Owls and chicken I had a dream where my husband, son (a lot younger) and me in our backyard watching a bunch of young chickens. My son screams the name of one of the chickens and runs to it crying. He picks it up and it is missing its head. I tell my husband it's the owls. I see movement of flapping wings in a tree and tell him to get a gun. Then it looks around the tree and looks right at me. I notice two big owls and then two small owls. The big one screeched. We never did shoot them because I woke up. Headless chickens in dreams symbolize irrationality and chaotic thoughts. Meanwhile, owls are usually associated with intellect which, when communicated the wrong way, can sometimes come off as condescending. When combined, these symbols can suggest upcoming conflict with another family or group who may be trying to undermine, according to your way of thinking, your or your loved ones' well-being. Alternatively, the chickens could be alluding to past issues and unresolved problems which are affecting your current mindset. Your deep-seated irrational fears may be clouding your judgment when dealing with your current situation at home. Perhaps the rational and level-headed part of you is urging you to stop dwelling in past mistakes and instead use the lessons learned to avoid making the same errors.
Birds landing to be fed I was looking up into the sky to watch a flock of birds, several white dove-like birds, one large swan (long neck), a black bird and a medium orange bird. I called them to me as there was a pond of water nearby, they all landed, I proceeded to get near to them a feed them. Then the dream was over. The big black bird seemed showy, flapping its wings, the orange was shy, white hungry, but scared. In general, feeding birds in dreams means you would be hosting a party or event in the near future. This big social gathering is likely a get-together party or a reunion of sorts. In that context, the different types of birds you saw in your dream vision represents the various friends and acquaintances who would attend your event. Specifically, the doves refer to peaceful and diplomatic personalities. Meanwhile, the black swan symbolizes a mysterious individual who appears charming yet has the potential to be dangerous. Finally, the orange bird is usually the generous and kindhearted friend in your social circle.
A pigeon on the head I dreamt I was lying down and a pigeon tried to touch my head with its claw and I grabbed it and bit its head off. Birds seen near the head in a dream are often thought to predict death, particularly the passing of the one who was touched by the bird. In this case, however, the act of biting off the head of the bird could be interpreted as a sign that either you would survive whatever was supposed to threaten your life or that your success and personality would ward off any evil spirits with ill intentions. As such, you should continue to live your life to the fullest and not worry so much about your mortality.
With bald eagles on top of a mountain Hi, I am a female who had a dream that I was on a rooftop with a beautiful view of a mountain top that was luscious and had a climbing trail for hikers and bikers. When I turned to get the whole panoramic view, there was a large nest with a family of bald eagles. The baby eagle flew but fell on top of me which made me fall. The mom came and retrieved the baby. Then both parents flew and stood on either side of me. Both were intimidating and tall, yet gently bowed and touched me and flew back. The mountain top you saw in your dream vision represents your current goal. The fact that you were looking at the summit from a rooftop means you are already well-prepared to take on the challenges of achieving your dream. Adding a little bit of luck to your admirable work ethic, razor-sharp focus and commendable social skills, you would rise to the top of your contemporaries in your chosen field. Perhaps you would become the boss of your company, the owner of a successful business venture or a well-respected innovator. Whatever the case may be, your future is rife with possibilities and potential as you hold positions of power. In that sense, the bald eagles represent powerful rivals who would try to prevent your progress or ascent. The baby eagle could be your main competitor for a position or promotion you have been eyeing. This baby eagle may be deemed qualified not by merit, but by pedigree. If you manage to thwart and outperform this contender, that is when you would earn the respect of those around you.
A deer with ravens on its antlers I dreamed of a deer with golden antlers, and on both antlers was a raven with white eyes. The deer looked at me in the eyes but I saw then myself through the eyes of the deer shining with a bright light. A deer in dreams generally predicts stability for married dreamers and strong social connections for unmarried dreamers. Meanwhile, a raven portends tragedies or accidents in reality. Having those two symbols in your dream may be an indication of an upcoming upheaval in your life. Perhaps your quiet and peaceful existence would be shattered by a surprising turn of events. Seeing yourself through the eyes of the deer, bathed or shining with bright light, could mean that you would have to journey within yourself during this period of uncertainty. Perhaps years of living comfortably and free of conflict made you soft and incapable of withstanding too much stress and pain. As such, you would have to dig deep in order to find the courage needed to get you through those trying times.
Colorful birds and wine bottles in a nest A vibrant bird sitting on a nest, very brilliant yellow feathers, size of a pheasant, the nest was on a shelf to the right of my bed. Then, a small brown bird sitting on the nest, the yellow bird had gone to the back of the shelf. Next, 2 bottles of wine sticking out of the nest, then a yellow-feathered bird flies into the room breaking a wing, woke up with the yellow bird staring intently at me, creepy. The yellow bird in your dream represents optimism and ambition. You likely have a lot of goals and aspirations. Unfortunately, a broken wing can mean obstacles that may either slow you down from pursuing your passions or make it more difficult for you to go after your dreams. For example, there may be an incident which would obligate you to take care of others and put your dreams in the backseat for a while. In that context, the small, brown bird symbolizes domestication and practicality. In relation to the first symbol, you may have no choice but to set aside your own wants and needs for the moment in order to attend to more urgent matters. Perhaps you are getting married soon or a family member would need care and support from you. Finally, the wine bottles allude to either hedonism or refusing to settle. While your responsibilities are clear to you, you cannot help but feel like your freedom is being smothered and you are not able to realize your full potential because of your present circumstances.
Cuddling with a tropical bird A colorful, tropical-looking bird about the size of a parrot swooped down to cuddle with me the way a playful kitten would. A colorful or multi-colored tropical bird in dreams often alludes to a blossoming romance. You could meet someone new in reality and instantly hit it off. The way the bird nuzzled you in the dream vision could mean that this person would slowly tear down your defenses and bring out your softer and more caring side. This could take you by surprise as the encounter may happen when you least expect it or it may occur in an unexpected place. In addition, exotic birds also signify letting go of the past and focusing on your present so you can enjoy what opportunities life would bring. Perhaps this is your subconscious telling you to be open to new experiences and meeting new people.
Four cardinal birds Seeing 4 red cardinals (birds). Birds are often associated with hopes and dreams, possibly shedding light on some goal you have for yourself or an ideal you wish to achieve. The four birds may each represent a certain hope or they may be facets of one single goal, different benchmarks you would have to meet before completing the whole. The red color of the birds and the fact that they were cardinals may represent your passion and energy in your pursuit. You would not be satisfied until everything is accomplished just as you imagined. On one hand, this means you are driven and willing to do what it takes to succeed. On the other hand, however, it could suggest you are stubborn and may become frustrated if not everything goes exactly according to plan. While you should try to hold onto the energy that pushes you forward, it would be wise to make sure that you allow yourself some extra room for minor deviations or mistakes. No one is perfect, and pretending otherwise may hurt you more that it helps in the long run.
A soft baby owl I was being handed a soft baby owl and was woken up just before I touched it, I was ridiculously upset for weeks after. A baby owl represents a burgeoning idea, insight or awareness. This means that you are holding on to something that is not yet fully developed. It could be the seed of a business idea or a plan that could get you closer to your desired career path. The soft baby owl is also associated with focus and perseverance. In order to take this germinating idea into a fully-realized business plan, actionable goal or a clear path of enlightenment and learning, you have to cultivate it by developing your own skills, asking for help from qualified people and ultimately to give this sprout the proper time and effort it deserves.
Fighting with a peacock On a lawn of a church that is on an intersection near my childhood home. Wearing a white dress, innocent, nostalgic. Heard a screech of a peacock, it lands, looks me in the eye. I was excited, then cautious, suddenly it attacked me, we fought, it walked away. I tried to coax it into opening its feathers even lifting the longest one. We fought again, it never opened its tail. A white dress denotes a momentous event with the possibility of changing the course of your life. This is also why there is an intersection in your vision, meaning you have a big decision to make. Each choice entails various positive and negative repercussions. The presence of the peacock means this choice has something to do with your aspirations. You would soon start chasing your dreams in earnest and you would have to struggle along the way. The peacock's reluctance to open its feathers means your dream would not come easy, you need to find a more strategic way or be more creative with your methods if you want to have a chance at succeeding.
Owls landing on the roof Hi, my dream was about heaps of owls landing on roof tops. Looked European-style roofs. I was in an open area court yard. I lied down in a garden bed, pulled a sheet over me so I can watch them without disturbing them. One then flew down and landed on me and touched with its beak gently. They were white, grey and other colors. Watching a group of owls or a parliament of owls on the roof means you are seeking advice from people wiser and more experienced than you are. This is also an indication of your admiration for intelligent and accomplished individuals whom you aspire to emulate and hope to achieve the kind of success they attained. However, lying down on the garden suggests comfort and contentment. Rather than taking a risk in order to accomplish your goals, you prefer staying in your comfort zone and quietly supporting your idols. So when one of the owls actually went down to touch you with its beak, it implies a fortuitous moment in which fate would allow you to cross paths with one of your heroes who would possibly become your mentor. Whether or not you grab or waste this opportunity is up to you to decide.
A small bird turning into a wasp I picked up an injured tiny little bird and it turned into a huge wasp and it laid an egg in my hand. An injured or wounded bird in dreams represents a tumultuous period ahead of you. Its transformation into a huge wasp refers to a damaging gossip. Combined, these two dream symbols paint a negative turn of events that would stem from your innate kindness. You would be generous enough to help out a friend, unfortunately this would be taken the wrong way and used against you to make you seem like the villain. So when the wasp laid an egg in your hand, it means you would be overcome by fury because of the betrayal of your trusted friend.
Two hawks and a snake Two hawks staring down at a snake, one coming towards me as if to warn me or get to know me. I am a woman. The hawks in your vision allude to some individuals in your life who are hoping to take advantage of you in some way. Alerting you to the danger posed by the snake may be their way of getting you to trust them. For example, these men or women may pretend to point out someone who is spreading gossip behind your back when they in fact are the ones starting the rumors. You may want to distance yourself from them and take some time to determine who your real friends are.
A sparrow in the eye An old owl, an old sparrow, 2 ducks, the sparrow flew on my shoulder an stuck his head in my eye an sat there till I pulled him out and gently set him down, and fed them bird seed. The birds in your dream represent different personalities in your life. Specifically, the owl represents a wise individual who has a tendency to be condescending and perhaps even verbally abusive. The sparrow symbolizes a free spirit, preferring to be independent rather than be part of groups. Finally, the ducks represent reconciliation with your enemies. You will come across these people soon and they will have something valuable to teach you. For whatever reason, you need them in your life at the moment to give you clarity about your plans for the future.
A white parrot Had a dream that I went back to my family's old house in Florida. I remember being there with my brother and my dad. I opened up the closest door and there was a white parrot. I remember speaking to it but I forgot what it said in return. Then a lady showed up whom my dad apparently sold the house to. Apparently it was her parrot. She lived in the house with her son. I remember picking up some cards in the house which apparently belonged to me. Then I remember picking up a guitar and playing. Dreaming of your former house, like your childhood home, indicates nostalgia. This can be triggered by real-world stress, such as at work or in your personal relationships, which makes you want to run away to simpler, more innocent times. However, if the house has been bought in your vision, then it means you do not have the luxury of escaping your problems. You are fully immersed in your responsibilities and avoiding them will just worsen your problems, especially if you have other people depending on you. Then there is the parrot which represents gossip or a rumor-monger. Someone is just waiting for you to drop your defenses before they attack. Any sign of weakness will be used to tarnish your credibility. There is the possibility of losing all you worked hard for if you decide to turn your back on your problems. Meanwhile, the guitar represents a blossoming relationship. So, if you combine this with the previous dream symbols, it means you would rather choose love over a stressful and challenging career.
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