Being attacked by an alligator and no one helping I had a dream that an alligator attacked me and was eating my hands while my mother stood by helpless. An alligator which attacks you in this dream can be interpreted as a sign of upcoming obstacles or difficulties you are about to face. The symbolic representation of your mauled hands indicates there is little or nothing you can do to avoid these troubles, meaning having to deal with the situation as best as you can when you come to it. Your mother, in this case, represents the people in your life who care for you and, while they hate to see you struggle, can do little but be mere observers of your efforts to do your best to reach solid ground again.
Riding on a horse inside a house Sitting on a horse inside my house. Sitting on a horse inside your house is often indicative of receiving an important written correspondence. In wake life, this image is often reminiscent of the Pony Express, representing the exchange of information via writing. The sender is likely someone you are very familiar with, either a family member or business associate, whose words or messages bear enough importance for you to ignore.
Snakes and scorpions I dream about beautiful white snakes and green snakes and a scorpion. I say I will send the scorpion to the pawnshop and anyhow snakes later on. Scorpions often signify vengeance, betrayal or that you may be under another person's control. It could be that you have a friend or friends who are not such good friends as you think they are. The white snake indicates that you may soon discover some unpleasant information, this news is not likely to benefit you, in fact, it could have the opposite effect. Green snakes usually mean parties where there is a lot of alcohol involved. It could be a warning that you tend to associate with people who abuse alcohol or may be prone to excessive alcohol consumption yourself.
Giraffes coming into town I saw many giraffes coming in the town in trucks. Yellow beautiful stripped giraffes. Giraffes can show that you have not yet fully explored the potential that you have inside. They can signify hope, but also, sometimes, danger. If the giraffe or giraffes were looking directly at you, it means that your inner self is going to make bad decisions or do exceptionally good things. Generally, if the giraffes are looking to the right, it is positive and to the left, negative, maybe danger is ahead. The appearance of a truck reinforces the giraffe image, as it also signifies that you have some emotional baggage that may need to be jettisoned.
Helping an injured horse In Germany these people were forcing this white horse to pull something with only three legs, they had the back leg tied up so it could not use it. Later on in the dream I found the same horse laying in the mud, its one back leg was all messed up. I walked up to it to comfort it and it tried to stand up. I tried to keep it from moving and then I woke up. White horses often represent two interconnected events. First, they indicate that you have recently acted in a way that hurts or belittles someone, upsetting them deeply. As a result, this person has likely complained, either formally or informally, about you, causing some gossip and ill rumors. However, despite being in the wrong from the beginning, it is more likely that the other person is to suffer from their criticism rather than you who acted poorly and started this mess. Whether you straighten things out and apologize is unlikely to change the situation, but may temper some of the feelings of animosity between you and the person you may have offended.
Surrounded by grey and white wolves Surrounded by big beautiful grey and white wolves in the late evening. They were not hostile nor was I afraid, neither them nor I made a sound. It's the second time in over a year that I've had this dream. Grey and white wolves around you in your dream could signify that you may be acting or making decisions based on false beliefs. Someone may have told you something which is not true, and you accepted this information as valid and meaningful. You may need to reconsider your ways of communicating with others, especially when their advice or other type of input has no merit or plays against you afterwards. The fact that in your dream the wolves were not threatening at all indicates that these changes are doable and do not require a lot of effort on your part.
A dying dog I keep having a dream about a sick dog which has no eyes and the spot is growing where his face is necrotizing and he is laying in the driveway of a family member. Dreaming about a sickly dog that is missing an eye indicates you rely on others for help and advice but do not show appreciation or gratitude for their assistance. Your tendency to use people without reciprocating or thanking them properly could cause some friction to build up, meaning there is likely to be some conflict or disagreement between you and the people who may have helped you in the past. This could be directly related to the relative you saw in this vision or to your family in general.
Bears attacking Seeing two small black bears attack two young girls, the next night was about a black bear lying on the road. I thought it was dead and then it started moving. It was wearing red pants and I wasn't afraid of it. Black bears are usually interpreted as a sign of declining health or of medical conditions worsening. This is also supported by the image of the bear attacking the young girls, which suggests being overcome by ailments or physical impairments. Envisioning a black bear in the middle of the road could predict receiving or needing the help of your relatives to get through this difficult time. Their love and support are likely vital in keeping your spirits up and motivating you to keep fighting.
Wolves falling on the car from the sky I'm a female and I dreamed I was driving and there were dozens of grey wolves falling from the sky all around me, but they didn't hurt me. One hit the front windshield and just bounced off without damaging the car. Driving in a car is often seen as the symbolic representation of your journey through life. If the road was smooth and straight, it could indicate a peaceful existence at the moment. If, however, the road was bumpy and had many twists and turns, it could suggest experiencing troubles or disappointment. Grey wolves are often interpreted as a sign of someone getting involved in your love life, like a matchmaker or a well-meaning relative. This could be a positive sign leading to an encounter with your soul mate, but given the number of wolves, it may also predict many people prying into your private affairs, which could be annoying or tiresome.
Puppies getting out of the cage and biting on the hand I had a dream where I was in a room. There were two black dogs in a cage in the room. I'm scared of dogs in the physical, so my first reaction in the dream was fear. I was scared of them coming out. They barked like I was a stranger and then one made it out of the cage and the other followed. They came up to me and I discovered they were puppies. I could feel familiar people around and heard myself calling out to them to call their dogs to order, but no one answered. I then reached out to pick one and it bit my fingers and trapped them in its mouth. Then someone came and took the dog from my hand. This is rather a surprising dream in a sense that it starts out fairly positive but quickly becomes bad. The big dogs you see in the cage represent your ability to overcome the challenges and obstacles life places in your path. When the dogs get out, it shows the success coming toward you and entering your life, making you feel happy and confident in your abilities. However, this is juxtaposed by the sound of barking, which predicts receiving bad news. Within the context of this dream, it may seem like you have successfully moved forward, but someone is telling you that you have not won or that your quest remains incomplete. This situation is likely to leave you feeling confused and irritated, which is symbolized by the dog bite you had to endure.
A gorilla tying a lion A gorilla was tying a lion with a rope. A gorilla can represent a difficult personal struggle, sometimes involving false friends or business partners, while seeing a lion in your dreams could indicate that you're being aided or directed by forces beyond your comprehension. Seeing a gorilla tie a rope around a lion's neck, in this case, suggests that the lion is being tamed, meaning you may have an opportunity to take control of the situation for your own benefit and come out victorious.
Getting closer with a beautiful horse A young beautiful rust-colored horse. Running free, yet open to my call. Coming on my call to put our heads together and meet eye to eye. Horses in a dream usually symbolize energy, and the rust color of this horse's fur can be connected to actions triggered by emotions. Therefore, there are two possible interpretations for this vision. If you are normally an energetic and happy person, you are well-positioned to act in such a manner, although you should be careful not to rely on your emotions in all cases. If you have been feeling sad and down for some reason recently, this dream could be a sign that things are starting to look up for you.
A squid in a fish tank I dreamed of a squid in a fish tank, I think it was white. Dreams about observing sea life in a fish tank could predict experiencing a short decline in business or work-related activities you are presently involved in. Possible reasons for such a slow-down could include needing time to relax, spending more time with family members, friends or people you care about. The white color of the creature signifies that this short break would not disrupt your everyday routines or ability to earn income.
Dealing with an otter and platypus I dreamt that I was going out to my back lanai and found a mummified baby otter. I went to pick it up to discard it and out of nowhere a platypus appeared on my lanai trying to take it from me, so I dropped the baby otter, but the platypus kept coming after me. I was trying to knock on the glass door to get help but no one came. Then the dream shifted. Although there is no precise interpretation for the combination of the animals you were dealing with in this dream, in general, dreams containing images of exotic, unusual or rarely encountered animals contain a prediction that your most secret desires and wants you may have at the moment do not have a great chance to come true or materialize. The vision of the platypus by itself reveals that you tend to depend on other people's decisions and rather be a follower than a leader, which is also supported by the notion of needing to get help to no avail in this dream.
A yellow snake in the corner of the room A yellow cobra upright in the corner was hovering over me when I awaken, then it moved back to the corner of my bedroom and just looked towards me and then slowly disappeared. Seeing a yellow or bronze-colored snake nearby in your dream could be an indication of existing feelings of jealousy directed at you. Someone in your social circle could be envious of your success or recent accomplishments. This person may be determined to do everything in his or her ability to compete with you and possibly take your place. Regardless of whether you already identified their presence or only suspect possible rivalry, you need to be more vigilant and attentive to maintain your current position.
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