Coming across snake skins and being around a lion pride I was in a bush when I first saw two snake skins (no heads) hung together next to each other like clothes on a washing line. The scene immediately changed after a moment to myself walking past a pride of lions. They did not touch me or react in any way, but when after passing the pride the cubs noticed me, two or three of them started playing with me. I tried to shoo them away, but to no avail. They kept playing with me nibbling and tugging at my bottoms. Eventually one of the male lions got up and started sauntering towards me as I kept walking away from the cubs and the pride. The first vision in this dream could be a reflection of you recently being exposed to a conflict or breakup between a couple, two lovers or life partners with the details of their private life being revealed to other people, either by one of these individuals or by someone wishing to drive a wedge into this relationship and potentially destroy it. The second vision of encountering a lion family is more of a reflection of your own take on this matter, you could be trying to express your concerns or try to mend what had happened, but your beliefs and personality do not allow you to step in and act on it, even though you may feel you are obligated to for some reason. However, you keep returning to this issue in your mind because you do not see how it could be resolved otherwise.
A cat turning into a tiger and following into a hotel A cat walking towards me when it got closer to me it changed into a tiger. It acted like it wanted to play. I ran into a hotel and it followed me into the building. I ran down a hallway to warn people when I turned around it was not there. A dream about a cat moving towards you represents some action you took or words you said coming back to haunt you. This may be something you did on purpose for selfish reasons, but it could just as easily have been an accident or the result of having no other choice or options available. The cat coming closer means you are trying to forget or avoid that situation or the results thereof, but the sudden transformation into a tiger indicates that not only is it impossible to hide forever, but that avoidance is likely to exacerbate the problem. Moving into a large, more crowded area to ask for help or warn others symbolizes your desire to make up for what has been done, but the lack of interaction may be a sign that those around you do not want to get involved in your troubles or believe you need to correct this grievance on your own.
Coming across and saving a piglet I had a dream that I was at a friends lake house, everyone was outside on the boat, but I decided to go inside to use my laptop. When I went to plug in my laptop without looking I felt something furry and small. I looked, thinking it was my cat, but realized it was an infant piglet with his little foot stuck in the broken wood floor board. I saved him. And then held in my arms for a little while. Then I woke up. The image of a piglet in your dream could indicate your recent communication, most likely online (based on the image of the laptop you were using in this dream) with a friendly and sincere person, who was impressed by your personality and the way you presented yourself. The notion of the piglet's leg being stuck in the floor speaks of the lasting impression you might have left with this person. You also might have genuine interest in continuing this communication get to know this person better.
A lion swimming in a fish tank I dreamed about a huge fish tank in front of my house with a lion inside the tank swimming. Than the lion broke the fish tank and ran into the wild. I wanted to save the lion and I was happy for the lion, but scared at the same time because the lion could hurt the neighbors. This vision of a fish tank with a lion inside could serve as a hint that you may be having real difficulties in money management or a hard time controlling impulsive spending habits. Although something or someone could be holding you back, you are making conscious attempts to change these habits, as represented by the lion breaking free and running away in this dream. Some people or a person could be a real obstacle in overcoming these issues, such as your children, spouse or partner, but dreaming about this animal escaping into the wild signifies your power and ability to have control and successfully manage your personal situation.
A black wolf killing unwanted people I had a recurring dream of a black wolf killing people who try to harm me or whom I dislike. He seemed to be protecting me but never came too close to me. To have this dream of being protected by a wolf with black-colored fur could mean that lately you have been successful in warding off people who are deceitful and hostile toward you. Their intentions could be to disrupt your peaceful existence and interfere with your progress while you are working on a project or task. The notion that the wolf kept its distance could mean that you are unsure about what exactly helps you to succeed in eliminating these people's presence or influence.
Scared of an alligator and trying to shoot it I had a dream that I saw a crocodile or alligator in a pool it looked like I was in Haiti at my aunt's house. The alligator was playful having fun waving at us, but I was scared telling my aunt to look at it. Then my little cousin went by the pool and the alligator almost touched him. We yelled at him saying "Stay back!" and he got scared. My aunt went and got a gun, she was telling me to put the bullets in the gun, but I didn't know how to. I was shaking. Then the alligator got out of the pool trying to come toward us, we were scared, then we saw cops going toward the alligator and my aunt said "Go hide the gun". Both crocodiles and alligators point to having an adversary in your life. They may be a two-faced person who pretends to be your friend or someone who has been lurking in the shadows biding their time. This person is probably aiming to wreak havoc on your life, either by destroying your plans, creating obstacles to your success, or spreading malicious gossip to encourage others not to help you when you need it. This is further illustrated in the image of the gun, which points to alarm at a threat looming on the horizon. Feeling scared in this dream is a natural response to dealing with unknown people who wish to do you harm. However, the image of the alligator in water indicates having flexible approaches to deal with difficult situations. This is also shown in both the cops that come to your aunt's house, which represent physical strength, and possession of the gun, which means empowerment and confidence in handling attacks against you. This dream vision shows that when you subconsciously anticipate and fear someone to act against you, you possess all the necessary qualities to meet the challenge and come out on top.
Visiting a zoo and turtle swallowing a person I had a dream that my sister, my 6 year old nephew and myself were walking through a zoo, we stopped to look in a pond of turtles and all of a sudden a turtle jumped up, my nephew shrunk to the size of a peanut and the turtle ate him! It scared me awake. Seeing a turtle in your dream traditionally means a high likelihood that you would experience great joy, positive feelings and peace of mind as a result of some favorable occurrence in your life at the moment. Consequently, being in this uplifting state could help you handle and eventually resolve some existing issues or dark areas related to your family matters. Quite possibly, the vision of your nephew being swallowed by the turtle is a prediction of your ability to bond and build on the relationships with the other family members, relatives or children in general.
Slaughtering a cow I dreamed I had to slaughter my cow which I had for a long time. Slaughtering a cow in your dream in order to provide food for your family indicates your strong sense of responsibility towards others or your propensity to be assertive and control other people for their own good. Alternatively, if you had to slaughtering it without any particular reason or motivation to do so, it could signify your desire to express your ambitions, it can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you.
Green lizards forming a line and causing anxiety Green lizards crawling in a row behind each other coming out of a hole in the corner of the ceiling. Lots of them. I was in the shower and I looked up, and there they were, coming out of the hole in a straight line, like soldiers. I ran out of the shower to tell my deceased father that there were lizards in the shower! He was in bed, and got up and ran into the bathroom, and then I awaken from the dream at 5:50 am. The images of green lizards forming a line in your dream foretells temptations. You could be facing a dilemma right now when you are being faced with evil temptations or prone to act in a way that could ruin your life or your reputation. Be careful after experiencing this image for danger could be lurking ahead. This vision could also refer to being privy to a secret or information that can hurt a lot of people at the same time if you come into contact with it.
A lion which could not catch the dreamer One lion could not catch me in my sleep. Having a dream about a lion unable to catch you signifies your power and ability to control other people when it comes to moving your projects or plans forward. At the same time, it could also be indicative of your manipulative or conniving approaches when you try to advance your interest or get ahead with what is important to you personally.
Protecting a turtle from a predator I was trying to protect a turtle from crocodile attacking it. Seeing yourself trying to protect a turtle in your dream indicates your strong desire, hope or need for general feeling of joy, positive experiences and peace of mind. However, something or someone could be standing in your way of achieving these states. It is not necessarily because of someone's bad intentions or something negative or sinister in its nature. The dream vision is just a reflection of your everyday efforts to stay on top of your life and enjoy every moment of it.
Hypnotized by a constrictor snake held firmly I was praying about an upcoming important event and suddenly I was holding a snake, a black boa constrictor? Not sure about spelling, but I had it clutched in my hand, it was looking right at me but I was restricting its movement. Not sure what this may of meant any ideas may be helpful. Thanks! Holding a snake in your hand foretells facing seemingly inconsequential events. You may experience situations that you think are not worth paying attention to or unimportant, making you try to just dismiss them. However, you could be hounded by these situations later on, so they may not be as irrelevant or minor as you originally thought. Having an eye contact with the snake, especially if it was menacing, could be a sign of becoming a target of a stalker or being intimidated by someone or some people. However, being able to control the snake in your dream is a promising sign. A very prominent organization or group is behind you in your current ventures or activities. They will lend assistance in whatever kind of help you need, and they will be very cooperative to ensure the success of your undertakings.
Cats on the porch A group of cats sitting on my front porch. The house is often seen as an extension of the person who owns it and is neither a positive nor a negative sign. The multiple cats, however, represent experiencing betrayal or being the victim of people lying in wait to attack or bring you down. The cats in your dream are sitting, though, which may indicate that whoever is after you is not yet ready to carry out their plans. You may have some time to find out who is behind this and take measures or actions in order to protect yourself.
Trying to save a foal but realizing it is dead I found a small horse foal which I first thought was dead, but when I held its mouth to a running tap, it was just thirsty and it recovered. I put it in a car, and later on realized that it was dead. Horses are often seen as messengers in dream visions. In this particular case, the image of a dying horse portends receiving news that greatly troubles or negatively affects you. Water is a positive symbol associated with life-giving properties. Trying to help the horse recover by providing it with water and succeeding momentarily indicates that, with some intervention, not all hope is lost. However, because you are unable to save its life in the end, your attempts to salvage this developing situation are likely in vain.
Cat family with kitten turning into a baby My dream starts in my room, I see a little injured kitten hobbling away from the snarling father. Ravens soon come for everything around me and I strike to defend them with a stick. The cat and kitten disappear. My mother tells me they may have gone someplace where it can eat in peace and I chase them from my room, back into my room and find the cat under the bed trying to feast on the injured cat, who is now my baby boy, who is injured and passing out. In my attempt to pull him free, the cat dig his claws deeper into him and cause him pain. I move closer and save my baby, the cat attacks me. Overall, this is a very dark and disturbing dream vision, it is most likely an indication of the fact that you are feeling tired, uncertain or hopeless for some reason after giving birth to a child, or at the thought of having a baby. Dreaming of seeing a cat family, such as a father cat fighting with its kitten, means you are planning or thinking about having an addition to your family, but this perspective seems to you as a hectic, worrisome and very demanding period in your waking life. The imagery of ravens circling around your room is also not a good sign, in traditional dream interpretation this vision is closely related to the dreamer sensing upcoming sickness, health issues or even a possibility of death in the family.
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