A monkey befriending son I was riding on a scooter and had food hidden beneath fabric in the back of the electric scooter. I stopped and got off and my son began walking up to a tree full of monkeys and went straight to this big grayish monkey. I was worried, but he just sat in his lap and monkey put his arm around my son and stared at me. I was not afraid, but firmly pointed to him and to myself to let monkey know it was my child. I felt a deeper understanding for the monkey because as a mother myself, we understood each other. Riding a scooter in your dream suggests that you are navigating your way through life guided by your intuition rather than emotion. There is a balance of being carefree and cautious in how you are raising your child. The bump in the road materializes in the appearance of the tree full of monkeys, an omen of an illness. There is a possibility that you or someone very close to you may succumb to an ailment. Your calm demeanor in the vision indicates your fortitude in the face of impending trials. Finally, depending on the disposition of the monkeys, this epiphany could similarly be an assurance that throughout your difficulties, you will find yourself in the company of positive people who will provide humor and optimism when you need them the most.
Being chased by black bears I was floating in the river and then someone yelled my name and told me I was on my own. I looked up and there was a black bear swimming towards me. I tried to swim away, but then stopped because there was nothing I could do. When I stopped, the bear stopped, then I got to land and then ran and when I looked behind me, there were hundreds of black bears running towards me and I found a group of people to help me, but they just stood around and watched all the bears running by. Floating peacefully down a river suggests you are generally a positive person who looks on the bright side of life. You also tend to have good luck, mostly because your attitude keeps you from giving up before you get what you want. However, the image of the black bear coming towards you indicates an upcoming illness which may blindside you completely. Seeing multiple bears could predict something quite serious that may require hospitalization or long-term recovery. You should keep a watch for changes in your body and try to maintain the positive energy which has already served you so well thus far.
A close encounter with a black bear I was driving down the road on to a bridge... I felt as though I should go back home, but for some reason I thought it was to deep to go back. Then I felt I needed to get out of the vehicle... I climbed on top of a building and the water was almost as high as the building... I started to call for help and that only called a big black bear... He stared towards me and that is when my fiance woke me up. I'm 15 weeks pregnant... The bear was all black with brown nose.... Help!!! Thanks a lot... Dreaming about driving across a bridge symbolically represents life transitions. Given your relatively recent pregnancy, it likely refers to upcoming motherhood and the changes it brings to all aspects of your situation until now. Your desire to turn back and get out of the car (preventing movement down the road) indicates some fear or hesitation about the path ahead, which is understandable in this situation. In fact, your instincts regarding this are probably spot on, as the black bear which comes towards you represents the onset of health problems, either for you or your child. It might be wise to follow your heart and get a check up from the doctor if things do not feel right.
Petting a horse that came by the house I seen a loose horse roaming around the outside of my house. I was inside my house and looking out the window. I tapped on the window when the horse started to pass and it got startled, then noticed it was me and turned around and came back towards me. It then stuck its head into the window to be pet. I pet it, but then started to walk away to have somebody come look. The horse kept trying to stretch its neck out further and further to keep up with me walking away. Horses generally imply strength and power. The horse in your dream was friendly, hence portends good luck in your career and in your personal life. Horses also represent raw, physical energy as well as sexuality. Perhaps you are now just trying to control certain urges or tame your rebellious nature. The context and the surroundings of the dream are also important in the interpretation of your dream. The horse inside your home, even sticking its head into your window, indicates a fairly important message, a possible written notification, coming from a close kin, business acquaintance or a friend. This context in relation to the symbol of the horse seems to suggest the possibility of good news enabling you to gain momentum, some traction in a business venture or personal pursuit on your way to being more in control of your life. Curbing your impulsiveness is key to the window of opportunity coming your way.
Chasing after a rabbit Someone had a dream twice about me pursuing a rabbit for eating my vegetables. But I wasn't able to get the rabbit after 5 hours of chasing after it. When I was tired, the rabbit then sat down and mocked at me with its nose. In the 2nd dream I sustained injuries while chasing after the rabbit. Please what does this dream mean? Running after or chasing a rabbit in dreams points to trivial or annoying hindrances to the development or progress at work or in your personal life. Rabbits typically represent good luck, success and power. On a more personal note, they symbolize fertility, warmth and intimacy. It is possible that you are seeking some sort of fulfillment, whether romantically or professionally. This sense of accomplishment perhaps evades you at the moment, but your persistence and motivation keep you on track in pursuing your goal. However, this vision cautions you from being too aggressive and single-minded, as your efforts could end up backfiring. Practice prudence in your plans lest things get out of hand.
Cows in an abandoned house attacking Male, 25 years. Last night I saw a dream. It is an old broken room without the roof. The doors are broken and there are holes 1-2 feet large in the walls. I saw there was a cow with its newly-born baby. Someone told me that a mother cow will attack anyone who tries to harm its baby. I move forward, there is another room in the same condition, but the cow in this room just attacked without caring for its offspring and looking angry and tried to break through the wall to attack me. The old, broken house you saw in your vision, complete with cracks and a missing roof, indicates changes in your life that are not for the better. For example, you may find that you have to move house, not because you want to, but because some outside forces are prompting this change. This sign can also represent sickness and death within the family or a close circle of friends. The second sign further supports this notion. While a cow and calf normally represent fortune and luck, the angry disposition and attack point toward internal frustration at your situation, meaning wealth and opportunity are just beyond your grasp, but you are powerless to get it at the moment.
A fox eating a racoon alive In my dream, I saw a fox running, not too hurried, but just going a way. From this fox, under its belly, I saw another tail, which I thought looked like the tail of a stray cat we have here. Then I saw a raccoon chasing the fox, and attacking its belly. The raccoon kept tearing at the fox's belly, ripping its flesh open to reveal a smaller raccoon, still alive inside that the fox had eaten. The other raccoon had saved it. What does this mean? It feels significant. I am female. Foxes, just as in wake life, are often associated with lies and deceit. This vision then of a racoon inside a fox could indicate that, in order to cover one lie, another must be told. This means that the liar (either you or someone you have the opportunity to observe on a fairly regular basis) may find themselves almost exposed leading to another lie to cover up the tracks of the first. Whether or not the liar learns from this situation and gives up such a way of behaving or not is unclear, but the fact that the animal which was eaten was still alive may indicate that this is far from over.
A dog jumping over a fence Someone made the dog jump over a fence, but the dog gets hurt. A dog in the context of a dream embodies characteristics such as loyalty, generosity and being protective. The fence can be interpreted to have a positive or negative meaning depending on the situation experienced in a dream. On a positive note, fences serve as protection from external dangers and a need for privacy. The negative connotations include barriers, obstacles or confinement. Jumping over the fence could be indicative of a desire to break free from the confines of a situation or a relationship. Your instincts for self-preservation may be kicking in from feeling trapped in an unhealthy pattern of behavior or partnership. But freedom comes at a cost and it is unlikely to come out of it unscathed. Whether or not it is worth the risk is up to you.
Killing a pregnant crab There was a pregnant crab hiding in the drain pipe of my basin. And the only way I could get it out was by killing it, so it wouldn't pinch me. But it struggled to die. I think I eventually got it out, but it was half alive. I knew this cos it was still trying to pinch my hands. Crabs in dreams represent determination and stubbornness. They could also reflect clingy behavior and a futile attempt to hang on to something or someone. The pregnant crab in your dream alludes to a downward spiral, when improper behavior is giving way to more complications and putting you in a compromising situation. Alternatively, a destructive relationship may be becoming more burdensome and it would be easier to cut ties rather than drag it out to your detriment. The drain, meanwhile, implies release and removal of undesirable aspects of your life. As such, your subconscious is telling you to do away with the things that are obstructing your path to personal development. Cleaning up your act and your life by letting go of certain things, behavior and connections won't be easy, especially for those with a strong hold on you, however, your will and resolve could get you back on course.
Attacked by wolves on the street I was at my grandparent's house, I left to go to work and saw wolves gathered across the street trying to get into a house. They didn't notice me, so I kept going. However, upon arrival to my grandparents' house, they did notice me and three of the six were attacking me. I was screaming, my grandparents raced onto the front porch, and I was being killed. Being attacked by wolves with a fatal outcome in this dream is an ominous sign which indicates unnecessary suffering caused by your inability to stand up for yourself or be open in front of others. You may think that others do not think badly of your shyness, as seen in the wolves initial ignorance of your presence, but the truth is that many people in your life think you are either reticent because you do not care or because you think you are too good for them. To remedy this situation, you may have to make special efforts to express your feelings clearly and kindly engage others to communicate their thoughts and opinions.
Being attacked by dogs and dying There were two black dogs above me looking down at me with their master who was standing there looking at me. Then, he let them go and they attacked me by biting my neck and I knew in my dream that this killed me. The symbol of a black dog or dogs in dreams is commonly viewed as a negative omen. Seeing one or more of these animals attacking you often portends a falling out with someone close to you. A friend or confidant may soon betray your trust and gravely disappoint you. The fact that the dogs' owner was a male could be a hint about the identity of whoever may end up causing trouble for you.
A sick dying dog covered in blood Dreamed about a random sick dog was lying near my car whimpering, covered in blood. Dog's fur was all pink (stained from blood). What does this mean? Death? Dogs in dreams, just like their nickname "man's best friend" implies, could indicate the presence of someone in your life to whom you feel you owe some sort or loyalty. You may not actually get along with or even like this person, but something seems to prevent you from severing the bond between the two of you, whether it is blood, a common activity or a shared experience. However, seeing a dog dying from an unseen cause suggests that something may come between you two which would end the relationship quickly and without any pain for either side, possibly causing you to feel relief and satisfaction.
Being surrounded by red wolves while walking I was walking with a wagon and walked up on three red wolves. The alpha howled and then they tan up to me growling and gnashing, but never attacked me. The alpha came up from the back and went for my wagon which contained two pit bulls and my two children. I then woke up. The wolf as a symbol in a dream refers to predatory individuals lurking in your life. The pit bull represents your protective and defensive side. It is possible that you are feeling threatened by the presence or suspicion of a competitor or a stranger in your social circle. Your survival instinct is kicking in as manifested in this dream. Keep your eyes peeled for people who may be trying to take advantage of you.
Rabbits with cat faces spreading fleas around It was black rabbits, small ones, like 3 or 4. They came into my house and cats were there too, but the fleas jumped off the black rabbits and started attacking and biting me. I was scared and didn't want to go back to my house. Also the rabbits had cat-looking faces, but rabbit bodies. Black rabbits in this dream symbolize growing disappointment in your own behavior and actions, particularly in your interactions with others. You may have had a shorter fuse when dealing with co-workers or those who rely on you for guidance, making your irritable and susceptible to bouts of anger not proportional to the event that caused them. You may also fear that your lack of kindness and compassion may put you at risk for being the subject of gossip, as it is likely that others have noticed how you treat those under you. You may want to find ways to be more personable and try to get ahold of your temper when dealing with others.
Playing with a young rabbit Playing with a baby rabbit. Playing with a baby rabbit represents a subconscious desire to have a lot of children. Some part of you that you may not want to recognize wishes to enjoy a life filled with children's laughter. The joy of a big family is something that calls to you in this vision.
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