Sitting in a bathroom I am seeing myself in a dream sitting in the bathroom. Dreaming about being in a bathroom indicates you will successfully eliminate false beliefs or opinions about things around you. Usually this involves reshaping your outlook on life and learning to deal with the world in a completely new and different way.
Animals around the bed For the past 2-3 days, I am having dreams which are disturbing me. One night I dreamt of a cat moving around my bed and I was panicked to see that. Next night I had a dream of a dog around my bed with a bed corner eaten. Also my husband had a dream that he saw some known face (lady), invited her over but vaguely remembers that her face started resembling something evil. These dreams you are describing DO have something in common and carry negative emotional connotations. To dream about a cat near your bed means that you are about to experience a sudden event affecting your family member and involving behavior or actions coming from a female. The vision of a dog near your bed means there may be periods of personal havoc and devastation related to someone whom you cannot distance yourself from due to emotional attachment to this person. Torn or broken off piece of your bed signifies death event (one of our sources states “spouse”). Finally, if your husband experienced a dream about a face showing evil expressions - he may be going through events or circumstances he does not want to happen to him.
Laundry on a clothesline What does this dream mean: there was white big clothes hanged in about 1O lines, then came the wind. I was trying to take it out and I pulled 2 lines then a heavy wind came took away the clothes in my hands. I looked worried then came a word look up. I saw white and blue clouds opened. Dreaming about collecting clothes or laundry drying on a clothesline means that you may be presented with an opportunity to receive (inherit) some money or material benefits. In your dream you said the clothes were blown away by the wind, which means you might be prevented from taking advantage of this chance by some circumstances beyond your control. The vision of skies opening above you represents the possibility of other favorable circumstances you may encounter in the future, so if you do not benefit in the first place, it should not concern or disappoint you because there are more opportunities coming your way.
Stuff inside the house destroyed In my dream I was in a big house with people I didn't know. They destroyed all of my stuff and this one woman ran over my laptop on her motorbike. I screamed and shouted at them, but it was like it wasn't there. I then went into another room and screamed and broke down. Dreaming of having a house (or its contents) being partially or completely destroyed can be a sign of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family, or getting a divorce. The notion of you breaking down in the dream could also mean it might take some time for you to recover from these losses or unexpected changes.
Stuck in a house with a witch chasing I am stuck in a house that has a lot of traps and secret places and in the meantime of trying to find my way around I am trying to get killed by a witch, but I find an escape route. To dream of seeing yourself being stuck in the house and not being able to get out for some reason is a sign of negative circumstances happening soon, or it could be a sign of an unhappy life because of the rumors and slandering being deceitfully done behind your back. Dreaming about being chased by a witch is a sign of not being able to succeed in business plans or it could also mean some minor issues happening around your household.
A swimming pool with clear water I dreamed that I was swimming in a very clear water in the swimming pool. Dreaming about swimming in the limpid waters of a swimming pool often is a positive sign. Namely, you could soon fall head-over-heels for someone or start a remarkably intense romantic affair. These romantic feelings would make you forget your daily responsibilities and duties. Moreover, crystal clear waters suggest that the relationship would be beneficial and rewarding for both of you. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you could soon meet or re-unite with an old acquaintance for whom you used to have feelings. This encounter could re-ignite these past emotions and you could end up subconsciously wishing to get back together with this person. Overall, the dream speaks of experiencing positive and most probably romantic emotions.
A knock on the door Hard knock on a wooden door, that woke me. Dreaming about hearing a knock on the door is a positive sign of receiving some pleasant and delightful news in the nearest future. If this knocking noise in your dream caused you to wake up, this means that this news or announcement will be quite unexpected or take you by a great surprise.
An old and untidy house I saw my house as very old and untidy in my dream. To dream of seeing your house being old or discovering it is in a bad condition because it needs repairs is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to occur which you will have to face and resolve. Dreaming that your house is unclean could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually be causing these possible problematic outcomes.
House flooded I dreamt that I arrived home to find my kitchen faucet running. I turned off the water to find that the first floor was flooded, but the flood did not damage the furniture only the floor and while I was dreaming I realized I was just dreaming and that my house in real life was not flooded. I started to clean away the water. The water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil in your life, whether in you internally or around you. Receding flood water symbolizes you could lose in the fight against a powerful, dangerous influence or an undesirable circumstance. Cleaning the water after this event could represent the fact that you are already struggling to overcome these undesirable circumstances or occurrences.
A house with no door and helping to hide people inside I was staying in a house without a door and a small store room with door. Suddenly communal riots began and few of my relatives and their known people came for shelter. I give them my store room with door to hide and remain in outer hall of the house without the door. Few men with weapons in their hands come for checking, but leave without harming me. Dreaming of being inside a house without doors or windows could contain a warning. Someone close to you, such as a close friend or family member, might pass away. The death would have a profound impact on their family. Alternatively, the dream could reveal that you tend to feel isolated and avoid dealing with the outside world and other people directly. Nevertheless, you might be forced to start doing this due to some external circumstances. This is suggested by the image of the riot and of having the family and the strangers inside the house due to some emergency. The strangers entering the house could further reveal the possible need to contact or deal with authorities or social agencies for some personal issues or concerns. In the dream, you were not affected by the visitors. This could mean that the mentioned organizations might not be of help in resolving your personal issues or concerns. You would be responsible for solving these issues completely on your own. Still, being sheltered inside the house and barricading yourself translates the ability to ward off any negative circumstances appearing in your life. Overall, the dream speaks of how some external events might force you to deal with displeasing matters. You would have little help, but you would not be exposed to danger or menace.
Walking barefoot on a dirty floor I was walking barefoot on a very dirty wet floor and in the end I met my husband and some friends. Being barefoot in a dream while walking on dirty dump floor could symbolize the existence of uncertainties or concerns. It is possible that you currently face some dubious, unfamiliar, displeasing or frightful situation. This specially applies if you were not enjoying the walk. Moreover, the situation might involve people that are close to you, such as your family or close friends. Alternatively, you would feel the need of seeking their support and comfort. You might benefit from trying to prioritize your everyday routines and avoiding any extraordinary, new or irregular behaviors and circumstances. This strategy could prevent you from experiencing unexpected or negative complications.
Boyfriend leaving to go shopping, cleaning a handbag, fighting with ants. I seem to be bothered at my boyfriend leaving me at his house as he goes shopping with his friends! I wanted leave his house and go to mine! Then I clean up a handbag! Ants crawled up my arms and legs! Was fighting them in despair as his friends watched.... Should I be worried? The scenes of being left behind while your boyfriend goes shopping with his friends could be an indication of your concerns and worries related to the lack of attention or affection coming from him. Cleaning a handbag is a reflection of the current state of your mind when you try to analyze and reassess the relationship with your boyfriend, possibly the impact his friends could have on it. Ants in a dream usually signify possible relocation to a larger (more industrialized) city in search of a better job or for some other reasons, especially this is true if you happened to see these ants in large numbers in your dream. Fighting with the ants is a subconscious reflection of your unwillingness or aversion to such a move or relocation.
Gardener and dog poop on the lawn Dream that my gardener was cutting my yard, but left part as he showed me that it was covered in dog poop. The vision of a gardener at work is usually associated with starting a relationship with someone who would be very useful and beneficial to you. The vision of dog poop on your lawn is symbolic of money being involved in your relationship with another person or people. In the context of this dream, you could be going through some questionable dealings or proceedings where money would be playing a major role. These events, after they happen, might leave you empty-handed or undermine your current relationship with other people whom you would be dealing with.
Co-workers in the bedroom, one using a sink Dreamed on 2 different occasions that colleagues of mine were in our main bedroom. One was using the hand sink to wash. If you happened to dream about your co-workers being inside or visiting your house and you felt as if you did not like the fact they were present, this is symbolic of upcoming news. You might soon receive an important task or assignment. This added responsibility would not necessarily be work-related. Moreover, your colleagues went to your bedroom. This could suggest that this activity could be of a personal nature or affect your private life. Seeing one of these co-workers or colleagues using a sink to wash could be a sign of possible temporary or permanent separation from your significant half or a close friend. This parting would be caused by the upcoming assignment. This could be how the new duty would affect your private life. Overall, this dream speaks of upcoming changes coming into your life, which could leave a lasting imprint on you because of their nature and possible implications.
Private bathroom becoming public and interacting with dogs I have a big house and I'm sharing it with a man and happy, then that person left and time passed. I discovered that my bathroom has a second door to some public place and that people are using my bathroom as a public one. I was angry and tried to make people stop using it by closing the door. I go out feeling good and see a woman with several dogs, two of them were really cute small puppies and I played with them although I'm afraid of dogs, there was other bigger dogs but they were not bothering me. I notice other dogs coming so I tell the lady to hold the dogs... There are two central visions in this dream story which are interconnected. The vision of your private bathroom turning into a publicly-accessible restroom indicates that you could be very conservative and rigid in your personal views and opinions. You could have a real problem accepting other people's views and beliefs. You are most likely very reluctant if not resistant when someone approaches you or tries to initiate contact and become a friend. The second vision of playing with a bunch of dogs, even if you are not comfortable around them in wake life, could point out your thriftiness and tendency to save, and your frugal nature could cause you to act selfishly or inconsiderately towards other people at times. Overall, this dream vision could serve as a reminder that you should make substantial changes in your attitude towards life and be more accepting of other people's beliefs, opinions and lifestyles. Otherwise, you could end up living a stressful and unbalanced life.
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