Someone taking care of a horse I saw a young horse inside our compound, the horse belonged to one boy in the family. This boy was looking for his young horse because the horse left its position place, but still inside the compound near the gate. I am the one that saw it behind the gate. Horses are commonly thought of a symbolizing energy and liveliness, especially in relationships. This may even be related to pent up sexual energy which does not have an outlet at present. Seeing the horse behind a gate, however, further suggests having to control this energy or not access it for some reason. Maybe you do not currently have a romantic partner to show affection for, or your partner may not have the same level of energy or endurance you do. The little boy who owns this horse in your dream, however, represents being on the receiving end of good news. In the future you may find someone who has the same level of energy you do, or you may learn of another way to fully expend your energy, such as a new hobby.
Bull charging from behind a closed door My sister and I were being charged by a bull, but we were behind a closed door! Then I went into a different room and the bull was charging just me from behind a closed door again. But my sister was still there in the room next to me. Bulls usually represent both creative energy and passion within relationships. Being charged by the bull may, therefore, represent these qualities being hindered by you in someway, preventing them from being fully expressed in your life. Running away from an aspect of your own personality is likely to cause some internal struggle, with your innate self competing with who you are trying to be (or who others are forcing you to be). You may want to take time to carefully reflect on who you are and want to be as a person or you may lose some part of yourself before it even had a chance to develop.
A lion biting off the head Dream of a lion biting my head off in its den. Dreaming of seeing yourself being fatally attacked by a lion means you will not be able to counteract the actions and behavior of your current enemies, competitors or adversaries. The image of your head being bitten off in this dream could be indicative of the fact that you are not giving enough thought and careful consideration to how handle these situations properly, or you could be underestimating your abilities and talents, which prevents you from achieving the results you want to get.
Killing a snake while at the parents' house Saw a very fast moving snake within the boundary wall, but outside the rooms of my parental house, being killed into pieces by a peacock. Then the head part of that snake being smashed by me and then I move my fingers in the snake blood. This dream vision of being threatened by a snake but helped with an outside influence is symbolic of your current efforts and determination to solve some important issues you could be going through at the moment. These difficulties or problems are most likely home-bound, as the image of the parents' house suggests. The blood you had on your fingers is a warning to be careful and watch you every step if trouble does arise, since snake blood is very uncommon to be exposed to, while dreaming or in reality.
Being followed by a grizzly bear and trying to protect animals I dreamt I saw a black bear and then it was a grizzly bear lurking in the shadows, and I did everything I could to protect my animals and myself in order to escape from it. I woke up before I knew for sure, but I thought I was able to pack up and get away before it attacked us. Bears, in general, predict that a strong enemy or rival has risen and is determined to take you on in a fight. They might already be making plans against you, trying to find your weaknesses or turn your friends against you. Attempting to protect your animals from this creature also suggests being taken advantage of, indicating that a direct attack may occur. However, successfully avoiding the bear in the vision represents successfully avoiding conflict and negative repercussions in real life, meaning your competitors are likely to be unsuccessful in their endeavors. You may want to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and take precautions to defend yourself if need be.
Goat meat There were pieces of meat of a goat. When combined together, the symbols of the goat and meat have a fairly negative connotation. Dreaming of goats symbolizes your behavior toward others that comes across as rude or in poor taste. The people around you, friends, colleagues, etc., may be a bit put off by your antics. Imagining pieces of meat predicts going through a period of sadness due to rejection or separation from others. By making people feel uncomfortable, you may find yourself alienated from the group unless you make an effort to behave in a more socially acceptable, appropriate manner.
Being told about a bear in a dumpster Someone close to me told me that there was a bear in the dumpster. I said that I just dreamt about you telling me about this bear in the dumpster. While we were walking away. Though I never saw the bear, she showed me where the bear was. Symbolically, sighting of a bear represents strong rivalry and competition with you being involved. It could be related to something you are currently trying to accomplish, but could also be developing inside your social interactions and even romantic affairs. Based on the context of the dream you had, someone is trying to challenge you or make you feel uncomfortable, either as a direct competitor or someone acting on your competitor's behalf, but you seem to be ignoring these first signs of trouble. Your subconscious mind could be sensing the arrival of people interfering with your plans and intentions and is sending you strong signals to be on the lookout.
Animals around and inside the house behaving strangely Greetings. I had two dreams. In the first, a dog outside my back gate was viciously barking, next it was inside the compound, there was a small cat which it killed. It's like the cat was willing to die. Then I woke. Next dream.Three fat cats come racing towards me when I enter a house, it's like they are trying to attack, but can't. Also two small birds are on the floor. One pretends to be dead and the other is drinking water from the flooded floor. The cats don't seem to be able to attack the birds, although I'm worried they will, and when I try to pick the birds, they vanished. The first dream, seeing a dog kill a cat, predicts having good luck in business or being a savvy businessperson. You may make some especially profitable deals or utilize your negotiation prowess to get what you and your company want. You may also receive some especially positive news related to business endeavors. The second vision, however, has a slightly more sinister interpretation. The cats that race forward and attempt to attack you suggest you may have a rival, either within your company or a competitor, who is willing to do whatever it takes to make your life more difficult and push their agenda. They are likely to be extremely aggressive and cunning, using these skills to bully others so they get their way. Being able to avoid these attacks, or at least being unaffected by them, represents the same in wake life, meaning you have the skills and experience to overcome these challenges.
Husky puppies needing attention My husband and I were sitting talking, he was on one bed, I was on another. The room door was open. Suddenly, three husky wolf pups come in, none of the pups go to my husband, they came straight to me... They were almost playful but they had to have all of my attention. They were all over me licking and pawing at me. This dream has two symbols with almost exact meanings. Imagining yourself in one bed and your husband in another suggests you may be feeling some stress or strain in your relationship with him. Perhaps you have had a disagreement which has pushed you to the edge or there may be outside pressures, such as financial obligations, which have put a wedge between you. This sign is opposed with the image of the husky pups, which symbolize loyalty and devotion. While you may have differences of opinions or varying ways of tackling problems, your husband has your back as much as you have his.
A bear peeking through a window A bear was looking at me in the window trying to tell me something. Seeing a bear in a dream vision can have different meanings depending on your situation. On one hand, this bear may be trying to communicate the rise of a competitor in your place of work. If someone has recently joined your team or switched to your department, you may want to be cautious of their intentions. Another interpretation points toward finding the solution to a problem that has been troubling you for some time. If you can remember any details about the bear's movements or actions, it may help you find the answers you seek.
A lion with a purple mane I was either walking or driving when I came upon a lion with a purple mane. The lion was non-threatening and appeared to be tame. It had the usual coloring of a lion except for the purple mane. Movement in a dream, specifically driving, represents the journey of your life, moving from one phase to another. You may currently be going through a period of growth or are about to embark on a new adventure. On this particular journey, however, you might receive some special guidance as symbolized by the lion. Lions predict being watched over by some higher power or authority, either physical or spiritual. This is also supported by the color purple you saw in the lion's mane which is often associated with royalty. While it is unlikely that the person who helps you is literally a king or queen, they may exhibit kingly traits which you might want to emulate.
A fat yellow cow attacking I dream of a yellow fat cow with horn trying to attack me while I was on the floor. I tried to stop the cow with one of my legs. Dreaming of a fat cow with a horn indicates you have a lot of pent up creative energy that is trying to escape. Trying to stop the cow from attacking you may mean that you feel too busy or stressed to give into these urges, but it might be worth your time and effort to utilize this creative energy. This could be done, for instance, through crafting and selling products online or displaying completed works of art in a gallery.
Taming wild pigs and trying to ride them There were several (6-8) wild pigs. I was with my three new friends trying to control by riding on those uncontrollable, dangerous pigs. I caught one pig by its neck and controlled it and rode on it successfully. In real life I am a 100% vegetarian. Please interpret this dream for me. There are two main opposing symbols in this dream. The first sign, the wild pigs, indicates becoming the target of other people's cruel words and behavior. Some people whom you once considered friends may turn against you or other people you did not know too well may begin to spread unflattering rumors and gossip. However, this part of your dream is juxtaposed to the image of you successfully riding one of the pigs, which suggests that your true friends and family have your back and would stand by you if called upon to do so.
Animals trying to follow into the house I was in a big house filled with my cousin's relatives. There were little kittens coming in from outside. Also, a dog began to come for me on the front porch, so I ran inside and he was scratching at the door, but looked evil and behind him there were beautiful black jaguars. Dreaming about trying to find a refuge or hiding from animals following or chasing you indicates your internal struggle with your instincts and desires you tend to exhibit in situations which may inadvertently harm you. This dream warns you about taking some precautionary measures before things get out of control. The exotic animals, such as black jaguars you noticed in the same dream, could also mean that your most secret desires and wants will never come true, no matter how hard you try.
Letting a cat from outside and onto the bed My dream was of a cat meowing and trying to get into my house. I took the cat in and sat on my bed with the cat stroking it. Hearing a cat meowing for your attention in your dream is a sign of dishonesty. It means you have an untrustworthy friend who is about to confront you and create a lot of misfortune and emotional hurt in your life. Similarly, having a cat lying on the bed with you is bad luck. It indicates that you would experience a series of unfavorable and unfortunate events which would affect your career, project, business or relationship in a negative way. You would try to minimize the damage or take control of the situation, hoping that it would soon pass, but the odds are most likely going to be against you.
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