Son carrying a koala I dreamed that my son carried a dirty koala and an otter was nearby as well while he was trying to enter our old house when I was young. I shouted at him to get away but my son got angry and tried to scare me with weird make-faces instead. The dirty koala and the otter that were seen with your son in the vision could reveal that your hopes and desires related to his upbringing would not come true. Perhaps he is not interested in following the path you desire for him, or maybe he is involved with certain individuals who are tempting him towards bad behavior. Your old house refers to your subconscious wish to go back to a simpler time, perhaps when your son was smaller. Your son's anger and attempts to scare you, then, represent his rebelliousness, while the weird faces you saw can be interpreted as a sign that you know this is all a phase and not serious.
A rusty needle in dog's fur I dreamed I found a rusty needle in the fur of my dog. I handed it to my granddaughter, we were in Walmart. I was lying on a bench in the store, an employee was putting things on a shelve up high. There was no ladder for her, the owner of the store came in and laid on a bench. He seemed to not care there was no ladder or way down for her. He was very not interested. I rubbed the dog, and found plastic stitches on his belly, they were sharp, but just stitches, not sure about the rusty needle. Finding a rusty needle in the fur of your dog may reveal an upcoming loss that would bring you great sadness. Your position laying on the bench inside a large store could mean this is related to finances. For example, you may be spending more money than you are bringing in or your investments are not returning what you expected. In either case, the manager's lack of interest in his employee could reflect your own feelings that those around you are not interested in or caring for you as you would like. The plastic stitches you later found on the dogs body could then represent achieving financial recovery but still being bothered that your friends and family abandoned you in your time of need. You may want to find an opportunity to discuss this with your closest family members so they can understand your point of view better.
Being chased and bitten by a doe Just wanted to know what it means to dream of a doe with no eyes and a spotted blackish face that comes running at me an gets past my boyfriend whom I can't see saying "Oh no, here it comes there's no escape this time". And having the doe come crashing through a window at me and bites my arm with its teeth that are extended from its flesh, looking like just its skull and teeth from the mouth. I'm frozen in position but brace and fight the doe when it bites my arm. Then I wake up. The symbol of a doe in your dream represents the start of a very productive period of your life. It can also indicate your mental and physical preparation for possible motherhood as this animal symbolizes a caring mother. The doe having no eyes indicates spiritual blindness or insensitivity, which can be interpreted as you being confused about making an important decision. The scene containing the image of your boyfriend means you feel that your boyfriend is not ready for taking part in this new path with you, or he is trying to escape from taking responsibility. Seeing the doe biting your arm depicts your fear of being forced to do something you are not sure about or obligating someone to take a burden on his or her shoulders. Being frozen shows your perplexity about the next step because you feel that this step will have a crucial effect on the rest of your life.
Killing kittens Three orange kittens and I killed the two by strangling. Seeing kittens in a dream vision predicts some unfavorable events coming up in your life, however, the colors of these animals can change the picture entirely. Orange colors bear positive meanings such as freshness, productivity, and brightness. The number of three is very symbolic, which means trinity, spiritual enlightenment, and creativity. The vision of three orange kittens together foretells an imminent productive period where you will be filled with creative energy. However, killing two of them means you are struggling with recognizing your outstanding ability, and you often suppress them due to some adverse circumstances in your surroundings.
Seeing a racoon I dreamed of seeing an old ironing board, I think it was being folded up and put away. Also, a racoon came to me in my dreams, not sure of anything else, except there was a racoon, don't think anything happened, he was just there. The ironing board represents your yearning for excitement. You want less routine and more spontaneous moments at this point in your life. You could also be looking for a partner to share an adventure. Unfortunately, a dishonest and malicious person could take advantage of your desires. This untrustworthy person is represented by the presence of the raccoon which is a symbol of trickery and deviousness. Do not allow your emotions to cloud your judgment because this could easily be abused by an opportunistic individual.
Trying to kill a racoon In real life, I'm a 17 year old bi girl from the bay, I dreamed I was a 17 yr old blonde gay boy who lived in the shitty suburbs in the south. His grandma (or my grandma from his perspective) is telling me I need to kill her raccoon. She's yelling at me to kill it, but I don't want to. It jumps at me, hissing and scratching, it's terrifying but I can't bring myself to kill it. I hold it off long enough to look out the window and watch myself from the past coming home to find out my dad is dead. Perceiving that you are someone different in a dream generally suggests that you are experiencing remorse. When you changed your gender in the vision, it implies you have made a choice you are unhappy about. You would like to go back in the past to have another chance to make a decision again. The other predominant symbol in your dream is the raccoon. It means you have someone in your life who does not share a piece of essential information with you. The vision of your grandmother wanting you to kill the raccoon refers to a dilemma you are struggling with recently. All these symbols combined indicate your difficulties in overcoming challenges related to your identity and your constant thinking about how to improve this situation.
A jackal trying to get inside the house Jackal trying to break in through glass sliding door, ripping it apart and then me looking out of the house as everywhere was flooded, trucks washing away. Envisioning a jackal trying to break through a glass door can be interpreted as a sign that one of your friends is actually attempting to betray you. They may be breaking your trust by sharing secrets or tricking you into believing something. While this could put you in a difficult situation, the flood that you saw outside alludes to tranquility and peace of mind. You may be able to overcome this challenge and possibly become stronger because of it.
A skeleton of a whale It's my son's dream. He and his ex girlfriend were standing at the end of a pier and a skeleton of a whale jumped out of the water and swallowed them both up. The bones broke apart and he escaped. I don't know what happened to her. Envisioning a whale in a dream usually points to a big responsibility weighing down on the dreamer. It is possible that your son has been undertaking a massive project that he is not strong enough to handle at the moment, and it leads to second thoughts. Alternatively, it can mean that he has been suffering from relationship problems that generate an enormous burden for him. Considering that your son was with his ex-girlfriend, the second explanation may be more appropriate. The symbol of a skeleton of a whale has implications of possible cheating, barriers while achieving goals or a desperate need for recognition. So, the successful escape is a hint for him to be more careful with his life choices and a little more realistic and humble.
Saving a white tiger I saw that our neighbor had captured a white tiger and was chaining it to a metal stand beside a horse. It pained me to see the tiger like that so I secretly went to my neighbor's house and help the white tiger to escape. I then went to another room to see if it came towards that room or ran away and I was planning on petting it if it came back. But when it came back, it attacked me so I had to kill it with a huge knife by stabbing it on the white tiger's head. White tigers tend to represent passive or indifferent behavior. In many cases, it means you have made a habit of pleasing other people rather than advocating for your own wants and needs. This is likely because you fear conflict or opposition. Unchaining the tiger could reveal that you are on the verge of speaking out, possibly about something that is bothering you in reality. Your desire to wait and see what the tiger does, however, is in direct opposition to this, as it suggests you are not quite ready to act. Envisioning being attacked by the tiger is the manifestation of your ultimate fears of loneliness and rejection. Killing the tiger, then, means you have the power to overcome this fear and finally assert yourself.
Adopting a grey kitten I had a dream that I found a small grey kitten, I remember that it jumped into my arms and I remember adopting it. I walked down the street with my sister and when I came back I was so excited that it was still there. If you happened to dream of a grey kitten, it foretells a set of small unfavorable circumstances which could occur shortly in real life. These changes may alter your state of mind and cause sadness and disappointment, producing considerable emotional pain. Seeing a little kitten jumping into your arms and adopting it in your dream, refers to your current mood. It may suggest that you are taking too much burden and duties that your shoulders no longer can hold. You probably need a more extended relaxation period and reconsider the importance of the weight you may carry unnecessarily.
Looking for crocodiles I'm a girl and I saw a dream in which I and my brother are participating in a competition. This is a competition to find crocodiles or any other activities such that we can show our level of courage. We both found 2 crocodiles and tell them here they are and at the last we are going in search of one more crocodile, before we accomplished our task we reached some strange place of a forest at night and we saw the eyes of crocodiles, not the whole crocodiles' body, then we collected the eyes in a bag. Competing with your brother in this dream vision means your family will embark on a journey which will test your strengths as well as your bond. You could decide to go into business together, compete for the affection of the same person or get acquainted with the same circle of friends. This means your lives will become more intertwined and prone to clashing. As such, finding crocodiles is your subconscious warning you about duplicitous individuals who could come between you and your family. Only get involved with or befriend people you trust because crocodiles symbolize self-centered people. It is up to you and your loved ones to watch each other's backs.
A gorilla squeezing your head An abnormally huge gorilla was squeezing my head with his hands and before it got to me I knew it was going to squeeze my head and there was a woman I never saw before in the room with me and I was asking for her help but then I woke up. Having a large gorilla attack you during a dream may reflect the annoying, overbearing or highly sexually-charged behavior of someone you have recently met in your waking life, whether you wanted it to happen or not. This is particularly relevant when you are referring to the gorilla animal as "him". In a sense, the control they exert over you is manifested in the form of this large, formidable animal. The squeezing of your head may represent some of the stress or headache caused by being unable to express your own will or follow your path. Perhaps you feel that decisions are being made for you, or that you are being pressured to behave or think in a certain way, so it would be nice to resolve things before they get out of control.
Being attacked by a buck Female. It was the middle of the night and I decided to go get the trash can because the wind was blowing it into the street. As I went out to get it I saw a buck with antlers walking up the street. I was scared and tried to run back inside but not being able to get there. The buck began to charge me. I knew I was going to get hit. So I turned to take its charge. I watched his antlers hit me shiny and brown. I hit the ground and felt peace. I watched as the buck calmly walked away. The image of a buck with antlers, or a male deer, bears varying interpretations depending on the dreamer's profile and situation. In your case, if you are young and single, this symbol portends meeting a worthy man with the potential of becoming a strong candidate for your future husband. If you are a married woman, this speaks of the possibility of finding a lover on the side or a fling. Calmly taking the animal's charge reveals your desire to explore your sexuality with a partner who is equally passionate and adventurous. You could be dissatisfied with your intimate life, whether or not you already have a significant other. Meeting this charming and passionate person will lower your inhibitions and make you more comfortable with your body.
A white cat staring I dreamt that there was a white cat trying to get into my house. I saw it through the front door down the street, staring at me. I look through the back door window, it's in the backyard, still staring. I go back to the front door. The cat is right at the door, staring. I see that it has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen (I hate eyes). The right one was blue, the other was green. I go to my room. It's there, still staring. As I'm admiring its eyes, it suddenly smiles humanly and turns black. The white cat trying to get into your house is a sign of misfortune. Typically this refers to material loss. Your phone could get snatched or a family member could get scammed out of their hard-earned money. Likewise, the green and blue eyes of the cat suggests duality, meaning along with good fortune comes roadblocks. For example, winning a car means additional taxes and expenses for maintenance. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. The best thing to do is to always read the fine print or ask about specifics. Finally, the cat turning black points to a formidable enemy who will try to outsmart you by setting cunning little traps here and there. Always be smart when dealing with new situations and exercise caution with each transaction.
Playing with tiger cubs I dreamed about playing with tiger cubs. Playing with tiger cubs at some point during a dream alludes to the concept of playing with fire in reality. You may be dangerously close to pushing someone over their limit in wake life, possibly leading to a burnt bridge at work or the ugly end of a once fond friendship. For instance, you may taunt and troll someone online only to find that someone you know and care about in wake life believes in or is affected by that behavior. Their pain may put them over the edge and force them to make a break with you, probably to your detriment.
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