Tigers mating I had been at grandma's house in a room on the second floor sleeping. I wake up, look out the window and in a neighbor's front yard I see a male and female tiger sniffing each other. Then I see them mating. What does it mean to dream about mating tigers and watching them from a far? Dreaming about seeing tigers from afar could signify that you have the energy, experience, tools and motivations to take care of things in your everyday life. For example, even on days when you feel like you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, you still have the ability to push through and check things off your to-do list, be it cooking a meal, organizing paperwork or cleaning up documents on your computer hard drive. The mating tigers may further point toward a knack for rubbing this trait off on others. For example, your enthusiasm and drive to achieve some goal may encourage others in your sphere of influence to work harder or keep trying.
Finding baby animals I had a dream that I found a baby wombat to start with, then a baby echidna and also a baby koala? Dreaming about baby animals reveals your growing optimism. These animals likely manifested in your dream because of the catastrophic bush fires in Australia. The continued destruction of the environment due to irresponsible human activities is making you feel sad and frustrated. Fortunately, you do feel hopeful about the future as depicted in your dream. People, especially the younger generation, are more conscious about their impact on nature and this growing movement towards sustainable living fuels your positive and hopeful mindset.
Being attacked by a baby wolf I recently escaped a "moderately" abusive marriage although no divorce has come forth. The husband doesn't know where me and my kid fled to. In the dream in addition to him finding us and throwing acid on us, a baby wolf was in the garage howling at me and my little boy. I opened the car door to shoo him away and he jumped in and tried to attack. He bit me on the arm but didn't hurt my kid. His fur was prickly. Your fears and frustrations relating to your husband and your marriage are manifesting in your dreams through various symbols. The acid depicts his hatred towards you or your perception of his growing anger. You are afraid of what he is capable of if he does find you and your child. Meanwhile, the baby wolf represents your husband's plan to find you which you will discover. This discovery will allow you to make the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your baby safe. Alternatively, it can also mean that the evidence you are gathering to finalize the divorce or file a case against him for domestic abuse are still weak or insufficient. Finally, the bite on your arm symbolizes the negative effects of this ordeal. Your fear of being found and building a case against your husband are likely bringing out your temperamental and impatient side. You could be projecting your anger and frustrations onto your child or people who care about you. It is your burden to control your emotions and remain a loving, nurturing parent even though you are facing challenges at the moment.
Seeing animals chase each other while driving I was the passenger in a car being driven by my brother. We were in our suburban neighborhood and I first spotted a small black bear running from behind a car. Then I saw a German Shepherd chasing the bear and I thought they were fighting but I could see they were playing. Then out of nowhere a bobcat joined the two and they all were chasing each other in a playful way. Dreaming of being a passenger represents a state of passive existence. You tend to let others make decisions for you. Instead of taking stock of your life, your personality follows the route of simply going with the flow. You have a *live and let live* attitude. Hence, this dream is admonishing your passivity. There is an impending tragedy which can be avoided if you become more proactive and participate. Specifically, the black bear refers to deteriorating health and the German shepherd represents a family member. Someone in your family is suffering from health problems. There are signs and symptoms about this health issue, but you are probably lost in your own thoughts and problems that you have brushed them aside. This time, however, you need to pay close attention or else it will develop into a more unmanageable disease.
Black lizards with wings Medium-sized group of black lizards in the corners of my house started flying with their wings only visible, not the body. Black lizards are often considered a harbinger of misfortune and trouble. It represents a range of negative experiences affecting your home and family members, especially because they were flying around the house. You may find yourself getting into more confrontations due to heightened tensions. The source of your troubles could be related to money or circumstances outside the home. The prominence of the wings could suggest being unable to pin down the problem exactly, making it difficult to solve your issues and return the peace to your household.
Befriending grey wolves I was waiting for work people to meet me the next day. I had my pet dogs with me. It was a forest, I fell asleep outside and awoke early in the morning, it was snowing. I walked over to get my car. I turned around and there was a peaceful pack of grey wolves where I had slept. I drove over to them, and wound the window down, the alpha sniffed my dog, then me and accepted me, I wasn't afraid. I got out of the car, I felt at home, I knew others would be afraid but I wasn't. I stayed with the wolves. This vision seems to carry a prophecy of misfortune about your future, however, it also seems to indicate that whatever the issue is, it will not affect you too terribly. Being in a forest while it is snowing and wintry portends some type of loss, usually of someone you care about. Rather than meaning the death or passing of a loved one, it seems more likely that they would simply move away, leading to a slow and steady disconnection from your life. While it would certainly be sad, it would be nowhere near the same level of pain as if they were to die suddenly. Further supporting this interpretation is the peaceful pack of grey wolves which were neither afraid of nor aggressive toward you. This symbol also represents minor pain or inconvenience but suggests others may be hurt more than you. Perhaps your ability to be strong in this situation would be a comfort to those left behind.
A black bear and dying cats I dreamed I was at girlfriend's house, (she is deceased) and we saw cats and kittens everywhere, outside and inside. They were cream color, all of them, a lot of them were dead or dying. A lot of kittens were dead. The adult cats had big pieces out of them, just missing parts of their body. As we walked through the house, there was a 3-4 foot black bear in the back room, and a small black cub, one or two. I opened the back door to get the bear outside. I pushed him out. Seeing your deceased girlfriend in a dream suggests a recent event triggered memories from your past. Your subconscious conjured your dead girlfriend as a metaphor of a happier time in your life. You are probably struggling in the present and looking for comfort and affection, so the dreamscape offered a kind of escape as well as a chance for you to confront your suppressed thoughts. Meanwhile, the dying cats and kittens indicate a loss of freedom and independence. Your current situation is making you feel limited and claustrophobic, so your stress and anxiety are high. This is also connected to the black bear which signifies ailing health. Due to your anxious and unstable mental state as well as the lack of mobility, your health could suffer. Fortunately, the black cub is a symbol of familial love. During this tough time, you can rely on your family to keep you sane. Although, being in close quarters can also lead to conflict and disagreements, so make sure you keep your mind busy with projects or meditate to keep yourself calm.
A bunny leading to dead animals I was driving down a road at night in really deep snow, an albino bunny was hopping in the snow and I was afraid someone was going to hit it. I followed it until it was safe off the road. Then I followed another one up the stairs to apartments. I had a conversation with a woman when she opened the door to the left of me. There was a door in front of me but there were dying baby rabbits, mice and cats falling off the step and I couldn't bear to go any further to open the door. I am female. Driving down a road a night suggests you are making some journey or decisions in wake life with an unclear outcome. For instance, you may be trying to figure out how to balance your schedule and finances in the context of a situation you do not have much control over. The deep snow alludes to finding joy in the simple things in life. Perhaps your tenuous situation is giving you a better appreciation for life and the good things and people within it. The white albino rabbit you watched is a reflection of your devotion to others and their regard for you. Just as you look out for the safety of the rabbit in the dream, so do your friends and family take care of you. The dying animals at the end of your vision, though certainly worrying in the moment, are actually a sign of overcoming challenges and getting through hard times. With your good friends and family members by your side, you can get through any difficulty.
A frog and a rabbit I dreamed of seeing a frog on my flowers by my bed. He was catching bugs, then he became a small turtle. The frog and turtle were just there, not really doing anything. Later I saw a brown rabbit. I was helping it to escape, like someone was after it, but I helped it to get away. It seemed the brown rabbit had something slowing it down, maybe its foot. I had to make it leave so it wouldn't get caught. Seems there was snow on the ground. There was another animal but I don't remember what it was. The frog catching bugs in your dream indicates a heart break. The bugs, in particular, symbolize negative emotions or pessimistic thoughts. This means that the falling out, with a romantic partner or a friend, will be due to external factors that are causing friction in your relationship. The frog transforming into a small turtle means the break up will actually bring you peace. Perhaps the relationship has been very toxic and stressful for you, so cutting that tie will be a relief. Meanwhile, the rabbit you were driving away refers to the unfavorable economic climate nowadays. You are trying to avoid taking any financial risks because you do not want to be saddled with debt or deal with bankruptcy. Perhaps the break up means leaving your current job and the consequences of that will reflect in your financial situation. Overall, there will be lots of changes in your life so it will keep you on your toes.
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