A white hawk that looks like an owl I dreamt of a very large white owl (the size of 40cm tall and 20cm wide) flying low overhead looking down at me. When I woke in the morning I walked my dog and a smaller bird looked like a white owl was actually white hawk perched on top of a dead tree looking down at me. What does it mean? The white owl in your dream vision refers to an intimate relationship with someone you admire. The size of the owl means this romance will loom large in your life and affect you in profound ways. Unfortunately, there will be people trying to break up this relationship. Most notably, the hawk perched on top of a dead tree forewarns hardship due to an individual who will take advantage of you. This relationship could be used against you, perhaps because it is inappropriate or by twisting it into something malicious. Either way, you need to remain alert about unscrupulous individuals trying to draw sensitive information from you because this could then be used to smear your reputation.
A white large bird sitting and staring Dream meaning of seeing a bird sitting still, it was alive but seemed it had almost died. It was looking at me, white with little gray color. it was a rather large bird. A white bird is an auspicious dream symbol referring to a blessing about to come your way. The fact that the bird is large means this good news will have a huge impact in your life. It could be material gain or an old friend entering your life once more. However, you need to be on the lookout and be ready to receive this blessing, otherwise it will become a missed opportunity. This is illustrated by its fragile state of health in your vision. Sometimes, your overly cautious nature could waste this chance to enrich your life.
A hen drowning in water A brown chick pushed its mother hen into a bowl of water and the hen drowned, my sis removed the drowned hen from the water but it was already dead. A dream that centers around the image of someone trying to save a hen could be interpreted as a warning sign. This symbol probably refers to an individual who has been leading or supporting your sister in reality. If you are the one who is mentoring your sister, the two of you would need to work together and assist each other in order to overcome some current or future hardship. If that assistant is somebody else, this vision is telling you to encourage your sister to be open and honest with her tutor or mentor so that the two of them would be able to tackle the issue.
A bird unable to fly I dreamt myself and a man found two birds entangled by the feet in electrical wire. Once freed, the man threw one up in the air to fly but It started to fall. I caught it in my hand and it was now a fluffy white chick. This dream can be interpreted as a sign of soon reaching success. Birds foretell of upcoming episodes in your private time or work life that would bring you many positive benefits. After seeing this vision, you may find that you are more lucky than normal. Now is a good time to take chances or participate in games of chance, like the lottery. Presumably, you would achieve great results in whatever you initiate. However, it would also be wise to be cautious. The other symbol in your dream, the failure of the fledgling to fly, may predict failing to accomplish your dreams if you neglect paying attention to every detail before taking action.
Saving a dying bird Hey, I'm female. So much was happening in the dream but what I recall the most is that I saved a bird's life. There were people all around us, most of them were faces I recognized. I don't know what we were doing there but I found the bird on the ground hurt, dying. I picked it up and helped it, I was panicking wanting it to be okay and the bird gained consciousness and was completely healed. I was happy, kept it until it could fly on its own and let it fly away at a bridge. Being around people you know in the dream realm represents your subconscious attempts to draw on the strength and love those relationships provide for you in wake life. While you may not want or need to ask these particular individuals for help in reality, their presence likely acts as a balm on your tired and weary soul. This is symbolized by the seemingly injured bird. You may currently be dealing with some very tragic or harrowing situations, like the loss of a loved one or a missed opportunity to do something great. Your sadness may even seem palpable to those closest to you. However, the miraculous recovery of the bird suggests you would be able to find peace and solace with time.
A bald eagle flying into the window In my dream my son pointed out the living room window and said something was coming, I looked and there was a huge bald eagle flying straight at us through thick fog. I thought it was going to hit the window then I woke. Unfortunately, the living room window in your dream suggests failure and huge losses. The bald eagle represents a powerful enemy who would swoop in and kick you while you are down. For instance, your business could be severely hampered by financial issues with the risk of going bankrupt. You could also have an idea of a possible business and someone would snatch this from you, possibly because of a betrayal from someone you trust. Finally, the thick fog means your enemy will exploit your weakness. It is while you are at your low point, saddled by multiple personal and professional problems, when this unscrupulous person would make your life much worse.
Forced to buy a black owl A black owl is sold to me by an elder woman. I am hesitant to make the purchase but my husband convincingly suggests to continue since money has been exchanged. It then flies directly on my shoulder after the transaction. I am emotionally uncomfortable with the site of the owl. It appears to be a hybrid of an unidentifiable animal but in appearance, mostly an owl. It is very black and short in stature with white eyes and large claws. I feel aggression by owl to my black cat on my lap. I wake up. The combination of symbols and imagery in your dream vision paints a bleak prediction of your immediate future. The black owl alludes to negative thoughts and self-destructive behavior, while the elderly woman represents your spiritual guide. Your faith will be tested by an abundance of temptation in the form of bad vices like smoking or gambling. It may seem justified to succumb to bad habits in order to escape your problems, but it will only lead to more suffering. The root of your problems is the black cat which signifies a powerful enemy. This well-connected person may be making life difficult for you and your helplessness is driving you into self-destruction. Unfortunately, destroying yourself will guarantee victory for your rivals. Instead of escapism, perhaps finding allies will help you fight your enemies and keep your personal demons at bay.
Birds and worms Chicken feet, worms and an owl with worms. These are symbols connected to your household, they indicate your ability to provide for the needs of your household members or for yourself using your ingenuity and sound financial decisions.
Catching a parrot I caught a nice gentle parrot and put him under my shirt. He was very gentle and seemed to like being pressed against my body and I took him to my father's house (he passed while he was old and asked if I would keep him company about that time). My present day grandson pops out and says "Let me see him" and I awake. The friendly parrot in your dream is a metaphor for a suffocating or toxic relationship. You may be interested in someone, whether in a friendly or romantic way, but this seems to be an unhealthy attachment. The person in question is likely playing mind games with you to assert their power over you. Alternatively, Jung associated birds with idealism, so perhaps the presence of the parrot as well as your father points to your childhood ambitions. The time is now or never and the window of opportunity is closing for you to give your dreams another chance.
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