A friend giving a haircut and being good at it Someone I know giving another person I know a haircut in my room. But in reality the person cutting the hair isn't a barber. But when I asked everybody around me, he told me he's very good in doing that, and surely he gave the girl a very nice and stylish haircut, but in my room with my own barbering machine. Observing someone having a haircut fixed by another person perceived not to be a barber or hairstylist in a dream is a symbol of this person's (the one whose hair was being cut and styled) submissiveness and lack of initiative. It is possible that this person has been dependent on someone else all his or her life. This person may not have the drive or enthusiasm seen in most people who are strong and independent. Otherwise, the dream vision may indicate the person's sexual deviation or dramatic shift in sexual preference. It could also mean gradually losing touch with the self, that is, becoming more and more dependent on others.
Hair grips stuck inside the skull I was taking hair grips out of a bun, and one was stuck in my skull (seemed like for a long time), which I pulled out, felt it come out my brain and through my skull. This dream could be an indication of your existing worries and concerns about losing control over some important aspect of your life. You could be also preoccupied with solving some important dilemma or making a life-changing decision. Judging by the nature of the objects you saw in this dream, this could develop into a very precarious situation which you should approach carefully and thoughtfully.
Being in a makeup competition and intimidated by other participants In my dream I am doing a makeup competition where you do makeup and special effects makeup, and I get invited by this girl that I know does makeup. And there is anywhere between 5-7 people in this contest and we all stay in this nice underground house. And the first day goes good, I had to borrow some props from other people because I was invited last minute and I had nothing. All of a sudden, the girl has to leave, someone is sick, and I stay with the rest of the people. All of a sudden everyone out there is being mean to me and telling me I can't use their props. I start crying and run away then see the girl, she agrees. This vision is rather disjointed and has mixed symbols, but there are a few points which stand out. Being involved in a competition in a dream vision suggests there are aspects of your personality which crave attention and recognition from others. You likely enjoy being admired for your good qualities and talents. Being underground, however, despite the niceness of the house, points toward some repressed feelings. You may be hiding parts of your true personality because you think others would mock you or dislike you. The multiple events at the end of the dream, someone getting sick, people acting meanly toward you, and crying, all represent the way your mind has been grappling with this problem, going back and forth and over and over the situation. You may want to consider if the image you are projecting is really the person you want to be and if you really only want friends who like that version of you.
A sudden metamorphosis in appearance and being chased I wake up as a fairly slim woman with long, loosely curled hair, light brown, with a streak of bright red, hair in it, wearing a leather jacket, heeled boots, some kind of dress. It feels like a "new reality", I make my own movements. I look in a mirror in an office bathroom, and I don't look like my normal self, darker eyes, skin-tone is less pale, different face. I like what I see. I then met with a woman, asking what happened to my old body, she then wants me captured. I jump out the window, onto a crane, climb down, drive off, wonder if I should go back for answers, or enjoy this new me. Given the complexity and amount of details in this vision, it is difficult to come to a concise interpretation. Imagining yourself in a new reality suggests some disappointment or stress in wake life which your subconscious wishes to alleviate. This same theme can also be seen in your reflection, which does not show you for who you really are. Having different features than your real self indicates rejection among your peers or co-workers, possibly because they do not understand or accept some aspect of your personality or lifestyle. Additionally, hair and hair colored twice usually symbolizes internal struggles with a decision or choice. You may be considering hiding or burying some part of yourself in order to be included in a certain social circle. This dream does not provide a solution to your dilemma, but does suggest that soul searching and time are needed to come to an appropriate decision. If you put off taking care of this issue, you may develop depression or other emotional problems.
Having someone helping wash hair I can't remember who it was helping me wash my hair, but I was being very particular on how to wash it. Washing your hair in a dream is indicative of uncertainties in your life. At the moment, there may be a lot of things up in the air, making it difficult to plan for your future. Envisioning someone helping you with this task and being particular about how they do it, possibly telling or showing them how it should be done, suggests you are spreading yourself too thin and have your fingers in too many pies. If you keep focusing on tasks that are not directly related to your goals, you may become a jack of all trades, meaning you would be able to handle a variety of different jobs, but you may end up not having the expertise or experience to get to where you really want to be.
Ruining perfect curls in the rain I had a dream that I had perfect blond curls. I stepped into the rain and realized if I stayed, my curls would be ruined. Whoever the female was that I was talking to coaxed me to keep walking in the rain. My curls were then ruined and it seemed to upset me, but I felt better moments later. In real life my hair is dyed blond so this wasn't a surprise to me. There is some contradiction in this dream. Curly hair often signifies that you may be tempted into a relationship that is not good, perhaps with someone who is not really available or interested. However, the fact that your hair was getting wet in the rain is a prediction of having a lot of fun with friends. Your friends may invite you to a party that does not immediately appeal to you, but you should seriously consider going. If your hair was blonde in the dream, this means that you are a kind and generous person with other people, you help them without asking much in return.
Getting prepared for an event and shopping around Dreaming two nights in a row about getting ready for something. 1st night dreamed of someone braiding my my hair in some kind of style, another was doing my makeup. 2nd night, dream of someone, a stylist, finding clothes for me to wear for an event. Both felt normal for me. A 3rd dream of going to buy produce. Inside the portions were packaged to go but it was sparing and almost gone. I looked around for more. Some guy came and I asked him where the rest was, he told me "Look through the window". Outside, there was a lot more. I said, "That's what I want", he said, "You have to go out there and get it"! Then I woke up. Dreaming about getting ready for a special event in a dream vision predicts a similar situation in wake life, namely that you are to meet someone whom you want to be prepared for. This could be physical preparation, such as getting ready for a date, or mental preparation, like considering forming a life-long partnership with this person. However, dreaming about grocery shopping suggests you may be the victim of gossip or rumors started by someone who was once your friend. The little bits you saw in the store represent the tip of the iceberg, as most of the damage is likely present nearby, but not immediately obvious. There is no indication this is directly related to the first two visions, bit it cannot be ruled out either.
Hair falling off I had a dream where my hair split in half around the area were the hair tide would be, and falling off. It was not my whole hair, just a portion of it. What does this mean? Dreams with images of hair falling out could contain prediction of upcoming unwanted changes in life. Your life may soon change for the worse, due to external forces or your own actions, leaving you upset and devastated. At the same, focusing on little details pertaining to the loss of hair, such as its location and quantity, could be telling you that you are already aware of some of the negative developments taking place in your waking life, so it is not too late to avert their potential damaging effects rather than wait for worse things to happen.
Unhappy with the hair cut short I dreamt that someone I know cut my hair short. She cut her hair, but mine end up cut short as well. I didn't like it, so I put extensions. Dreams about getting or having someone give you a short haircut are usually associated with financial problems that you may start experiencing in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation in which you will need to borrow money from someone close to you. While hardly ideal, if you swallow your pride and maintain a reasonable attitude, you should be able to get through these troubling times.
A beautiful bag with various flowers inside I had a dream of a vivid deep blue bag with a draw string at the top. The bag had a bouquet of flowers with an assortment of colors in it. I noticed the flowers were of the smaller variety, but many. They were in the purse like they were in a vase. The flowers came through the top of the purse without the draw string being tightened. When I looked at the purse I felt like i could make this purse, and felt peaceful when l realized it had not been sewn together, it was beautiful, rustic and simple. This vivid vision of a bouquet of flowers inside a purse is highly symbolic and possibly important to your future. The bouquet itself represents meeting someone very important, not necessarily famous or well-respected. Rather, this person carries within some special knowledge, information or experience, which is likely vital to your future success. This could be some direct advice or practical knowledge which can be used to your benefit, or it may be some passing comment which sparks an idea worth its weight in gold.
Braiding hair of another person Braiding someone 's hair. Dreaming of braiding someone else's hair is a sign of distress. You may have too many things on your plate at the moment, making it hard for you to balance things well. Because of this, you could be experiencing a lot of stress and difficulties.
Being complimented about appearance by family members I dreamed about me, my mother, my older sister, going on a trip (which we're going to tomorrow). On the trip, my mom took photos of me and my sister. We looked through all the photos. They said I was actually pretty, just hard to find the moment. I was kinda flattered, they never told me that. Last time they commented about my appearance was 3 years ago and it wasn't a good one. Being beautiful in a dream vision, particularly if comments to the opposite effect have been made before, is a highly auspicious sign pointing toward positive changes taking place in your life. These changes could come in multiple forms, such as receiving good news or meeting someone who brings special meaning to your days. This happiness is also likely to extend outward letting others see how truly happy and blessed you are.
Having a mustache for a woman I'm a woman and dreamed I had a mustache. Having a mustache, for a female, is often thought to represent selfish or narcissistic tendencies, possibly brought on by a recent situation in which you felt you deserved more attention and recognition than you did. While you may be tempted to step over others to get what you believe is yours, you may find that others do not agree with or appreciate your sudden expressions of elevated self-importance.
Cutting own hair and trying to correct the situation Last night I dreamt that I cut off about a third of my hair with an arms-length Katana. I then proceeded to run around misplacing the Katana and two other blades used to cut the hair. I kept attempting to cut the hair at different angles to correct this horrifying series of events. I never fixed it before waking up. My boyfriend, a coworker and coworkers cousin were also in this dream. My boyfriend paid no mind to me freaking out and was laughing away with the others about nonsense. Cutting your hair in a dream vision is a highly ominous symbol associated with cutting ties with someone close to you. The messy, unprofessional nature of the cut suggests that your attempts to remove the offending party from your life without maintaining a sound dialogue may not go well, meaning your words are likely to cause more drama the more you try to explain yourself. The image of the katana could point to your boyfriend being the one you are thinking of pushing out of your life. This is also supported by the image of him laughing at you, which predicts either separation or growing distance between the two of you in the future.
Applying fresh milk on skin I had a dream and in the dream my mum had given me a container filled with pure milk which I used to apply on my skin. Dreaming about applying milk to yourself, especially if you enjoyed the experience, is a highly auspicious symbol representing the satisfaction and contentment you are either experiencing at the moment or likely to embrace in the future. The purity of the milk further amplifies the power of this dream vision, suggesting great happiness and a sense of fulfillment.
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