A tiger and lion by a swimming pool I saw a friend in a pool with clear blue waters freaked out because a tiger was up close to him but the tiger had a chain around its neck, while still looking at the event I jumped inside the pool and my friend pointed at me to look behind and I saw a lion up close but with a chain around its neck. This vision speaks much of your current accomplishments as well as what you could accomplish in the near future should you put your mind to it. The friend in the pool of clear blue water that you later join represents the body of your present accomplishments. The water hides nothing, and it reveals all that you have sacrificed to get where you are in life. Possibly your friend helped you on this path or represents someone who mentored you along the way. The chained tiger and lion shed light on your future potential. While tigers and lions by themselves generally refer to negative possibilities, the idea that they were chained in this vision suggests you have things under control and can wield them to your advantage. If you unleash your full energy, you could be on a path to greatness.
Black foxes attacking I'm a woman, I dreamt about talking to black foxes and fighting them as they attacked, to save a treasure in my hand. The symbol of treasure in the dream world is not as auspicious as it might seem on the surface. It is an image associated with wealth that is less obvious than a pile of money or gold. For example, the treasure in your hand may refer to an underutilized skill in your arsenal. Perhaps you currently work at a job that does not allow you to showcase your true talents, or maybe you are putting a lot of time and energy into a skill you do not actually enjoy. This is combined with the ill omen of the black fox, a symbol indicative of pointless endeavors and wasted resources. You may be trying to justify your current attitude based on the job market or future trends, but ignoring your heart's true desires and your own abilities could lead to ruin in the end if you are not careful.
Chased by grey wolves I dreamed I was outside somewhere away from home. I saw 3 wolves a distance away, but close enough they made me scared. I ran to my car to get inside and lock the door so they couldn't get me. There was snow on the ground, as I was running, they were running toward me. I made it to my car. Gray wolves, at least 3. I am not close to my older siblings anymore, some are actually hard to deal with. The snow on the ground in your vision sets the scene, and it indicates gloominess or despondency, most likely due to some separation from someone important to you. You mention not being close to your older siblings, so perhaps your subconscious recognizes the family that is missing from your life. This is supported by the image of the wolves. When the wolves were farther off, they suggested being negatively influenced by someone near to you in reality. As they follow you to your car and surround you, however, the interpretation changes, suggesting you are possibly believing the lies being fed to you by these unscrupulous individuals. It is possible your subconscious is trying to remind you that you cannot fill in the holes left by your siblings with just anyone. You either need to reconnect with your relatives or find friends who are more concerned for your well-being.
Buying a cat for girlfriend My girlfriend says I was trying to buy her a cat, and I was asking how to feed it. This vision suggests there is some bad energy around your girlfriend in reality, as cats are generally considered bad luck in the dream realm. Perhaps she is even inviting this negativity into her life by interacting with those who suck the joy out of life or maintaining bad habits, such as a poor diet or smoking. That she envisioned you asking about how to feed the cat may reveal that she sees you as someone who could pull her out of this funk, although she may initially be indignant or hurt by the prodding to adopt a better lifestyle. In the end, though, she would appreciate your concern for her health and well-being, which would surely help both of you as a couple.
A pack of foxes and a dog I was driving and it was hard to control my car so I stopped at this house. As soon as I got out I saw 2 foxes around the property then when I got close I saw 2 other foxes, they ran away in unison acting like a wolf pack. When I turned around I saw a black and orange dog, probably a rottweiler. It bit me and then the owner of the house came out with another dog. She told her dog to let me go and it did. She apologized then let me leave. Cars are generally thought to represent our lives in the dream realm, so having difficulty controlling a vehicle is often synonymous with aspects of your life being beyond your control. This is supported by the other images in your vision. The presence of foxes reveals there are those near you in reality who are not as honest as they pretend to be. These cunning individuals may be on the verge of starting some serious problems for you. This could be amplified because there were two pairs of two foxes in this vision. In dreams, the symbol of two suggests gossip or rumors circulating about you, so perhaps the unfaithful friends around you are planning on ruining your reputation by revealing a secret of yours. This culminates in the image of being bitten by a dog, a symbol associated with confusion due to anticipation of conflict. This dream is warning that, should the worst happen, it would be best to explain the truth as quickly as possible lest those who do not know better jump to the wrong conclusion.
A lion protecting from dogs A lion lied beside me and I petted it, the lion defended me from a pack of dogs. A lion that lies beside you is a sign of trouble brewing on the horizon. Specifically, this symbol references a recent act of injustice you saw in reality, like a worker being unfairly berated or a marginalized person being harassed, but that you did nothing to stop or interfere in. The dog attack is another negative omen associated with misunderstanding and conflict. It seems that your actions or lack thereof would cause some trouble for you, even if you think there was nothing you could do at the time. Perhaps you would need to make amends for the situation by donating time, money or resources to a cause that helps others.
A defecating red fox I dreamed that a fox defecated under my table, as I was watching. I even lifted the white tablecloth. It was a red fox with a bushy tail. I didn't try and stop it. It was with its behind towards me. I woke up while it was in process. A red fox in the dream realm may predict an upcoming encounter with a new, alluring romantic partner. While you may be drawn to them because of their charm, you should be on your guard because this individual is likely out to deceive or dupe you in one way or another. This vision becomes even more reliable and pertinent if you have recently become involved with someone in reality. The defecating animal represents the mess you would have to clean up after this encounter. You should avoid taking whatever this man or woman says at face value and take precautions to protect yourself from fraud and gossip.
A crocodile attacking and trying to mate My mom dreamt she was being attacked my a crocodile. I saved her but then the crocodile got on my back and she thought it was going to tear me to shreds but then realized it was trying to mate with me? Your mother's vision has a couple of potentially worrisome implications if things are not sorted quickly and thoroughly. Specifically, being attacked by a crocodile represents upcoming health troubles. Your mother may soon fall victim to an illness or, if she is already sick, could experience a bout of weariness or weakness much stronger than before. Furthermore, the idea that the crocodile was trying to mate with you could reveal that she does not feel as supported by you as she may need. Perhaps she would like to spend more time with you or needs help with some tasks that she is no longer able to do by herself.
Being attacked by a hyena I dream about a hyena trying to kill an animal but I stoned the hyena and it attacked me and I wake up. Hyenas in the dream world often represent someone you know from reality who is greedy, selfish and cruel. Seeing a hyena trying to attack another animal, then, suggests you have witnessed this man or woman targeting weaker individuals who cannot stand up for themselves. Your attempt to fight the hyena represents standing up both for yourself and others against this type of treatment. However, the outcome is unclear because neither of you prevailed in this vision. The only way to know who would win is to do your best and let others know what type of person he or she is.
An alligator biting a knee An alligator bit my knee and wouldn't let go and someone in the dream had a child with them and brought it to the pool I was in, that was pure blood and once the alligator saw the baby, it took its jaws off my knee and after a while it felt bad for what it did but I was still afraid of it. The alligator that attacks you in this dream can be interpreted as a sign of upcoming obstacles or difficulties you are about to face. Because it latched onto your knee, it may mean that you would be held back by these troubles, unable to move forward until things are resolved. The bloody pool of water further reveals a need to find salvation, so it is possible this negative situation has been caused by your own poor behavior or lack of judgement. The baby that the alligator later attacked represents someone else taking the fall for your mistakes, which makes sense considering that you felt bad despite your fear. Perhaps this dream is a warning to take responsibility for your own actions rather than forcing others to suffer the outcomes of something you did.
A three-headed white goat I'm a 21 year old male. My dream was about a three-headed goat attacking my friends while I am sitting in a place safe from attack. The goat had horns and had white skin. We were in a group of 20-30 and the goat attacked only 2 of us. A white goat in the dream world is often thought to carry a message of improved income or healthy finances. The three heads on the goat also have significance, pointing toward soon receiving a lucrative business offer. But not all is rosy in this vision. The idea that the goat attacked your friends and not you could mean that they would receive the initial offer. You may have to do extra work in order to be noticed or do exemplary work on another project in order to gain the recognition you need to be chosen for another opportunity.
A skunk being eaten by a lizard Kept going back to a blue-tongue lizard eating a small skunk over and over again. I am female and live in Australia. Thank you. The skunk in this vision represents someone from your past or an aspect of your earlier days reappearing once again. This by itself may not pose much trouble if you know how to deal with this individual or problem now, but the lizard that eats the skunk suggests an enemy or competitor may try to use this knowledge against you. For example, they may spread rumors that you are dating an undesirable friend you used to hang out with. The only way to deal with this type of man or woman would be to ignore their antics and let them eventually embarrass themselves.
A white cat chasing a white bird I had a dream of a white cat chasing a white bird around in my kitchen. The bird was trying to get out a hole in the kitchen light but the cat caught it and they both fell "into" the top of my head. A white cat symbolizes misfortune, while a white bird signifies good news. As such, this dream means you will soon receive news, both good and bad. Since the white cat was chasing the white bird, then the bad news will unfortunately dampen whatever blessing will come your way. You need to be able to balance your emotions and act appropriately as you grapple with conflicting pieces of information.
A turtle with lungs that popped So, I had this dream the other night that, whenever I think about it, I get this deeply rooted mass of visceral, primal emotions that I can't even begin to understand. I start to panic, I get shaky, and I feel nauseous, all because of one scene in particular. To give some backstory, I'd been sick with a fever for four days and was excited and regretting having to go back to school the next Monday. As if on cue, I had a dream about doing such, except, this time, my unconscious mind elicited the help of some deeply buried part of my psyche to dredge up and image that, on the surface seems just slightly bizarre, but evokes a state of panic from me. I was in my art classroom and the teacher had a pet turtle that I was in charge of watching. Alright, cool, not a big deal, that is, until she tells me that the turtle is special.... You see, this turtle had lungs that were not exactly inside of its body. Nothing too gross, they just looked like air sacs that expanded and deflated when it breathed, no ugly veins, no weird colors, just skin. Okay, cool, so he's a little challenged, it shouldn't be a problem, and it wasn't. Until the lungs popped. Like balloons. Now, it wasn't anything gross or gory, it was just like two balloons popping, but it was still startling to dream-me. The turtle was generally fine, still breathing, but its cries were just... eerie. I felt guilty, sympathetic, scared. What would my teacher say? After all, this had happened under my watch, but, what could I have done to stop it? As I'm freaking out, this turtle just keeps crying and crying, until the teacher hears it and comes to comfort it and take it away. And that was it. Nothing else. It seems pathetic but that turtle has been on my mind since last Saturday and I can't shake this feeling of utter dread. What buried emotions or thoughts or memories were dragged up to create that image? What does it mean? What was it supposed to represent? I'm desperate for answers, so, please, help. Seeing or encountering a turtle in your dream usually indicates a high likelihood that you would experience blessings and happiness. Despite the grim tone of your dream, a turtle is an auspicious dream symbol depicting a favorable occurrence in your life. However, your dream is telling you that you have to take care of this blessing. Do not abuse it or be unappreciative. The imagery of the turtle's lungs serves as a reminder that life is fleeting and you should learn not only to live your life to the fullest, you also need to learn how to appreciate what you have. Every little blessing, from friends, opportunities and experiences needs to be treasured because neglecting to be thankful can attract bad karma. So, when the lungs popped, it means you will become complacent. Unfortunately, this means you will lose certain opportunities or become estranged with some of your family members of friends. This time, your subconscious is warning you about paying attention to the things that matter instead of being too preoccupied about trivial things. Sometimes, if you start becoming too worldly and forget about the big picture, the problems you ignore begin to fester until they are irreparable. In that sense, the teacher refers to your elders or people wiser and more experienced than you. Learn to listen to their advice or you could be led astray. What seems important now are actually the little things if you view it in the span of a lifetime. Pride can get in the way of willingly taking advice and guidance, but they will be good for you. A lack of experience limits your knowledge and worldview, so you can benefit from the wisdom and perspective of those who have been in similar situations like yours.
Surrounded by elephants on the beach I'm standing on a big beach or near the sea with my daughter and 2 nieces and suddenly so many elephants and a few other two kinds of different animals came running towards the sea. Me and my daughter and nieces started running and got separated but the girls where safe somewhere and I ran towards an old temple nearby the sea, but in a few minutes I was surrounded by so many elephants from left and right, from front and back and up and downstairs from everywhere, but I saw a space in between 2 elephants and I just jumped outside. A group of elephants is an auspicious symbol associated with wisdom, well-being and balance. This symbol alone means you can expect positive developments in financial aspects as well as progression in your goals. Finding elephants by the beach, on the other hand, refers to disrupted relaxation. Unfortunately, your upcoming prosperity and blessings mean less vacation time and quality time with your family. This could cause some friction between you and your loved ones as you argue about priorities. This brings us to the last part of the dream which combines elephants and a temple. Together, these symbols signify a spiritual journey. As your professional life flourishes and your personal one suffers, you will need to seek the wisdom of like-minded people to help you along this journey of finding balance.
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