Meeting random guys and being attracted to one of them I had a dream that a couple guys (never met them before except one of them that goes to my school). Only one of them stood out to me, he had a lip ring. For some reason they were all in my room? Anyways, it switches to them all leaving and then I go up to the guy's car and ask for his number. I've never seen him before. I know because I would remember someone as handsome as that. This is not a very promising symbol to see in a dream when unfamiliar men enter your premises. You could face a situation when you could become a center of some scandalous, if not life-threatening situation soon. You tend to look for or be around men who seem to be successful, rich or better off compared to your usual entourage, but you could be walking a thin line between trying to impress someone and enduring the backfire caused by the person or people you find attractive or worth your time. Your dream is telling you to step back and re-evaluate existing or evolving events, especially when the intimacy is concerned.
A schoolmate who is not gay showing signs of interest I'm a closeted gay and my crush is on the football team and very popular. The most important part of the dream was that I felt a tug on my hoodie and turned around and he was the only one standing there behind me just looking into my eyes. He obviously wanted to tell me something? Of course that's when I woke up. Dreams about getting attention or being noticed by someone you have a crush on in reality represent your constant thinking and fantasizing about the person in waking life, which obviously extend into your subconscious states. However, dreams of this nature do not necessarily imply that this person is interested in reciprocating your feelings, especially considering his current popularity and place within the social circle. You may want to look at these visions as a reflection of your sexuality developing according to the aspects of human personality and appearance you tend to favor and be attracted to.
Falling into team mate's arms and being excited So, I'm a girl, and I had this dream. It's kind of hazy, but whenever something happened, I remembered running and jumping into a girl's arms, and it gave me butterflies. This girl is on my sports team, by the way. Now I feel super odd when I'm around her. Help? Despite the fact that this dream vision could be just a residual of physical contact during sport-related activities you may have participated in together, traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of close physical interaction, such as embracing or falling into someone's arms, as a sign of upcoming separation from this person. Possible reasons for this to happen could include you or her relocating, changing social preferences, or the emergence of a new person or people in your or her life.
Meeting with a girl from a school bus I was getting back home, I park the car and I turn around to see a school bus behind me being driven by a woman. I get out of the car and I see a girl walking past me and going upstairs towards my house, and I look at the bus and the passengers, including the driver, look at me and point at her and I go after her. Then she meets my mom and aunt and I wanted to shake her hand, but she hugged both of them first, then she turned around and shook my hand and I felt attraction towards her. After that she kept talking to my mom and then the dream ended. Arriving at your home at the beginning of a dream could symbolically represent your efforts to return to your roots. There have probably been many things going on in your day to day life which have distracted you from the things that define you, for example, avoiding activities you used to enjoy or dressing in clothes that reflect your cultural heritage. The school bus you see behind you represents both your daily routine and the stress that accompanies it. While you are searching for ways to feel more like yourself, your work life, friends, and society are all trying to get a piece of you. The balance between these two forces is difficult to maintain, as shaking hands with the woman you saw probably represents having to leave some part of yourself behind forever. What that part is, however, is up to you to decide.
Meeting someone at a celebration and being proposed to I dreamt that I was sitting in on some sort of Jewish holiday, learning and meeting new people. I remember laughing and having a great time. Before I knew it, I had met a very fun man, he made me laugh. Before I turned around he had asked me to marry him, and then I woke up, and I was smiling from ear to ear. This dream vision should be very encouraging and uplifting, especially if you have been in a difficult life situation recently. Starting at the end of the vision, receiving a proposal for marriage predicts beneficial changes happening in your life. These changes could completely flip your life around if things have been difficult for you, boosting your mood and confidence. This is preceded by the sign of meeting an enchanting stranger, which is often interpreted as a sign of rising fame and prominence. This prominence is likely to come with all the perks normally associated with fame and fortune, including monetary incentives, gifts, and the adoration or many.
Swimming and ending up in the arms of someone special Dreamt about myself swimming in the sea and when I reached a certain point, the sea turned into a swimming pool with very clear blue water. It was as if the sea water and pool water were connected. Once I get to the pool, a man that currently has great interest in me is there with another woman and I wait for her to leave, when she leaves the pool, I immediately run into his arms. This man has dreadlocks, I'm not sure if that means anything as well. This dream carries a very auspicious interpretation for your love life and relationships in general. Dreaming about swimming in large bodies of water, such as the sea and the swimming pool, often represent beneficial opportunities and lucky chances. This is usually associated with work and business, however, the subsequent symbol seems to link it more closely with your personal life. More specifically, the mutual interest between you and this man, manifested in your running into his arms, predicts going through a period of time which strengthens and fortifies your interpersonal relations. While this is important for familial relations and friendships, it can also be extremely beneficial to romantic interests as well.
Rejecting someone's signs of affection because previous disappointment I had a dream that this guy who I don't know was telling this girl lying down next to me about his feeling about her, how he wanted to be with her and loves her. But it turns out he actually meant it towards me, not her, because he said that to me later when I got up to leave them. Then, after he confessed his love to me, I walk away from him and got into my dad's car and we drove off. I was afraid and still hurt from past love, was the feeling I had in the dream. Dreaming about a stranger confessing their love for you is usually seen as a reflection of your own tendency to be dissatisfied with things in your life. On one hand, this could manifest as not settling for less and always trying to improve your life and personal character. On the other hand, this could indicate a lack of gratitude for the good things you do have or a lack of appreciation for the help others give you. Getting in the car at the end of the vision suggests your future could depend on how you act from here on out.
Getting to know someone while dancing at a party I'm in my house and somehow we're having a party, so family members are arriving for this party. However, this guy that I don't know who he is, but he seems older by few years. We started talking, laughing, getting along real well, and somehow we start dancing with each other with the music from outside. We were real close dancing bachata, but after a spin under his arm I stop the dances and I remember he told me he was going on a date with another girl, maybe his age, named Yesenia, to which I told him "Oh, OK". If you are currently single, the party in your dream is indicative of your resolve to be more sociable and opening yourself up to a possibility of a romantic relationship. Dancing with the older guy represents sensuality and sexual desires. Perhaps you are looking for someone who is a perfect fit for you and complement your personality. The fact that he appears to be older and confesses to a date with another girl of his age shows some insecurity on your part. It is possible that you think you are not mature enough to get into a serious relationship, or it could be your cynical side manifesting doubts about men's faithfulness and fidelity.
Signs of affection from a complete stranger I was traveling in the bus and suddenly a strange guy comes and sits beside me and tries to come close to me. He sort of holds my hand and kind of hugs me and after that he vanishes. I try to find him, but was unable to find. Your dream of meeting a stranger while traveling indicates serendipitous encounters with friendly and generous people or a random act of kindness. However, a hug can be a comfort or an intrusive act depending on the emotion it elicited from you within or after the dream. If you felt violated, it could be a sign of confronting adversaries at work or other similar endeavors.
Someone special not wanting to be left alone My dream was about my daughter's father and I. We were laying down and I had my eyes closed as he started telling me that he will miss me and that he asked me not to leave him when pay day comes. I opened my eyes and reassured him that I won't leave him and as I looked at him, I realized that he was crying. What does this dream mean? While this vision is centered around the image of you interacting with your daughter's father, it actually is more closely related to your relationship with your friends and loved ones. In this case, your subconscious has chosen one person whom you have or had a strong connection with to represent the other equally important people in your life. This vision indicates you have a strong network of people you can rely on when things get tough and that your loyalty and devotion to them is reciprocated.
Kissing a transgendered person Kissing a much younger woman who was in transition from a male. This vision's interpretation depends on your gender. If you are a man, kissing a woman who was once a male suggests a need to get in touch with your feminine, softer side. Your friends or lover may have difficulty communicating with you if you put up too many walls around yourself. If you are a woman, this situation may indicate a major change in a relationship, especially a romantic one.
A girl expressing signs of affection I was sitting down and a girl I know came up and said "Come with me" and smiled and kissed my hand. I felt the kiss. A kiss on the hand is an auspicious sign that means you may encounter a unique opportunity to be wealthy beyond your expectations. Although, there is a caveat to this dream. In order for you to get the chance at potentially gaining substantial profit, some self-awareness comes into play as certain habits or attitude of yours could prevent you from reaching your potentials. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate how you approach these situations, especially when it comes to money.
Starting a relationship at school with a kiss I've been having a recurring dream about going to a school very much like my own and meeting, and eventually dating, a girl. Before it was always my girlfriend at the time, but now it's a girl I don't know. Also, in the previous dreams the relationship began with a conversation in the halls of my school, this time it took place in a small wooded area and the relationship began after I kissed this young woman as a means to stop her from being upset. Being in school during a dream vision usually represents growing stress in your life, especially stress related to daily activities that take place outside of the home (particularly work or academic studies). This is most likely due to the social group you are a part of in these places. Seeing an unknown or unfamiliar female as your love interest in this vision suggests that malicious rumors may be the cause of these troubles and are focused on your relationship with those around you. Giving up your friends to stop the rumors is probably not a good course of action, but it may become burdensome to sit by and do nothing while others ruin your good name.
Meeting with a boy at a castle and spending time together I was in a castle and it looked like this boy had just returned from being away. I was so excited about it and when I ran up to him, it was a boy I knew. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug and we walked back to the castle together, and when we got inside, everyone was saying how nice it was to see him and I back together. And I was all over him like hugging, kissing and holding his hand. And we went to a movie, it looked like, and when I fell asleep in the dream I woke up. To dream of a castle suggests a desire for security and protection. It could also reflect a penchant for escapism when the waking life does not meet your expectations. As such, the presence of this boy who becomes your boyfriend in the dream alludes to your yearning to meet someone who can provide you with the comfort and security you seek. Hugging and kissing the boy in your dream is a sign that you have a lot of love to give. Perhaps you are ready to fall in love or settle down. Your fairy tale dream which ends in a movie theater is a subliminal message of life possibly imitating life. You may soon find what you are looking for if only you divert your attention away from fantasy and into reality.
A crush holding a foot with his hand I love a person and he did not. And in my dreams he caught me by a foot by hand. What does it mean? Unrequited love signifies misfortune in romantic relationships. If you felt hurt by the lack of reciprocation of your affection, then this means you might encounter a new love that could end up hurting you. This pain from a heartbreak could end up holding you back. This dream vision serves as a friendly reminder to guard your heart.
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