Riding a camel and singing I was riding a camel in a circus and singing to the animal. Then he leaned his head back warmly responding to my music. Dreams containing images of a camel taken out of their natural habitat or environment could be an indication of a carefree and seemingly enjoyable lifestyle you are living now. There could be a person in your social circle or among your friends who serves as a catalyst or driving force for you to be constantly or periodically dragged in these kinds of activities. However, you subconscious mind is questioning whether this is what you really need to be engaged in or maybe there are other, more sensible ways to express and fully enjoy yourself.
Animals showing warning signs Dreamt my pregnant cat rubbing against my face and then an angry bird swooped down flying and screeching in my face. The symbolic vision of a pregnant cat rubbing against your face in this dream means that someone close to you, such as your parents, siblings or spouse have extremely high confidence in you and they are hopeful that your recent plans or intentions you have shared with them will be very beneficial for you and bring new opportunities into your life. However, the bird flying into your face is also a reflection of your current state of mind when you are either uncertain about what your next step should be, or that these plans you have are not really feasible and you told others about having these plans and aspirations just to make them feel better and happier.
Lobsters crawling out of bags A young Asian girl brought lobsters in a bag but couldn't open them. I grabbed the two bags and tried opening them, but a lobster was crawling out one bag that I was holding under my left arm. Another lobster tried crawling out the other that I was trying to open. The lobster under my arm slowly tried to cut my neck but didn't. The girl and an old man stared at me in shock. Dream visions containing images of lobsters reveal you insecurities or reservations about your sex performance and capabilities. Perhaps you had faced some sexual advances recently and did not reciprocate. You may have felt that when someone is trying to initiate a contact with you or get your attention, there would be consequences to that. It is also possible that someone made it clear to you that they want you in a physical way, but you rejected their attempts for reasons only you can justify in your own mind.
Snake bites There was a girl that told a man to take a snake and make it bite me on the arm by holding it upside down. I saw him coming closer with the snake while I was about to climb into a car but it was to late, I couldn't close the car door quick enough so the snake bit me 4 times on my arm. Having a dream where you are bitten by a snake may serve as a warning that people who are filled with jealousy are making plans against you. They may be envious of your material possessions and seek to ruin you financially, or they may desire to have the influence and charisma you have, spreading rumors to humiliate you in front of others. The unusual positioning of the snake may indicate that these rivals are willing to do anything in their power to bring you down. You should be careful and take precautions to safeguard yourself.
A pack of wolves nearby I was standing next to a large pine tree and 4 wolves were running towards me, then by me and a fifth wolf slowly walked around and behind me as if wanting me to join them. I was afraid and threw a rock near it and it ran off. It was not angry or violent. Seeing a pine tree in your dream is an indication of your masculine appearance or the way you portray yourself in front of others. The notion of a pack of wolves seen in the same dream could be indicative of some recent experience when you interacted with or caught the attention of some peers who wanted to influence you in a bad way or tried to persuade you to do something you did not want to be a part of. The same vision could also be a sign of your unwillingness to participate in or strong aversion to doing something you have recently been assigned, such as collective project or a task involving more than one person.
A snake seen from behind and eggs hatching inside the car Hi, I dreamt that I was inside the house looking outside through the window. I saw a king cobra standing, facing the opposite side. Its back was facing me. And later I dreamt there were eggs in the my car, and they started hatching. There were lots of chicks all over my car. What does this mean? Both of these dream visions contain images of being inside some space, which is the house and the car. The first vision seems to suggest a possibility that you could be knowingly and intentionally preventing someone from taking advantage of some opportunity or a chance to succeed. The image of the snake standing and facing the opposite way is a projection of your realization that you are guarding something important and valuable to you. Similarly, you anticipate that you could yield too much of your own current success to the person or people if you let them have it, as suggested by the vision of hatching eggs. Overall, the dream is a reflection of your unwillingness to relinquish control over your current position for the good of others.
Crocodiles attacking in the backyard I was in my house with my family and we had just thrown a party, so I started sweeping. When I go to the back to sweep my backyard, the pieces of cement start to float off and break, and as I look up there is a lot of crocodiles. It wasn't a swamp, it was more dry land than water. I run and tell my dad, one started crawling to him, so I told him to get up. Then we moved and the more we tried to scare them, the more of them started coming towards us. And he told me to get against the wall and put my feet up, so I did, but my feet slipped and a crocodile snapped and bit my leg. I was scared and crying, then my dad was fighting them. Overall, this dream vision suggests that there are some obvious tensions taking place inside your family and even though things seem to be normal on the surface, there are moments of disagreements or misunderstanding which have been dominating the life inside your family. The image of crocodiles attacking you and your father is significant of emerging issues affecting your relationship with him. This dream could also predict periods of mental exhaustion or declines in his physical shape causing ups and downs in the way you two communicate and possibly issues escalating to a boiling point.
Peacocks and an elephant A male peacock is dancing beautifully and later it stands on a rope, a female peacock is standing down below the rope. An elephant is standing in the middle with its back showing. A dancing peacock, especially with its beautiful tail showing, symbolically could be indicative of your tendency to be forgetful or paying little to no attention to what's happening around you, which in turn may cause minor problems and inconveniences, especially around your household. Quite similarly, seeing only the elephant's back in this dream, means that you could be lately frustrated while communicating with other people, for example friends or members of your family, because some points you try to make are not understood or simply being ignored when you try to share them with others.
A snake eating a bird Snake eating a bird Both the image of a snake eating a bird and a bird being injured and dying are ominous signs that suggest you are about to go through a very disappointing and trying time in your life. These signs do not point to any one particular area of your life, indicating that whatever occurs is likely to be big enough to affect multiple aspects. You may want to take precautions in various dimensions of your waking life, financial, health, etc., to offset the most serious side-effects of these potentially disastrous events or circumstances.
A snake trying to get inside a child's room I dreamt about a black snake in my dream. When I spotted the snake I screamed and the snake started moving trying to get out. He went into my son's room, crawled under the bed, and went up the wall and into the air vent. Not sure what that means. Dreams that take place inside the home are often related to matters that are very personal to you. Considering the snake you saw entered your son's room, it is likely that this vision is connected to your son directly or to your relationship with him. The black color of the snake indicates that there is some unfished task or business that you may have been putting off recently. However, this vision may be a warning that bringing up the topic again or rocking the boat after it has already settled may just make matters worse. It's better to let sleeping dogs lie than to stir up trouble again.
Sister moving a giant white whale around I dreamed my family owned a huge white whale (albino) that we kept in the back yard pool. My sister would move it at the end of the day to another pool located at the other side of the house. For this, she would have to make the whale slide across the street into on coming traffic and then slide it into the other pool. Meanwhile, I am standing back being cautious of this thing wondering if my sister was safe with it. Dreaming of albino animals can be a sign of something significant happening to one of your children if you are a parent. If you are not a parent, then this dream could possibly mean that you are about to deal with some unusual behavior exhibited by your younger family members, acquaintances or relatives. Similarly, the symbolic vision of a whale is closely related to maternity and being constantly preoccupied with matters directly related to raising a child or children. Due to the fact that it was your sister moving the whale around, it is possible that she is the one presently experiencing these life situations which were captured in your subconscious visions.
Lizards in different positions The two lizards were clinging together and the other lizard coming out of the pocket. Dreams containing general images of lizards, without any specific recollections of their appearance or behavior, signify your constant thinking and philosophical journeys you are prone to have while going through certain stages in your life. The notion of the two lizards clinging together could also serve as an indication of your tendency to deeply analyze or juxtapose phenomena you encounter in your life because of your curiosity and unrelenting drive for exploration.
Sleeping lions not disturbed or agitated The last two nights I have had dreams with many sleeping lions in it. I was not anxious in my dream, but calm. I was not hiding from the lions, but was surprised they were so close and asleep, not disturbed by me or my family that was in the dream with me. They were in tree houses and in the forest, where I felt we were trying to escape something larger and more frightening than a lion (no clue as to what it was). The lions were never awake. This dream vision of encountering sleeping lions could be reflective of some act of injustice, someone's inappropriate or indecent behavior or conduct, which you have recently witnessed and were disturbed by. You could be trying to voice your concerns or resolve this situation, but your beliefs and personality do not allow you to step in and act on it, even though you may feel you are obligated to for some reason. However, you keep returning to this issue in your mind because you do not see how it could be resolved without your personal input.
Running away from wild boars Being chased by three white wild boars one after other. First two didn't see me and diverted the third boar which found me. But I ran upstairs and settled in a safe place. Dream interpretation sources refer to images of being attacked or chased by wild boars as an indication of your dissatisfaction with your sex life. It could be that your partner or partners dictate you what to do when you perform sexually or are extremely overbearing and controlling. The images of several of these animals going after you in this dream could also signify that you are in constant search of an ideal mate in order to satisfy your intimate needs.
A great deal of affection for a wolf I dreamt I was feeding a huge wolf dog treats from my hand. He was standing on his hind legs, he was huge and gray and soft. He was very familiar to me and on a leash or chain. We had a great affection for one another. When I awoke I was missing him and had teared up. It was like an old friend I really missed. He also was licking my face and hands. This dream about feeding a wolf grey in color represents your longing to start a new relationship or find a friend who would resemble someone you used to know intimately, who used to be either your close friend or romantic partner. Although there could be several reasons you do not associate with this person any more, you may have come across an individual or people who are affectionate, tender and very compatible with you. They may have already shown you their feelings toward you, so your dream visions retained and magnified these positive images related to the aspects of their personality you really like. Even though it could turn out to be something completely different from what you expect once you establish a closer relationship with this new person or these people, this vision shows that you are in a constant search for a soulmate or true friends.
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