Molding a baby's hand My cousin is a 4-year old male baby. I just took him and did something, then the shape of his right hand changed, like a wax I molded. His hand become shorter than before and looked like a fetus hand (so small). Depending on your type of bond with your cousin, seeing him in your dream could either suggest love and affection or reveal jealousy and resentment. However, in combination with the act of molding his hand, possibly through crushing or putting pressure on it, your dream vision may lean more towards rivalry and jealousy. In particular, the right hand often alludes to one's ability to triumph over adversity, so deforming the right hand could refer to your ill intentions towards your cousin. Perhaps a part of you, whether you are aware of it or not, sees your cousin as a rival in terms of attention and affection from your family members and relatives. Your subconscious may be revealing this negative aspect of your character so that you can be more self-aware. Knowing the darker aspects of your personality is often the first step in becoming more compassionate and a better human being in general.
Giving birth to a dressed baby I dreamt of my younger sister giving birth to a fully dressed baby girl. I named the baby Nonina meaning mommie's daughter. Your sister's pregnancy and giving birth could reveal your disappointments caused by a lost opportunity or an aversion to change. Baby girls are often connected with the idea of potential and opportunity, so seeing someone else give birth to one could mean you have missed out due to your lack of ambition or direction. Giving your niece a name in this vision means you have identified the problem whatever it is. While the source of the problem could be unrelated, it seems possible that you have some unresolved issues with either your sister or your own mother. You may need to address those aspects of your relationship with them before you can grow as a person.
Someone trying to take the baby away Someone trying to take my toddler away as he doesn't say proper words. Dreaming that someone is trying to get your kid away from you, or kidnap him, likely reveals your fears about raising your own child. Maybe you feel unsure about your decisions sometimes and your subconscious is projecting these apprehensions into your dream. Alternatively, it could also mean that you have a tendency to be controlling. You may be imposing your own standards and expectations on your son which can make him feel pressured and unable to open up to you out of fear of being reprimanded. His speech problems in the dream vision could be another indication of how you see your toddler. Sometimes being a perfectionist can make you fixate on details and forget to look at the bigger picture.
A baby being cut out of the body Dreams of baby being cut out of you and handed to someone else, and finding it afterwards and being returned home. Dreaming that a baby has been cut out or violently snatched from your womb means somebody is going to take your brilliant idea and pass it off as their own. A business plan you have been developing could be stolen by someone you know, even a potential business partner, to try and profit off it on their own. Fortunately, you may get the last laugh since you find the baby in the dream vision. You could sue and win or the thief's project could fail while you successfully implement your vision with huge returns. This can also refer to the birthing pains of startups. You face a lot of difficulties at the beginning, then you would eventually find your rhythm.
Dishes and a fetus in the grass I have 3 kids already and have had miscarriages. I had a dream that I was outside washing dishes. I don't know why. As I was waiting for them to dry they started to move on their own towards my yard like a ghost with a magnet. As I'm watching, a spoon gets sucked into the grass. I dig up grass and find a fetus. Like a miscarried baby, but still alive and very intelligent. It took the spoon and pulled the dishes. I try to wrap it up in a blanket and start warming it and it grows on its own to a baby. Washing dishes in dreams means you are ready for what's in store for your future. Despite the setbacks, you remain optimistic and hopeful. Meanwhile, the ghostly force which took away the dishes is telling you that you need to let go and allow life to happen instead of trying to control every aspect since some circumstances are just out of your hands. In particular, the spoon is a reminder for you to open yourself up to new experiences as well as be ready to give and receive love. In doing so, the fetus would present itself naturally to you. The fetus represents a blessing or a new relationship which would blossom into something that would give you fulfillment and purpose.
A choking baby on a cruise ship I was on a cruise ship with lots of people that I didn't know. I walked into a room where there were lots of people surrounding a baby. When I walked in, everyone suddenly walked out. Then I noticed that the baby was choking. I tried to help, but I think I made it worse. Then I went back and told the parents that I'd killed the baby and they got really angry. We went back to the baby, I poked it and it came back to life. I am female. This vision has two conflicting symbols, that of the cruise and the choking baby. The first symbol, your presence on a cruise ship, suggests you want to overcome personal doubts and hang ups. You likely have felt that these areas where you lack confidence are holding you back from achieving your full potential. On the other hand, the choking baby means there is something in your path or something that is holding you back. Perhaps until this situation is resolved you would be unable to make the progress you desire. However, the baby coming back to life at the end of the vision predicts you would be successful in the end, even if it takes some time.
Giving birth via c-section I gave birth to a baby boy via C-section, but it didn't hurt and I was healed. I left the hospital without my baby. I didn't feel a connection to this baby. I felt guilty for feeling that way and was headed back to hospital to see my baby. That was my 3rd baby. In real life, I have a boy and a girl both born via Cesarean sections. I also just started working for Child Welfare Services. A painless and easy birth in dreams means you do not feel satisfied or fulfilled at work. You find your current tasks and responsibilities not challenging enough. In addition, you sometimes feel detached from your colleagues or other people you deal with at work, either because you cannot relate to them or you are unable to empathize. As a result, you feel bad because you do not think you are doing your job well. On the other hand, not being too emotional or attached could be helping make your job easier. So your subconscious is projecting this dilemma through dreams so you can properly asses your performance in order to find ways to feel more productive and fulfilled.
Monkeys kidnapping babies I have seen 2-3 monkeys kidnapped others' baby and after sometime they kidnapped my baby. A monkey generally symbolizes an illness in dreams. So dreaming that monkeys are kidnapping babies, including your own, means children and babies in reality are prone to catching diseases due to erratic weather and other environmental factors. You need to take extra precaution in protecting your children because the moment their immune system drops, they can easily fall sick. A visit to the doctor for flu shots and other appropriate vaccines can help deter these threats to their well-being.
Saving a baby from a cold stream I heard news that my gran who is in the hospital is not doing so well yesterday. So last night I go to bed and dreamed that there is a raging flood below a bridge that I am standing on and I save or pull out a baby who is about just under 1 years old from drowning and he is covered in ice from the flooding water. And in my dream I have opened up my gown and stuck him in there so my body warmth can warm him up. And I am just sitting there cuddling and rocking him the whole time. Your position on the bridge over a flood that is raging below can be interpreted as a metaphor for the upheaval you are going through in reality. While it seems to have been triggered by your gran's admittance to the hospital, it is likely that this is not the only aspect of your life in fluctuation. Pulling the baby boy from the cold flood waters represents your attempts to return to normalcy in this situation. Even though baby boys are more commonly associated with uncomplicated pregnancies, in this case it seems to point towards uncomplicated and simple resolutions. You cannot control some events in your life, but if you can take some time for yourself to either clean your place, do a hobby you love or practice self care, you may be able to alleviate some of the stress you are feeling.
Holding a baby for males I dreamed that I was in a maternity ward. I looked at one baby, I knew he wasn't mine, and held him. He seemed to change into the size of a toddler. He seemed to be very attached to me. Then his mother showed up and took him from me. The baby called me father and then they both left. Generally, babies symbolize hope and potential. A baby in dreams can also represent opportunities, new ideas or a fresh start. In your case, holding a baby which you know is not yours means you could soon be working on a project or venture that would become very important to you. Maybe because you will be involved in the inception and development of this venture, you would end up feeling protective of it. Unfortunately, time would come when the rightful owner, as symbolized by the mother, would change the direction of this venture and you would not have the authority to take control of it or steer it to the direction you want. In the worst case scenario, you could even lose your job because of becoming too attached or controlling.
A baby cutting its tongue A baby falling off a bed and cutting his tongue, but he did not have teeth. This dream about a baby falling from a bed could serve as a prediction that you would soon receive some unexpected but surprisingly pleasant news. In a sense, the falling baby is literally good news being dropped in your lap. The source of your fortune seems to be related to the symbol of the cut tongue. Tongue often represent words in the dream realm, so it is possible that you would say something harsh but that it would have a beneficial or good effect. While we often hold our tongues to avoid embarrassing or hurting those we love, sometimes tough love and frank assessments could do them some good.
Giving birth to someone else's baby I had a dream I found out I was pregnant, an acquaintance was in my life but considered a stranger to me. She said my baby girl was hers after I gave birth and took the baby. My father then told me it wasn't mine and one of her eggs were placed in me and I had no idea because she told the doctor to let it go when she got the call. The baby looked like me, not her. This vision seems to have two meanings related to the presence of the baby girl. First, having a baby girl may point towards a missed opportunity in your life. Perhaps your acquaintance in this vision was able to accomplish something you did not, or maybe she simply is a stand-in for another character in your life who took an opportunity you were not able to take advantage of. In either case, the second interpretation of the baby girl is related to the baby's appearance, namely that she resembles you and not her mother in the dream. Resemblance in the dream world is associated with the passage of traits and characteristics. In this case, it suggests that you think you have the same talents, ability and intelligence as the person who got ahead of you. Perhaps you were not ready at that time, but now, subconsciously, you realize that you are able to move forward and make positive changes in your life. Now would be a good time to jump into new chances with both feet and take advantage of what comes your way.
A baby transferred from another pregnant woman I'm a female, in my dream I was with my partner and a pregnant lady who was about to give birth in three days. On the same day this unborn baby was going to be transferred to my womb for me to give birth to him or her. The voice said I'm supposed to be the one who gives birth to this child. Seeing an unfamiliar pregnant woman in a dream vision represents an upcoming period of distress. A series of problems or unfortunate events would put a gray cloud over your daily life as you struggle to deal with the issues. The presence of your partner implies a great strain on your relationship as a result. Since the unborn baby was supposed to be transferred to your own womb, this dream symbol is telling you that you have the strength and fortitude required to carry this burden and bring something positive out of this ordeal. Financial setbacks and piling bills may unlock your creativity and open up innovative ways for you to earn and survive during this challenging period.
A baby injured after falling down A baby fell from the stairs and had a cut in her ears and chest. Envisioning a baby falling down the stairs predicts receiving unexpected but pleasant news. Considering the cuts to the baby's ears and chest, it seems that this good news may be related to a past relationship that fell apart or a problem that has haunted you for many months or even years. You would probably find a good solution to this situation or learn that there is a new opportunity to make things right once and for all. This would bring you great satisfaction and peace of mind.
Giving birth to a dead baby I'm due next month, I haven't been able to sleep because these past nights I've been dreaming of my daughter being born dead and my mom laughing about it. Please, I want to know what it means, thank you. Giving birth to a dead or stillborn baby usually means that a family member or a relative would contract an illness or disease. However, since you are pregnant in reality, the stillbirth can actually refer to the end of a chapter in your life. This is a straightforward message in your case because it just means that the pregnancy and labor would be over soon, and this would mark the beginning of motherhood. Your fears merely mirror your apprehensions about raising the baby.
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