. Houses you see in dreams generally refer to your current self. So moving into a filthy house together with your family members suggests emotional baggage and psychological clutter. You could be feeling weighed down by unresolved issues and feel it is time to scrub your mind clean of worries and damaging thoughts. The presence of your family members probably means that they may be getting dragged into your personal problems or maybe they are part of the reason for your emotional turmoil. As a counterpoint, the clean kitchen symbolizes warmth, healing, nourishment and maternal associations. Your mother, or whoever embodies a maternal figure in your life, could be representative of the kitchen and the one steering you into a path of renewal. Alternatively, it could also be the part of you that is yearning for comfort and security. To get yourself back on track and your existence in proper order, you need to look closely at your positive traits and learn to love yourself.
Opening doors inside the house from the past I saw my dead granny's house which was sold a few months back. I am in it and it's empty except one old dressing table and another center table in another room. I opened the door to another room and my brother is sitting behind that table doing some work. I came in and opened the windows saying "Fresh wind will refresh you". While coming out of the room I saw rusty corners windows, I felt a pity. Then I am opening the door for my mother's, by the time I opened it, she went to the other door to get in. There is a sense of nostalgia and deep grief in dreaming about your deceased grandmother's house. The emptiness of the place mirrors the cavernous hole inside you due to her passing and possibly exacerbated by the recent sale of the house. Even if you are slowly moving on, you are still mourning and there are likely triggers in the waking world that sent memories of her flooding back in your consciousness. The wind, as referenced by you in regards to your brother in this dream, alludes to vitality and energy, perhaps as a way for you to cheer up and chase away the gloom. This vision is a reminder not to dwell on negative emotions and to turn to your family for strength and support.
Stuck in places floating on water I have dreams that are all similar, I'm always trying to find a way to get out whether it be a hotel, hospital or just any sort of big building and the building itself is floating on water. I have these dreams often and in the dream I am under pressure to get out, so I can get ready for work or to find someone, but I'm stuck. Like being in a Vegas casino where it's difficult to find the exit doors to get outside. But again, wherever I am, the structure is always on water. This vision is highly symbolic of your position in life and, until it is resolved, you are likely to continue having this same dream. Being stuck in a building, whether it is a house, hotel or office building, is a fairly ominous sign which represents growing disappointment in your life. It is usually related to work, a living situation or a consistent activity you perform. Basically, being unable to exit the building suggests that this activity or task does not add value to your life, instead bringing you down little by little each day. The water that surrounds the building is the manifestation of the different opportunities that you could take advantage of if you were able to escape. In this case, then, you subconsciously feel there is no escape from your current cycle. Until you build up the courage to change and make concrete plans to do so, those chances are likely to be forever out of your reach.
Moving in a bad neighborhood I moved into a new home. The neighborhood had lots of young children as I walked around. Later, some older teens and young adult neighbors began to gather on my porch. In conversation, I found out I moved to a troubled area. I had a feeling that the neighborhood wasn't safe. I tried to call a friend on my cell phone, but the phone fell out of my hand and broke. Moving into a new home in a dream signifies uncharted territory. You could soon be traveling to some distant land or handling new responsibilities and projects for work. This new chapter you are about to enter is characterized by unfamiliar environment and interpersonal dynamics. In relation to your work prospects, you may end up being surrounded or having to deal with much younger colleagues, perhaps even fresh graduates. Maybe there is a generation gap at play. There could be plenty of challenges, for sure, and as demonstrated by your dream vision, your previous experiences and practical knowledge may not be too helpful. Perhaps it is time to learn new things or acquire a few extra skills to keep afloat.
A house perceived in multiple dreams My boyfriend has had the same nightmare for years, the last day he had it, I had the dream, but it wasn't a nightmare, it was like a vision. The house that was in his nightmare was the exact same house in my dream and my aunt tells me a family member I never met has a house exactly like the one in the dream. What does this mean? Dreaming about a particular house that you have never been to could have one of two meanings, depending on the circumstances. If something scary or traumatic occurred in that house in real life, you and your boyfriend's visions could point toward a need to solve the mystery and lay those ghosts to rest, possibly through prayer, a blessing, etc. If nothing out of the ordinary happened at the residence, however, this vision should be considered a warning to stay away from the place, as going there could unleash beings or entities from your boyfriend's past visions.
Traveling through a tunnel Was going in a snow tunnel, came out on the other end, and there was a green gate where old women let me in. Then I have seen two big fish that were abnormal. Both the snow tunnel you pass through and the green gate at the end of it represent entering an auspicious and prosperous period. You may have good luck with financial activities such as investment or the lottery. However, the strange-looking fish could symbolically represent the idea that money does not buy happiness, suggesting that your new financial freedom cannot fix every problem in your life, including health issues, relationship problems or moral dilemmas.
A door that leads to the ocean side At first I am in a building which seemed authoritative, like a police or government office, and I am looking around, trying to find my way out. I then come upon a door and go through it. The door brings me to a marina, I look around and find myself looking into the ocean floor and see an old wrecked ship. I dive in to go aboard the ship and extract something from a crate and then swim to shore, then I woke from the dream. Please interpret what this means? Being inside an official public building, such as a police station or government office, is a highly ominous sign predicting loss and misfortune at your current place of work or at the task on which you are placing the most importance at the moment. This means you may make some bad business decisions, ruin a project or lose an unprecedented amount of money in the near future. However, going through the door and exiting to a view of the ocean suggests that through this unfortunate situation you could find an extremely lucrative possibility. Ship wrecks often predict someone trying to fool you, such as with false promises or deals that seem too good to be true, but your ability to remove an item from the ship and return to land safely could be interpreted as a sign that your redemption and success lies on this new path.
Unable to take a shower and a strange staircase In this dream I'm trying to get a shower, all the showers are open, like no walls, or they are just in a room, no drain, etc., or I can't find towels or shampoo, etc. I'm not able to get a shower, for one reason or another. Also in this dream there is a spiral staircase, it's open all around in a big room. As I'm nearing the bottom of the steps, I see what looks like a bunch of dog hair and dust, and when I pick it up it's a kind of woven little bag and inside is a tiny hummingbird flying around. Being unable to take a shower due to hindrances in a dream is an ill omen predicting failure and doom for business or academic endeavors. Showering, and cleanliness in general, in dreams are associated with success and prosperity, so the opposite situation you have experienced has a very negative connotation. It may be possible to overcome this misfortune, but the spiral staircase suggests it would be extremely difficult, something that requires more effort and willpower than anything you have done in the past. This situation can, understandably, put doubt into your mind and heart as to your worthiness, skill or abilities. The hummingbird inside a woven bag at the end of the vision, then, can represent the uncertain future beginning to unfold for you starting with these trials.
Inability to find or use a restroom Recurring dreams of issues using restrooms, either public or during a party in someone's house. The issue is usually that every stall is super dirty or doors not closing, being too short, no privacy. Nobody else in dream has a problem using the stalls except for me. I end up spending time in dream searching for a clean stall or cleaning it forever until I can use it. If door offers no privacy, then I spend time in dream trying to fix it or find one that is more private. Coming across a dirty toilet or restroom in your dream is a symbol of your utter disgust and revulsion towards indigents, sick and disabled persons who are left in your care or in general. You may have been forced to provide care-giving services and you feel this is your punishment for treating underprivileged people badly in the past. Alternatively, being unable to find a suitable stall to do your business may reflect a lack of privacy in your reality. Maybe you are reluctant or afraid to show who you really are to your friends and family.
A house near the ocean with no doors I was going to either rent or buy a house. It was kind of built into rock near the ocean, and there were several open entrances to this "house" or living space. Someone showing me the house said it was "dangerous", and I asked if it were dangerous because of the ocean or because of all the open entrances with no doors. The inside was very pleasant. Open from several open entrances, but it had a little nook with a fireplace inside that I really liked. I hung canvas doors for protection. Houses in dreams represent your persona. Trying to rent or buy a house alludes to changing perspectives and personal adjustments. The presence of open entrances reveals your openness to ideas and experiences. Maybe you are also the kind of individual who is very trusting and easily swayed by your emotions, which could make you a target for certain unscrupulous figures in the real world. And yet, the location and seemingly sturdy foundation of this home means you may be able to weather any storm as long as you listen to your instincts and gut feelings.
Doing things at friends' house Went into male friends' house in the dream and it was normal, except for old cobwebby passageway with old couches. I went to the garden to bury a mug and sow a flower. The house covered in cobwebs and old furniture in your dream represents a neglected relationship. Entering this house means that you are willing to reconnect and reconcile with long-lost friends. Burying a mug alludes to burying the hatchet. It reveals your readiness to let bygones be bygones if it means gaining back the people whom you almost forgot about and who once were an important part of your life. The flower likewise represents healing and compassion. You want to start nurturing your bond with them.
Trying to escape from a house through a chimney It was a war zone. My husband and I were in a wasteland and running from attackers. We were allowed in this one house. The doors were all bolted up and not allowed to open them. No windows. I asked the man if there was a way out. He said the chimney, but first you had to dump the bucket of water on your head. My husband had already gone to for a match to his shoe. I didn't think he would make it back. I looked up the skinny chimney and empty bucket, but that's when my 14-month old woke me up! Female. Both the vision of a deserted area and trying to escape the house through a chimney indicate growing tensions and disagreements inside the relationship with your husband. The bolted up doors and the absence of windows in the house could be pointing out the lack of communication and unwillingness to listen to what one or both of you have to say or share. Not surprisingly, your subconscious mind is suggesting to resolve this standoff in communication by conjuring up the symbol of a bucket of water you were told to dump on your head, meaning only straightforward and decisive actions can help you out of this situation. It is also quite possible that your husband is already thinking of or planning on having a conversation with you soon to sort things out.
Falling into a hole inside a mansion I had a dream that I bought a big mansion, as big as a whole block, and there was a room and I opened it and there was two beds but I looked down and there was a big black hole and I fell inside it and woke up. Buying a large mansion in a dream could predict coming into contact with an individual who wants to be in your life, possibly more than you are interested having them be. This, in conjunction with the idea of two beds, suggests that your entanglement with this person would be short-lived, most likely because you do not want them around you. However, falling into a black hole at the end of the vision may indicate that this situation could be distracting you from other more important areas of your life. It is important to remember that nuisances should not take precedence over your health, family or career.
Graves on the rooftop I saw myself in a town where I have never been before, and then I saw I'm at my sister's place. The house I saw in the dream is not the place where she actually lives in real life. I said to her "I am going on the rooftop". The staircase seemed to be never-ending, taking me higher and higher. Where the staircase ended at the very top of rooftop were two graves. One grave was built behind a small door. I read the tombstone, it was a grave of some young girl. The other grave was ordinary. Being in a new town and finding yourself in an unfamiliar house could predict meeting someone who has a great desire to be part of your life. This could be someone seeking a romantic entanglement or an individual interested in a joint business venture. Walking up the stairs to reach the rooftop suggests that your partnership with this person could be very beneficial either socially or materially, especially given the seemingly endless nature of the climb. However, the graves at the top of the stairs could represent these benefits causing you trouble in some form unless they are managed or divided up carefully.
Hiding from a bear in a restaurant I was chased by a bear. I hid in a Mexican restaurant that was owned by an Asian family that wanted me to leave. Same scenario over and over. All night. Being chased by a bear in a dream alludes to possible health issues. Evading the bear by hiding can be a sign of facing some minor health problems which you would be able to overcome and get rid of in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it may feel as if you have to deal with problems on your own. The recurring scenario of being asked to leave the restaurant you were hiding in could mean that you have to bear the burden of your medical expenses all by yourself.
An old fort with a snake pond In my dream I was walking in an old fort then suddenly I fall into a bunch of big snake water pond with them all having different color and size. And many times I see an old and haunted fort. Dreaming about being in an old fort could be the manifestation of your fears or anxieties when dealing with people who surround you in your everyday life. You could be distancing yourself from those who wish you the best or genuinely want to try to help you. The multi-colored snakes further enhance this interpretation, highlighting your inability or unwillingness to welcome help and support others are trying to offer.
A tall house tipping off I'm walking up to the house, I see a house that's tall, kinda like a castle, but it's not big in diameter, but it's tall and it's like an old-type house made of wood. As I walk to the center of the house, the house feels like it's going to tip off the edge of the cliff. The farther you go into the house, the more it feels like it's going to fall. But it never falls. In the context of this dream, the tall house you happened to be inside of could be representative of your own emotional state and regrets related to the choices you have made, especially most recent ones. Standing in the center of the house which seemed to be out of balance could reveal your hesitations or doubts in regards to something you have recently done or been through. Most likely, you wish you could go back and do or say things differently. These thoughts could be haunting you because you feel that you did not act appropriately or caused some negative repercussions to surface following your decisions.
Flooded closets and floors I was at my sister's house. I opened the closet, it was flooded with clear water and I was trying to stop it. I looked up the ceiling and I saw heart-shaped white paint and I looked back down the rug under my feet was soaking wet and I quickly left the room. The closet symbolizes secrets, particularly those that are embarrassing or shameful. As such, the flooding reflects the serious nature of the secret you may be hiding and you are struggling to manage your emotions to prevent from divulging this information. It could be an issue of strong attraction to someone, as indicated by the heart shape and your long-term suppression of your desires is starting to overwhelm you. Ultimately, this vision foretells the inevitable release of this long-held secret as a way of preparing you for the possible repercussions you would have to face.
Birds and a man on a balcony I was on a balcony with an elderly man, standing facing out, and the man was seated to my right and facing me. I was watching sparrows at a feeder and the man seemed to be watching me. We weren't speaking but seemed content and I recall wishing that a bird would come to me. Shortly two birds came over, one nudging the other and landed in my cupped hands. I squatted with the birds in front of the man and looked up at him. I was delighted. He smiled and had a bird in his hand as well. I woke up. Standing on a balcony in a dream is symbolic of your wistful nature. It suggests that you are a dreamer at heart. This tendency to space out and take your wandering mind away from reality extends to the sparrow birds you were watching in the dream. A sparrow symbolically represents loneliness. Sometimes, being overly focused on goals, success or aspirations can be isolating. Consequently, the birds landing in your cupped hands is a favorable sign of your ability to make your dreams a reality. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with loneliness for long because the man in the dream could signify a pivotal and influential figure in your personal journey who shares your dreams. He could be a romantic prospect or a mentor type who would support your ambitions and help you realize your full potential.
In a swimming pool with unknown creatures I was in a swimming pool that had multiple "organisms" in it. They were not fish and I remember being very upset because I really wanted to swim. Your dream appears to be a manifestation of the current problems in your life. Your repulsion to swim in the pool with the strange creatures symbolizes problems and obstacles for you. The strange organisms represent those difficulties which you are encountering in your wake life. The best thing would be to deal with all your problems head on and ignore the negativity which pulls you down.
Being kept in a hospital against own will I was in a facility. Almost like a hospital except me and my dad were getting hauled off for something we had done. As I was following behind him, I got lost. And wandered into a girl's bedroom. For some reason I couldn't escape and a woman would feed me daily. A little girl was there with me and she helped me leave. As I was trying to find my dad, I woke up. I am also a girl. Dreaming of being in a hospital, especially if it was perceived as an institution depriving you of your freedom, suggests an upcoming period of time in your life characterized by increasing levels of stress and anxiety. The sources of stress are likely external forces pressuring you to do something you disagree with. This may end up causing a rift or distance between you and your loved ones. The challenges you find yourself facing during his time may be difficult to solve, particularly if you struggle to cope with your emotional state at the same time.
Sleeping in a strange house and surrounded by ants I am at a strange house, in bed asleep with my partner. The house is dirty and there has been a party. Someone spilled a drink at the bottom of the bed, and into my open suitcase on the floor at foot of bed. I am dreaming (in the dream) of being extremely itchy, and wake to find my legs covered in busy, black ants! I kick them off, shake off the bedding and see ants everywhere in my suitcase. I am disgusted and slightly afraid of them. I wake up. Dreaming about being in a strange house with your partner has some negative connotations. It denotes that your present relationship is not giving you the kind of satisfaction you crave. The image of the house being dirty is a direct manifestation of your subconscious feelings of disappointment or hurt. This symbolism is further reinforced by finding your legs covered with black ants. This is a forewarning of upcoming troubles and difficulties which you may face in your love life. It would be better to have an open talk with your partner regarding your feelings and reassert what actually matters to you in this relationship.
Someone spying while in the restroom I was in a building like a school that had restrooms with stalls. I kept going to the restroom, as I was using the bathroom I looked up. A man was staring at me with his arms crossed, he had glasses on and a tan shirt. He never said or done anything, just stared but it was every time I went to pee. Your dream visions have mixed symbolism. Dreaming about being in a school building has negative connotations. It could point towards the fact that someone is trying to hold you accountable for your recent actions. However, urinating while at school points towards your wish to make yourself well-known or successful in front of peers. The man watching you in the stall could be an individual or people who could be preventing you from achieving what you want. The only thing you could do is keep working towards your success irrespective of who stands in your way and interferes with your progress.
A plane circling a house surrounded by smoke I'm on top of a high mountain in my best friends' new mostly glass home. Beautiful place. The sky is dark, black like it's going to storm badly. It doesn't. There is a ring of heavy black smoke settled on around the home and a plane keeps flying by to dust it up. Under the doors and inside the home. As the plane passes, smoke settles back down towards the ground. While the plane circles back around for another pass. Dreaming about being on top of a mountain symbolically represents your upcoming successes. You would be fortunate enough to achieve power and fame due to your hard work and fastidious attitude. However, the fact that you see yourself in a glass house could be indicative of your actions being observed by a few individuals who are jealous of your good fortune. This is further reinforced by the image of a plane drudging up dark smoke and dust, meaning certain people may try to blemish your reputation. The best way to deal with this situation would be to keep working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor while also watching out for those who stand watching in the shadows.
Being attacked by monkeys in a strange house Me and a girl where about to have sex in an old house, cops showed and came to the door. I went because I'm good with cops. They believed that I knew the owner and I was just checking on the place. Then another two people where added, one with me. We went in and found a pile of fleshy bones which was once the girl's. Baboon-like monkeys had set traps to ambush us. The guy stepped and had the monkey's huge incisors sank into his neck, I fell through, ran from them and got out without a scratch. Dreaming about having sex with a girl is a manifestation of your own latent concerns about your own sexuality. Perhaps you are not happy with your current relationship and are somehow bored by the monotonous sex life. Cops in dreams represent authority figures and you may have even tried to talk to someone older or more experienced regarding this matter. The notion that you saw the girl crushed to a pile of bones is your desire to break free from such a relationship which provides you with little sexual gratification. Monkeys or baboons represent irresponsible individuals who may create problems for you, therefore it is important to keep your problems to yourself instead of sharing them with outsiders who may not be reliable.
Corpses in a property for sale Hello, I am closing a deal to buy a motel and I had a dream about seeing corpses in that motel. And now I am considering if I should go with the deal or not because I am not sure what the dream means. If anyone can help me interpret it, it would be very helpful. Thank you. Dead bodies or corpses in the dream world oftentimes reflect your emotional state. As such, you could be anticipating uncertainties and difficulties in your future. Perhaps you feel like the deal is not going to fly or it would not be a lucrative investment as you initially thought. Multiple corpses as symbols have also been associated with betrayal and cheating, in some cases by trusted people or colleagues. There is a likelihood that you think something is amiss in this deal and your subconscious is sending your doubts into the fore by painting this grim scenario in your dream vision.
Visiting someone's house during Christmas Dreamed I was in a stranger's house at Christmas. Grandmotherly stranger was showing me around the house filled with children playing with gold glitter. I passed by musical instruments like guitar and keyboard. I touched one of the keys on the keyboard and it began to play lovely music. Woke up suddenly. Dreaming of Christmas typically suggests generosity, familial bond and celebration. The warm and festive atmosphere of your dream, with the grandmother figure and the children playing, likely alludes to your excitement about the upcoming holidays and reuniting with your loved ones. However, the musical instruments in the vision carry a negative message. Specifically, it could reveal that there may be some troubles, difficulties or unpleasant news coming your way. The keyboard playing music of its own accord is an unfavorable symbol related to the physical absence of someone you love or cherish. They could go on a retreat, disappear or pass away. Only the pleasant memory about that person would remain.
A moldy structure and trees burning A structure with mold inside and out and the surrounding trees of my home kept smoldering and catching fire for no known reason. Dreaming of decay symbolizes the presence of negativity in your life. You may experience some difficulties in reality which would cause you a great deal of grief and sorrow. The morbidness is further emphasized by the imagery of trees catching fire for no reason. Any plans which you have made in wake life would be disrupted, and things would not go according to your expectations. Make sure you are prepared to deal with obstacles and challenges that would prevent you from living your life fully.
Going inside a strange basement I had a dream that I went inside an abandoned house to explore the inside. I went in through a door that took me to the basement. The basement looked like a cave with rock walls but there were windows, so I knew that it was a house. I went down a few steps and there was fireflies in the room and the walls were covered with a moss-like surface. I looked up and noticed the ceiling was made of water and it had a huge white spider in the water. I ran and as I was leaving the water fell on my back. Being inside an abandoned or dilapidated house in a dream typically signals an upcoming encounter that would cause a lot of dissatisfaction regarding the actions of a confidante or someone very close to you. Going into the basement represents your intuition and instinct kicking in upon observing uncharacteristic behavior from the individual in question. Furthermore, the fireflies you find in the basement symbolize the ideas and insights you would gain if you decide to follow your gut. Unfortunately, what you would discover could be disturbing and unpleasant, as indicated by the white spider. Perhaps this is a reminder for you to be extra observant and empathetic in order to spot brewing conflict before it gets worse.
People punished inside an unfamiliar house I am stuck in a house with no doors to get out along with many people those I do not know. In one of the rooms, some people are lying down on bed on their belly. Some people are beating them on their bums with sticks. I am not beaten. I even get to go everywhere inside the house. Except for the room where people are beaten. Please note these dreams are not during my dreams, but in the stage where I am half awake and half asleep. Even if I open my eyes and lie down, the vision is still there. Dreaming of being inside a house with no doors for escape likely means you feel trapped. There is a sense of restriction and inability to express yourself in this scenario in your dream. Furthermore, the vision of people being beaten with sticks could be a projection of your suppressed anger or even repressed sexual energies. Again, these powerful images correspond to a turbulent mind because you lack an outlet or avenues for catharsis. Hence, the feeling of being in between sleeping and dreaming while you are witnessing all these images reflect your own confusion and state of limbo. You may need to find a way to free yourself of whatever burdens you carry, otherwise you run the risk of imploding.
Escaping a building through a clown mouth I dreamed that I in a crowd of people inside a building, I forgot a lot that happened in the dream, only remembered bits and pieces. Then I moved away from them looking for things. Eventually, we had met this bad lady, we wanted to avoid her seeing me. I went through doors and came across a big clown mouth. It opened its mouth and I crawled in. Eventually I found outside, my dream shifts to being fully outside admiring the view. I am free. Being in the confined space of a building with a bunch of people conveys an almost claustrophobic feeling. You may tend to feel like you do not belong with your current set of peers and colleagues, hence you keep moving around in search for something more. In addition, your friends and family according to your point of view may be too focused on adult responsibilities and acquiring stuff they think they need because society deems those acquisitions as part of being grown-ups. For you, however, it may get a little too taxing to keep on comparing yourself to others and conforming. As such, the clown's mouth which points you to your freedom is a reminder to try not to take things too seriously and just enjoy what life has to offer.
Missing door and windows Someone removed the door and windows of my apartment. Doors and windows are associated with opportunities, receptiveness and social connections in the dream world. Hence, your dream vision suggests that someone could be making you feel alienated or like you do not belong, either through outright exclusion or offhand remarks that confirm your outsider status. Alternatively, it is also possible that you are isolating yourself from others. You could be closing yourself off or getting lost in your own thoughts, thereby alienating those around you who love and support you.
Peeing in church and chased by others I run into a commune catholic church with shoes in hands to pee. Four toilets. Four women. When it's my turn, I sit on first toilet. Too close to another woman. I move. To a new toilet. I am alone and see little boys' room in front of me. A little boy in Halloween costume chases me out of the bathroom, the whole church chases me, turns into dead people. I turn into three separate people in a car still running. Get caught and wake up. Having to urinate in the dream world is often associated with pain and discomfort. The source of your issues seems to be represented by the number four, a symbol that points towards trivial tasks or busy work. You may feel like you always have a great deal to do but never seem to get anything done. In this way, your discomfort would be your frustration with not making progress or not doing tasks that are meaningful. This can also be seen in your inability to choose a toilet. Splitting into multiple people further emphasizes this point, predicting that part of you wants to continue working and hoping for the best, while another part of you desperately needs a change. You would need to make a difficult decision that could seriously alter the course of your everyday life.
Trying to retrieve things from trailers Recurrent dreams of living in various house trailers where in my dream I realize I use to live there but left all my belongings and want to return to gather my belongings or see if they are still there. I've had this dream many times, and there has been 3 different homes total, but when I have the dreams it is always one of those homes in it, which I have never seen nor lived in out of my dreams. Trailers are mobile dwellings oftentimes regarded as notions of non-anchored existence in the dream world. These trailers likely reflect your free spirit and nomadic nature. As such, recurring dreams containing this theme or symbol likely reveal your desire to find a home for yourself, somewhere you can feel comfortable and able to express your true self. These symbols likely appear in your dreams whenever you are feeling displaced or have a sense you do not belong. Alternatively, you may be seeking independence and freedom. Perhaps you feel stifled in your current situation.
People jumping off a bridge I am a female. I dreamt how people were jumping off a bridge in my city and dying. They didn't jump because they wanted but they were trying to help somebody down. I accidentally pushed a friend of mine and she almost felt down because my best friend didn't help me to help her. It was like I was yelling but nobody was listening. In the beginning of the bridge there were several people lying down on the ground. It was like they were dead. I didn't know any of the people except my two friends. Bridges often represent connections or transitions, meaning you could be entering a new phase of your life in the waking world. Watching people jump off the bridge in order to rescue someone may be indicative of pressing issues people your age are experiencing. It is possible that your peers are making bad decisions, and their parents feel the need to bail them out. As a spectator in the dream, it is likely that you are also somewhat invested in the issues your friends are going through, but perhaps you are getting yourself too involved in something that has nothing to do with you. In fact, your involvement could end up backfiring. Instead of focusing on the plight of others, maybe your subconscious is telling you to focus on your own challenges.
Jumping on rooftops of England It was very vivid. It looked as if I was in England during the 1700s or 1800s. I had incredible power, as I was jumping from rooftop to rooftop. And not just hopping, but jumping at least 30ft in the air. When I landed I could see a reflection of myself, and I was wearing the old England ware, overcoat, top hat, etc. It felt so real, I can even remember what the rooftop tile felt like on my hands. England has been associated with refined taste and aristocracy. Thus, the setting of your dream could mean that you have an appreciation for the finer things in life. In relation to this, the act of jumping over rooftops reveals your lofty ambitions and high standards. You could be setting a high bar for yourself which is matched by your impressive drive and motivation. England in the 18th century is likewise characterized by its rise to power and the resulting rivalries. It is also a period of transformation, so perhaps this is how your life is going in reality. In setting off or chasing your life-long dreams, you may find yourself dealing with rivals as well as confronting and getting to know yourself in the process.
Being rich in Hawaii In my dream, my family lived in Hawaii in this huge condo. We were the richest family in town, and everyone was all over us so they could hang out with us. We had a private jet and were always flying to Pennsylvania to visit family. Hawaii is often associated with rest and relaxation since the image of this tropical paradise conjures a picturesque landscape seemingly separate from the rest of the world. As such, Hawaii also has an association with hedonism and escapism. Perhaps you have aspirations of making it big in this world in order to avoid the struggles you may have been experiencing for much of your existence. The material wealth that comes with being the richest family in town alludes to financial freedom and social mobility. This dream scenario captures your heart's desires which may have not yet happened in reality. Nonetheless, being wealthy in dreams oftentimes boosts the dreamer's motivation to succeed. At the very least, the clarity of your aspirations means that you would triumph in your career through focus and determination.
Locked in a hospital room I was visiting my boyfriend in hospital and a lady said if he left the room visit would be over! That night I dreamt we were in visiting and he left the room, the lady slammed the door shut, I was locked inside the room and couldn't see my boyfriend or hear him. I was left alone looking around the room and through the window of the door seeing if I could see my boyfriend, but couldn't see him. I woke up then, so that's it. Dreaming of visiting your boyfriend in a hospital may be related to a potentially shocking news in your future. This surprising piece of information may change the way you perceive your boyfriend. Likewise, being left all alone and locked inside the hospital room alludes to feelings of being trapped in a complicated situation. This event would unveil certain qualities you did not know about your boyfriend and could place you in a very difficult place trying to make sense of it. You may have to regroup and get back your bearings in order to figure out your next steps.
Being in a garden and attacked by something I had 3 dreams last night that somehow all intertwined with each other. What I'm mostly concerned about is the last dream. So, in the two dreams before that I was with people, with friends and all that and then I end up by myself all alone in this green house (garden house). It's dark in there but I can see the plants and then right in the middle is a statue of Mother Mary in a black cloak and something had ended up ripping it and I looked to my right and something jumps out at me, but I wake up. A greenhouse symbolizes transformation, while Mother Mary or the Virgin Mary represents love and selfless actions. As such, there is a possibility that you would face a difficult situation in the near future which would ultimately change your perspective about the world. It may be akin to a loss of innocence and purity. Perhaps you would be betrayed by someone you have placed a lot of trust in. The darkness also points to negative emotions and cynicism, which is part of your test of character. It is up to you whether you would succumb to pessimism or continue believing in the goodness of people.
Chickens on the bed and a strange man I'm a female who had this dream early Tuesday morning. It was night time. I was inside a modernized cabin with rays of street light beaming through the window. A man was walking by butt naked to his bed, but when he pulled the sheets back there were three healthy chickens on the bed. I helped him put the three chickens in a coop and then he turned around facing me and his penis was thick and standing attention. I couldn't recognize his face, but he reminded me of someone I've regained contact with recently. Dreaming about being in a cabin with someone symbolizes that you would experience a wish fulfillment. The notion of finding chickens on the bed signifies that you are about to come into a great deal of fortune. This perception is further supported by the presence of a naked man in the room with you. Such an image implies that you are about to find material wealth along with a great deal of good luck. This period of auspiciousness could be related to monetary gains as well as fulfillment in your sexual relationships. It is a time to be pleased and content because things would turn in your favor. Make sure you keep yourself open to any such opportunities and welcome these circumstances with open arms.
Buildings with red wool outside Two places being built using red wool on the outside of the building. Dreaming about buildings being constructed signifies upcoming changes in your life. These circumstances could be related to getting ahead work-wise or acquiring a higher status in other spheres, such as financial improvement. However, the positive imagery is negated by the symbolism of red-colored wool. The color red in this case represents discord. It implies that you may become separated from your friends and family through quarrels. Such conflicts could be the result of you achieving success and perhaps taking too much pride in it. Remain humble and try to keep your loved ones close by regardless of your position in life.
Lava around the mall I was at a mall and took off in a black bike, as I was riding the bike I could almost see lava underneath. I had to be careful not to step on it or the lava would ooze out. I managed to run over one, I flung some but I guess I was alright. I kept going. I returned to the mall because my family was there and we took off, nothing happened to us. Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Dreaming about leaving the mall signifies your desire to move away from all that is physical and focus on things which actually matter. However, in your wish to do so you would face a great deal of trouble and difficulties. The image of the lava flowing under your feet further reinforces the notion of upcoming problems in your life. The fact that you still kept moving on your bike represents your steadfastness in achieving your goals. Nevertheless, you might have to return to your previous ways marked by pomp and show only because you want to keep your folks satisfied and happy with you. In order to achieve what you want make sure you take a middle path which keeps you as well as your loved ones happy.
An elderly couple in a small house in the woods We were in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Me, my friend, my boyfriend and a few others of our friends which I can't remember. And we went inside this house which was actually only half of an normal-size house and there was a creepy old man and woman, half of the dream feels like a bit of a blur, but the elderly couple tried to murder all of us. Me and my friend gave birth in this disgusting house and we left, but the man somehow found us and got in contact and that's all. Dreaming about someone trying to murder you could be a sign from your subconscious mind telling you to break free from people who can no longer satisfy you emotionally, possibly your boyfriend or your friend, while giving birth can predict a better future if you do so, not only for yourself but for others involved in your life. In the process, you could fall victim of rumors or unwanted talks, unable to determine who is betraying you or spreading lies about you, as indicated by the notion of being lost in the woods. The presence of the elderly couple in your dream also means you need to rely on wisdom and past experience during this time.
On top of stairs and someone at the bottom Female. I am at the very top of a flight of stairs full of boxes. At the bottom there is an unhappy looking man staring up at me. When you find yourself atop of a flight of stairs in a dream, it can be a symbolic image of your life achievements. The boxes you remembered in the same dream could be a metaphor for the things you hold dear to your heart and of which you will never let go, while the man staring at you from the bottom could be someone you have left behind, someone who was not able to keep up with you for some reason and now there is a vast distance between the two of you.
Riding a bicycle inside a dark tunnel My dream started at work but moved to a local train station. I had to make it back to work, so I was riding a bicycle through the train tunnel being very conscious of the third rail. I knew if I stayed away from the third rail I would make it safe back to work. As I went further through the tunnel, it became dark and I realized that if the lights of a train started coming towards me I would be trapped. I became scared and started back quickly towards the entrance. I was looking for cubbyholes to jump into in the event of a train, but noticed there were none in this tunnel. When I got back to the entrance, I saw cubbyholes that were big enough to fit lounge chairs. Back at the station I noticed my younger brother (who does not work) showing up to a party. The song "Machinehead" by Bush started. I realized that riding a bike through a train tunnel to get back to work was a foolish risk as it did not get me back there any faster. The side streets would have gotten me back just as fast. What do you think?? Bicycles in dreams generally refer to freedom, independence and spontaneity. Perhaps riding the bicycle reveals your free-spirited nature and risk-taking behavior. Meanwhile, going through a tunnel depicts moments of uncertainties and unfamiliar situations. In a sense, your choice to ride a bike through the tunnel points to your tendency to face challenges and obstacles head on, without due diligence and preparation. There may be important decisions and trials at work which you may need to overcome in order to get closer to your professional goals. As such, your mind could be reminding you not to be too reckless and fatalistic when it comes to your work and even other aspects of your life because you may end up being derailed or further away from your initial plans. Alternatively, "Machinehead" speaks of weariness and alienation. In particular, the line "Got a machinehead, it's better than the rest / Green to red" could be an allusion to burnout. There is a possibility that you are sabotaging your own career because your are feeling worn out, disinterested and jaded about the industry you are in. Maybe your mind is telling you to slow down and re-visit your priorities in life in order to gain some perspective and find clarity in your motivations.
Flying through a sinking vessel Hi. I am a 21-year old female. I had this kind of dream after a long time. I was flying through some kind of a sinking vessel (it was hollow but with obstacles) between water and the sky, fleeing from something along with my family and friends. I really want to know what this means. Thanking you in advance. Sinking vessels, like a ship or a boat, in dreams generally refer to failure. As such, the hollow vessel riddled with obstacles in your vision represents your current state of affairs. You and your loved ones are probably working through a lot of problems and issues, both emotionally and perhaps even financially. Meanwhile, flying alludes to independence and freedom. This is good news. It means you may be able to find a way out of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your way. You have the will and the confidence to get through and surpass those troubles.
Being kept in a factory with other kids My dream was about a man taking me and putting me in a factory-like building and I was put into a cart, kind of like a conveyor belt thing but there were also lots of other kids in carts too. I was young when I had this dream, like from 7-9, and it was a reoccurring dream. Also there were kids crying and yelling, I am a female. Factories are systematic and mechanized establishments. This means that in dreams they are often associated with discipline and precision. As such, being taken hostage in a factory-like setting may be an allusion to authority figures, such as parents or teachers, setting rules of behavior and expectations for your younger self. The anxiety and distress from the other kids likely mirrored your own displeasure and resentment at the time for being told what to do. Whenever you were being reprimanded by adults in reality, your subconscious may have interpreted this as an unjust situation which is why this particular scenario is a recurring theme in your dreams. Perhaps even in adult life when you feel like your freedom and independence are being threatened or undermined, similar symbols start cropping up.
A room with ice in it I saw a house with one room build up by ice and it had a clear door. This unusual one-room house could have a number of different interpretations depending on specific aspects of your current existence. For example, if someone you were once close to has been out of touch recently, this single room could predict a reunion that would bring much happiness to your life. Alternatively, the idea that this room was made of ice could be very auspicious if you garden, as it suggests your efforts in gardening and agriculture would yield many fruits.
Walking through a tunnel with brother My dream was about me and my older brother walking in the forest, then we went through a tunnel and started looking for someone in some rooms. We later found my grandmother laying helplessly with worms inside her genitals. If you were walking in the forest during daytime, it alludes to a romantic encounter. However, if it was nighttime, then it implies upcoming emotional distress. Meanwhile, the tunnel could be a metaphor of birth and renewal, although it can refer to a prosperous period ahead at the same time. In your case, perhaps you are worried about the health and wellness of your grandmother, especially with the imagery of worms in her genitals. In that context, the forest and the tunnel could be pointing to a period of fear and apprehension as your grandmother's health slowly starts to deteriorate. Maybe your mind is telling you to keep a close eye on your grandmother to alleviate whatever pain or illness she may soon start experiencing.
A staircase leading to a strange area I had walked down a set of spiral steps onto a metallic floor without walls or a ceiling that you could see through the small openings. It was suspended over shallow, clear water, and went on farther down to my right from where I had exited the staircase. Beside me I saw a sturdy dark brown bookshelf. It was as if this area suspended above the water was a library, and rows of these bookshelves went far down past my field of view. Some had books. A staircase in dreams usually alludes to progress or development. You could be trying to improve your current situation by aiming for a promotion at work or acquiring a new skill. The shallow, clear water upon which the staircase and the bookshelves are suspended likely alludes to the sharpness and clarity of your personal and professional goals. You know exactly what you need to do to get to the next level until your eventually achieve your ultimate dream. In that context, the bookshelves represent wisdom and continuous learning. It is possible that you are also contemplating on pursuing graduate studies as a way of increasing your market value. You may also be embarking on extensive research in relation to your current projects or preoccupations. Ultimately, the convergence of symbols related to achievement and motivation convey a high possibility that you would achieve your dreams through your consistent efforts at self-improvement.
Becoming lost at a park My husband and I went to a park. And we got separated. I tried to find him and went to the entrance of the park but it was closed. I went to the cave but there was no way out. The park was no way out. Then I saw a bridge. Just one step to the bridge, you can go to the other side. There was a fence. People were panicking. I had to help! So I jumped and for some reason the fence or walls crumbled and I got inside the bridge fighting something I could not see. But I felt like a hero. Dreaming of getting lost inside a park could reveal your current struggle with society. Perhaps you have a hard time understanding others at work or in your own community because you hold different beliefs and worldview. Going through the cave similarly points to your desire for enlightenment or at least a way to connect with your peers or people you disagree with. This yearning to make sense of the situation or strengthen your bond with your friends and loved ones is represented by the bridge. There could be a lot of enmity and misunderstanding going around that you just want to break the barrier as indicated by the fence or walls. Ultimately, you feel like you cannot just sit around doing nothing, so you have to do what you can to get through to people and try to reconnect severed bonds or help bridge the communication gaps, especially with people who are important to you.
A black burnt apartment and a black dog Hi, today morning I woke up, had a cigarette, emptied my stomach and again went to bed. It's routine. After going to bed I saw something different from the dream that I remember. My friend lives in an apartment In front of mine. I saw that apartment as black burnt and a black dog in front of it. The dog was calm, not barking or not doing anything. Seeing a black dog is not a good sign. I am terrified. Please interpret it. You are right to be concerned after experiencing this vision. The symbols presented here seem to be a message from your subconscious to be vigilant of those whom you consider close friends. Seeing an apartment on fire and colored black due to the smoke predicts a possibility of becoming the victim of a robbery or burglary. Your possessions or financial security may be at risk in this situation, and if breached, could cause you a lot of trouble and hardships. The image of the black dog is also menacing, even if it seemed calm, as it predicts being disappointed in or hurt by someone close to you, most likely your friend. In the context of this particular vision, there are two possible outcomes. On one hand, this could mean your friend may not give you the support or aid you may need should you experience this incident. However, another interpretation of this same image could mean your friend may be the actual perpetrator or the person indirectly causing the crime to happen. It would be wise to keep an eye on your material possessions and avoid leaving important or valuable items unattended.
The bottom of the indoor swimming pool I was in an indoor pool (concrete walls and floor were a very light greenish blue). The water was clear. There were pieces missing from some of the bottom and some spots had large missing areas. There were also some rocks on the bottom of the pool. I am female. A swimming pool filled with clear water generally symbolizes success and self-fulfillment. Specifically, it means that all your hard work and perseverance would eventually pay off. Perhaps you may even start taking on a new role which would give you a great deal of professional leverage, in addition to the perks and privileges of this new position. The fact that the pool is indoor also reveals your rationality and "can do" attitude. You like being in control and fully prepared whenever you tackle your tasks or responsibilities, hence whatever challenges may be ahead, you can always count on your diligence to counteract any unpredictable situations or circumstances. In addition, the rocks on the bottom of the pool refer to a strong foundation. This may be a metaphor for your strong resolve and unshakable work ethic, although the rocks may also represent your loved ones who are always there to support you. Finally, the missing areas and spots at the bottom of the pool is an allusion to unrealized potential or abilities and skills you may not have had the occasion to tap or discover yet.
On the stairs of a tall building Me and a female friend were in a tall rectangular building (maybe 3 stories tall) and inside it was hollow, except for a staircase against the left wall leading up the top where there was a locked door. Suddenly a talking friendly dancing rat or raccoon appeared. Then, the huge stone door comes sliding up out of the ground covering the front wall of the building, trapping us. Building starts to fill with LOTS of water, fast. We run upstairs, through the door where there is a scared male owner and he starts shooting. This vision seems to allude to a path that is before you or a choice you would soon have to make. Choosing correctly would reap great rewards, while choosing poorly could lead to disaster. The tall building at the beginning of the vision represents the potential to make it big. You have the opportunity and ability to succeed in your chosen field or business, if only you could take the first step in the right direction. However, your hand may be forced at some point, which is seen in your suddenly being trapped in the room. Combined with the flood waters, this symbol literally refers to the idea of sinking or swimming. Taking the stairs in this situation points toward making progress in the right direction, so it is very likely you would overcome whatever shortcoming or holdup that is preventing you from getting ahead now. Bursting through the door at the end of the vision and seeing the man shooting represents the carefree, peaceful future you could attain.
A lightning strike and black rats I dreamed there was a lighting storm strike, it killed 2 people sleeping in bed, in the house we once owned. Also, dreamed I was going into a motel or building, there were small black rats running around outside the door. A lightning strike in dreams often portends an unplanned or unexpected development in your life. You could find yourself in a completely different situation than you imagined yourself even a few weeks or months ago. The fact that the lightning struck and killed 2 people in your former house likely suggests that this event or encounter would be shocking or disturbing. Someone from your past could cut you off completely or a sudden revelation could be the trigger that would set you off to a completely new path. Meanwhile, going into a motel means you are motivated to pursue your passions and turn your ideas into reality. You have a lot of dreams and you finally have the courage to do something about it. However, the black rats symbolize your fears that you are not qualified or skilled enough to achieve your goals. The black rats could also refer to pessimistic individuals in your life who are probably making you doubt your capabilities instead of supporting your decisions.
Meeting with someone at a stadium I was at an enclosed stadium but it felt like my work environment. I think I was a younger single woman and I was seriously dating this guy I interacted with there. I made a comment about his job that he didn't agree with and corrected me. I left the dining area quite upset to a lower section of the stadium which by the stairway were these small trees. They were pruned to keep short. I rubbed the tree and could feel the bark. I don't remember anything after that. Dreaming of a younger version of yourself could be an indication of nostalgia. You may be missing your younger and more carefree days, especially if you are currently facing a lot of adult responsibilities. In addition, a stadium represents ambition and the guy represents obstacles to your personal goals. So it is possible that you associate ambition and drive with your past self, maybe you feel like your priorities have changed because of various developments in your life and now you are wondering what would have happened if you pursued your passions. As such, the small or short trees, which symbolize growth and desire, could reflect your own stunted growth. Life may have led you down a path which veered away from your personal ambitions, so you feel like you still have so much room to grow and that your full potential has not been realized.
Boxes connected together I dreamt about being in different environments, which looked like boxes, and they had all been connected together. Boxes that seem to resemble different environments could represent different possible paths or opportunities that would be available to you in the future. You may find a chance through your schooling, a social connection or your current place of work. The idea that these boxes were connected to each other may mean that one way or another you are destined to travel down this path. Your exact steps on this journey, however, could be quite varied.
Buying a big house very cheap My dream was about us buying a big house at a low price such that the seller was trying to cancel the sale. I didn't realize that the house we bought was so big and had so many extra spaces. A big and spacious house represents big dreams and ambitious ideas. This could be a very positive thing, especially if you are very committed to your goals and you have ample resources to implement your plans. However, getting the house for such a low price means others may be undermining your capacity to follow through with your plans and succeed in your undertakings. They do not see the potential of a business plan or a project proposal, so you would have to convince them to invest or your big idea would not come into fruition.
Houses, horse statues and a forest On the left I saw a row of grey terrace houses, next to them 2 large horse statues taller than the houses. Then in front - a dark dense forest area. So the view was 90 degree angle - houses and horses on the left and the forest directly next to them. I felt that I had been given a vision to help me. Houses in dreams symbolize the dreamer's self, both mind and body. So the row of terrace houses in your vision indicates aspects of yourself or even different versions of you and how you interact with the world. It can also represent your future which is characterized by domestication, stability and discipline. The neat lines and appearance of the houses as well as the grey color are all symbols of structure and order that you are striving for. However, the horse statues imply wildness and untamed energy. Your impulsive nature could be getting in the way of your life goals because they appear taller than the houses in your dream. This means you are not ready for responsibility and settling down yet. You still have a lot of passions you want to pursue, places you want to visit and a carefree lifestyle you want to lead. As a result, the dark and dense forest indicates looming conflict and discord within your household or involving family members. Your inability to follow a straight path towards a secure future could further aggravate and frustrate your loved ones who only want to see you succeed.
Remembering unfamiliar places Dreaming of memories of places I’ve never been to, but know exactly where everything is. Dreaming of places you have never visited in reality means something big is about to happen. This huge change would take you out of your normal routine. You could soon be traveling to a faraway place, changing your career path or moving to a new country. The good news is that you would thrive in this new experience or environment. Knowing your way around these strangely familiar places refers to you uncanny adaptability and resourcefulness. You would make friends easily and flourish no matter where you end up.
A slow motion dream about a stage Everything is in slow motion. I walk on to a large green stage. On the stage there is a television playing a music video (if it matters, the music video was in black and white and the song was "Got you where I want you" by the Flys). There are carpenter tools scattered on the stage. My wife is sitting on the stage holding a baby boy. Dreaming in slow motion means you are feeling sluggish or weighed down in reality because of all your responsibilities. In addition, you could be stressed out by piling duties, tasks and commitments you are juggling at work as well as in your personal life. Meanwhile, the stage alludes to performance or acting out. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, you and your wife are putting on a brave face and making it seem, to others at least, that you are in complete control of everything even when things are unraveling in your household. The baby boy could symbolize a new venture or journey you and your wife are going to take on and this is possibly the main cause of concern or conflict between the two of you right now. As for the song, it could just be your subconscious trying to find an anthem for your current predicament.
An old apartment being remodeled I have this reoccurring dream about this I guess secret apartment or maybe an old apartment I never let go. It always looks the same in the dream but I don’t exactly get good vibes when I am there. I have this dream every so often I just dreamt about it again and this time it was torn down... I don’t exactly remember being sad... Just kinda shocked. I almost feel like it was remodeled or something. I don’t know that I felt it was gone forever but idk. Help :( A recurring dream about an old apartment, or a secret apartment, means you like to dwell in the past. You carry a lot of baggage from previous experiences and these thoughts or memories are holding you back from fully embracing the present and looking forward to the future. So seeing this apartment get torn down is actually a good sign because it means that you are mentally ready to close old chapters, tie loose ends and let go of memories weighing you down. This also implies a personal transformation after you have dealt with all your personal issues. So the remodeling actually represents your growth and maturity after this period of introspection.
An open jail door A dream about jail door was open. I am a female. Jails and prisons are normally dreamed of as a response to stress, especially when one feels they have little choice or few options to deal with a bleak, difficult future. It could be that your present situation is causing some feelings of anxiety and unrest, leading to this particular imagery. The open door, however, points toward someone on the other side of this negative situation who is helping you get through these challenging times. In many cases this refers to a partner, spouse or lover, but through this vision it could also point toward a parent, mentor or friend too. This vision may be a reminder to not get caught up in all the drama of everyday life and to remember those who have helped and continue to help you each day of your life.
Being inside and around a stable The things I dreamt in my dream are not related. First I dreamt about a beautiful environment with so many colorful trees. I saw a stable where horses live. Some person was talking about renovation of the stable. I saw beautiful shiny tiles. The color of those tiles was similar to the color of hay. And finally I walked around and then I went near a bush of grass and I picked some lemongrass plants and then I cut it into small pieces. But I cut those thinking that those are curry leaves. This vision is filled with both positive and negative imagery, suggesting that it contains both a reminder and warning to you, the dreamer. While they may not seem connected on the surface, all these images have a thread woven clearly between them, starting with the lush colorful trees you saw first. This scenery suggests prosperity and happiness, both current and potential. You have been blessed with many things in life, as both the stable and horses further reveal an abundance of love, energy and contentment surrounding you. However, the image of hay-colored tiles is somewhat troubling, because they could indicate jealousy. While this type of emotion usually comes through more strongly in dreams than in reality, it could mean you are not as grateful for your blessings as you should be or that you are not as forthcoming with praise and thanks as you should. The last image, the cut lemongrass, is a warning that you could lose everything if you do not mend your ways. If you have been putting off returning the favor to someone who has helped you recently, now may be the time to show them how much you appreciate their love and support.
Being in prison and looking for a friend I am a female. I had a dream I was in prison. I don't know how I got there and the other inmates were talking about inmates in other wards and I heard my best friend's name, so I went searching to see if it was her but before I could find her I woke up. Finding yourself in prison during a dream vision is an unfortunate symbol to be connected with in the dream world, as it portends an upcoming turn of events that would not work out in your favor. In particular, this usually refers to work or school projects which have a significant effect on your position at that place. Hearing your best friend's name in this context suggests she would be an ideal person to rely on in this situation, as she is both loyal to you and capable of helping you achieve your goal. The caveat is that you would also need to be there for her when you are capable of providing the same support and advice. In essence, this vision is a reminder to rely on your friend when times are tough but do not forget to offer a helping hand when you are able to do so.
In a cave with snakes In a dark cave with snakes, scorpions and running away from someone or something? Being inside a dark cave means you are seeking refuge. It can also represent exploring your subconscious. Unfortunately, even inside your safe place, there are many threats that lurk. For instance, snakes can represent untrustworthy individuals and ruthless personalities, while scorpions often signify vengeance, betrayal as well as being manipulated by someone with significant power and influence. Meanwhile, running away from an unknown danger can signify escapism. You want to escape your problems in reality and this is probably why you are looking for a place of comfort and safety. Unfortunately, as this vision shows you, running away is not the solution. Even if you distance yourself from your troubles, the issues would continue to worry you and keep your mind restless. Therefore, you have to confront your problems and actively find solutions to make them go away permanently.
Opening a door for someone with a key I dreamt that I was passing and I saw a man sitting and lamenting that he could not open the door to his room. Many people have tried to open the padlock, but they could not. But I collected the key, tried the first time, I could not open. When I tried it the second time it opened. The man sitting in front of the closed, locked door likely represents a close friend or acquaintance who is embarking on a new path in life. They are trying something new, such as a hobby or career, but are not having much success with it, as is witnessed by the door that they cannot open. You, however, are able to find the key and open the door. This means that while your companion may not be suited to the position they are attempting, but you have the skills and talent to succeed. Not succeeding on the first try implies you would have some struggles on the way, but opening the door does predict eventually triumphing over those obstacles.
Betrayed in a swimming pool I had a friend who betrayed me in a swimming pool. Finding yourself in a swimming pool during a dream vision is often synonymous with passionate, romantic love. This suggests that there may have been a misunderstanding between you and your friend in wake life regarding your relationship to each other or affection for someone else. In either case, your friend's betrayal in the vision has the opposite meaning in reality, as being betrayed during a dream predicts an improved relationship with this individual in the future. You would likely come to a mutually beneficial understanding and be able to forgive and forget any past wrongdoings.
Dogs and an older couple in a beach house I dreamed I was looking at a beach house for sale. The older couple that owned it invited me in. I really didn't want to buy the house, was just looking. They had 3 dogs in the house, they were all friendly. One was black lab. One was real tall and skinny and could talk, he said "Hi", that one kept wanting me to pet him. I saw shells, and the older couple was going to give a great deal on selling the home. I stayed and talked a few hours with them, mostly played with the friendly dog. The beach house represents your desire to slow down and give your mind and body time to heal. After all the years of stress from work and personal issues, you are looking forward to a more laid-back lifestyle. The elderly couple who owned the beach house symbolize wisdom. You are beginning to think peace, stability, routine and all things associated with settling down are what you need for a better life. Meanwhile, the dogs represent your friends and family who are fully supporting you in your decision to find a more balanced lifestyle for the sake of your overall well-being.
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