Ex-boyfriend fighting with another person and then appearing at the altar In the dream it was like I was on a battlefield, it was a red sky and my ex-boyfriend was there, he grabbed this guy who didn't seem to care and was almost apathetic. He looked familiar to me and I was worried. Mike was going to hurt him or kill him, he had the guy under him and he pulled out a wet cloth and wrung it out on him right over his chest and has this jealous but broken look in his eyes, like he knew what I was thinking like he was going to hurt him but he didn't. Then I woke up and I had a vision of Mike standing at an altar in a church looking like a groom at a wedding, he was happy. Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream is a bad sign. If you are currently seeing someone else, it could mean that this relationship could be in jeopardy or failing, which may eventually lead to a separation from or breakup with your current lover. The potential breakup is not only due to your unfair comparisons of the current boyfriend to the previous one, but rather related to the fact that you might actually be dissatisfied or unhappy with your current boyfriend. Alternatively, you could be overly nostalgic about the previous relationship and focusing on these feelings might cause major interferences with your current relationship. Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend marrying someone you do not know is a sign of your forgiveness towards someone who once made a big mistake which greatly affected your life and almost brought you down, this could be your ex-boyfriend himself based on the description of your dream.
Boyfriend saying he has another girlfriend My love telling me he has a girlfriend and he described her to me. Dreaming that your boyfriend or loved one is seeing someone else is often seen as an indication that he may be hiding something from you in real life. It may be that he is purposely trying to keep you in the dark about something important, or it is also possible that he simply did not think you needed or wanted to know about it. However, given that he takes the time to describe the woman to you in your dream vision, whatever issue he brings up is likely to change the course of your relationship, probably for the worse. Disagreements may lead to arguments or bad feelings developing if the two of you cannot communicate openly and find common ground.
Boyfriend with miscarried baby and deceased parents My high school boyfriend was carrying my miscarried baby at a party, his dead parents were by him. There was a large window, he was knocking on it trying to get his families attention. They couldn't see or hear him. This dream vision showing your boyfriend carrying your miscarried baby could serve as a warning that your plans and intentions regarding the future relationship with him could soon be jeopardized, if not crushed completely. If his parents are actually deceased in reality, the image of them in your dream means that something from your boyfriend's past could be preventing him from establishing a serious and meaningful relationship with you. Otherwise, it could be a subconscious reflection of your inability to accept them or existing tensions and misunderstandings which involve you, your boyfriend and his parents.
Staying with ex-boyfriend and seeing flowers in the garden In reality, my boyfriend and I had a separation, almost break-up, but I know we want to get back together. Now stuck. In my dream, we're entering a gate hugging each other, on the long entrance to their mansion. We stayed in his bedroom. When we woke up we went out the hall and met his mom. She was smiling. Me and boyfriend went out walking hugging, to the garden, feel the happiness. There were flower beds. I noticed two. They were planted with white and purple flowers that looked like gladiola. This dream has a number of complicated symbols that conflict with each other. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover who you have had a separation with, even for a short time, indicates that he is often on your mind. However, hugging and intimacy with this person portends some problems with lifestyle or not seeing eye to eye on certain issues, possibly due to not saying everything that needs to be said. Feeling happiness and seeing flowers at the end of the dream represents feelings of peace and tranquility, most likely after a fight or disagreement. In summary, this dream seems to be a subconscious wish to rekindle your relationship with your boyfriend, but also a warning that, in order to make it successful, both parties will need to communicate and compromise with each other.
Hearing about ex-boyfriend from his relatives My dream was about my ex's family. His auntie was telling me how much he misses me being with him. She even told me in the dream that she moved in with his girlfriend. In my dream I was really shocked. She told me she didn't like his new girlfriend that she wishes that me and him went back together. In my dream I was sad because I did or do want him back. Dreaming about your ex and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some interaction with him recently which has brought him to the forefront of your thoughts. The discussion you hold with his aunt represents the thoughts in your own mind going back and forth between wanting him back and not wanting to go through the same troubles again. While this dream vision does not give any indication of whether a rekindling of the relationship would be successful, it does suggest thinking carefully about all the events that characterized your past together before moving ahead.
Spending time with ex-boyfriend and his family Last night I dreamed about the family of ex-boyfriend together my ex-boyfriend. I attend the gathering but I don't know what kind of gathering. Talking, laughing and enjoying time with them. Dreaming about spending time with your ex-boyfriend and his family indicates that he is still on your mind or that you have had some recent interaction with him. Envisioning yourself in a dream talking and enjoying your time together with them may reflect your current feelings about the state of your previous relationship. You may be considering rekindling things, but you may also be hesitant lest the same problems occur. This dream suggests taking the time to consider all aspects of your situation before taking steps forward.
Imaginary boyfriend who is abusive and controlling I dreamed last night that I had a baby girl (I can no longer have babies). I was with an abusive boyfriend, who was muscular and not much taller than myself (not the boyfriend I have now, who is not abusive). In the dream the boyfriend's house was on a remote island. With family and friends. Constantly being emotionally and verbally abused all day. Went into the room where he was where he had me up against the wall strangling me, so I kicked him in the crotch, and hit him in the throat, he punched me across the face, and my friend came and took me, and we escaped with my baby on a seadoo. Dreaming of having a complete stranger as your boyfriend means you could have a tendency to become easily agitated and highly dissatisfied with everything you experience in your life, which may create a lot of conflicts and issues in the relationships with people you know. Having someone as an abusive and controlling boyfriend or having a boyfriend who treats you badly in the dream is a bad sign. It means someone could soon be entering your life and who will turn out to have negative influence on you, causing serious issues and problems to arise. The details of the physical abuse you are providing further indicate that you may be concerned and worried about your physical well-being or possible threats to your health at the moment, not necessarily caused by a person or people, but as a result of poor living conditions or hardships, existing or feared to emerge soon.
Worried about boyfriend's whereabouts and relieved knowing he is ok I haven't seen my boyfriend in about three weeks. I call and I text and I get no reply, we have not been in an argument, we were happy together. I do not know what's happened or if he's okay. I recently texted him "I miss you and hope to hear from you". Then I had a dream I saw someone who looked like him, but then I saw my boyfriend and I was so happy. He also called me in the dream explaining everything and why we lost contact and he got my text and he loves me. What does the dream mean? Having a problem with your boyfriend in real life that is resolved in a dream is most likely a reflection of your hopes and desires. Specifically, you want him to reach out to you instead of you having to contact him. While this vision does not give any indication of what might happen to this relationship, it does suggest that you should consider your own happiness and well-being and not rely entirely on your boyfriend to make you happy.
Chased by dark entity My boyfriend of 15 years and myself were being chased through our house by something that I couldn't see. We were both screaming for our lives. We got to the door and my boyfriend pushed me out. Then I see a black misty fog. My boyfriend pushed me out of the house and he was grabbed and jersey back into the house and then he was gone. This dream vision speaks of incompatibility you may have in this relationship. Even though things seem to work out well between the two of you, there is an obvious presence of external factors affecting you both in a negative way. These could be influences brought about by your families, friends or even physical surroundings you live in. Black color is portentous of worse things to come and you should watch for possible shakeups affecting your relationship, not because of your boyfriend's actions or infidelity, but rather circumstantial contributors.
Being pregnant and not wanting it Right now, I am 18 and in my final year of high school. I dreamt that I felt pregnant exactly this year. I didn't understand, because my boyfriend and I had been using protection. I was so afraid, but then my boyfriend whom I love so much became what I wanted him to become - so much more loving, caring and supportive... What does this mean? In the context of the dream you are describing, the feeling you had about becoming pregnant could signify a great change or shift occurring within the relationship with your boyfriend. It could have positive connotations, such as taking the relationship you have right now to a new level, especially with the note you provided about your final year of high school. Or, it could have some not so pleasant developments, perhaps due to the fact that after he became more caring and supportive, he also lost some of his freedom or personal space and may start thinking of getting some of it back to himself.
Ex-boyfriend cutting fish and wanting to leave I saw my ex-boyfriend cutting more than one fleshy big fish into slices, and after that he wanted to leave me so badly and go to his new girlfriend. I was crying and he kept on going away. Seeing fish being cut into slices by your ex-boyfriend indicates your lingering thoughts about and desire to continue to have sexual relationship with him. However, you also subconsciously reaffirm it to yourself that he has moved on with his life and is now seeing someone else whom he is interested in sexually. You could have also recently become aware of some new developments in his personal life which triggered these visions of being left behind once again.
Talking with ex-boyfriend's lover and being cautious I dreamt about my ex boyfriend. The setting was in a badminton or basketball court and I was having some personal business there when I saw him. Looking at him his face was very sad. Then I approached him. Then he told me the story. It was about his wife who is getting cold with him and he thinks that his wife wants them to part ways. Then I waited for his wife, in my dream we were good friends and she could tell me anything. Then she told me she's with another guy. And she asked me not to tell her husband that she's pregnant. Then I found myself embracing my ex boyfriend and crying with him. This dream has a number of complicated symbols that conflict with each other. Seeing yourself with a boyfriend or lover who you have had a separation with indicates that he is often on your mind. These thoughts, however, may garner some negative reactions from those around you, which is symbolized by the badminton court. Your conversation with your ex-boyfriend, specifically his indication of the difficulties he is having with his wife, suggests you want to open a line of communication with him, even though he may be in a relationship with someone else. Both the hugging and intimacy at the end of the vision portend some problems with lifestyle or not seeing eye to eye on certain issues with this person, possibly due to having communication problems in the past.
Discovering that the boyfriend is bisexual I was laying next to this guy after we had sex and I dreamed that he was pressing into my belly button.... After that, I had another dream about this girl telling me he is bisexual and I asked him in the dream. He said yes and I told him that's a turn off and I left. Images of relaxing or lying in bed after having sex with someone are usually symbolic of happy tidings and favorable developments occurring or soon to happen in your waking life. The notion of him pressing into your belly button also symbolizes some early signs or opportunities in your life which only you could pay attention to and use in order to reach these auspicious outcomes, perhaps offered to you not once, but on multiple occasions by now. However, the second vision you are describing has strong indications that you either missed on this opportunity already, or let it pass you by because you are not willing or hesitant to accept this chance for reasons only you know.
Boyfriend telling to wait longer for his return I had a dream that my boyfriend who is away told me he will be back in the summertime, but in reality he is supposed to be back now. If you were expecting your boyfriend to be back with you by now, and he is still away, contrary to what he may have promised to you, this dream vision serves as a reflection of your anxiety and worries about his whereabouts, devotion and sincerity. You could be subconsciously suspecting that he is intentionally delaying coming back for reasons of infidelity or because he may be seeing someone else, but at the same time, you could be just overreacting and being impatient while he has some other equally important obligations and commitments to follow through.
Boyfriend trying to kill Kicking a boyfriend out for putting some one up to try to kill me. Dreaming that your boyfriend hired someone to kill you is an ill omen indicating the rise of negative energy in the form of a person or people in your waking life. This person, likely a newcomer, may coerce you into doing things your would not normally do or sabotage your efforts to improve yourself while working behind your back. In both cases, their interference could spell disaster in your life if they are not removed or taken care of quickly.
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