Fighting with a bear and winning My friend had a dream of me, fighting a bear he said, the bear had me by the neck as I attacked it with a "bear claw attack" lol. As he broke the fight up, I stood up and said "I'm good, let's go again". He said me and the bear where the same height and both me and the bear were brutally injured, but the bear ran. Seeing you fighting with a bear experienced in a dream by others reflects your behavior when faced with rivals or competitors. Witnessing you being determined to continue the fight could be pointing to your tendency to provoke conflicts and challenge other people to direct confrontation even though their original intentions are not a real threat or menace to you. Overall, this dream could be revealing how your friends see you in real life and if they are not happy with these aspects of your personality, it could ultimately put your friendship with them at risk.
Horses in a lake There were horses in a lake and they started running around in a circle creating a whirlpool that kept rising higher and higher. The images in this vision are fairly straightforward, but the interpretation could have dual meaning. Horses, especially those that are running, represent your energy in life. In this case, they show an abundance of energy which creates a whirlpool. The whirlpool, however, represents rising challenges in your life which make it difficult to make progress. This dream, then, has two possible meanings. If you tend to have trouble focusing your energy in wake life, this could be a sign that you are working against yourself. If you have felt tired and listless lately, it could predict an increase in energy which gives you the strength to overcome the obstacles in your path.
A monkey stealing a knife Dreamt a monkey climbing off a tree and took my knife, so I told its young one to get me my knife and in exchange I would give the young one good food. It agreed. Having your knife stolen by a monkey suggests that the rivals at your place of work or personal business competitors may be growing bolder in their moves against you. This could mean direct efforts to sabotage your current plans and position, or it could predict gossip and bullying becoming more pronounced. In either case, the knife itself represents material loss and disappointment, meaning you are unlikely to get out of this conflict unscathed. However, your cunning in getting the monkey's offspring to do your bidding may indicate that you have the ability to turn this situation around and gain the upper hand.
Trying to ride an elephant submerged in water An elephant is submerged in water and I want to ride on it, but cannot mount it. Seeing an elephant in the water points to upcoming problems and challenges in your everyday life. If you let these situations get out of control, they could end up making you more anxious and preoccupied as things escalate. On the bright side, it is unlikely that these issues will last too long. Just show perseverance and you might just come out on the other side stronger than when it all started.
A dog protecting from an unpleasant man I was walking down a grassy field, with a couple dogs walking around me, I couldn't see them, then I saw a man from behind, he looked like an ex from years ago, not a nice man. I only saw him from behind and he was walking towards a wooded forest and I was following him for some reason with the dogs. Then all of a sudden one of the dogs jumped on me and pushed me to the ground and held its paw on my chest to hold me down, lovingly looked at me and then started barking and growling at the man as he kept walking and his pace quickened and he disappeared into the woods. Walking through a grassy field in a dream vision is often indicative of being in a good place in your life, meaning you are happy and well-off financially. This is likely due to your thrifty, prudent nature. You are not wasteful nor do you take people or things for granted. This happy scene is threatened, however, by the man you thought you recognized. The dog, which knocks you down and protects you, represents your internal desire to not return to previous times of sadness and hardship (likely brought about by others). If you have recently been invited to some event to rekindle the past or have had someone suggest going back to an old way of doing things, you may want to stick with what works for you.
A cow munching on the hand A cow with a big sharp horns came towards me, I was scared, but it was wanting my hand in her mouth, she raised her mouth making sure I am not hurt by horns, as if trying to tell me something, took my palm in her mouth and I could feel teeth, but softly touching my palms, I was still scared. Then I felt teeth hurting my palm, I got more scared and I tried to pull my hand out, but it won't open its mouth and then I started hitting its neck and mouth, which opened and I took my hand out. Cows are considered holy in some cultures. Their appearance in dreams symbolizes prosperity, ample food, as well as feelings of love and affection towards a maternal or authority figure. Your hand pertains to your personal will while the palm represents your fate. Being scared of the cow biting your hand indicates your fear of losing control of your own life. The notion that the cow avoids hurting you directly with its horns suggests a gentler way of persuading you to enter into an arrangement which could possibly have major repercussions in your future, and seeing it sinking its teeth on your palm signify a shift of influence and power from you to the other party. While you manage to extricate your hand from the mouth of the cow, hitting its neck and mouth could mean getting your way or regaining your freedom at the cost of hurting someone or damaging something precious.
A friendly lion entering the house I had a dream where I was given a gift by someone I don't know, as I was taking it, inside my house a lion appeared in the door and removed it from my palm. As I was crying and running away, the lion came after me and hugged me telling me to stop crying and told me that it was my friend and was not to harm me, then I woke up. What can be the interpretation please? Receiving a gift in a dream vision pertains to anticipation of a reward or credit for your hard work and industry, whether it is true or you just think you need to be rewarded. The lion in this vision represents both positive and negative traits you have, which could either help you get ahead or pull you down. The final outcome, such as success or failure, depends on whichever aspect of your personality dominates you at the moment. On the one hand, the lion's strength and power can give you a leg up in life. On the other hand, if you let the selfish and domineering aspects take the reins, it could be detrimental to your success.
Shooting animals which got into a part of the house I dreamt my girlfriend and I were in the living room watching TV when we heard a loud noise. When I checked to see what it was, I saw that the sliding door to the sun room had been left open and there were two black panthers and a black wolf inside. I ran outside and around the house and closed the sliding door locking them in the sun room and then told my girlfriend to grab the gun which I then stuck through a cracked open window to the sun room and killed all three. I didn't really feel fearful that I remember. I just remember seeing the animals and knowing what needed to be done. The color black in a dream usually means bad omen. The juxtaposition of the sun room to the darkness of the animal invaders coupled with your protective instinct could mean that you might encounter troublesome people in your life who would try to threaten your peaceful existence or relationships. The panthers exemplify devious friends or acquaintances who might take advantage of your good will. The wolf, on the other hand, characterizes someone who is antagonistic, aggressive, and cunning. Killing the animals suggests overpowering your enemies and detractors. Notably, killing a wolf representing betrayal, could also be tied to the revelation of secrets. This vision is telling you to take a stand and be decisive whilst being calm and calculating to thwart anyone planning to take advantage of you or your family members.
A mouse eating another one A mouse eating another mouse. One mouse was still alive at the time, and not moving. The dominant mouse had no fear when I saw it eating the other. Mice are often symbolically linked with experiencing difficulties and troubles in wake life. Much like a rodent infestation is an inconvenience for a household, so does this symbol represent unpleasant developments in the near future. The image of one mouse eating another, however, is more telling. It suggests an "out of the frying pan and into the fire" type of situation in which your efforts to fix one problem land you in even hotter water. While it may be difficult to resist the urge to fiddle with things that are not going your way, you are likely better off waiting for the bad times to pass lest you make an even bigger mess.
Frogs multiplying inside the house Small frogs jumping into my home, I welcomed them telling all not to be afraid. Then they got bigger and started multiplying. I became afraid and asked all around to help me get rid of them and we then cleared them all. Despite the feeling of fear, dreaming of frogs inside your home is actually a positive sign. The jumping and multiplying frogs in your living quarters indicate a period of peace and happiness. This favorable time may be marked by certain personal and professional achievements which would bring you much joy and contentment. The fear may be coming from your anxiety that things are happening too fast and too soon. In order to fully take advantage of the coming opportunities, you need to become prepared to handle them.
A close encounter with a black bear while camping I was traveling North and came to a place to camp. I was cooking fish on a campfire, when a black bear walked on two legs and sat with me. I shared my food with him and then went to sleep. When I awoke, he was gone and had left a dead rabbit behind. A piece of paper was tied to the rabbit with his paw print on it. This dream vision of coming into contact with a black bear while camping and sharing your food with the animal is symbolic of a new awakening in your life. You may have carried the burden of guilt over past actions for a long time which ate at you from the inside until you felt empty and hollow. However, as you come to terms with what has passed and focus your energy on creating a brighter future, you experience this vision which represents an emotional, mental, and possibly spiritual coming of age. During this period of growth and maturity, you can look back at what had occurred in the past and take steps to not only make amends, but also to prevent the same situation from happening again.
Calves grazing in an abandoned city Had a dream about black and white spotted calves grazing separately in what was like an abandoned city. Each calf was by itself grazing peacefully. There was a total of nine calves, but all were by themselves. Black and white calves grazing peacefully in this dream are a sign of an upcoming opportunity to make more money or to get some bonus for extra services provided. This could be an unexpected assignment at work or perhaps tips from some type of service-related job. In either case, you should be careful about how far you push yourself to make a few extra bucks. The number nine indicates mental fatigue and stress brought on by extra work, and the abandoned state of the city suggests being left alone and helpless, so maybe you should put your health and sanity before monetary gains.
Falling off a cliff and surrounded by wolves I am running from something, then I fall off a cliff and stay in a fetal position while I hear wolves surrounding me, but they just snarl and sniff, never harm me. I've had this dream for 16 years now. Just curious on what that means? To fully understand this vision, we need to look at the signs in reverse order. Being surrounded by and hearing wolves suggests you sense the presence of people around you who you think can do you harm. These are likely in the form of fake friends who are "wolves in sheep's clothing." This is preceded by falling off of a cliff, which indicates constant anticipation of some terrible events befalling you, possibly as a result of bullying or hateful gossip by your "friends." You may have realized this situation is a possibility, which is seen in the image of you running from something perceived to be a threat. You recognize the need for change and understand the importance of getting out of this predicament, but cannot pull yourself together to make it happen, thus causing the dream to keep occurring.
Killing mice I caught multiple gray mice in a white bowl and tried to smother them with my hands. One of them looked at me the whole time. Killing multiple gray mice suggests triumph over your rivals. You might assume a coveted position or receive incentives over your colleagues. In addition, there is an element of jealousy or scheming from your competitors as manifested by the gaze of one mouse. Maybe someone is fixating on you and analyzing your every move. Capitalizing on your capabilities and hard work could give you a leg up from other contenders.
Frightened by a walrus A large walrus with big teeth and a hairy mustache, it was frightening. Dreaming about a walrus which is large and frightening suggests you have a lack of self-control both over your actions and thoughts. You probably get worked up over small things easily and have fears which are blown out of proportion. You may need to spend more time and energy forcing yourself to be rational in the face of things that aggravate and scare you, though the results are likely to improve your quality of life and your interpersonal relationships.
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