Meeting random guys and being attracted to one of them I had a dream that a couple guys (never met them before except one of them that goes to my school). Only one of them stood out to me, he had a lip ring. For some reason they were all in my room? Anyways, it switches to them all leaving and then I go up to the guy's car and ask for his number. I've never seen him before. I know because I would remember someone as handsome as that. This is not a very promising symbol to see in a dream when unfamiliar men enter your premises. You could face a situation when you could become a center of some scandalous, if not life-threatening situation soon. You tend to look for or be around men who seem to be successful, rich or better off compared to your usual entourage, but you could be walking a thin line between trying to impress someone and enduring the backfire caused by the person or people you find attractive or worth your time. Your dream is telling you to step back and re-evaluate existing or evolving events, especially when the intimacy is concerned.
A schoolmate who is not gay showing signs of interest I'm a closeted gay and my crush is on the football team and very popular. The most important part of the dream was that I felt a tug on my hoodie and turned around and he was the only one standing there behind me just looking into my eyes. He obviously wanted to tell me something? Of course that's when I woke up. Dreams about getting attention or being noticed by someone you have a crush on in reality represent your constant thinking and fantasizing about the person in waking life, which obviously extend into your subconscious states. However, dreams of this nature do not necessarily imply that this person is interested in reciprocating your feelings, especially considering his current popularity and place within the social circle. You may want to look at these visions as a reflection of your sexuality developing according to the aspects of human personality and appearance you tend to favor and be attracted to.
Falling into team mate's arms and being excited So, I'm a girl, and I had this dream. It's kind of hazy, but whenever something happened, I remembered running and jumping into a girl's arms, and it gave me butterflies. This girl is on my sports team, by the way. Now I feel super odd when I'm around her. Help? Despite the fact that this dream vision could be just a residual of physical contact during sport-related activities you may have participated in together, traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of close physical interaction, such as embracing or falling into someone's arms, as a sign of upcoming separation from this person. Possible reasons for this to happen could include you or her relocating, changing social preferences, or the emergence of a new person or people in your or her life.
Meeting with a girl from a school bus I was getting back home, I park the car and I turn around to see a school bus behind me being driven by a woman. I get out of the car and I see a girl walking past me and going upstairs towards my house, and I look at the bus and the passengers, including the driver, look at me and point at her and I go after her. Then she meets my mom and aunt and I wanted to shake her hand, but she hugged both of them first, then she turned around and shook my hand and I felt attraction towards her. After that she kept talking to my mom and then the dream ended. Arriving at your home at the beginning of a dream could symbolically represent your efforts to return to your roots. There have probably been many things going on in your day to day life which have distracted you from the things that define you, for example, avoiding activities you used to enjoy or dressing in clothes that reflect your cultural heritage. The school bus you see behind you represents both your daily routine and the stress that accompanies it. While you are searching for ways to feel more like yourself, your work life, friends, and society are all trying to get a piece of you. The balance between these two forces is difficult to maintain, as shaking hands with the woman you saw probably represents having to leave some part of yourself behind forever. What that part is, however, is up to you to decide.
Meeting someone at a celebration and being proposed to I dreamt that I was sitting in on some sort of Jewish holiday, learning and meeting new people. I remember laughing and having a great time. Before I knew it, I had met a very fun man, he made me laugh. Before I turned around he had asked me to marry him, and then I woke up, and I was smiling from ear to ear. This dream vision should be very encouraging and uplifting, especially if you have been in a difficult life situation recently. Starting at the end of the vision, receiving a proposal for marriage predicts beneficial changes happening in your life. These changes could completely flip your life around if things have been difficult for you, boosting your mood and confidence. This is preceded by the sign of meeting an enchanting stranger, which is often interpreted as a sign of rising fame and prominence. This prominence is likely to come with all the perks normally associated with fame and fortune, including monetary incentives, gifts, and the adoration or many.
Swimming and ending up in the arms of someone special Dreamt about myself swimming in the sea and when I reached a certain point, the sea turned into a swimming pool with very clear blue water. It was as if the sea water and pool water were connected. Once I get to the pool, a man that currently has great interest in me is there with another woman and I wait for her to leave, when she leaves the pool, I immediately run into his arms. This man has dreadlocks, I'm not sure if that means anything as well. This dream carries a very auspicious interpretation for your love life and relationships in general. Dreaming about swimming in large bodies of water, such as the sea and the swimming pool, often represent beneficial opportunities and lucky chances. This is usually associated with work and business, however, the subsequent symbol seems to link it more closely with your personal life. More specifically, the mutual interest between you and this man, manifested in your running into his arms, predicts going through a period of time which strengthens and fortifies your interpersonal relations. While this is important for familial relations and friendships, it can also be extremely beneficial to romantic interests as well.
Rejecting someone's signs of affection because previous disappointment I had a dream that this guy who I don't know was telling this girl lying down next to me about his feeling about her, how he wanted to be with her and loves her. But it turns out he actually meant it towards me, not her, because he said that to me later when I got up to leave them. Then, after he confessed his love to me, I walk away from him and got into my dad's car and we drove off. I was afraid and still hurt from past love, was the feeling I had in the dream. Dreaming about a stranger confessing their love for you is usually seen as a reflection of your own tendency to be dissatisfied with things in your life. On one hand, this could manifest as not settling for less and always trying to improve your life and personal character. On the other hand, this could indicate a lack of gratitude for the good things you do have or a lack of appreciation for the help others give you. Getting in the car at the end of the vision suggests your future could depend on how you act from here on out.
Getting to know someone while dancing at a party I'm in my house and somehow we're having a party, so family members are arriving for this party. However, this guy that I don't know who he is, but he seems older by few years. We started talking, laughing, getting along real well, and somehow we start dancing with each other with the music from outside. We were real close dancing bachata, but after a spin under his arm I stop the dances and I remember he told me he was going on a date with another girl, maybe his age, named Yesenia, to which I told him "Oh, OK". If you are currently single, the party in your dream is indicative of your resolve to be more sociable and opening yourself up to a possibility of a romantic relationship. Dancing with the older guy represents sensuality and sexual desires. Perhaps you are looking for someone who is a perfect fit for you and complement your personality. The fact that he appears to be older and confesses to a date with another girl of his age shows some insecurity on your part. It is possible that you think you are not mature enough to get into a serious relationship, or it could be your cynical side manifesting doubts about men's faithfulness and fidelity.
Signs of affection from a complete stranger I was traveling in the bus and suddenly a strange guy comes and sits beside me and tries to come close to me. He sort of holds my hand and kind of hugs me and after that he vanishes. I try to find him, but was unable to find. Your dream of meeting a stranger while traveling indicates serendipitous encounters with friendly and generous people or a random act of kindness. However, a hug can be a comfort or an intrusive act depending on the emotion it elicited from you within or after the dream. If you felt violated, it could be a sign of confronting adversaries at work or other similar endeavors.
Someone special not wanting to be left alone My dream was about my daughter's father and I. We were laying down and I had my eyes closed as he started telling me that he will miss me and that he asked me not to leave him when pay day comes. I opened my eyes and reassured him that I won't leave him and as I looked at him, I realized that he was crying. What does this dream mean? While this vision is centered around the image of you interacting with your daughter's father, it actually is more closely related to your relationship with your friends and loved ones. In this case, your subconscious has chosen one person whom you have or had a strong connection with to represent the other equally important people in your life. This vision indicates you have a strong network of people you can rely on when things get tough and that your loyalty and devotion to them is reciprocated.
Kissing a transgendered person Kissing a much younger woman who was in transition from a male. This vision's interpretation depends on your gender. If you are a man, kissing a woman who was once a male suggests a need to get in touch with your feminine, softer side. Your friends or lover may have difficulty communicating with you if you put up too many walls around yourself. If you are a woman, this situation may indicate a major change in a relationship, especially a romantic one.
A girl expressing signs of affection I was sitting down and a girl I know came up and said "Come with me" and smiled and kissed my hand. I felt the kiss. A kiss on the hand is an auspicious sign that means you may encounter a unique opportunity to be wealthy beyond your expectations. Although, there is a caveat to this dream. In order for you to get the chance at potentially gaining substantial profit, some self-awareness comes into play as certain habits or attitude of yours could prevent you from reaching your potentials. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate how you approach these situations, especially when it comes to money.
Starting a relationship at school with a kiss I've been having a recurring dream about going to a school very much like my own and meeting, and eventually dating, a girl. Before it was always my girlfriend at the time, but now it's a girl I don't know. Also, in the previous dreams the relationship began with a conversation in the halls of my school, this time it took place in a small wooded area and the relationship began after I kissed this young woman as a means to stop her from being upset. Being in school during a dream vision usually represents growing stress in your life, especially stress related to daily activities that take place outside of the home (particularly work or academic studies). This is most likely due to the social group you are a part of in these places. Seeing an unknown or unfamiliar female as your love interest in this vision suggests that malicious rumors may be the cause of these troubles and are focused on your relationship with those around you. Giving up your friends to stop the rumors is probably not a good course of action, but it may become burdensome to sit by and do nothing while others ruin your good name.
Meeting with a boy at a castle and spending time together I was in a castle and it looked like this boy had just returned from being away. I was so excited about it and when I ran up to him, it was a boy I knew. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug and we walked back to the castle together, and when we got inside, everyone was saying how nice it was to see him and I back together. And I was all over him like hugging, kissing and holding his hand. And we went to a movie, it looked like, and when I fell asleep in the dream I woke up. To dream of a castle suggests a desire for security and protection. It could also reflect a penchant for escapism when the waking life does not meet your expectations. As such, the presence of this boy who becomes your boyfriend in the dream alludes to your yearning to meet someone who can provide you with the comfort and security you seek. Hugging and kissing the boy in your dream is a sign that you have a lot of love to give. Perhaps you are ready to fall in love or settle down. Your fairy tale dream which ends in a movie theater is a subliminal message of life possibly imitating life. You may soon find what you are looking for if only you divert your attention away from fantasy and into reality.
A crush holding a foot with his hand I love a person and he did not. And in my dreams he caught me by a foot by hand. What does it mean? Unrequited love signifies misfortune in romantic relationships. If you felt hurt by the lack of reciprocation of your affection, then this means you might encounter a new love that could end up hurting you. This pain from a heartbreak could end up holding you back. This dream vision serves as a friendly reminder to guard your heart.
Being attracted to a handsome tutor I'm a young girl. I saw a young boy with me, but I never saw him before in my real life. He was really handsome and he looked at me lovely and also he taught me chemistry. Meeting a handsome, kind stranger is often an indication of being surrounded by good and generous people in your life. It can also represent finding your soulmate if you are in the right place at the right time. Being taught by this person suggests that the time spent studying and improving yourself may put you on a path which would help you connect with your perfect match in the future.
Flirting while in a tree I was in a tree, with my best friend standing at the base of it. My crush climbed the tree and I leaned over and kissed him. Then later in the dream he texted me asking if I liked him. Dreaming of kissing your crush or someone you really like alludes to successfully achieving your goals. You only need to try a bit harder and exert more effort into it and your heart's desire would be within your reach if you choose to continue to strive for them. The tree is likewise a symbol or growth and development, so this vision can also refer to any area you are determined to improve, be it romantic, personal or professional.
Meeting with someone during a pool party I was in the pool and a girl tells me that who I am looking for is her sis. Then I am taken to her and I meet her. She is shy and the thing is that we go to the room and the next thing that you know, it's morning and I come out with both sisters standing and ask her "How did you feel while putting on my shirt?". Then the next day, I meet upon a kid that is arguing about jumping into the pool and he falls himself and then he falls in. Then I go to meet the girl again. The end. Your dream alludes to a passionate love affair. The swimming pool symbolizes overwhelming affection. It indicates that you could fall madly in love with someone at this point in your life, and you would want to spend virtually your entire time together. This ties in with your tryst with the girl and her sister. That shows that entertaining romance in the waking world could lead to forgetting about your other state of affairs. This could mean being absent from work for days, failing to run errands such as paying the bills or having your car fixed, or spending less time with family and friends because you would rather be with the object of your desire. The kid who falls into the pool is yourself, such that you could end up drowning in your emotions, consumed by passion. While this dream is all about being crazy in love, there is a high likelihood that it could turn sour in the long run. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. Just pray it does not happen.
With a stranger while being threatened by others I met a stranger and went to his place where we almost had sex, but suddenly there was a terrorist attack across the road. My stranger goes downstairs and gets shot in front of my eyes. I run upstairs and hide in the room. It felt like I was being held hostage. I escape through the window and get to the safe area, where I meet that stranger again and he's alive. We come closer, I hug him and run my fingers through his hair. I feel this sincere love towards him and I could feel that he felt the same. This vision seems to play out like an exciting story, however, the outcome may have negative consequences for you in wake life should you fail to heed the warning at the end. The first sign, your interrupted affair with an unfamiliar male, represents some uncertainty in the romantic aspects of your social interactions. You may be getting mixed signals from someone or have a few questions about a new guy on your radar. This is followed by the upheaval of the terrorist attack and being held hostage, which represent that your instincts are spot on and that there is something fishy going on behind your back concerning this person. The act of reuniting with him you experienced at the end of the vision show your wishful thinking, but the truth of the matter is that you should be wary of interactions with this person or you may find yourself on a bad path.
Receiving a white rose A white rose I got from someone. In a dream, a white rose that you have received from someone is most commonly associated with negative or unfavorable news which may soon make its way to you. You should prepare yourself in the case of such an eventuality and try to remember that all things happen for a reason.
Receiving signs of affection from a younger man A seemingly wealthy, somewhat handsome young man insisted to pursue the likes of my attention, though I was not impressed. He continued to follow me throughout my day until it was night, doing nice things for me and, because I was uninterested he continuously fell asleep, but he never gave up. I am a woman. This somewhat handsome, young man pursuing you in the dream could represent an opportunity about to come your way in reality. Your disinterest in this person mirrors your attitude towards the prospect or the offer. The nature of the opportunity is unclear, except that you are the one being wooed in this scenario. Perhaps if this refers to a promotion or a new job, then being aloof means it is not your cup of tea for one reason or another. Maybe you feel it is not the right fit for you in the sense that while lucrative, it could be a new venture or a startup ridden with a lot of risk. Alternatively, it could be your own desire to start your own business, but your pragmatic side keeps putting it off.
Watching a girl making out with someone else I love a girl. We used to be best friends. She never accepted me, then too I loved her. I still love her. But, we parted our ways about 6 months back, when she left me for being too much obsessed with her. I've never been happy ever since. Just a few days back, I had a dream in which she appeared. She was lying down on a bench and a guy was kissing her and caressing her hair and I was standing a few yards away watching the whole dream. What could this dream mean? Seeing the girl you love lying down on a bench and being kissed and caressed by another man represents an aspect of your subconscious mind. This unwanted display of affection in the dream could be interpreted as your own dissatisfaction and feelings of loneliness taking form. As long as you feel this invisible weight pulling you down, it is unlikely that you will find happiness and self-fulfillment. Once you are able to free yourself from these emotional shackles and move on with your life, you may be able to achieve new and exciting heights.
Attracted to a taxi driver I was in a cab with an attractive older driver and he kidnaps me, but I'm not scared and it excites me, we go into a house that he bought for whoever, he kidnaps and makes me his sex slave and ties me up and gags me and and he is the dominant. But I'm happy about it? I move in with him, it turns into a relationship. This dream vision of being kidnapped by some stranger reflects a failed attempt to use an opportunity or a chance. You could have recently tried to succeed at something important to you or gain some material benefit, but it did not come through. You could be exhibiting unusual behavior or treat others in a way that is not characteristic of you since this happened. The sadomasochistic elements of this dream imply your desire to just let go of control and allow things to fall where they may. This is a suppressed desire because you tend to be the one in control.
Texting with a girl liked in the past So, in my dream I was texting a girl that I used to like. We were just texting about horses. That's her favorite animal. And she said it was a "male mystery". I didn't see the text before that at all. I used to really like her a lot and I've been having dreams about her for awhile now. And each one is either at her house with her family or I'm texting her about things. Recurring dreams about this girl reveal your emotional investment and strong attachment to her. Perhaps you still harbor romantic feelings towards her, which is why she repeatedly appears in your dream world. The texts exchanged in the dream about horses possibly relate to your sexual desires. After all, horses symbolize masculinity, power and sexual drives. On the other hand, this may just be a reflection of your relationship with her in reality, especially if you still cross each other's paths in real life.
Sitting on the roof while it snows I had two consecutive dreams. In the first one I was holding hands with a blonde guy. We were sitting on top of a log cabin looking out over the lake and it was snowing. The second dream was kind of the same except he was a brunette. He and I were sitting face-to-face and talking. I don't remember the conversation, but we were also sitting on top of a log cabin, but this time we were looking over grass fields and it was once again snowing. In the end he hugged me. The log cabin surrounded by beautiful nature, whether it is a lake or a grassy field, represents happy life you currently live, most likely because you and those around you take care to live and work inside the lines without ever doing anything controversial or exciting. Looking out over the nature, then, signifies your desire to move past the white picket fence guarding your life and see some action or adventure. This is supported by the image of the falling snow, a strong indicator that you feel like an observer on the sidelines as everyone else gets to live in the spontaneity of real life. The man is the manifestation of these developments taking place in your life, but the changing hair color could point toward having difficulty choosing between different options now that they are available to you.
An affair with a soldier ending in murder I was cheating on my husband with a soldier and my husband found out and confronted the soldier, he asked him why he wants to take me away and the soldier did not answer back. I went there and grabbed the soldier's pistol and shot my husband in the stomach at very close range, then I woke up. A dream concerning cheating on your husband means you may soon lose the love and respect of your spouse. This loss could be due to the anger, irritability and other negative emotions you have expressed towards him for a while now. Cheating on him with a soldier possibly points to the source of your disagreements and conflict. A soldier symbolizes strength, courage and discipline. Perhaps you feel as if your husband lacks those qualities and so shooting him at close range reveals your diminished respect for him. You may need to communicate with each other better in order to preserve and strengthen your marriage.
Soothing the pain of a strange man We were on adventure in this beautiful forested place, I left with another girl to buy snacks, we were waiting for a lady to bring us french fries, a European guy came in pain and I even called his name, it's like I knew him. He told me his story, then I soothed him. I placed my hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat as he slept. Then I woke up. Forests seen in a dream often represent an upcoming change to your way of living, usually predicting a move, change of job or major shift in personal values. Likely, this stems from a reevaluation of what is important to you, either moral beliefs or future goals. What causes your changes of heart, then, seems to be revealed in the familiar stranger, a sign which foretells an unexpected meeting with someone you love and care about, such as a family member or friend you have not seen in some time. This individual's sudden reappearance could have a profound effect on how you view the world and change the course of your destiny in a significant way.
Befriending a boy at a restaurant I was at what looked like a burger restaurant and I was sitting at a booth waiting for someone and I was letting my phone charge on the outlet next to me and a few minutes later I see someone in front of the table and it was a boy... Then he sat next to me... but quickly, so I couldn't really see his face, but we were sitting there and I had my arms wrapped around him and he said "I wish I could be like this all the time... Just me and you cuddling". Sitting at a restaurant without actually eating is associated with the idea of being in a period of waiting. Given how prominently the unknown boy stands out in this vision, it is possible you are looking forward to a relationship or hope to find peace and comfort with a male companion in the future. The closeness you shared at the end of the vision represents much the same in wake life, namely that you desire intimacy with someone whom you can share your deepest secrets with without fear of rejection.
Affection from a Japanese boy An unknown Japanese boy courting me. A few months later, I met a Japanese boy. A dream in which an unfamiliar Japanese boy is courting you, which later becomes a real occurrence in your life, points to the universe responding to your wish for a partner or soulmate. You may subconsciously be feeling lonely or wishing you had a lasting romance in your life. As long as you express your feelings openly and remain focused on what is it that you desire in a relationship, it should all work out for you the way you want it.
Slow dancing with a crush The other night I had a dream about me and my crush slow-dancing at my old house in my bedroom before we went to the movies. But in my dream I didn't want anyone to walk in on us slow dancing. Slow dancing involves very sensual and intimate movements. Its sexual connotations may be part of the underlying meanings of your dream. As such, slow dancing with your crush inside the bedroom of your old house depicts a desire to become closer, and possibly more intimate, with this apple of your eye. This is the reason why in the dream you did not want anyone to walk in on you. In reality, you may be thinking of ways to initiate physical contact with your crush.
Having an affair with a biker Me being in a room with bikers and having sex with one of them whose name was Sunny. I woke up in the morning in the dream next to my husband with a jumper on, when I took off the jumper I was wearing Sunny's shirt. I said "I must go to Sunny" and my husband said "Sunny"? We went to the bikers' house and there was other bikers shooting at the original bikers, so we hid and escaped unharmed, the next minute my husband had disappeared and I was in a cafe looking at a huge slice of layered cake. Dreaming about cheating on your husband is not normally associated with similar acts in waking life. Rather, it is symbolically linked with behavior that errs on the side of illegal, or at least immoral. This is supported by the imagery of the bikers. In this case, it seems that (at least subconsciously) you want to live a little on the wild side and break away from traditions. Looking at a nice, big slice of cake at the end of your vision suggests that your husband acknowledges these tendencies inside of you and even supports them to an extent. You can rely on him to let you spread your wings, but also keep you grounded within reasonable boundaries as well.
Being a lesbian and kissing Every person in this dream is gay, including me. So there's this girl that I like and we were behind a car. I asked her for a hug and we looked at each other and kissed. Next she said "Give me another kiss" and I said "I don't wanna do that to your girlfriend" because I felt like she would be cheating on her with me and then she said that they are really not even together like that and then we kissed again. To kiss someone you like in a dream, regardless of your real-life sexual preferences, suggests wish fulfillment. Perhaps you want to know what it feels like to be with her romantically, or it could be a yearning to be loved by someone, and not necessarily this girl. Alternatively, it could reveal jealousy on your part. You want her for yourself or you want the kind of relationship they have for yourself. This is why playing out a scene in which she cheats on her girlfriend makes their bond less appealing to you to help ease the feelings of jealousy.
Spending time with crush's wife and baby I had a dream of being in a hotel. I was with my crush's wife and his baby. I smiled at the baby at how cute he was, but the wife was upset that her husband wasn't with her, so I went to find him, only to discover he was avoiding me too. I only saw his back in the moments I did catch him. The hotel in your dream signifies renewal and a need to improve your current condition. The wife and baby of your crush serve to represent your desire to have your own family or to settle down. Their family, at least in your subconscious mind, symbolizes the ideal life you want or your "what if". However, the actions of your crush speak of a need to let go of any lingering feelings you may have for him in order to build a life of your own.
A boy giving compliments at a mall I was in an almost empty mall and a boy I know whom I have recently started talking to again was buying ice cream. He came over and we started talking. I laughed at something and he said "Wow, I never knew you had dimples!" Before taking a hold of my face in both hands and poking my dimples he drew his face really close to mine but continued to talk casually to me before he had to collect his ice cream. He said goodbye and left. My friend and I looked at each other and then I woke up. Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Being inside a mall in your dream connotes a need to make a good impression on someone, in your case, the boy. Perhaps you have fond feelings for the boy and you want to have a stronger bond with him, maybe even develop some sort of romance. Similarly, the ice cream refers to sweetness and love. Combined with the part in which he was touching your face, the vision reveals your yearning for affection and love. The giddy feelings you feel in the waking world are being manifested in your vision through these intertwined scenarios.
Being helped by a girl at a fast food restaurant So I went to a sandwich snack place and there was a girl working in there, so I ordered my sandwich and when I was going to eat it, it fell on the ground, so I was sad, but then I was surprised that the girl that was working saw me drop my sandwich. So she got me 2 other sandwiches for free, so I gave her a hug and she gave me her number. I went back home and tried to contact her, but she wouldn't answer. In the context of your dream, the sandwich may represent your yearning for human contact and intimacy. The sandwich that fell down on the ground represents wasted opportunities to get closer to a possible romantic partner. Furthermore, the girl in your dream vision symbolizes all your past romances that never quite bloomed. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to change your tactics in attracting the opposite sex. Being too needy or obvious may be hurting your chances.
Walking with someone who sings and talks A long walk with my someone I love. In nature. She was singing. My right arm over her shoulders. She moves my arm over her hips. She keeps singing and talking all the time. I am almost silent. A dream about walking through natural landscapes with someone you love or in a relationship with could symbolize a much needed break from the monotony or boredom you could be presently experiencing while being with them. The notion of your girlfriend singing and talking while you remain silent could also indicate that one of you gets entertained and amused by things or activities which the other half considers unexciting or already experienced in the past. Quite likely, this imbalance stems from the difference in age or lack of common interests.
A girl starting to like a girl I'm a girl, and in my dream I was hanging out with my best friend and then I kissed her and then we went to this party or something, and then when we got home from the party we started making out and after that we talked and ended up dating. Getting intimate with your female best friend hints at your deep bond with her. Even if you identify yourself as a heterosexual in reality, the kissing and eventual dating alludes to your strong attraction to her. This attraction may not necessarily be romantic, it could stem from kinship. You consider being best friends with her because of a variety of reasons as well as shared experiences. Kissing is a physical act of showing love and affection to this special friend, and in reality you may just really be starting to realize how much you value, respect and appreciate her.
In a strange house with a crush I have been everywhere for this dream, please help me. Me, my family and my crush we were all at my grandparents' house, but the house was like a carnival because it had at least three floors and odd walls. Me and my crush walked around a bit. Then I heard my mother yelling that it was time to go. I got sad. I kissed my crush's cheek and told him I loved him and he kissed me back and said "Finally". The dream ended there. I'm bi female btw. A spacious, strange house, such as the three-level carnival house you saw in your vision, is a mixed symbol. It suggests attending some sad event like a funeral, but also meeting someone there who brings you happiness. This could be a family member you have not seen in some time or a friend whom you would invite to come along. In either case, expressing affection toward someone and receiving similar treatment in return is most likely a reflection of your actual situation in waking life, predicting that with careful planning some progress could be made on this love affair. Inviting this boy to important events, then, may be the key to deepening the bond between the two of you.
A crush disappearing at a party This guy I am starting to like was in a dream I had. We were both at a party in a hotel, and the party lasted for 6 nights. Every night, we would be hanging out. Then, a girl would start flirting with him and I would turn around and he was gone. Every night, this would happen. He would take me to the party, and leave without me. Being at a party in a dream shows your desire to have more fun and spontaneity. However, it seems as if you are fixated too much on personal responsibilities, which could be holding you back from fully enjoying yourself. Maybe witnessing this constant flirtation and being left behind each time reveals your prejudice about partying and having fun. You may think that having fun has no purpose and embracing a carefree lifestyle would lead others into thinking that you are living an aimless existence. However, these are all just projections of your fears. It is possible to have fun without losing sight of your goals and obligations.
A likeable man inside a new apartment I was getting on a elevator in a strange building, but familiar feeling, and as I was walking to what was my new apartment I got overwhelmed with job to be greeted by this handsome man, feeling as if he was my husband. The apartment was beautiful with high ceiling, but I never got to see this man's face, but he was beautiful inside out. The apartment had high ceilings, wood fixture and it was huge. The elevator alongside the feeling of having visited the place before in your dream contains a positive message indicating a possible new opportunity you could get involved in. This opportunity could add improvements to your current life situation. Similarly, the high ceilings reflect your ambitious nature and a need for continuous growth, whether personally or professionally. Most importantly, the handsome stranger who was perceived to be your husband bodes well for your romantic involvements. His presence could indicate discontent with your current romantic partner and you may be seeking out new experiences and fresh faces because your current status has not met the standards of how you think you should be living.
Attracted to a guy in the military I am a girl and I have this recurring dream when I start liking a guy. It's in a military camp and in the end I usually kill the guy. But this time I didn't and I don't know why. This dream involving fond feelings for a guy in the military camp may be indicative of need for discipline. You could be the type of individual who requires some order and control as a way of managing your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. As such, killing or letting the guy live reveals your inner struggle of choosing order over chaos, or possibly choosing spontaneity over predictability. This may be a persistent issue with you in the real world, hence the multiple dreams about it.
Being stalked by someone likeable I am a female. I dreamt that I met a man and he was very into me. I liked him too and we made out for a while. But I wasn't ready to take the next step and kind of gave him the cold shoulder. Then my sister gave him the code to my house and he kept coming in and trying to get me to mess around with him. It ended with me trying to get away from him and hiding in my friends house. I still liked him in the end though. Dreaming about an encounter with a man you are initially attracted to symbolizes your desire to indulge in trivialities. It's indicative of your habit to give more attention than is required to things which are superficial. The fact that this man keeps following you despite you avoiding him perhaps points towards the petty issues which do spring up time and again. And although you may feel tempted to think about these issues, the best course of action is to focus on aspects of your life which are actually significant.
With a crush in a log cabin I was at a party with my crush and his girlfriend. We were at a huge party in a log cabin. Then I went upstairs into a home office in the log cabin. It was dark and I was working on the computer and then my crush came upstairs. He came and kissed me on the lips and said "Shhhh, don't tell". Then he went downstairs and broke up with his girlfriend. That's when the dream ended and I woke up, I only remember that one piece of dialogue. The party in a log cabin alludes to your desire for your crush to see you as you really are. Maybe you struggle in socializing when around him and oftentimes end up pretending to be someone you are not. The dream world provided you with a comfortable and grounded setting to express yourself. As such, the kiss that transpired between you and your crush is a kind of wish fulfillment. Ultimately, this dream vision is telling you to be yourself and hopefully this special someone would see you as someone worth pursuing.
Being liked by someone while in art class I was in my art class in school sitting in the usual spot I sit at and at the same table. The same people in my class were also in my dream. Except this time, a guy in my class came to sit at my table and handed me a note saying that I had a cute smile and that he has noticed me in class. He was pretty much saying he liked me. After that we were just talking to each other the rest of class, but I don't remember exactly what about. I just know that there was a lot of smiling between us. Dreaming of a certain person in your class expressing his fondness of you is probably a reflection of your existing insecurities. Perhaps you feel detached and neglected in the real world and your subconscious is reassuring you with this wish fulfillment scenario. It is likely that some existing object of your affection remains cold and indifferent towards you in reality. Hence, you may need to stop hoping for his attention and focus on something more productive. Alternatively, this dream can also symbolize some unexpected developments coming into your life, either positive or negative in their nature.
A crush crying and apologizing My crush started crying and then ran into my arms and afterwards he started apologizing for not liking me back and then I wiped his tears away. This dream vision seems to be the manifestation of both your hopes for the future and your acceptance of the reality of the current situation. For example, envisioning your crush running into your arms and holding you could represent your desire to make something happen between the two of you or have such a connection with someone else you equally infatuated by. His tears and confession that he does not like you, then, would be your subconscious resignation to the fact that it is not yet your time to build stronger bonds.
Going to a restaurant with a crush and being covered by ants I dreamt of going to a restaurant with my friends and my special someone. In that dream, we were supposedly ordering food and after ordering I went back to the car to leave something. I had to cross the street too. While I was crossing back to the area of the restaurant, I saw my special person's car and he was waiting for me inside the car. Also, I saw that he was covered in ants which were going inside his body. I checked on my body after and saw ants as well. Then I panicked and woke up. Ordering food from a restaurant in your dream symbolically points to a deluge of decisions and responsibilities in the waking world. Due to a busy schedule and commitments, both personal and professional, you may be craving for some free time in order to rest and recharge. The ants crawling all over your bodies likewise reflect your frenzied lifestyle. You and your special someone are likely consumed by work and adult expectations that you are both starting to get stressed out. Perhaps this mounting stress is causing conflict between the two of you. Maybe the dream serves as a wake-up call not to be consumed by details too much and refocus on the big picture instead.
Deep connection with boyfriend underwater Holding hands with boyfriend in a large pool or aquarium type pool, didn't have a need to breathe or talk. We just looked into each other's eyes and we knew what each other was thinking. The large pool or aquarium in your dream alludes to your emotions. Hence, being submerged in this pool with your boyfriend without any need to breathe likely reveals the overwhelming feelings you have for each other. The overflowing affection could be creating this bubble around you, so much so that everything else seems to fade away or appears unimportant. As such, holding hands with your boyfriend suggest upcoming trials. The results could show how much the relationship might grow with time or be an indication of future happiness.
A girl turning from affectionate to murderous I was talking to a girl, a moment after she is hitting on me and we start kissing. Then she sits on my lap continuing kissing me and then starts squeezing my neck like she wants to kill me. A dream wherein you see a girl kissing you and trying to get close to you is a positive sign. However, this image is soon replaced by seeing yourself at the mercy of this girl who was just a while ago so much into you. This is a dire warning. Perhaps what you feel as a positive aspect in your life could actually be harmful to you. You may have invested a great deal of time and energy in an endeavor or a relationship and expect only good things out of it. Consider this vision a sign that you shouldn't be too trusting and should focus on what actually lies beneath the exterior of someone or something which looks good appearance-wise.
Being noticed by someone while swimming I'm with a group of people swimming in a cloudy river and rolling in the mud at the bottom. Everyone is laughing and and splashing. Then a guy swoops me up, carries me through the water, and then kisses me while everyone cheers (including my roommate who I don't think likes me). The guy then holds me and says "See, there's love everywhere." And then I woke up. A dream with this scenario has positive connotations. It marks the entry into an auspicious period in your waking life. The fact that you envisioned yourself happy and frolicking speaks a great deal about your current situation. You are at a point in your life when things seem to be working in your favor. The image of a kiss shared with a man speaks about a positive change in your love life. If you are single, you may find new love. If you are already in a relationship, it could mean strengthening of the mutual affection and love in your existing relationship. Make sure you keep yourself open to new opportunities and embrace love with open arms.
A crush and others at a school gym Me, my crush, his girlfriend and his brother were all in our school gym. My crush's brother was giving me a lap dance and I was looking at my crush, paying no mind to the lap dance. Your dream vision suggests that you are focusing too much on your crush and spending too much time trying to get his attention. It further shows that someone has been trying to get your attention, but your sights have thus far remained on a boy who you already know is unavailable or unattainable. Your effort spent getting your crush to like you may cause you to miss out on an even better opportunity to be in a relationship with someone better suited to you.
Sharing a fig with a crush I dreamt about sharing fruit (fig) with the person I secretly admire. He bites half of it and puts the other half into my mouth. The presence of the person you like in a dream is not uncommon, as it simply represents the amount of time you are preoccupied with thoughts of this individual. However, eating fruit with this male could have an ominous meaning. Eating fruit symbolizes a decline in morals or an increase in unethical thoughts and behavior. Because he gave this fruit to you, it suggests that his presence is influencing you to act in a way you normally would not. It would be wise to carefully consider whether or not you should pursue this relationship under these circumstances.
Getting fit before a date with a crush My crush asked me out and my friend was very insistent on us working out. Positive encounters with a crush in the dream world is partly wish fulfillment. You could be shy in reality, unable to approach the object of your affection, let alone go on a date. Hence, your daydreams may be bleeding into your sleep cycle as your subconscious mind tries to consolidate all the information and thought stream during your waking hours. On a hopeful note, the support of your friend may reveal your increasing self-confidence and the possibility of an opportunity to get to know your crush better.
Romance during an assembly I was walking down the hall with my friends to an assembly. There were red carpets and wooden walls. There was a girl there. She had glasses and dark brown hair. We blushed at each other as we walked. When we were at the assembly, she put one hand under my bosom and another over my waist, and started kissing my neck passionately. I groaned in ecstasy as a warm sensation passed through my body. Finally, she picked me up and twirled me around in the air, both of us laughing. Dreaming of seeing or walking on a red carpet means that you want to be noticed or desired in the waking world. Perhaps the time has finally come for you to shine. Your peers and contemporaries would give you the credit you deserve for your hard work and achievements. Similarly, kissing the girl reveals your growing self-awareness about what you want in life. You are getting comfortable in your own skin and this renewed self-confidence would also inspire you to uncover your true passions. Maybe you have grown tired of hiding who you are or working behind the scenes all the time, so this vision portends breaking free from this dull and restricted existence.
Running into a crush at a public place I had a dream last night about my dad and I going to a skateboard or train track thing. I have no idea what it was for. But I found a guy there who was so cute and I've never seen him before in my life. I was hanging out with his friends and then he and I almost started to make out and hug each other. What does this dream even mean? I need someone's help. Meeting someone who you find attractive and getting close to them reveals your dissatisfaction with some areas of your reality. Generally speaking, new romances or flirtation in dreams point toward a growing desire to form new relationships in wake life, both romantic and platonic in nature. In a sense, you are bored or frustrated with the people you see on a daily basis, leading your mind to form the image of someone new with whom you could share a new adventure. Your dissatisfaction may have been growing for some time or have just been kicked off by some singular event.
A crush in a dark room I am a female. In this dream, it is very short, a man I had admired but did not know personally was in a room, a dark room. Nothing was in this room except him sitting on either a bench or chair. He did not move, nor did I see his face. He appeared exhausted and seemed to be sleep or unconscious. He looked very tired. I walked up to him in the dimly lit room. He wore a white t-shirt, black pants and his fedora hat. I went to touch him on his chest. I felt him but then I woke up soon after. The dark room in this dream represents the dark corners of your mind. Usually these are repressed emotions and desires or repository of your more unsavory qualities. Finding the man you admire in this dark room likely means that you associate him with guilty feelings or shame. Maybe a part of you is aware that entertaining thoughts of this person, such as being in a relationship with him or getting acquainted with him in reality, is probably not a good idea. It is possible that while you admire him, he may possess characteristics that are against your personal values or beliefs. Alternatively, the darkness could be a projection of the mysterious nature of this individual. There could be a dark, enigmatic quality that draws you to him.
In a car with a crush and a police officer flirting Female. Riding in a car in the backseat with a guy interest from my class at school. He had bought me a dress to go to a dance with him at 1pm, but I planned to go home at 4pm. A police officer appeared and flirted with me over potato chips and sweets (little pies, cake slices, etc.). The guy interest became very jealous. I know this sounds ridiculous. What does it all mean? Riding in a car is often symbolically associated with your life path in the real world, so being in the backseat while your love interest is driving may indicate that his preferences or opinions are the driving force behind your actions and behavior, rather than your personal opinions or goals. He probably has a lot of power over you, which could worry your family and friends. However, the police officer that flirts with you means you do not like to follow or conform to social norms, especially without a good reason. You may be happy with the way things are now and find the concerns of your loved ones unwarranted.
Attracted to a business woman with hairy legs A sophisticated business woman with hairy legs that I am attracted to. Seeing a woman with hairy legs is typically associated with masculine traits. The woman you were attracted to in your dream may be a representation of a powerful and influential woman in the waking world. Your world may collide with this individual perhaps by working on a project together or being introduced by a common friend in your social circle. Either way, you may be inclined to submit to her will because of her strong personality.
Uncertainty about the crush I had a dream where my crush and I were going out but obstacles kept coming in our way. In the end, I can never tell if we're gonna be together or not because I always wake up before the dream can end. I am really confused what my dream means. Can you help? Going on a date with a crush in the dream world means that your feelings for this person may be growing stronger every day. As a result, your subconscious is showing you scenarios where you get to bond with your crush as a kind of wish-fulfillment. In addition, the abrupt ending of your dream, before anything becomes serious, could be your subconscious telling you to take stock of your fate and make a move to get to know your crush better in the real world. The open-ended nature of your dream leaves you room to muster enough strength to make the first move.
Hugging a crush who appears younger Hugging a younger version of my crush in a fantasy place. Hugging your crush in a dream reveals your desire to keep an idealized version of this individual in your mind. The notion that your crush appeared younger likely means you are fond of the former, possibly more innocent, side of this person. Perhaps recently you have noticed changes in appearance or behavior which makes you long for the younger years or memories of your crush. The fantasy setting similarly shows your reluctance to accept status quo and reality in general due to the fact that you and your crush may be drifting apart in the waking world.
Going to the crush's house I (female) dreamed of an older married man, Ted, who I have a crush on but never met in person. Ted was dancing near me but I didn't like his body odor, kinda vinegary. Then he drove me to his house. We passed a hick-looking family, and the man had a pregnant belly and an elephant nose. Ted asked me if I thought the belly was real. I knew where Ted's house was, but he drove around the block, delaying our arrival. A sign on his house had his and his wife's name on it, and another illegible name. Dreaming about your crush or someone you have special feelings for is fairly common and is often simply a reflection of the fact that they have been on your mind, whether or not you have met them in person. Seeing your crush dancing near you is a symbol associated with positive experiences and a feeling of goodwill. However, the unpleasant body odor opposes this happiness by suggesting an undertone of sadness, depression or despondency. Perhaps this is due to his married status or the distance between you two. Moving along, envisioning your crush delaying your arrival to his house represents the time and space you need to put your priorities in order. Your subconscious is trying to show you there is a need for propriety and future planning, no matter what your personal feelings about him could be. This is reinforced by the image of the sign with the names, a symbol that suggests you need to evaluate the likelihood of your crush developing into something more meaningful to you. This vision seems to be a metaphor for your coming to terms with the difficult situation you may find yourself in at this time.
Jumping off a bridge with a crush I'm a single female. I was walking on a bridge with a guy whom I am interested in. Underneath, I saw clean, calm, green river water. Then we reached the end of the bridge. There was a rock underneath. He suggested we jump onto that rock. I was hesitant but jumped with him. We were holding hands. Before we reached the rock, he looked at me and realized I was scared. He then smiled and lifted both of us to some place even higher than the bridge like from some invisible power. I felt safe and happy. Walking on a bridge or crossing a bridge is typically a sign that you are entering a new phase in your life. The presence of the guy means you may be associating him with your goals or dreams in life. Perhaps what he represents, or the characteristics you admire in him, moves and motivates you to pursue your own dreams. The clean and calm river reveals your tendency to go with the flow, so daring you to jump points to taking risks. Either you see him as a risk or a catalyst to changing the course of your existence and being more in control of your destiny. Finally, the rock could suggest that you are ready for a long-term commitment. This can refer to a romantic relationship or it could also be a reference to having a more stable career path.
Saving a crush from stabbing and deportation I am a woman. I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the night because somebody was calling me, so I answered it and it was someone telling me my crush got stabbed and I had to go save him. So I grabbed a suture kit and drive all the way to the next town and saved him but the news story got so big that the police realized the reason he couldn't go to the hospital was because he was not legal. So then he got deported and I cried myself to sleep and was woken up again by the phone and the dream kept repeating. Hearing somebody calling you through the mobile phone or telephone means that you like to participate in gossip. You could be the one actively spreading information and inaccurate news to your social group or just enjoying listening to juicy and controversial rumors. Either way, people are often drawn to you because you are able to catch their attention and keep them interested with your stories. Meanwhile, saving your crush suggests your crush may be in trouble in reality. In connection to the first symbol, you would learn about your crush's struggles and problems through the grapevine which would trigger your desire to help or at least become close enough to him so you can comfort him. Unfortunately, deportation refers to a fear of rejection. You could sabotage your chances of developing a romantic relationship because of your own insecurities and abandonment issues.
Getting together with a crush after fighting I am a male. I recently had, or last night, had a dream that me and my crush were dating and we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We recently got into a fight recently in real life, and now she doesn’t want to talk to me but yet I had that dream. Please help me understand? Dating your crush has two interpretations in the realm of dreams. On one hand, this type of vision is commonly thought to be the manifestation of your strong feelings toward this individual. This is clear considering your obvious affection for her despite the fight you had in reality. Taking this a step further, dating your crush in the dream world can also be thought to predict auspicious developments concerning this girl in reality. While this may not exactly mean you would become boyfriend and girlfriend, it is possible you could repair the damage done by your fight. If you need to apologize or learn more about her feelings, now would be a good time to put more effort into the connection between you two.
Seeking help from a crush after an explosion So I was in New York with my crush (guy), we met up with this girl. My crush and this girl were hitting it off. We went outside. The girl said she was hearing a ticking noise and then a bomb went off. After the bomb went off the girl disappeared and me an my crush started running. There were so many people freaking out. We were back in our hotel and I was having a panic attack, he calmed me down and I leaned in to kiss him and he pulled away. That’s it. I’m a girl. Witnessing a bomb exploding in your dream indicates the presence of a destructive external force in your waking life which could bring havoc and imbalance in some of the aspects of your daily existence if not paid attention to. In addition, the combination of symbols such as a big city and a stranger competing for the attention of your crush points to some tensions or even conflict developing inside your social circle, either during face-to-face interactions or through social media. Having a panic attack and being helped by your crush at the end of the dream is also telling you that you should not rely on your wits or popularity alone to solve these issues because it is likely that these personal qualities caused these tensions in the first place, so perhaps you should look for solutions elsewhere.
A crush holding a pillow A man I have a crush on was holding my pillow. The pillow is a symbol of comfort and security. As such, dreaming that your crush is holding your pillow means you are going to forge a meaningful connection in reality. This encounter could bring out your vulnerable side, but instead of feeling scared about opening up to him, you would feel at ease. This is a significant turning point in your relationship which could steer it into friendship or into something more romantic.
Signs of attraction from an older man I was at a house party and a married man (much older than me - I'm 24 and he seemed to be in his 40's) came up behind me and rubbed my breasts and rubbed his cheek against mine. It made me both uncomfortable and excited. I am a female. The older married man in this vision represents someone in your life you are destined to meet, particularly a creative person who would make a strong impression on you, like an artist or teacher. This person may influence or aid in the achievements you are currently working towards. This combines with the symbol of your breasts in the dream quite clearly, as breasts in dreams have often been associated with desire and sexual energy. Dreaming that this man rubbed your breasts and showed you affection suggests both a growth of sexual desire and points towards a yearning for sexual satisfaction and intimacy in the waking world. It is possible that the creative individual you would meet may awaken these carnal desires within you, opening you up to a new world of sexual experiences.
A cousin becoming interested in boyfriend I am a woman and I dreamed that my female cousin had sexual desires for my boyfriend and I became angry with her in a dream and she wouldn't leave us alone. My boyfriend also became angry with her. Unless there is some basis for this vision in reality, it is more likely that your female cousin's presence in this vision is only to act as a stand in for a woman in general. In this case, the vision can be interpreted to mean that there is something your boyfriend is keeping from you. This does not mean that what he is hiding is necessarily related to cheating. It could be negative, positive or even neutral. However, the idea that he is hiding something from you could mean there is some trouble with the communication between the two of you, so perhaps your communication skills need improvement or maybe you need to find a good time and place to clear the air.
A crush giving a note In my dream my crush that I go to school with gave my friends a note to give to me and the note said the girl to your left wants to be with you and she was the locker to my left in the dream. Dreaming that someone likes you or has a crush on you actually means the opposite in real life. Even though you and the person you were referred to by your crush would talk or have things in common, this is actually about this person just being polite. This is telling you to train your attention towards someone who truly values you and actually sees you worthy of your potential. On the other hand, this can also be an indication of your own high self-regard. Rather than comparing yourself to others, you are very much aware of your own strengths and your capability to attract good people to your persona.
Making out with a stranger after a road accident I am female. I was driving late at night alone down a rounded highway with a train crossing in a big black truck. Then I heard the train approaching but I didn't stop. Instead I sped up, lowered my head and whispered "God Please!" Seven times. Next thing I know I've crashed in a cliff and the truck is on its side. A male stranger around my age is helping me get out but for some reason I am sexually aroused and the stranger, though surprised at first, begins to make out with me. Then I wake up. This vision seems to reveal that some of your bad behavior in reality may cause you trouble in the future. The first clue is seen in the image of you driving a car late at night. The car is often considered a metaphor for our journeys through life, so driving at night means you are doing something either you are uncomfortable with or that you do not want others to know about. This is followed by the image of the train and car crash, symbols that suggest your actions could cause a major debacle in reality, such as a fight, falling out or major loss of face. This is punctuated by the stranger you started to make out with, a symbol commonly associated with feeling regret over questionable behavior. Your dream, then, is a warning to reconsider the path your life is taking. Perhaps now would be a good time to give up some morally ambiguous aspects of your life and focus on more wholesome, productive endeavors.
Meeting a guy with long hair Well two guys were on a wooden walkway, second guy following first. First one I had seen earlier in the dream and even then I felt like I knew him from somewhere. Long dark blond hair pulled back. When he saw me he stopped and held out his hand to shake mine, I felt my heart flutter in my chest and I held out the wrong hand to shake his. Ended up holding his hand with both. Told him my thoughts, uncertainly he said he didn’t think so. Walking away (he is working) he said “You are cute.” “U2”. I am a girl, like guys with long hair. This vision of meeting an attractive stranger is not very promising, as dreams where unfamiliar men are present spell disaster for your social life. You could soon find yourself in a situation where you could become the center of some scandalous, if not life-threatening series of events. The attractiveness of the long-haired blonde man you seemed to favor suggests you tend to look for or be around men who seem to be successful, rich or better off compared to yourself. However, only paying attention to wealth and perceived success rather than other important qualities, such as loyalty, kindness or even love, may backfire and cause you more trouble in the end. Your dream is telling you to step back and re-evaluate existing or evolving events, especially when romantic or intimate relations are concerned.
Holding hands with a crush I'm a female. I dreamt of holding hands with my crush. We were looking forward to go opposite directions, but we both were not able to let go because our hands were held very tightly without our knowledge as if they were bound with super glue. Holding hands with your crush means your lives will forever be intertwined. This is further underscored by the super glue binding your hands together. An incident will solidify this bond, especially since this situation requires trust or exposes vulnerability for the both of you. While being closer to your crush might at first glance seem like a good thing, there is a downside to this. For instance, their knowledge of your weakness also gives them the power to humiliate you if you have a disagreement.
Hugging with a crush Gender: Female. I had a dream that I was with a guy I have had a strong crush on for years who until recently was with someone. I sort of remember he was hugging me from behind I think and we were sort of walking around in a room with people like that. I was talking to someone and he came over and did that. We moved over to a different group of people after. What does this mean, and could it be a good sign of luck with him in the future? Being hugged by your crush means you need to let your guard down if you want your relationship to flourish in reality. This hug is a positive sign of a possible connection between the two of you, but it seems you are the one holding back. There could be fear and uncertainty about making the first move or showing any sign of affection because you are afraid of rejection. However, nothing will materialize and a bond will not develop unless he sees you a bit more vulnerable and unpretentious while you interact with him. Once you learn to be true to yourself instead of projecting an image which you think he prefers, then you can start building a connection on genuine terms.
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