Park with a rollercoaster and a train station My dream was about me and my older sister and we went to this big open park thing and my best friend was there getting told off by the teacher. This is really strange because this happened in real life in my year of my school went to Russel Park and my best friend, the same person got told of by the teacher... Anyway then I was on a roller-coaster that took me to a train station. This dream is a reflection of you being busy in reality and preoccupied with trying to achieve something very important. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to take a break and the symbol of a train station could mean a trip or travel to some faraway place. The visions of your teacher and your friend in the same dream are most likely an indication of your tendency to procrastinate or be indecisive in situations when you need to make important decisions.
Ants, a crab and a railroad I saw ants and a crab in my dream while I visited my childhood place. It was near a railway track. Dreaming of being close to a railroad means you will have success in achieving your goals, and you will see some truly positive results from the projects or plans you are currently pursuing. A crab in the same dream is an indication of trying to solve or work on a major problem which stands out from the rest of things which keep you busy and represents a special priority for you. In order to be successful in solving this problem you need to use common sense and practical knowledge. Ants could signify a possibility of relocating to a larger (more industrialized) city in search of a better job or for some other reasons, especially this is true if you happened to see these ants in large numbers in this dream.
Walking up and down the stairs and donkey staring upclose I was going up the unknown stairs and then down there was a vineyard and a donkey was staring at me very close to my face. Dreaming about walking up and down the stairs could be suggestive of your tendency to distance yourself from important life goals. Instead of steadily moving toward fulfilling your aspirations and completing your projects, you tend to retract from and boycott your own progression. There could be many reasons behind this tendency. Some of the obstacles could be the result of your own behavior, but also the actions, wills and behavior of others. Moreover, the dream could be related to many areas of your life. For instance, you could be in a non-reciprocated love affair. That is, you could be in love with someone who does not love you back. The vision of donkeys being close to your face is an indication that you could be dealing with some kind of stubborn and opinionated people who are standing in your way to move forward. Since you encountered them while moving downwards, this reinforces the idea that some of the obstacles are being put in your path partly due to the attitudes of others. Their proximity to your face is most likely a subconscious reflection of having to confront a lot of people who could be disagreeing with you, dislike your ideas or be excessively controlling. There would be no way of fleeing from that confrontation.
Dirty bathroom water leaking out of hotel rooms I was sitting in a chair outside a hotel room when brown dirty and yellow clumpy water from the bathroom flowed out and was seeping under the doors of the rooms. I lifted and put my feet up yo avoid it, while a young man with a push broom kept pushing it away. The symbolic vision of being outside of a hotel you have experienced in this dream reflects your hesitation or concerns about going on some planned trip or vacation to a distant location. You could have been having second thoughts about the quality of stay or the treatment you would get there. You are questioning the whole idea of going away and could be thinking that you are not prepared to go for some reason known to you. The vision of overflowing dirty water in dream interpretation signifies a series of disagreements or confrontations with people around you. It could be that you would have to settle several issues with people close to you either before going away or on when you arrive to location of your stay.
A haunted house and creatures pouring out from under floor I dreamed of the same haunted house on three separate occasions. One I could remember is I had my niece on my back running with my mother. The floor opened up and creatures started pouring out of it. Dreaming of a haunted house, especially if it is a recurring dream, means that you have been exposed, either indirectly or intentionally by others, to some ongoing quarrels and conflicts on many occasions. You have been drawn into this conflict because people who are in it depend on you as someone capable of providing protection for them or they simply want you to be involved. The creatures appearing from under the floor of the house and flooding it represent unnecessary rumors or misinformed opinions people outside of this conflict could exchange in regards to what's happening around you. The most sensible solution to this situation for you personally would be to identify the true reason you stay interested in participating in and spending time on these confrontations.
Huge snake, paying for a hotel and a dead person I dreamed I was abroad standing in a very modern hotel or villa and the next minute a huge snake, really huge with a big head, was sailing between the buildings, we were in awe looking and then we tried to warn people the next minute the snake came back all of a sudden. I was trying to pay for my stay and my old friend said no and gave me an envelope with a card which she loaded 100s of euros on and swiped to pay saying this is my hubby's hotel and he can afford it. You do not need to pay. Then I was sitting in a chair with her and others and a dead friend or boyfriend was rubbing my back saying it is ok. Seeing a gigantic snake in front of you is an omen. Someone who is very dear to you is gravely ill, and it may be a long-term disease. You could play a big role in his or her life by providing support and strength during this trying time. Paying someone with money in your dream symbolizes being faced with hardships. There might also be some undesirable events which can possibly disturb your personal or work life, perhaps because of the aforementioned circumstances. If a dead person was touching you in the same dream, it means you are about to start suffering from the actions and behaviors of people who do not like you and desire to gain an advantage over you while you are dealing with personal issues.
Extra rooms in the house needing repair I just got off from work and I dozed off and I had a dream that we found extra rooms in my moms house (I live there). The first thing I saw was a white bathroom and I found three more doors and one hallway and at the end of the hallway, one stairway leading down somewhere... Also in the dream I found what appeared to be like a kitchen that needed repair, it was full of stuff... This place was behind the house. The images of new rooms within a house combined with additional doors, stairways and spaces could reflect memories or situations which involved a lot of moving or changing, either physically or emotionally. This may be directly related to you, or they may be connected to someone close to you, most likely your mother. The fact that you experienced these visions while napping suggests that one or more of these moves or transformations occurred recently and therefore are fresh in your mind. It may be that your subconscious self is very busy trying to organize all the information originating from these uncertain and destabilized circumstances.
Being in jail and escaping I was in a big jail full of men. Then I had to line up to go to a store. Then I finally escaped jail and went to go hang with my cousin and his friends. Dreaming about being in jail often represents shutting yourself off from others in real life. The men in the prison could symbolize just one person or a whole group of people who make you feel uncomfortable or annoyed. Given that the jail was full, it seems more probable that it is a small, specific group of people who are making your life more difficult than it needs to be. Escaping the jail reflects your desire for more time to yourself. This is either to escape the situation described above or, in general, from working too much. Being with your cousin and his friends at the end of the dream suggests you do have a support network of friends and family who are behind you 100%. While you may or may not be able to avoid those who are bothering you, you can always talk with your loved ones to get rid of some of the stress.
Plastic dolls and bees attacking I had a dream I was in a sorority house that was filled with life-sized dolls. They looked more plastic. And when I looked at them they came to life and looked at me and would walk away. When I would touch one's dress it turned black and distorted and mean-looking and then I woke up. Right before I went into the house I was outside and bees landed on me one at a time, but I felt a slight fear because I don't like bees but none hurt me. Dreaming of a house filled with people who are not real (dolls) implies you feel alone or isolated. Possibly there is a side of you that your friends do not know or recognize, meaning you cannot truly be yourself around them. The dolls that become animated and walk away and the one doll whose dress becomes strange and horrible looking before your eyes both mean you hide this aspect of yourself from others due to fear of rejection or contempt from your friends. However, things begin to look up at the end of the dream. Having a bee touch or land on you suggests there is someone out there who really gets you and is waiting for you to find them. This person could be your true love or a best friend and close confidant.
Finding a place with a deep pool I found an amazing hidden area with green plants, beautiful modern and natural-looking waterfalls and a still clear pool that looked as if it was natural, but somehow man-made. When looking inside this pool of crystal clear water I remember realizing that it was very deep and there was some sort of city or buildings inside...That's when I realized how incredibly deep it was. I remember thinking I wanted to bring a guy I have been in love with for the last year, but we haven't been together. I recently ran into him on Halloween and we haven't talked since.. I wanted to swim, the colors were warm. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream with several symbols mixed together, there are some points which stand out. The warm colors and the beautiful hidden scenery are a moderately positive sign indicating soon gaining some material wealth or inheritance. The deepness of the clear pool suggests trying, and succeeding, in finding an answer to a question that has haunted you for some time. In this case, the feeling of wanting to share the place you found with someone you are in love with suggests it is about him. Maybe you have been hesitant to get too close for fear of being rejected or maybe he has been involved with someone else. In either case, this vision predicts getting some answer, whether it is positive or negative, which allows you to finally feel at peace.
A large house with hidden rooms Repeated dream about a very large house with large hidden bedrooms. Dreaming of being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like a dwelling you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to become a part of your life. The large hidden rooms envisioned in the same dream are an indication of your capacity for love as well as readiness to welcome this individual or these people into your life.
Unable to take an elevator or use stairs I was in a busy area like mines, with my boss, we were in an elevated area, or upper floors, trying to take the elevator to the other upper floor. The elevator behaves strangely, so we cannot get in. While taking the steps to the lower floor, the steps lock up so we cannot move down. To interpret this dream in a meaningful way, we should look at this vision in reverse. Being unable to move floors because the stairs are blocked and the elevator does not work suggests you are currently bored with the routines of your life. You may have a lot of tedious assignments that need to be done, but nothing that you feel is challenging or improving you. The image of being on a high-level floor indicates that where you are now in your life, be it at work or your general position in society, is as far as you can go with your current skills and attitude. The mines represent a subconscious, unrecognized desire to do anything it takes to get further, even if it is illegal. Therefore, this dream may be a warning to carefully consider your next actions and to check if there are other options for improvement that do not involve breaking the law.
Waiting for a performance to starts in a furnished room I was in an upstairs room. There was a stage across, disjointed from the room, but could be viewed from there. The seats were different kinds of sofas and chairs, that were arranged not facing the stage but sideways. Shabby rugs were thrown over them. I was reserving seats for my family members by just being there. There is one friend who owns a cafe there and is busy getting the meals ready. Slowly people begin coming in and the seats fill up except for a few of the 40 seats. The performance does not happen, but I am walking outside looking for a rubbish bin to dispose of a brown paper bag. Seeing furniture in general in a dream is a reflection of existing obstacles and roadblocks in the way of doing things, complications while trying to achieve something important or difficulties related to inability to move forward at this moment in your waking life. Seeing furniture in a dream is also a reflection of the way your perceive the world around you. Images of furniture are reflections of how you structure your world around you, with sacral and everyday symbols, male and female elements, the symbols of the past and the future. The arrangement of furniture in this dream represents structure of the outside world as you see it in your mind as well as relationships and connections in regards to other people present in your existence. The anticipation of the performance you and your family were waiting for is most likely an event or circumstance you and your relatives are anxiously waiting to happen, but there could be a few things which need to be completed before it actually takes place.
A big mansion which looked unnatural A huge mansion, but inside the floors are made of paper scaffolding and everything seems fake. Dreaming of being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like the house you envisioned in your dream, could be a sign that you may soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life. At the same time, you are probably not particularly ready or willing to establish this new relationship, as the fake elements of interior suggest. It could also be that someone you used to know in the past has surfaced recently trying to reconnect with you, but you feel that they no longer interest you or deserve any of your time and attention.
Building an apartment complex and failing at it My girlfriend built an apartment complex and it turned out great. So she built another one, which was flooded by heavy rain and washed away. Seeing someone building a house predicts upcoming changes in your life, usually positive in nature. This most likely means you are about to receive a promotion you have been hoping for or make some other financial gains. However, the image of the second house being flooded and washed away suggests some struggle between good and evil. You may have selfish desires you wish to fulfill with your newfound wealth instead of saving it or sharing it with the rest of your family. You may need to use a lot of self-discipline to avoid spending the money solely on yourself.
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