A baby with burnt feet My baby was crawling and she burnt her feet on top, her shoe was not burnt only her feet and I nursed the wound. The image of burnt feet in dreams usually means a lack of independence and stability. You are probably worried that your child would have problems navigating the real world without your help. So, when you nursed her feet to treat the wound, this indicates you commitment to raising your child into a strong and self-sufficient adult. It is possible that you are afraid you are not prepared to be a mother with all the intricacies and complexities of parenthood.
One of triplets drowning A dream about triplet girls, they were not mine or anyone I know. Age 2-3 years and they were playing at my house. My little sister was supposed to keep an eye on them and when I saw one of the babies alone I went looking for her sisters. I saw my sister talking to someone so I didn't approach her. I went to the bathroom and saw two bathtubs filled to the brim with water. I turned to the bathtub and saw them both but one baby was drowning. I pulled her out and did CPR until she came back to life. As a dream symbol, triplets symbolize the mind, body and spirit. All these parts are aspects of yourself you need to explore in case one of them is weak or damaged. In fact, as your dream vision plays out, one of the triplets needed help from drowning which means a part of you will be negatively affected by your current way of life. The bathtub filled with water specifically refers to an overwhelming burden. Water is often associated with emotions and the subconscious, so a huge problem will weigh heavily on your psyche that could lead to a potential mental breakdown. Your mind is warning you about an imminent crisis. To avoid this tragic incident, you need to take a break and distance yourself from this turbulence. Give yourself time to relax and refocus before you tackle your responsibilities and duties once more, this time with a clear mind.
A tiny baby falling out of vagina In my dream I am pregnant and my baby falls out of my vagina still attached to the cord, not moving. So I wrap it up in a warm cloth as it was smaller than my hand an I bring it back to life. Giving birth as quickly and easily as you did in your dream means you need to delegate some of your tasks and responsibilities to other people. You are going to be given a lot of workload or tasks soon and you cannot handle all of them. If you force yourself to do everything, the result will not be satisfactory. The baby itself represents a project or venture and the warm cloth refers to team members and colleagues who need to take more initiative if you want a great outcome.
Ex playing with an unborn baby My ex (father of my child) playing with my unborn baby. I am a female. Dreaming of your ex playing with your unborn baby means you are contemplating getting back together with him. It is also possible that you are apprehensive about raising your child alone. A baby, which is often used to represent an idea, can also symbolize a burgeoning plan. So, this symbol in combination with the presence of your ex can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you felt during the situation. If the mood was happy and light, then you are optimistic that his presence in your life will add value to your future plans. Otherwise, you want to cut off your relationship and move forward on your own.
Finding a baby on the road I dreamt that I found a baby on the road and I took her to my home, was not able to take care of her properly. She was crying because she was hungry, so I fed her milk from the shop and I was looking for hospital to admit her. A baby generally symbolizes fortuitous events and good tidings. However, an abandoned baby as a dream symbol means things are about to take a negative turn. For instance, if you are enjoying a relatively peaceful and happy existence, then expect certain aspects of your life to become problematic and stressful. The baby crying in your dream further indicates your upcoming problems to be related to a threat to your reputation. People could gossip about you and spread malicious rumors based on half truths and speculations. Your attempt to feed the baby refers to your efforts at clearing your name. Unfortunately, your failure at pacifying the baby reflects the futility of your attempts in reality.
Someone trying to kill an unborn baby My friend's kid was trying to kill my unborn child and when I told her she got mad, gave me money and kicked me out, so the house I found to live at ended up be haunted and it wouldn't let me leave. The vision of someone trying to kill an unborn child in your dream should be understood as an alarming sign. This symbol means you are having health issues, or you are currently abusing certain substances while ignoring the warning signs your body is giving you. Seeing that someone is giving you money shows your need to invest more effort and time into something that you have been ignoring lately, in this case it can be your well-being. The imagery about your friend kicking you out means you would be better making the first step toward improving your wellness as soon as possible, otherwise your situation would deteriorate further, as the view of the haunted house indicates in this dream.
A dying black baby I was traveling with my friends to their hometown, they were searching or looking for something as a part of their family traditional game. I found a healthy black baby boy and cared for him along with us, as we were going through many rooms the baby's size started decreasing and he could fit in my hand. I took him into a room and started bathing him in a small bathtub and found he was dead and disappeared leaving green poop behind in the tub. Traveling to your friends' hometown represents an eye-opening experience. Living in your personal bubble means you rarely meet new people and hardly ever immerse yourself in situations outside your comfort zone, so this journey will open up your mind and expand your worldview. More specifically, the shrinking black baby boy means an opportunity will fall on your lap. Unfortunately, instead of using your logical and rational side in deciding to invest your time and money, your emotions will get the better of you. Ultimately, this lapse of judgment will cost you a lot of pain and suffering. The green poop signifies loss and self-doubt which will linger on after your bad decisions. This opportunity could either be a business venture or potential romance with an unlikely person.
Being stressed and with a toddler in arms I was waiting for the ride home from a friend. I had a toddler in my arms, her head on my shoulder. I was stressing because I might miss my friend and the drive. I came to a room and saw another baby wrapped in a plaid blanket face down on the ground. I thought who could have abandoned the baby and I had to do something so I’m now more stressed. I asked the toddler in my arms if she was hungry and when she looked at me her face was grey and not too pretty. Waiting for someone to give you a ride in the dream realm may refer to needing some kind of boost or push in reality. The symbols in this vision generally suggest that you are in a rut that is having a negative effect on your quality of life and happiness. For instance, the sick toddler in your arms may refer to illness or the fear of catching something contagious. The abandoned baby also carries a negative connotation, revealing financial trouble or ruined plans. The plaid blanket you saw the baby wrapped in could refer to receiving some financial aid from the government, an institution or a loved one, although it would probably fall woefully short of what you need. The stress in the vision is very likely a reflection of the real stress and anxiety you have to deal with in wake life. It may be some time before your situation is resolved or you find a solution to your problems.
A baby boy taken away by social services I dreamed I had a baby boy who was taken away at birth by social services and then given back a year later. If you are currently trying for a child, a baby boy represents having an easy pregnancy or an uncomplicated birth. If you are not expecting or trying to have a child, however, it may refer to your efforts bearing fruit in other areas of your life, like your career. The baby being taken away but returned to you could mean that you would temporarily lose contact with some in your social circle, possibly because they are jealous. Eventually, however, everything would return to normal, and you would be at peace.
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