Breastfeeding a baby who gets sick I often dream I am breastfeeding a baby, but this time I was breastfeeding and stopped to wind the baby which then began to sick up what looked like black tea leaves. Breastfeeding is often associated with finances and financial health, so stopping midway to give the baby a chance to burp could predict a slow "drying up" of resources or cash flow. Additionally, noticing that the baby vomits could show a reversal in the amount of personal income you presently depend on. The black tea leaves predict a further degradation of your quality of living unless something is done quickly to resolve this issue.
An ugly baby Dreaming about giving birth to an ugly baby. Giving birth to an ugly baby in a dream suggests undesirable and unwarranted events about to transpire in the waking world. You may need to be systematic and organized in the way that you tackle and resolve this problematic affair. Keeping your head clear would help a great deal in swiftly dealing with this issue.
Mother and newborn at a hospital Mother and newborn baby with red hair. Both smiling as I enter the hospital room to visit them. Dreams about newborn babies portend transitional events about to happen. These events could come as a surprise to you, fortunately they carry consequences that would transform your existence in a positive way. To get to this favorable period, the transformation begins with you. Red, as a hair color, is symbolic of passion and energy, so you may find yourself brimming with creativity and zest for life. This newfound enthusiasm could be the catalyst for attracting opportunities and ideas that could get you to the level of success you have always been dreaming of.
Princess Diana snatching a baby I was laying on a sofa in my mum's lounge, with my baby on my chest and Princess Diana floated towards the window in a white dress, pregnant. She leaned through the closed window and shouted "My baby!" and took him! Lying on a sofa with the baby in your arms denotes contentment and satisfaction. And yet, the appearance of the late Princess Diana who took the baby from you perhaps also hints at your insecurities. You may be feeling inadequate at times in the delicate art of parenting. Perhaps Princess Diana is your idea of a picture-perfect mom effortlessly raising kids without losing poise. Outwardly, of course, that is the image she projects, yet she still is a very troubled individual. Perhaps you see parts of yourself in her and you are afraid that in trying to become this idealized person, you are in fact compromising the proper attention your child needs.
Breastfeeding babies Breastfeeding babies. A dream about breastfeeding one or more babies could be interpreted as a sign of good health. If you are suffering from some sort of affliction, such as a physical illness, this dream represents the possibility of recovery. If you are already healthy, the dream could symbolize the fact that your health will not deteriorate in the foreseeable future.
Identical twins and one choking while breastfed I dreamt I gave birth to identical twins. One of the twins, while sucking, swallowed so much milk that he started choking and I didn't know what to do. I am single and not pregnant. Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is a fairly positive symbol associated with family celebrations. It could represent attending a wedding or birthday party some time in the near future. Seeing one of the twins choke, however, seems to be a reflection of your difficulty in moving on and changing. For example, you may be upset that a friend is getting married and moving on without you. This dream could be a reminder, then, that life is not static and that you should embrace what the future holds rather than being a stick in the mud.
Selling drugs and wanting to feed a baby Me and my husband were going to sell drugs to this woman we know in real life. She is my mother-in-law's friend. We went to this apartment that used to be her old apartment in the dream that she regretted moving from. There was an unknown man and woman there, but they were not a couple and apparently knew her. The woman had a baby and I was helping her take care of it. The baby was chunky and cute. We were feeding it formula and I said I wanted to go to the store to buy baby food to feed her. Being a drug dealer, in the context of a dream vision, usually represents upcoming health problems. Because both you and your husband were selling drugs, it seems more likely that the cause of your poor physical condition is either environmental or due to lifestyle choices, like smoking, a bad diet or actual drug use. Furthermore, seeing strangers in your mother-in-law's old apartment could indicate that these issues are putting strain on your relationship, likely because one of you wants to change, but the other has no desire to do so. Feeding the baby formula and wanting to buy baby food could predict finding a way to compromise and solve this issue, but it may take some time and patience before succeeding.
A catfish and a baby First the dream started with me seeing a catfish that was alive and well outside its natural habitat. Then my dream jumped to me holding a baby I never seen before. The catfish at the beginning of your vision represents your wealth and prosperity. Just as the fish can survive and thrive outside of water, so does this dream tell of your ability to adapt and rise up to the challenges occasionally presented to you. However, not everyone shares these blessings, as an unfamiliar baby in your arms could represent the difficulties others are going through. While you should be happy with your own prosperity and place in life, do not forget to share the love and kindness with others who need your support and advice.
Giving birth to a burnt baby I am a 22-year old female and I recently had a dream that I gave birth to a child, and while I was giving birth, my belly felt hot and was steaming. When my child came out, it was severely burnt, I couldn't even touch it without its skin crumbling. I woke up all sweaty and in tears. I don't have kids and I'm not pregnant, please help me figure out why I'm having dreams like this. Being pregnant and giving birth in a dream vision is often interpreted as a neutral symbol meaning that you are about to go through a series of changes. Just as giving birth in waking life forever changes the life of a mother, so does this symbol signify the different situation you are about to find yourself in. The hotness of your belly and the burnt child suggest that these changes are not to your benefit or, more likely, could start out looking positive, but quickly spiral out of control. It would be wise to avoid any risky endeavors and play things safe until you can understand and manage what is to unfold.
Three babies instead of expected twins I was pregnant, ready to deliver, and my mother helped me give birth to twins. (In reality I have twin boys). I delivered very quickly without pain, but I was afraid that my mother didn't know the process of how to cut the umbilical cord, etc. My mum said that everything is OK and then she went next to my sister who was in the bed. My sister in reality is trying to become pregnant. Then I saw wrapped in a towel my babies clean and ready but there were three, not two. Dreaming about giving birth to twins in a dream vision, whether you have twins in real life or not, is often symbolic of family gatherings and reunions, particularly those under happy circumstances. This could be a birthday party, wedding or an actual family reunion. The next sign, seeing three babies instead of the two you were expecting, suggests that someone at this gathering may have an important piece of advice or a business proposition which could be very profitable if looked at carefully and thoroughly. It would be wise to mingle as much as possible during this event and evaluate any offers which may come your way.
Giving birth to a baby with head and body separated When I had my daughter, two days after we came home had a dream that I gave birth to her and her head came out first of her body, but they were separated from each other. The head went rolling on the floor and her body was in my arms. Dreaming about giving birth after your daughter was born in reality may have something to do with your concerns about raising her. As a mother, you may harbor certain anxieties related to taking care of the baby. This is especially true if you are a first-time mom. Parenthood can be a tricky thing to navigate. As such, the image of your daughter's body separating from the head in the dream reveals your fears about anticipating her needs and providing appropriate care. Her well-being is foremost in your mind at the moment and the vision merely serves to heighten your protective instincts during this crucial period of her development.
Mother-in-law forcing to kill a newborn Was pregnant by current spouse, and ex mother is a demon trying to make me have the baby and kill the baby. Envisioning yourself becoming pregnant but forced to kill the baby reflects having a disappointing life with your husband. The imagery in your dream is a subconscious reflection of your husband's extreme dominance when he exerts a lot of pressure on you. If this is the case, perhaps this is a hint to free yourself of dark thoughts or bad intentions which you may have as a result of the treatment you receive at this point in your life from him or your closest family members.
Turning an ugly baby into a beautiful one I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were outside hanging clothes and he kept kissing me happy and smiling. He told me "Let's go inside with our baby boy". I was confused because I'm only 17 and I knew I didn't have a baby. I went inside and my mom was lying on the bed with the baby lying close to her, gently playing with his hand and so was my boyfriend. The baby had an ugly face and it was reaching for me, smiling, wanting me to grab him. I didn't want to, but I did. I gave him a kiss and the baby turned beautiful with big sparkling eyes. Being a young woman, this dream involving nursing or holding a baby means you may soon be harshly judged by those around you. They may accuse you of having poor or improper conduct or blame you for polluting your social circle through your immoral actions. Similarly, the act of hanging clothes alludes to cleaning your own mess or dealing with your personal issues. You and your boyfriend may be involved in shady dealings or inappropriate acts which you may be regretting or perhaps just ashamed to admit. The baby, therefore, is the representation of this shameful secret. The transformation of the baby after you kissed him represents the kind of freedom and relief you would feel if you own up to your mistakes and finally come clean. You may want to mull over your previous actions and attempt to correct any improper behavior.
Saving a baby who is a boy I dreamed me and my boyfriend had a baby that turned blue and couldn't breathe. He rushed me to the hospital, but I was in a metal wash bin tub being pulled by him with a truck. When we got to hospital the baby came back to life and it was a boy. Babies generally represent new beginnings and opportunities. Dreaming that you had a baby which turned blue, however, negates the possibility of getting a fresh, new start. There may come a time when it could become difficult for you to see any developments or progress taking place. It is also possible that you are already under stress due to the problems you are facing in wake life. Despite this, the fact that the baby is alive and well when it is treated could show that this turbulent time would soon pass and everything would return to normal.
Saving a baby from dying at a hospital I dreamed I was in this hospital with people all around. I couldn't see or really hear, all I could see was the baby. Someone had left it in the bath and it was dying of hypothermia on this cold metal counter and it looked dead, then it moved its eyes and I rushed forward and brought it to my chest and saved it. Dreaming of a dying baby could mean you are losing your childlike wonder, optimism and joy. Growing up and facing all sorts of challenges can sometimes turn individuals into cynics. Perhaps you are sensing your transformation into being jaded, as illustrated by the hypothermia. You could be losing your warm personality and in its place you find yourself feeling numb or having difficulty showing compassion to others. Fortunately, your self-awareness could save you from becoming bitter and despondent.
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