A lioness and goats A lioness resting and her cubs playing calmly and goats grazing by their side peacefully behind my village home and I'm sitting on a cot looking them surprised and trying to hold a human child. The image of a lioness and her cubs represents your nurturing side. You are very protective of your friends and loved ones, especially your own children or children entrusted to your care. This dream vision also reveals your ability to provide for your family because of the presence of grazing goats. It means you have a secure and stable source of income. It may not be the most fun or exciting line of work, but it gives you the financial capability to pay for the needs of your family. You can rest easy knowing your future is safe and you have a peaceful place to come home to.
An angry elephant killing people An angry elephant running and chasing people, at times killing other people also. Once or twice in a month I get this dream. What does it actually mean? Dreaming of an angry or aggressive elephant means a powerful or influential individual is giving you a lot of problems. It is a recurring symbol in your dreams because you do not know how to handle this person and manage the challenges brought upon you. You are afraid of confronting this person because you probably feel inadequate or powerless during your encounters. However, it looks like you are stressed out by all the hindrances, inconveniences and obstacles in your way because of this particular personality, so your subconscious is encouraging you to face your fears and become more assertive. This way, you can resolve the source of your anxieties once and for all.
Interacting with a white wolf I was patting a beautiful white wolf, it was friendly and gentle-natured. It seemed to be smiling. I was calm, relaxed. The dream seemed so peaceful. Traditionally, the image of a white wolf in dreams is closely associated with false beliefs or clouded perspectives regarding a particular subject or a way of living. Based on the general happy and laid-back atmosphere of your dream, you could be ignoring some important issue or remain opposed to an aspect of your life which other people around you follow strictly and without a question in their mind. Even if you feel comfortable in your own skin at the moment, these circumstances could soon change, for example because of ageing or meeting new people, which would force you to re-evaluate your convictions and adhere to a more established and commonly-accepted set of beliefs.
Receiving a bat as a gift Hello! I'm a 24 y/o girl. I dreamt that my best friend (also a girl) gave me a baby bat as a gift and I accepted it openly and kept it as a pet. What does it mean? As a dream symbol, bats represent conflict, severing ties or ending a relationship with someone close to you. Receiving a baby bat from your best friend then could be interpreted in two possible ways. On one hand, she could be slowly drifting away from you because she has found some other interests or opportunities to establish new connections. On the other hand, she could be knowingly or inadvertently sabotaging certain aspects of your relationship with her which soon will result in both of you going your separate paths.
A shark swallowing son Hi, a dream that a shark ate my son but he walked into water before I could save him, the shark just swallowed him. I was so upset. A shark devouring its prey usually signifies a choice that you will have to make between love and your career aspirations. In your case, your son's demise reveals your ambitious nature. Unfortunately, in trying to realize your dreams and achieve your full potential, you could end up sacrificing quality time with your family. There are probably instances when family members, including your son, are undergoing challenges and struggling with personal issues, yet you would not notice because you are too focused on making a living and supporting them.
In the boat with a puma I was on a small boat and I saw an island to the right and to the left. I saw this puma on a barge and he offered to help me. When we arrived, there was a forest but then this train and railroad showed up. I asked the puma to take me back, so he did after he drank from the solid wooden backside of the boat. He put me on the small boat and said goodbye. I then sailed away from him and the island. Being on a small boat is normally related to problem solving or conflict resolution in the dream world. It means you are currently or soon to be on a journey of self-improvement or on a quest to right a wrong. The islands that lie on either side of you represent tranquility, but a peace that has yet to be attained because of some troubles currently affecting your life. The source of your troubles is seen in the image of the puma, as large, wild cats are closely associated with interpersonal relations and possible disagreements between you and others. It is possible that you have not let your best qualities shine through during an argument or that you revealed a bit more of your bad side than you initially intended. No matter the case, your adventure with the puma and his swallowing of the boat before sending you off could be interpreted as a sign that your troubles would take care of themselves with little effort or inconvenience on your part.
Driving by dead animals I am a 46-year old woman. Recently, I have had this recurring dream 4-5 times in the last month. Must be trying to tell me something... It starts with me driving down a familiar road, on my way to work maybe? I pass a dead bison on the road, then another one, then an ostrich, sometimes a giraffe, lion, elephant, different zoo-type animals, all dead in the middle of the road. The middle animals are sometimes different, but it always begins with a bison and ends with a huge yellow anaconda-type snake. Driving down the road in the dream world is commonly thought to be the symbolic representation of your journey through life. While seeing a bunch of dead animals could be rather scary or off-putting, this vision seems to be speaking of your victory over past difficulties rather than a harbinger of misfortune. For example, the bison is an animal associated with internal struggle and getting into trouble, however, a dead bison could mean that you have overcome self-doubt and have a good idea of who you are and where you are going in life. Similarly, the yellow anaconda represents an aggressive, possibly jealous stalker who is out to get you, but a dead anaconda could suggest you have either thrown this person off your scent or even turned an enemy into a friend. This is all a testament to your natural ability to overcome roadblocks and do your best in whatever situation you are in at the time.
Chasing an orange fox I had a dream about a former lover giving a presentation in a lecture hall, during the presentation I remember chasing an orange fox, for some reason I felt like the fox was her pet and that I had helped raise it. When I caught the fox, the fox curled up to me and seemed at ease. I looked up at my former lover and she smiled at me. A lecture hall, as in a school setting, represents a busy or stressful lifestyle or work routine. On the other hand, the image of a fox in dreams often points to deceit or cheating. Based on these symbolic visions, you could be experiencing some burnout or fatigue at the moment and subconsciously seeking relief and a more relaxed daily existence. You could also be blaming your ex lover for your current situation or work-related issues, possibly because she did not provide enough support or did not listen to your concerns when you were still together. Cuddling the fox also means you tend to forgive others for the lack of attention or support on their part and depend on your own resourcefulness and wits to navigate through your life.
A wolf in the basement I dreamed my cat opened a basement door that was ajar. I went to close the door and saw a wolf had been trapped down there and was waiting on the stairs, growling, looking at me. I left the basement door open, walked across the room to open an outside door so the wolf had a way out. I had to trust the wolf would not attack me, my cat or my dogs. It was growling the whole time. When I opened the outside door, I saw a wild cat run out as well as the wolf. I woke up feeling relieved. Your cat represents your curiosity, so watching your cat open the basement door means you are interested in exploring your subconscious. You could have buried memories, repressed experiences and unresolved issues lurking in the corners of your mind which are negatively affecting your current relationships as well as hindering your personal growth. Meanwhile, a growling or snarling wolf represents upcoming clashes with your enemies which means you could be partly to blame for their hostility. It is possible that you are unaware of actions and behavior that others deem offensive, so a keen sense of self-awareness and introspection are needed to patch things up with your enemies. Once you deal with your personal issues, your other problem areas would be resolved as illustrated by the escape of both the wild cat and the wolf.
Being greeted by dogs in a room I had a dream where I opened a door to a house and 4 dogs greeted me. I said where is the preparation for a meal. A large stairway and a long hallway along side of it, a living room on the right side with another room along side that room. I never saw the second story. To see many or several dogs in a room means you are going to enjoy a period of prosperity and success. You would not have to suffer a lot of setbacks and success would come fairly easily for you. Of course family, friends and relatives would play a big role in your achievements especially, because a dog is often meant to symbolize family or loyal friends in dreams. As for the meal, this serves as a reminder for you to set aside petty problems or minor issues and focus on important matters instead. The long hallway implies your journey to personal success and financial security is about to begin.
Killed by a deer A recurring dream where I am paralyzed, and a large male deer is repeatedly stabbing me with his antlers and breaking them off in my body. Lots of vividly red blood. This vision contains a number of ominous symbols and should be considered an important message about things happening in your waking life. The first symbol, paralysis, suggests you are under the influence of someone powerful who does not necessarily have your best interests at heart. This could be a boss or supervisor who is working you hard for their own benefit, but it could also be a parent forcing you down a path you do not to wish to follow or a friend making you feel guilty if you do not do what they want to do. The deer that stabbed you with its antlers indicates hardship and ongoing conflict you have with this individual, which often results in fights and verbal disagreements over and over again. The large amount of blood you lost in this vision sheds light on your emotional state during this period, as this dream symbol is associated with feelings of despair. You may need to learn how to avoid getting involved in conflict by consulting a professional or by sharing your concerns with someone you trust to listen to your side of the story in reality, so that you can feel heard and understood.
A cat killing a rabbit A cat killed my rabbit. A cat killing a rabbit portends your defeat and your enemy's triumph. Your potential for success would be thwarted by a rival who seeks to be more successful than you. Cats usually represent a feminine energy, so expect this rival to be female. Your defeat could be in terms of romance, perhaps when a certain girl you know steals a potential mate from you, or it could also be career-related as a promotion or recognition get snatched from you by this scheming person.
A leopard of blue color A light blue leopard running around. This vision sheds light on your way of thinking and how it would affect your future endeavors. A leopard, by itself, is the manifestation of a strong will. It shows that you, the dreamer, have some big dreams and passions that you could attain when the time is right. The particular light blue shade of this leopard is also an auspicious sign, as it points toward luck and good fortune. It means you would have little trouble achieving the goals you have set for yourself. In a sense, this vision represents making your own luck by working hard and doing things your way.
Being held by a bear I was walking with my best friend from childhood (no longer friends) when we came to a split in the road, we started up the stairs and there were 2 bears standing, gentle but possessive. The friend disappeared but the bear took me by the arm gently with his mouth holding the arm. No one was interested in helping me, the friend, police, husband. The spouse enters the apartment and takes a nap. I enter the apartment and the bear gently tried to stop me, but let me go. When I looked out, one bear was lying down sobbing and the other was solemn. Being again with a friend you no longer associate with suggests you have been comparing your progress in life to those around you. In a sense, your subconscious has chosen an individual you know little about at present to represent the possibilities that could have been yours had you done something different with your life. This reflection is not at all surprising because it seems you may once again be on the cusp of change. The forked path means you would need to make a decision soon, and the stairs leading up could indicate a major step up in the world in a literal sense. A new business venture, job or source of income could indeed raise you up and greatly affect your lifestyle for the better. While the prospect of wealth and prosperity excites you, it also may make you wonder what you are giving up to achieve it. The bears that were present and guiding you are a sign of potential loss. In this case, it could be loss of your current living space, special relationships or free time for a hobby you love. The key thing to do at this point, then, is to consider the pros and cons of each potential path and decide what you would be willing to give up to attain true happiness.
A lion as a pet I took a lion from a zoo for a pet and took it home. Keeping a lion as a pet means you would earn the respect and favor of a powerful and influential personality. This person would be able to open doors of opportunities and give you breaks because of their fondness for you. Alternatively, this can also mean that you have complete control over your primitive urges and aggression. Your maturity has allowed you to tame some of your more destructive tendencies and this will let you grow and thrive in your chosen field.
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