Finding an old book I found the original copy of the book Homer in a library behind the bible. Dreams containing images of an old manuscript you accidentally found or discovered at a library portend periods of time in your life filled with deep sadness, feeling down and abandoned. The symbolic vision of the Bible in the context of the dream you had speaks of a bleak and uneventful everyday existence you have, which could be either the source or the consequence of the mind states mentioned above.
Buying artwork and questioning the deal I had a dream that I was buying artwork from a cheapskate and I worked for him. I had maybe 7-10 paintings and some ceramic pieces that I picked out from the shop. I was going to pay him cash and he was trying to overcharge me. The image of art stands out very prominently in this vision, but, unfortunately, the interpretation is rather unlucky. Buying artwork within the context of a dream suggests you are currently involved in a project or business endeavor that is not going to turn out well. Either the funding for the plan is drying up (along with the support that was once behind it) or, if the task is completed, it is likely to fall far short of expected profits. Additionally, knowing that you already had pieces of art from this store in your collection, particularly paintings, predicts being in a risky situation that is probably connected to the current plan you are working on. You should look for specific trouble areas in your work and try to fix them in order to mitigate the damage their development may cause. It might also be a good idea to avoid new, innovative ways of doing things in favor of safer, well-tested methods that guarantee at least some measure of success.
Drawing a picture of blue ocean I had a dream that I was drawing the sea with blue-color waves, sunshine and also with a boat. What is the meaning of it? Drawing the image of a boat sailing the sea with the sun shining points to your optimistic nature. Even though the depiction of this scene contains blue waves, meaning disturbance or change, the sunshine reveals your hopeful view that no matter what happens, it would still be a smooth sailing journey overall. Alternatively, this could be a reflection of your yearning for a calm and peaceful existence. Perhaps your reality is a little problematic and you are drawing this ideal scene in the dream to represent your desire to have less complicated proceedings in the real world. Nevertheless, both possibilities still have nuances of optimistic thinking, which may help you weather the challenges ahead.
A glass figurine of a dog I dreamed that my mother and I were in a store and she bought a glass figurine of a mother poodle with 2 pups that she had owned prior. About a month later while on vacation after this dream I found the same figurine in a antique shop. Dreams can often influence our reality. Perhaps there are some mystical powers at play. Maybe this dream helped guide you into that antique shop to find the very same glass figurine seen in your dream. On the other hand, you may have caught sight of this item previously and your memory stored it for some reason or another. Whichever it is, the symbol depicted by the glass figurine seems to hold a personal significance for you to see it both in a dream and in reality. The material, glass, alludes to fragile bonds with others. The poodle, meanwhile, represents class and sophistication. The circumstances may be an allusion to your upper-class aspirations. It may be advising you to take care of powerful and influential connections if you want to get further and achieve a higher standing in the social strata.
A tattoo of a lit candle This is actually my boyfriend's dream he's had it over the past fortnight. Basically, all that happens is he looks down at his arm and there is a tattoo of a candle on his forearm (with the base of the candle closer to the hand). The candle is wrapped with some sort or wire and is lit, he wakes up shortly after that and remembers thinking the beforehand "The positivity is off". What does this mean? Please help. Dreaming about having a tattoo is symbolic of a person possessing some special abilities or powers. Perhaps your boyfriend may not be aware of hidden abilities or talents which he possesses. Since this is a recurring dream and was shared with your personally, you should help your partner discover his true potential. The tattoo of a lit candle on your boyfriend's arm could predict that he may come across someone with whom he may finally have a long-due reconciliation. The notion of the positivity being off could also serve as his subconscious mind's way of reinforcing this connection with an estranged individual to take place, so he feels better after it happens.
A greeting card about a new home My dream was I opened a pop-up card which was lovely, floral and just so beautiful. It had a hanging heart decoration which said "New home". Receiving a beautiful greeting card in a dream vision suggests you are open to the possibilities the future holds for you. Your naturally adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things may even be inviting such opportunities to you like a beacon or a magnet. The idea that this was for a new house may be an indication that a special chance or position is on the horizon which, if taken advantage of, could lead to even bigger and better rewards.
A sketch drawing of oneself A sketch drawing of myself with my hair long and blowing, I had a huge tooth smile on my face with red lips. Seeing a drawing of yourself with long hair and a smile on your face in a dream could reflect your tendency to commit reckless and thoughtless acts, either in relation to your own life or toward others, in which case the people in question could be slowly distancing themselves from you. On a more positive note, this vision could also connote that somebody really loves and cares for you. If you do match the type of personality described above, it is probably best to try to reciprocate by giving back only positive feelings and emotions.
A canvas with green and blue sea Canvas of sea foam green and blues blending together. Author's signature is a coworker. A mixture or coming together of sea foam green and blue hues on a canvas represents successful endeavors or ventures. Blue represents wisdom, while shades of green can mean growth, wealth and vitality. Your colleagues and the company in general could be cooking up a very lucrative business venture that could benefit everyone if realized. The conception and implementation of this idea needs valuable inputs from innovative and visionary minds for it to succeed.
A bird turning into a woman in a photograph Photographing a large bird, red on top and red and white on sides and bottom. It was skiddish, but clearly wanted to be there. My professional grade camera caught it, photographed it, as a woman with an old fashioned, knee length red and white dress on, and long red hair. Sometimes smiling, sometimes not looking at camera. Taking photographs in the dream world usually reveals your sentimental nature. Perhaps you have difficulty moving on or letting go of the past. Alternatively, it could also be a reminder for you to take a closer look at things in order to find the truth behind them. For instance, the large bird which turned out to be a woman could point to your short-sighted and superficial impression of someone in your social circle. Their real character would only be revealed to you if you get to know them better. Alternatively, the large bird could be a metaphor for your dreams. In that case, taking a photograph alludes to focusing your efforts on making them come true.
Statues of Norse Gods I walk to the the statues of Norse Gods somewhere in a temple that strangers showed me. All resembling my younger sister in height but each had different faces. When I approached the statues I was then on a wooden plank high next to the hand where Odin was holding a fire. I looked down and saw a black worm going into the statue. When I turned back to the fire in Odin's hand it was gone and a black cluster of serpents had replaced it. The room started going black, then I fell off the wooden plank. Temples, in the context of dreams, typically point toward the dreamer's enlightenment and spiritual growth over a period of time. Seeing statues of the Norse Gods in your dream reveals your yearning for success and recognition. Perhaps you want to escape from someone's shadow and make a name for yourself. This desire would seem to be fulfilled, as the image of the flames being replaced with serpents implies, a symbol commonly associated with receiving much-anticipated recognition or promotion. This means that your time and effort on a task or project may produce lucrative results or lead to others recognizing your talents. If you have a chance to stand out or do something great, your efforts are likely to be rewarded.
Drawing a tree in the field Drawing a tree in a open field of grass then sitting under that tree in the same setting. A tree in a wide, open field represents loneliness or some separation between you and others. You may spend a period of time by yourself or even cut yourself off from the outside world to focus on yourself and your life mission. The drawing you created at the beginning of the vision could reveal that you are already subconsciously aware that this is your destiny.
Having an anime boyfriend The dream was that I had an anime boyfriend and he was a secret agent and we couldn't do normal couples' things like hold hands or an assassin would kill us, so in the dream I got mad and said "i just want to be a normal couple and do normal couples' things!". So later in the dream my boyfriend grabbed my hand, but we had to hide it and then I woke up and I don't know how old I was in the dream or who the boyfriend was. Dreaming of symbols and images from an anime usually reveals the dreamer's attachment and fondness to this genre. It also illustrates your tendency to escape or get lost in your own thoughts. In addition, fictional characters sometimes embody certain characteristics you admire or want to emulate. Alternatively, this anime boyfriend could be a representation of your creative, dreamer side which can sometimes make you appear distant and a little bit eccentric to others. Hence, this dream vision is your mind projecting your desire to control your impulse to get lost in your imagination and be a little more present, especially during social occasions. In effect, this semblance of normality which you want in the dream refers to your efforts at being more realistic with your expectations, whether in relationships or your daily existence.
Mehendi on hands I dream of putting mehendi on my both hands and it was beautiful. It's a morning dream and today is Ram Nawmi. Body arts such as tattoo and mehendi or mehndi are often allusions to a spiritual awakening. They can also signify insights and good luck. As such, you may find yourself blessed with a unique opportunity to enter a new phase in your personal journey. Perhaps you would meet your soulmate in the near future. Alternatively, the patterns on your hands can be a reflection of your readiness or desire to embrace your personality and become more empowered. After all, once you learn to love yourself, you begin to attract positive energy and like-minded individuals become drawn to your glowing light.
Old photographs of a couple I see old black and white photos from the Victorian era and it's the same two couples and the photo is old and torn and aged and I smell soot. Usually, dream about looking at a photograph means you need to pay more attention the subject of the photo. In the context of your dream, the old photographs of a couple from the Victorian era may be referring to your relationship with your elders. Perhaps you are taking them for granted in reality and your subconscious is trying to remind you to be a little more considerate and learn to value their presence in your life. Black and white can also symbolize reason or rationality. Maybe your interactions with your elders, such as your parents, are often emotionally charged so you end up regretting some of the things you say or do when you are around them. The state of the photographs could also represent your fragile relationship with them. You need to take care and treasure the moments you have with them while you still have the time and luxury.
Being involved with arts and crafts I always dream of art work, drawing pictures, first I was at my late aunt's home, I saw myself owning a handmade products, school teaching people to make handmade mats, baskets, handbags, clothes, table mats etc. The next dream I was in my old school. I saw 3 people giving art pencils and art brushes, the next dream I was in a school only known to me in my dreams. I saw people making strings of blue and white beads and other handmade products, I wanted to join them but I hesitated, I left the place. Dreaming of arts and crafts, either as a participant or an observer, usually depicts a desire to create or pursue a passion project. Art can also represent resourcefulness which is why this dream symbol often appears in visions when the dreamer is experiencing a creative or mental block. In the first dream, being the owner of an arts and crafts school means you are eager to turn your dreams into reality. However, being an owner and not a teacher suggests your lack of practical experience which could be a hindrance to success. In the second dream, you are watching others give away pencils and art brushes probably because you feel insecure about yourself especially when you compare yourself to the achievements of your peers. Perhaps you doubt your skills and abilities. Finally, the string of beads in the third dream refers to your tendency to please others. Since you often prioritize other people's needs over your own, you likely do not leave enough time and resources to spend on undertakings you are passionate about. These constant self-doubt and abnegation only serve as roadblocks to your personal goals.
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