A monkey killing a cat Out in the front yard, a monkey was going to kill my cat. I could not stop it. The children could not hear me yell in a sick voice. Monkey and cat are behind some wood, so l could not see what was going on. The cat came out and I saw her die? Aggressive monkeys in a dream is a reflection of your own edgy personality and propensity to succumb to unnecessary conflicts, quarrels and disagreements, most likely within your own household. You could be in a state of being tired, irritated or fed up with daily routines and responsibilities, so you are becoming increasingly snappy and overwhelmed with too many things taking place right in front of your eyes. The vision of the cat dying as a result of the attack may as well point to the possibility of suffering an emotional breakdown or putting someone close to you down, even though you would not have any intentions to cause such a turmoil in the first place.
Chased by a dog in grandmother's house When I was younger, I used to have recurring dreams of being in my grandmother's house. There would be a small dog in the house and every time I would go into one of the rooms, it would be there and chase me. All I remember about it is feeling scared of the dog chasing me. The dream was the same every time. Can you tell me what this dream might mean and why it was a repeating dream? Thank you! Being chased in a dream by anyone or anything is a reflection of things that never found a proper closure. You may have been tormented by the memories of the past or you may have ended up in a situation when you had to leave a place or location which bears a special meaning and significance to you. It is also possible that you have found a safer ground to overcome pains and hurts of the past, but do not feel you are quite there yet.
Fighting with a leopard I was fighting with a wild cat, leopard type of animal. It never hurt me as I was able to fend it off the whole time. Dreaming of coming into contact with a wild cat and not being hurt during the encounter is symbolic of your efforts to express yourself gone bad. You could be trying to find a way to express yourself, but you lack the skills or talents to prevent you from excelling and prevailing in your waking life.
Coming across an injured cat I dreamed about a cat that looked like he was ran over by a car, his one leg was dislocated and full of blood. I picked him up and... woke up. Cats are usually harbingers of misfortune, heralding the arrival of hard times and bad luck. A dead cat further points toward the rise of evil in your life or the temptation to do wrong things. While you may abstain from breaking the law or most moral codes, picking up the cat suggests you may give into your dark desires unless you practice extreme self-control or ask others to help you.
Being offered to buy a small horse in a box Hi, I recently dreamt that I was in an old apartment and a woman was in my old room with a box. Inside the box was a small black horse or foal she was trying to sell me. I initially made a payment towards the horse with a receipt she showed me, but an additional $20 was needed to keep the process going. I realized I didn't have the money, pushed the box with the horse back towards her. I'm a female, please interpret for me? The old apartment you found yourself in suggests that you need to reconcile with someone from your past, either someone you hurt or someone who has hurt you. Forgiveness, whether you were the one at fault, can help begin the healing process and help both of you move on. This might be important for your future because the old woman symbolically represents upcoming difficulties in your life. This person may be helpful in getting through whatever challenges you face. Finally, the image of the horse you are trying to buy predicts being fooled or lied to, leading to the loss of money and face. Whatever happens to you, it is likely to hit you in the pocketbook as well as the heart. You may want to be cautious with your money and only trust the advice of those who truly have your interests in mind.
Chased by a snake which actually needed help Chased by a snake, but turns out the snake was trying to ask for help. It was panting, tongue out and thirsty. Offered water and the snake drank. These are two contradicting symbols, but both visions of having a close contact with the snake and offering it water tell you to open your mind because there is a chance that a great opportunity is coming your way. It could be high time to look around for chances to succeed or take first steps toward accomplishing a goal or making a dream come true. If you remain indolent, someone else could grab and make use of it to their advantage. This possibility is strongly supported by the imagery of the thirsty snake looking for your help in the dream.
Witnessing a horse giving birth to a foal I had a dream that I was visiting a barn with my boyfriend and young son. I look in one of the stalls and there's a large brown mare that had just given birth to a beautiful little brown foal! I was so happy and excited. Then I woke up. Just as a mare cares for her young offspring, so does this dream portend domestic bliss and serenity in your household. Specifically, this usually means having success with domestic chores, like cooking and cleaning, and maintaining a happy, stable atmosphere at home for the benefit of your boyfriend and child. You are likely to be especially content and satisfied during this period, knowing that everything is taken care of to the best of your ability.
Husband carrying a crocodile My husband was carrying a crocodile and walking pass a window and was calling my kids to show them the crocodile. Crocodiles are usually symbolic of lies and deceit originating from someone you trust or someone who is physically close to you. Because your husband is carrying it, this may indicate he has been hiding something from you or not telling you the complete truth. Additionally, his calling of the kids suggests they may be in on it too. This vision gives no indication as to the nature of what is being hidden (i.e. if it is positive, negative, a surprise, etc.), but it may be wise to exercise some caution and take what is said with a grain of salt, unless you are absolutely sure they have good intentions.
Swallowing a mouse and feeling it moving I was in the store with my mom and I ate a mouse in one gulp and felt it moving in my stomach. The center of your dream is the act of eating a mouse. It is a sign of fortune that could happen soon, either as a financial gain or another opportunity. You could and are likely to encounter many obstacles on the road to self-fulfillment, as evidenced by the context of shopping, in which nothing seems "certain" or "guaranteed". Yet, the central act, swallowing the mouse, clearly states that better days are ahead of you, likely as a succession of opportunities which will help you thrive. Still, your immediate plans or calls for action have to be carefully examined when these opportunities and gains become apparent. Your wisdom is the only thing which can help you make the right choice that could lead you towards the things you desire.
Having to take care of a sick piglet and seeing improvements I had a dream that there was a bag full of a lot of piglets and one of them I had to pick out to care for and the one that was mine ended up being the one in the worst condition. It was almost dying and disgusting, lying in green goo. I was more bit of taking care of this piglet because of religious reasons more than anything that I grew up in. I found it very gross but the one tiny little chance I gave to the pig, it quickly came to life began to talk, became happy and I loved it, even turned human and dressed almost beautiful and it called me "mama", just like I told it to call me. This dream is filled with a number of opposing symbols, making it difficult to come to a concise interpretation. It starts on a negative note, as a sickly, dying pig represents experiencing financial hardship. This means you may be struggling at the moment or that, while you are able to cover your basics, you may be falling behind in saving for your future or investing in yourself. Caring for this piglet out of obligation indicates you may be unwillingly doing what you have to do because other people (your parents, supervisors, etc.) expect it of you. However, your choice of this piglet can also indicate becoming satisfied with your life, either because you have risen higher or because you have found a better way to manage what you currently have. In either case, seeing the pig's health improve and then watching it transform into a human predicts an upcoming situation where you must rely on the help and kindness of those in higher places, either to get out of financial trouble or to rise to a better position in life.
A snake suddenly appearing under feet Dreamed that all of a sudden there was a snake under my feet. He was a dark snake. I woke up screaming, because I was so afraid. The sudden appearance of a snake under your feet and your natural reaction to it reveals that you may nurture unfounded fears, including a complex of not being appreciated enough by other people or making others think that your efforts are destined to fail. Such perception of yourself is completely unfounded and does not merit your true abilities. Having an open mind and accepting new opportunities seems to be the road to take in order to change your perspective on life. Despite the endless opportunities you see in your waking life, you may be reluctant to check if any of them could be your lucky chance.
Friendly and not so cows while being chased by soldiers Dreaming of calm water up to my shoulder inside a small house. I opened the front red door to the house and saw a squad of military men that are armed with weapons waiting on a very important person to come, and then seen a cow running towards me aggressively, and I closed the door in fear. I thought "How am I going to get to the other door with all this water I'm in?". I finally walked through the calm water, I was in to the other door and there was another cow waiting for me there. I felt that the cow wasn't aggressive, so I came out the water and the cow came along behind me. This vision has a number of complicated symbols, but there are a few features of importance. The first is finding yourself in a house filled with water, which is symbolic of good and evil forces around you battling for supremacy. You may have felt the pull of one side or another when presented with a choice or an opportunity recently. This may be related to food or sustenance, as cows are often associated with bountiful surplus and prosperity. In this case, then, sharing your riches with others may be the moral obligation you felt drawn to and your desire to provide for and protect your family's interests are the selfish, immoral feelings. This vision is possibly a warning or lesson that there is no right answer. Giving may leave your family vulnerable, but not helping others does not satisfy our desire to be good people. You should weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully before making a decision.
Being thrown across the room by a large dog I dreamt that I was at a friend's house and there were approximately 7 dogs in the living room. When I approached the largest dog (mastiff) to say hello, he picked me up and threw me across the room. Your dream points to a personal lack of altruism and even some sort of frugality that sometimes makes your selfish towards other people. The dog in your dream guarded your friend from what some of the people near you see as possibly deceitful nature. This is a warning sign that a change of heart is required and that people may start to distance themselves from you, perhaps in an orchestrated manner. A careful review of your interpersonal relations is long overdue.
A cow tied to the roof Seen a young fat cow been tied up the roof, struggling to be free. Seeing a fat cow in a dream is an auspicious sign that points toward receiving some well-deserved success and recognition. The rewards you reap from your labor should not be a surprise to you because you have likely been working hard with this goal in mind for a long time. However, seeing the cow tied to the roof indicates there may be at least one more hurdle that is preventing you from attaining your earthly glory. To overcome this, you may need to make one final effort toward your goals, working harder than ever before to put this last piece in its place.
Being attacked by feral wolves I keep having recurring nightmares that feral wolves are chasing me. It's not always the same location, situation or people, but in every dream wolves are trying to attack me and nobody feels threatened or sees them, but me. Everyone seems so calm when they see them or don't believe they're there if they don't see them. Wolves are often connected to the psyche, representing self-confidence or self-efficacy. Seeing wolves attack you, then, can be interpreted as a sign of being your own worst enemy, meaning your lack of confidence or shyness could actually be hurting you. Others may be unaware of the crippling effects of your inner voice, either because you do not reveal your weakness to others or because they are not paying attention. In either case, it may be wise to share your true feelings and insecurities with a trusted person, such as a parent, friend, or professional, who can help you make sense of and outgrow them.
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