Owls transforming into human beings Two owls suddenly stopped me in my tracks, then they both suddenly turned into human form and spoke to me saying they are my guardians. Seeing multiple owls can represent an aspect of your personality which is happy to help others in need. This generosity may be one of your best attributes or a trait which has, until now, been under-utilized. In either case, watching the owls transform and their identification as your guardians could point to making powerful friends because of your good deeds. Those whom you once helped may now be the ones who come to your aid.
An owl with fledglings An adult owl appears white in color and with it are two babies All I remember thinking how majestic they were. 1 baby I kept having to put it back in the nest. To see a white owl in your dream is a sign of meeting a potential romantic partner. You may have set your sights on someone you admire and this vision shows that a relationship with this person would be complementary and beneficial for the both of you. Given enough time to blossom and develop, it could lead to a committed partnership. Alternatively, owls also represent intelligence and surveillance, such that their appearance in dreams suggests a revelation of secrets or the discovery of unsavory information. The owlets or owl fledglings are the pieces of advice you may receive in relation to the potential partner or the acquired information. A trusted friend or mentor can help you decide on your next course of action.
Owls killing each other 2 smaller owls flew into a house to set up a nest. About several hours later 2 barn owls moved into the same space. Shortly later you could hear and sense a struggle. Barn owls killed the smaller ones. A male barn then flew across the street. Meanwhile, someone had the bodies of the smaller owls and we're going to take them home to possibly stuff. Owls are wise creatures, so seeing them attack and kill fledglings or smaller-sized owls in your dream suggests intellectual discourse. You may be embracing questioning recent viewpoints or perspectives in life in favor of long-held beliefs. The death of the owls is symbolic of a transformation occurring within you and letting go of undesirable personal traits and attitudes. Alternatively, this vision could also point to your power of observation and presence of mind in identifying and resolving a budding problem, such as early detection of a potential health issue or resolving a kink that could have messed up you entire your project.
A white owl dying on the floor I dreamed I walked into a room and a white owl swooped down from a mantel and ended up on the floor wrapped in a blanket. I unwrapped it and it was dying and it was pleading for help to survive. I had no idea what to do, but I wanted to save it. White owls usually represent the other party in an intimate relationship, especially in cases where your current or potential partner is someone you truly admire and respect beyond your feelings of love. However, watching the owl swoop down and then seeing it dying suggest something interfering with the relationship. It could be something completely outside of your control, like a job far away, or something connected to the relationship itself, like a difference in beliefs. In either case, your desire to save the owl suggests much the same as it may be in the wake life situation, namely that you are willing to do whatever it takes to save your relationship and even make it stronger.
Owl fledglings without a nest Two baby owls not in their nest. The baby owls in your dream that are not in their nest represent misplaced judgment or unwarranted advice. A friend or family member could be concerned about you and may give you an advice or two even if you never asked for it. It may be about a situation concerning your relationship, career or current project. Take their piece of information with a grain of salt because in the end you know more about the situation than anyone else.
Marching pelicans and someone with a pigeon head The first dream was about marching pelicans that tried to attack me, and the second dream was in a classroom where somebody had a pigeon head instead of a human head. Being attacked by pelicans in a dream vision is a negative sign associated with confrontation and bad blood between you and a group of females. This is likely a group you have had some negative contact with in the past, and the cause of this particular incident is probably some action you made against them recently. This is coupled with the image of the pigeon-headed person, which represents the sadness of your current situation and the stress you are currently under. You may need to reevaluate how you interact with others in the future or lay low while the situation sorts itself out.
A dead bird splitting in half I had a dream about a dried bird splitting in half, what does that mean? Dreaming of a dead or dried bird symbolizes the triumph achieved from acting on and overcoming major challenges and hardships. You would successfully win over these complications in a relatively short period of time, quicker than you ever imagined. The bird splitting in half may allude to the two sides of your brain, the creative and the logical, which you need to tap in order to triumph over obstacles.
Running away from and interacting with doves I had a dream I saw a white dove and horse mixed together. Me and my sister were scared, so we started running. Then I saw two white doves, my sister kept running and I stopped, then one dove landed on my shoulder and I started speaking in tongues. Doves represent peace and innocence, while horses are associated with vitality and sexuality. These seemingly opposing symbols point to your struggles with the complexity of your emotions. Perhaps you are battling your personal desires and urges in order to remain in control, this is why you and your sister are running away from the animal hybrid in the dream. The end of the dream wherein a dove lands on your shoulder suggests that you may be able to allow peace and harmony to finally prevail and let that side of you rein in your impulses.
Trying to prepare a dead crow to be cooked My ex husband gave me a dead crow, then my mother makes the crow feather less, like we make chicken ready to cook. Then I saw I throw a flesh of heart of crow from my mouth down. Dreaming about a dead crow symbolizes your ability to overcome hardship and be victorious over the difficulties you face. Given that your ex-husband was the one who presented you with the crow, it may represent moving on past some aspect of that relationship or finding peace with him. Preparing to cook the bird and eating some of it predicts that your newfound tranquility could have positive impacts beyond your social connections, possibly increasing the happiness you feel day-to-day or allowing you to focus on tasks which make you feel productive and efficient.
Bird eggs containing fish I dreamt about a lady who was hungry. I found her two bird eggs on the ground. We checked them with a flashlight to see if they had baby birds in them. She checked one and it did not and the other one I checked had two fish in it. Dreaming about a hungry stranger is the manifestation of your inner sympathetic side which sees "the lack" in the lives of those around you. You may be particularly acute to the needs of the homeless who have little food or no shelter during harsh weather, or you may be sensitive to the youth who lack consistent authority figures to teach them right from wrong. The plain egg that the woman saw represents how this cycle perpetuates due to the way laws and society treat these people, and the fish in your egg show the fear or apprehension that accompanies a new endeavor. Getting involved in such a cause may be rewarding, but it is not without its risks. You should consider those points carefully before committing yourself.
A bus with exotic birds inside driving by I dreamt of a passing bus filled with all kinds of exotic birds. Thank you for your interpretation. A bus passing by in a dream suggests going against the grain. Maybe there are friends or colleagues whom you disagree with. The disagreement could be making you feel out of place. The exotic birds signify high-flying figures, ambitious individuals, and you cannot seem to relate to them. Perhaps this group rubs you the wrong way, unfortunately, you may need to find a common ground with them if you wish to further your career.
Being attacked by an eagle while swimming I was attacked by a black eagle. Before I was going to keep avoiding that eagle. I was taking a bath at that time. I don't know if it was a pond, lake, river or what else. But I only remember that I am taking bath through swimming with a big rock... A black eagle is a highly ominous sign which predicts a new enemy emerging from the shadows, someone who seeks to ruin you and destroy all you love. This is opposed, however, by the image of you bathing in open water, which is a positive symbol associated with the idea of triumph in the face of poor odds. You may find this situation daunting, but you already possess the skills and power to get out of it safely.
A black crow landing on the arm The only thing I remember in the dream is a black crow landing on my left arm. Black birds, and crows in particular, represent the rise of a powerful rival or enemy in your life. This man (or woman) may at first disguise himself as a friend, attempting to be your right-hand man or someone posing to be irreplaceable. However, you should not trust this individual under any circumstances because this relationship is doomed from the very beginning.
Saving a baby bird which falls out of its nest I dreamed a small baby bird fell out of its nest. It was black with a red circle on its cheeks and yellow on its head. The nest was right above where it had fallen, though it looked dead. However, when I picked it up, it was alive and I returned it to its mother and siblings. And this all happened in the backyard of my old house. Dreaming about being in the familiar environment of your old backyard is the result of your subconscious trying to draw strength and comfort, possibly because of a current or upcoming situation which causes you mental stress or anxiety. The bird that fell from the nest further emphasizes this point, adding aspects of sorrow or deep depression. However, not all hope should be lost, as the miraculous recovery of the bird and its reunion with the rest of the family both portend everything working out in the end.
Being scratched by a snowy owl I dreamed of my right hand being scratched by a snowy owl. The owl scratched me with its long dark nails and the wound on my hand was deep. The number of nails was four. Then the owl was kept in a freezer and it shrunk slowly, became featherless at the end. A white owl in a dream usually refers to a healthy romantic bond, however in the context of your dream, the other symbolic meaning of the snowy owl seems to fit this vision better. In your dream, the white owl could represent enlightenment or a discovery of a secret. The aggressive actions of the owl point to the destructive nature of this secret. Knowing about it may cause fear and agitation in you. However, as the dream suggests, the owl meets its demise. In reality, this death means transformation. Once you overcome the negative repercussions of the secret, you could experience a change in your perspective. Whether or not it is for the better, depends on your chosen point of view.
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