Having four babies I had a dream I had four babies, but only one survived, it was a girl. Dreaming about giving birth to four babies symbolizes the likelihood of achieving success in some issues that you have been concerned about. The notion of only one surviving predicts that you may not realize the desired results in all the things that you are working on resolving. However, the ones that succeed would definitely bring great positive changes into your life.
Having a baby for gays I had a baby I don't know how because I'm gay I don't know how I knew it was mine, it was in college for some reason. A student was playing with it in college, me and my mum don't talk and she had the baby and I kept trying to see it. The baby was left in the car, when I went round hers and she wasn't there and her bed was covered in leaves. I don't know why but I had this massive urge to have this baby. Babies in the dream world oftentimes represent new beginnings and opportunities. Hence, the baby in your dream is a positive symbol for fortuitous circumstances about to present themselves to you in line with your desire to move forward. Similarly, the bed covered in leaves symbolizes growth and self-discovery. The dream illustrates that you are starting to get comfortable in your own skin and slowly discovering your true passion. Fortunately, change is just around the corner, as represented by the baby. With a little effort and courage, the fresh start you have been yearning for could be yours soon.
A deformed baby Deformed baby. Walking like a crab with a deformity. Dreaming about encountering or looking at a disfigured or deformed baby is a sign that you may want to consider putting more effort into repairing your damaged relationships. This sign portends one or more of these relationships could turn into a serious conflict or worse, an open confrontation. This dream vision can also be indicative of your health suffering from your bad habits or addictions. This may inadvertently affect and ultimately destroy the relationships you have with the people close to you.
Baby disappearing from a changing table I saw my new baby grandson on the changing table, then turned around for a second. I turned back around and there was fire surrounding the table and the baby just disappeared with no remains. I went screaming into the other room to try and explain what happened. The rest of the family remained calm. Thank you. Dreaming of your grandson reveals your hopes and dreams not only for him, but also for yourself. He represents optimism and opportunities. In that context, the fire can either symbolize destruction or transformation. Sometimes both interpretations are applicable. In your case, the fire surrounding your grandson may be a representation of your family's overwhelming love and affection for him. While this is a good thing, focusing excessively on his well-being may eventually have negative repercussions. Smothering him with too much love and attention could cause tensions between yourself and your grandson's parents, especially when you have clashing opinions on how to raise him.
Breastfeeding a baby for childless I had a dream of breastfeeding my baby, and the milk was coming through my shirt. It was a happy dream. I don't have kids. What does it mean? A dream which involves breastfeeding a baby is a positive symbol of good health and well-being. This is especially true if you have been suffering from an illness, either minor or chronic. You would soon recover from your health issues after the cause of your sickness is uncovered and treated accordingly. On the other had, if you do not suffer from any illness, then this dream may signify the possibility of worsening health and your subconscious mind may be warning you so that you can kick unhealthy habits before you get sick.
Having a baby that looks different from parents In the dream, my boyfriend and I have a three-month old baby boy. My boyfriend and I are both black, but he has lighter skin. The baby has his skin color. The baby has really smooth and full hair that was straight. My boyfriend told me to take care of it, so it won't end up kinky like ours. I don't think it would it was so straight. We were both tickling the baby, making him laugh. In real life, my bf said his father's hair is really straight, and smooth and also has very light skin. Babies are often symbolic of wealth and prosperity, so the little baby you had with your boyfriend may show the strength and happiness present in your union. The fact that this child was male and seemed to resemble the grandfather may reveal some traits that you see in your boyfriend being passed onto your future child. This would be further reinforced by your realization of such characteristics in your boyfriend being linked to his father. Your efforts to make the child happy can predict continued joy in your partnership and portend more good luck in the future with other endeavors related to your boyfriend.
A baby killed in a garbage disposal My baby was taking a bath in the kitchen sink and I blacked out for a second on the floor where there was a second baby playing. When I came to, the baby in the sink went down the garbage disposal. I saw only his arm. I pulled him out and he was dead with his arm almost severed at the shoulder. A complete loss of blood. Dreaming about bathing a baby signifies that you are about to start working out your problems in waking life. It's an implication that you may develop creative problem-solving skills which would help you overcome the obstacles which you are facing or could face in the near future. The notion of the baby going down the drain has negative connotations. It's an indication that despite your best efforts to overcome troubles you might be stuck in a rut. There are certain individuals who could be trying to hinder your progress, so it would be better to stay alert and keep away from people or circumstances which spell trouble.
Tissue thrown in the face by a baby I am a woman. I dreamt about a baby boy throwing tissues in my face. Dreaming about a baby boy alludes to a serious discussion about to take place soon with someone close to you. The tissue means that the conversation could be an awkward or unpleasant one. Perhaps this individual would ask a favor from you, possibly about taking care of a baby or looking after something or someone while those in charge take care of their other affairs. You may initially hesitate to extend a helping hand, but would eventually agree.
A baby with two teeth I dreamed that I had a baby and when I looked at the newborn baby for the first time, he had two teeth in his mouth. Dreaming about having a newborn child could predict some upcoming events that would surprise and delight you. While you may be taken off-guard by what occurs or what you learn, it is sure to bring happiness to your life. Your focus on teeth in the newborn's mouth suggests these surprises may at first come disguised as burdens or inconveniences. It would be wise to not judge books by their covers and let things develop fully before you make any decisions.
Putting a baby to sleep Dreaming of making a baby to sleep. Making a baby to go to sleep in a dream could reveal your desire to find some peace of mind and emotional stability in waking life. Alternatively, this vision may represent your soothing and calming nature. Perhaps you are a source of comfort for many of your friends and loved ones.
Saving a baby from a tree fall Dreams about catching a baby who is falling down from a tree. Baby is my relative's son. I am a 34-year old man. When you dream about a baby falling from a great height, such as a tree, and then surviving, it could mean you may soon be receiving some unexpected but good news. The news could be related to your family, since the baby is your relative's son, and so perhaps whatever happens, it will benefit your family and loved ones. When you catch a baby falling, it means some fragile or sensitive matter is at stake, so maybe the good news you are about to receive would have to be more emotional in nature, rather than simply material.
A factory filled with babies My ex stepped out of a factory overflowing with baby girls and I keep asking why he left me. Dreaming about your ex exiting a place filled with babies could be a metaphor for what you have imagined happening in your future and what it would be like living together. You may have been hoping having a child, a baby girl in particular, with him and you think his life is much better after he had left you. Those are your own feelings of inadequacy preying on you by providing you with such an embellished scenario, while in reality you could be better off being without him.
Taking the baby hanging on a tree I'm a female. I dreamed about a beautiful baby girl hanging from an autumn tree branch. The baby was not crying while hanging from the tree. I grabbed her from the branch. She was as happy as she could be. Smiling as I held her in my arms. In the dream I told my fiance what happened and he was shocked. The baby was hanging by her umbilical cord. She was alive and well, very happy. The baby was not me. Babies generally convey positive messages in dreams. They symbolize good luck, nascent ideas and potential. As such, the baby girl hanging on the tree branch could be an allusion to strengthening familial bonds and repairing troubled relationships. The baby, therefore, represents an opportunity to start fresh in areas of your existence which may have been previously damaged or needed fixing. In addition, the umbilical cord symbolizes your family ties, which means your happiness and stability may be connected to your relationship with your loved ones. You could be facing a perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. You would also find the necessary support you have been seeking in relation to pursuing your aspirations and the kind of existence you want to lead.
Caring for a baby and a celebrity present In the morning, at about 9.15am I dreamt that I am breastfeeding a sleepy baby. I squeezed my nipple to check if I still have milk and found the milk is oozing out of the breast. Happily, I feed the baby who due to sleep is not able to take as much as it could have otherwise. It was all a mixed dream. Then I saw late Mr Vinod Khanna in my dream, he looked handsome and young and in my dream I wished he married me. BTW I am going thru a tough marriage at the moment. Please help? Dreaming about feeding a baby could mean that some exciting event or occurrence is coming your way. It is likely something that would make you feel full of life and hope again, just like a new mother feels with her child. Because you mentioned you are going through a rough patch in your marriage, this could either refer to finding a new person to love or realizing a shift in your husband's behavior that would greatly improve your relationship with him. The man you wanted to marry in your vision could be the manifestation of what you consider to be an ideal husband and what you hope your current husband could become or what you desire your future partner to be like.
A baby dropped off at the house I dreamed someone sneaked into my house, left a little baby in a walker with thong shoes on (purple), but later they came back still sneaking in to get her back but I did see who it was as they were driving away in a Mercedes Benz Van. Dreaming about someone leaving behind an abandoned baby to stay with you and then taking it back from you could mean that there is some sort of chance or opportunity in your waking life that has been or will be snatched from you, possibly by people with a superior standing or social status. You should remain vigilant about the role others are playing in your life and whether you have someone in your social circle who could be plotting to take away your future career or personal plans.
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