Being told of having a baby I went to the hospital and they told me I was having a baby. I told them that it was a lie and they gave me an ultrasound of a baby girl. I never had a dream like this before, help? It is unclear from this description whether you are pregnant in real life or not, but, in general, being pregnant in a dream is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with problems with a lover, partner, or spouse. This person may be acting in a way which upsets you and causes issues in your everyday life, meaning prolonging the relationship may have negative effects on your future. Finding out that the baby is a girl is symbolic of change in your life, either pertaining to the current relationship or outside of it, which is brought on by the actions of someone close to you, like a friend or family member.
A baby floating by in a tub Hello... My boyfriend keeps having a dream that we are swimming at the lake and a crying baby floats by in a metal tub. He is the only one that can comfort the baby and no one else is paying attention to it... Help please :) Swimming in a large lake can be interpreted as a sign of finding the answer to a problem or fixing something that was broken without the help or input of others. While this sounds like a good meaning, the rest of this vision suggests that not listening to what other people have to say could have bad effects on your boyfriend's future. This is because crying babies are often symbolic of upcoming disappointments, and because your boyfriend was the only one to take care of the baby, it means that serious misfortune may befall him as a result of acting on his own. Additionally, other people's ignorance or indifference to the baby's suffering may indicate that the people in your boyfriend's life, such as your or his parents, are either unable or unwilling to assist him in these times of trouble.
Being at a baby shower I dreamed I was at a baby shower. Being at a baby shower within a dream vision indicates two different, but interconnected meanings. The first one is that you may have recently been to or are about to attend such an event in wake life. You probably have many friends or family members who are in the process of establishing or adding to their families. The second idea is that despite being a part of other people's focusing on their family lives, you manage to maintain a perfect balance between personal and outside affairs, which means you often reach out to your friends, but keep you own life in check. While it may be difficult to arrange and carry on with your own events versus catching up with everything else that's going on around you, you somehow manage to make it work and remain satisfied.
Bringing a baby back to life by baptizing I've got this bizarre dream this morning. There was a dead baby whose eyes blink, but the baby is dead. The mother and father was from our place dressed in white and were holding the baby. What's bizarre about it is they are in front of our house and so many people were also in front of our house from crossing to crossing, all dressed in white. And I was there and I stared at the baby and I made a sign of the cross on the forehead of the baby and the baby started crying and became alive. Just remember the sign of the cross on the forehead of a baby is done at baptism. Goosebumps... Tears... Babies in dreams represent new beginnings, opportunities, favorable developments and hope. The dream that begins with a dead baby symbolizes feelings of hopelessness. You may soon face, or maybe currently dealing with, a loss or a failure and would have to cope with an abrupt end of an opportunity or things that once looked promising to you. However, your faith could be your saving grace throughout this period of negativity. Baptism connotes a renewal of life. This rite of passage which breathed life into the baby could mean a renewal of faith, a new perspective and a fresh approach to life. The baptism of the child implies a new beginning in which lessons from your previous experiences will help you forge a new path ahead. The blessing of the child with the sign of the cross signifies your personal resolve to get back up and keep on moving forward.
Rocking a cradle with a baby and feeling uneasy I keep having a recurring dream that I am rocking a newborn baby boy outside of a brick house on a large porch looking out into a large field at sunrise. I have been having it off an on for over 10 years. And in the dream I feel so calm and happy, but it is disturbing me when I am awake because it feels so real. Two symbols in your dream evoke themes of masculinity and maleness, the baby boy and the sunrise. Both signs also pertain to new beginnings, renewal of life and nascent opportunities. This recurring dream is an indication of good things to come and a new phase in your life. The masculine aspect means that you are given opportunities to demonstrate characteristics often associated with males, such as aggressiveness and social dominance. These natural competitive and assertive traits are key to the changes and achievements in your life that could bring you wealth, security and happiness.
Two babies born at the same time by two women Two women gave birth to babies and one was being taken care of an the other one was not. To dream of birth indicates upcoming major changes or the resolution of significant issues. Babies represent opportunities and beginnings. Therefore, your dream suggests chances for new ventures and fresh starts, but like any prospect with limited resources, you may have to prioritize accordingly, such that one may blossom and reach its full potential, while the other wait in the wings for the right time and enough investment to start flourishing as well. Alternatively, the women could be versions of you, the attentive, industrious side and the negligent part. It is in your control whether you choose to be one or the other.
Caring for a baby in various situations I dreamt that I was holding a small baby and then I found my boyfriend holding the same baby. Then I dreamt my boyfriend is driving the car and I am next to him carrying the baby. This dream vision portends a marked progression in your relationship or even a completely new direction. The baby represents opportunities which are about to come your way, be it in the professional or personal spheres. Since your boyfriend is the one behind the wheel, this alludes to his influence over you and maybe a tendency to make the most important decisions without your input or consent. Try to anticipate any upcoming changes or hints at new dynamics in your relationship to learn your next moves in your journey together.
Being pregnant with quadruplets In my dream I am pregnant with quadruplets, and either have an accident or miscarry all of them. The father is always different, but it always happens at my family reunion in the summer. I have had this dream a few times now. I am a single female, 24 years. Quadruplets symbolize self-fulfillment and self-actualization. As such, the miscarriage of quadruplets in your dream suggests unrealized potential or being unable to achieve your goals. There could be certain plans or ventures that did not pan out. The recurring aspect of it reveals a pattern of behavior or way of thinking that is putting you in this cycle of disappointment when you do not quite meet your expectations. The reunion refers to your past. Perhaps you are clinging to something in your previous life experiences and it is holding you back. Maybe you could look at previous lessons you have learned and apply them in your present situation. Alternatively, the vision may be telling you to make peace with your past, accept it and realize that there is something better to look forward to.
Twins being born and growing up at a fast rate A work college was giving birth to twins on my bed and white sheets. It was covered in blood. Then the babies grew from baby to 10 years old overnight. In the dream they had a rare disease of fast growth. Watching someone give birth to twins suggests you are soon to attend a large gathering on a happy occasion, such as a wedding celebration, gala or even a baby shower. While this is supposed to be a happy event, all the blood you saw in this dream suggests your personal tendency to express or share the darker, negative aspects of life, which may put a cloud over the event, ruining the moods and possibly the appetites of the other people in attendance. If you would like to maintain the peace, you may want to be more careful about what you say and whom you say it to.
A strange baby wrapped in a blanket My boyfriend and I went to a church-type building, the people were getting ready for a party, there was a bed on the floor and I heard noises and lifted the blanket and this deformed child baby thing says "What are you doing? I hurt people. Cover me back up", so I did and went to the front door of a house of people I didn't know and they were in cop uniforms and changed to regular clothes, there were people there and a baby in a net type crib sleeping. My boyfriend was waiting to pick the baby up and fell on baby. Dreaming about entering a building that you feel is a church represents being in a safe place in your life. You have probably not been out of your comfort zone for a long time, possibly due to a number of reasons. The image of the deformed child in the bed symbolizes your selfish, childish ambitions that you cannot make reach their fruition. Your ideals or goals from the past have become corrupted with time, yet you are unable to let them go and find something new to work toward. In addition to this, seeing people in police uniforms suggests that this unreasonable fear of the new is deep-rooted, perhaps in your childhood, which is why you cannot move past this point.
Looking at disfigured and normal babies I had a dream my pregnant aunt just had her baby. I went to hold her and the baby had stitches on both sides of her mouth and down her right arm, I got scared and gave her back after a few seconds. My other, non-pregnant aunt, had a baby as well in that same dream, but her baby was just fine. I don't know what this means please get back to me asap, thank you. Babies represent new beginnings, hope and innocence. A dream of birth generally points to some major changes underway or a possibility of some important issues being resolved. It may also be related to something you have been contemplating of eliminating from your life for a long period of time now, things such as vices, bad habits or addictions. Your aunt giving birth to a baby with stitches indicates that certain expectations you have involving your kin may turn out less than desirable. Alternatively, the newborn babies may refer to new additions to your family and their appearance reflects your impression of them.
Complications while giving birth My close friend dreamed we were in a delivery room, I was giving birth to a baby and the feet and legs were coming out first and she was calling for the doctor. Being perceived by someone as giving birth, particularly if they were helping by calling a doctor, suggests your friend is about to get involved in some activity or event that, while it seems unimportant at the beginning, is likely to shape her life in a way she could never imagine, possibly with you involved in some capacity. If she opens herself up to the opportunities around her, she may find some exciting paths opening up in the future.
Assaulting a baby I have disturbing dreams of continually smacking my baby in the face. Over and over. These types of dreams can often cause anxiety once you awaken. However, more often than not these are merely harmless manifestations of real-world anxieties. To see a baby in a dream is generally an auspicious sign. Babies represent potential, hope, opportunities and blessings. In the context of your dream, smacking your baby over and over could be a projection of your frustrations at being unable to realize your full potential. Additionally, this may be a result of your inability to get that promotion or whatever goal you are eyeing at the moment. This awareness of your emotional state can in fact help you turn your attention into honing your skills to help get that much closer to your dreams.
Being over-excited seeing a baby I am a female and I had a dream that I was in the kitchen of my house with my ex that I haven't seen in several months. There was a toddler, I was looking at and fawning over and it looked almost exactly like him. In the dream I knew it was our baby and I became somewhat emotional in a happy way like when you seen a cute baby or a puppy. Dreaming of an ex suggests unresolved issues and a lack of proper closure. Perhaps you are still hoping to get back together with him or there are lingering feelings in existence. The kitchen represents your yearning for healing and nurturing. Maybe you are looking to settle down and build your own family, and you miss the feeling of being with someone special to start a family with. Your ex may not necessarily be the one you want to try doing this again, but someone he represents and the feelings that came along with that previous chapter in your life.
Holding someone else's baby Holding a baby that's not mine and the mother of the baby starts to cry. The unfamiliar baby that you are holding in the dream represents the needs of others that you may have neglected in the past. The crying mother could be interpreted as a specific person who could be in need of some assistance coming personally from you. This individual may be one of your close friends, a relative or perhaps a coworker.
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