A parrot and a baby penguin My friend with benefits and I had a home together. Her dog and my dog were there and there was also a parrot flying around. A man knocked on the door and gave her a newly hatched baby penguin. The parrot tried to eat the penguin and I woke up. Envisioning yourself living with a lover in a dream often represents your desire to receive more attention or affection from this particular individual. This could mean she is withholding love, but more likely it suggests you wish, at least subconsciously, that your connection would grow and deepen. The hatched baby penguin may be interpreted as the manifestation of your desire to have a baby and start a family. If you wish to pursue this goal, it may take some time, patience and effort.
A parakeet flying free In my dream I was introduced to a light blue parakeet with white pied wings and head, sitting on a perch. I kept trying to play with and engage the parakeet and became aware I wasn't supposed to. After I stopped trying, the parakeet immediately somersaulted toward me and was traveling with me. I looked up and saw the parakeet flying free with a full wingspan upward toward the top of a utility green pole. I woke and slept several times and the dream continued where it left off. A parakeet sitting on a perch could signify an upcoming period filled with great disappointment or sadness. While a very generic symbol, the later imagery points to more specific and sinister forces at work. Seeing a parakeet flying free may allude to facing immediate danger to either your physical safety or personal finances, likely as a result of overlooking obviously sketchy surroundings or being too trusting of shady individuals. In another interpretation, it may also be a sign of crossing paths with a convicted felon or a stranger with criminal past, mainly because of bad timing or circumstantial factors outside your control.
Saving a baby owl I am trying to reunite a baby owl with its mother. I am cupping this little furry ball, the baby owl, in my hands. I am making owl hoots, to attract the mother but there is an enormous cat and disgusting big black bird which makes me uncertain what to do with the baby owl. It ends up with me opening this big book and what looks like a kind of shell falling out of the book. The multiple symbols in your dream share the theme of learning. Trying to reunite a baby owl with its mother alludes to your desire to focus and stay true to the path of enlightenment and learning. However, the presence of the cat and the black bird represents the obstacles to your quest for knowledge. The cat symbolizes independence and being a free spirit. Perhaps you are struggling to reconcile theoretical and classical learning with experiential and practical knowledge. Furthermore, the black bird alludes to dark moods and a lack of motivation, representing the times when you probably lose sight of your goals. Finally, the book symbolizes your ultimate goal for learning. The overall vision seems to point to your determination that in the end you would know which path to follow.
A fight between an owl and an eagle An owl and an eagle fighting. Seeing an owl and an eagle fighting is the manifestation of your struggle with injustice in the world. Specifically, this symbol represents your attempts to fight back against bullies and other who are intolerant by standing up to them and defending those who are weaker. Your efforts are likely to earn you the respect and appreciation of those you help, but you may face hardship from broken relationships with those who are not as morally inclined to act as you.
Crows inside the house I dreamt that inside my house there were two crows flying and then one of them stands in front of me and keeps looking at me eye to eye. What does this means? Will I strike lottery? A dream wherein you see crows inside your home has negative connotations. In the dream world, crows symbolize dire warnings. It seems that there are some evil forces at work which could put you in great danger. Make sure you keep yourself alert for any mishaps and focus on keeping yourself safe. Since you found the crows inside your home, it could very well point that any problems which you may face are due to an individual you are pretty close to, someone familiar to you, but who may be acting to cause havoc in your life.
An owl landing on the shoulder I was sitting in a car late at night when I saw an owl flying around outside. All of a sudden it swooped down and landed on my shoulder, but was still flapping its wings. Envisioning an owl landing on your shoulder in a dream represents regaining wisdom. There may have been a flop in your current projects or the ways you do things, which you have managed to get valuable insights from and successfully resolve the problem you were facing. Your good wits may have saved you from unpleasant consequences and allowed to move on with your plans and goals.
Crows trying to communicate with father Two crows came to my father, sat on my father's hand and were trying to say something. We all thought it was my father's parents and they were trying to say something to my father. Seeing your father and crows together in a dream generally represents a warning, suggesting that you may find yourself in an extremely complicated situation or dilemma when you would need good advice from the people closest to you. It could also be indicative of the fact that there are evil forces at work which could ultimately put you in grave danger. After experiencing this vision, try to be more alert and focus on keeping yourself safe.
Catching and releasing a pigeon I caught a pigeon, then after a while I saw my grandparents at work, then I found myself letting the pigeon go. Your dream of catching a pigeon probably points to your tendency to either believe in rumors or spread gossip. You may secretly find joy in hearing juicy information about others even when you know participating in gossip can have negative consequences, especially for those involved. As such, seeing your grandparents in the same dream calls your rational side because your grandparents represent wisdom. Hence, your subconscious is reminding you to exercise prudence in those situations.
Black owls landing on bed My niece keeps dreaming of black owls landing on her bed and walking around staring at her, then they fly away. I asked her how many, she keeps saying 4,8,9,10, 11. Same every time I ask. We have "gifts" in our family, through generations. I know this is a major symbol, but usually means death or something bad coming. I could use more specifics on this dream please. The images of black owls can be harbingers of death and darkness in the dream world. However, they can also symbolize negative thoughts and self-destructive behavior. As such, the owls landing on the bed in your niece's dream may be referring to her emotional distress or growing anger. Something or someone may be making her question her beliefs and causing her to slowly lose her self-confidence. Without proper guidance, she may continue into a downward spiral of depression marked by moments of rage. The increasing number of owls landing on her bed therefore means that she may be getting closer to her limit, which could push her over the edge soon. It is therefore crucial to coax her to open up about her personal issues to get to the root of the problem.
Trying to help an injured crow An abandoned building with barrels strewn outside, they blew up as a man was showing or guiding me around the area. Two crows flew into air and headed for me, one injured being guided by the other. The injured crow landed in my arms. I am always happy to see crows, so I was very distressed that it was hurt and trying to get it medical help, but the man with me wouldn't or couldn't drive me to a vet. I felt sad and panicky. I turned and asked another person to help, but my alarm woke me up. The overall message of your dream seems to be a severance of ties. Specifically, the abandoned building suggests an encounter which would lead to a lot of dissatisfaction with the actions of a close friend or a trusted individual. You could lose the support of this confidante after a series of emotional outbursts and confrontations. The aftermath of those incidents likely makes reconciliation next to impossible. Furthermore, black birds, and crows in particular, allude to powerful rivals. Not only would you be forced to sever ties with a close friend, but this ally could become an adversary. The ultimate betrayal is the fact that this man (or woman) has gained your trust to the point of being almost irreplaceable and yet in the end you have to part ways on bad terms.
An eagle making feel comfortable I walked into a room, there were many animals, different species, felt worried like I have to help them out. As I was looking around to see where should I start, one bird (a young eagle?) picked me rather. Sat on my shoulder giving nice, warm, soft feeling on my neck, I might have giggled, it was so nice. The bird was white and large size. Seemed very pleased like it waited to find me and I felt I should make the bird feel safe, comfortable. It wouldn't go when I tried setting it free. Seeing a room full of animals in your dream symbolizes human nature, gut instincts and primitive needs. Meanwhile, the young eagle that landed on your shoulders represents your ambitions and desire to succeed. As such, this dream likely means that in order for you to attain success or move a little closer to you dreams, you may need to transcend your primal instincts, or at least be able to control your urges. Discipline and focus are two attributes that are also associated with eagles, so perhaps having the eagle on your shoulder is the burden you must bear if you wish to get to the next level.
Flocks of birds in a stormy weather I was dreaming of seeing lots of birds, one flock is settling on the ground and lots also in other flock are flying in a hurry as if scared them. And when I looked up I saw the sky with waves and in a stormy condition and became frightened of the situation. I was running to look for or be with my children. Seeing a flock of birds in your dream is an allusion to irrational decisions and biased views. There could be a lot of changes or events happening around you with negative ramifications for you and your family. Likewise, the stormy sky portends troubling times ahead. This possible paradigm shift in the waking world is making you anxious and apprehensive about the future. Perhaps this dream vision is preparing you for the worst-case scenario.
An eagle attacking while shopping I had a dream I was going to the store for some milk, but they didn't have the milk I wanted on the shelf, so the worker had to get it for me. But I was outside the store and an eagle was carrying a stork trying to peck me on my had. The common themes of your dream seem to play around the concepts of motherhood and birth. Milk refers to your nurturing nature and maternal instincts. Specifically, buying milk in your dream scenario portends unfortunate circumstances that could cause serious financial constraints for you and your family. Perhaps another baby is on the way, as depicted by the stork, and you may not have the means to adequately provide for the needs of your children. On the brighter side, seeing an eagle carrying a stork could also be an allusion to the birth of an idea or finding inspiration to fulfill your aspirations. This would allow you to augment your income and keep supporting your loved ones.
An eagle with a broken wing I dreamed about an eagle. Had one broken wing. Kept falling down to the ground. The eagle in your dream is a symbol of an upcoming period of grief caused by misfortune. You could face difficult circumstances brought about by those who are close to you or arising from your own carelessness while dealing with certain situations. Seeing the eagle having a broken wing and falling down to the ground in your dream vision connotes hopelessness regarding people or things that you value. Moreover, it is an indication of great suffering, so you may need to prepare yourself in order to handle what awaits you.
A bird of paradise in a swimming pool A beautiful bird of paradise sat on a big tree in between two branches. I went and touched its beak or nose and then it flies down to a swimming pool which it normally swims in. It dived in the pool and came out on the other side of the pool and shook off the water and stayed there. Seeing a bird of paradise in the dream world alludes to your soul. Thus, the bird's action of diving into the swimming pool is a metaphor for cleansing. You could be in the process of getting rid of clutter, both externally and internally, to free up space which you can allocate to more productive and positive pursuits. Alternatively, the pool may point to a passionate, yet short-lived love affair. It would consume you whole and once it ends, you would be forever changed as a person.
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