Someone cooking alligators Dream meaning of seeing two very small alligators, someone was cooking them. They were around 4-5 inches long, being cooked. I also dreamed of houses being built in unsafe, tide coming in part of beach. Beautiful, new homes, built where water would be. Cooking an alligator may refer to getting rid of bad habits or darker personality traits. Seeing someone else cook them, therefore, could mean you see others improving their lives and desire to do the same, or it suggests that someone in your life is trying to get you to give up something that is not adding value to your life. In either case, the beautiful houses built on unstable ground reflect your hesitations regarding stepping into this new life. Everything would be different from before, as giving up some habits may require you to change where you live or who you interact with. Whether or not you can overcome these concerns and become who you are meant to be, however, are completely up to you.
Sprayed by a skunk I'm female. In my dream I was sprayed by a skunk but it didn't make me smell like anything. Dreaming about encountering a skunk contains a prediction of meeting with a person from your past, someone you have not communicated with in a long time and may have forgotten about now. At the same time, being sprayed by the animal and not smelling the secretion means that this person does not have any special significance personally for you and upon their reappearance it would be the last time you meet up and communicate.
Family bathing with black cats My dream was that me and my childhood family all lived in the same house, but we all decided to part ways because my stepdad tried to sleep with my sister who is his daughter. Moving out me and my parents and siblings. Four black cats inside a tub of water because they had fleas and my oldest sister intentions were to give them a bath, so her and her daughter got into the tub with the four cats and the black cats were under water and seemed at ease with my sister and her daughter being in the tub with them. Then there were three black cats sitting outside the tub just watching to see what was going on inside the tub so that's a total of several black cats. Four inside the tub of water and three outside the tub. Please tell me what this dream means because i don't understand, thank you. The beginning of the vision, when you were living with your family and moved out due to your step-father's actions, does not actually represent conflict within the family, rather, it points toward a desire to separate yourself from the rest of your family because of ideological, religious or political differences. Perhaps there is some relative who does not see things the way you do, making you feel uncomfortable around them. The black cats each represent some opposing argument or idea presented by your counterpart. Therefore, envisioning your sister trying to wash the cats with your daughter could represent one of two things. If either of them are the one who has a different opinion than you, it suggests they recognize your potential conflict and wish to water down some of their opinions in order to maintain the important connection you share. Alternatively, if they feel the same way you do, it may mean they want to help you control your own feelings so that you do not accidentally alienate someone important to you.
Dogs turning into skunks I dreamed I was outside with my dog. I noticed there were several other dogs playing nearby. Then I noticed one of the dogs was really a skunk. It wasn't doing nothing, but was with the dogs. I picked up my dog, and walked away from the skunk. Then I dreamed of seeing 3 small skunks in a skillet. Like someone was going to cook them. The presence of dogs in a dream vision, particularly your own, can be interpreted as a positive symbol. In this case, it seems to suggest that you are currently enjoying the direction your life is heading, or you would soon find that the outcomes of your plans would be beneficial to your overall quality of life. The presence of a skunk within the group of dogs represents the presence of someone from your past who could be helpful during this period of time. However, seeing the three small skunks in the skillet at the end of this vision may mean you would throw some friends under the bus or neglect your relationship with some other individuals in order to make this happen. You would have to choose what is more important to you, either the individuals who would be key to improving your future lifestyle or your loyalty to those who have supported you thus far.
Pig's blood I saw a pig running wild and its mouth was cut by someone and later it was beheaded and the blood splashed on the man's face. Dreaming of a pig being slaughtered is typically a positive sign, especially if it is to be eaten at a feast or a dinner. It may symbolize profitable ventures or successful business transactions. Specifically, the beheading of a pig can mean overcoming greed and hedonism. You may become more disciplined and responsible when it comes to your finances. The pig's blood may also represent a certain sacrifice. Perhaps in order to achieve stability in your life, you need to give up a few luxuries or rein in your spending habits.
Baby frogs being born in the closet Hi. I am a 32 years old man. I had a dream that in one of my bedrooms under a closet cabinet there were a lot of baby frogs being produced, but I couldn't find how they are being born. I had this dream two times. Please let me know what it means. Thanks Roy. The baby frogs in your dream vision could be a reference to tiny changes or an unexpected turn of events. In addition, a cabinet often signifies secrets or hidden aspects of yourself. The combination of those two dream symbols means that you may discover certain skills or characteristics you possess which would take you by surprise. They can be positive, negative or both. Perhaps an event or encounter could trigger or unravel these previously unknown or hidden parts of you. Fortunately, it would likely occur in tiny chunks or small incidents which would give you enough time to adjust and understand yourself better.
A frog in the kitchen sink I brought a frog in the kitchen to wash it off and it went down the garbage disposal. I was watching for it to come out so I wouldn't chop it up when I ran the disposal. Later in the dream it hadn't come out and I was tired of waiting for it and didn't care if it got chopped up if it was that stupid. A frog as a dream symbol is often associated with change and transformation. It can also represent a romantic prospect, someone you may already know whom you would develop feelings for. Given those associations, perhaps this means that a loved one may experience a downward spiral or get involved in questionable activities that would negatively affect your existing or future relationship. No matter how much you care for this person, it may not be reciprocated or they may not value your affection. This neglect may ultimately lead to your separation.
A skunk in a small room In a small windowless empty room, a skunk is moving around. Then another skunks is being put up its butt. A room with no windows usually refers to depression. Like the characteristics of the room in your dream vision, perhaps you feel like there is no way out of your situation. You may feel stuck, abandoned and empty inside. The skunk may provide insight on why you feel alone and hopeless. A skunk as a dream symbol often alludes to an abrasive personality, particularly short temper or a tendency to lash out with little provocation. Maybe you are not very attuned to other people's feelings or you have low self-awareness, so you tend to offend others with your behavior.
A snake going into vagina A snake crawled into my vagina and laid eggs, when it was coming out I cut it in half because it started going back in. The other half came out and died. Dreaming that a snake has entered your vagina may refer to becoming more comfortable with or interested in exploring your sexuality. Whether you are just beginning your sexual journey or coming to terms with who you are and what you truly want out of a sexual relationship, this symbol points towards self-reflection and sexual awakening. However, the snake itself and the eggs it lays represents the sowing of seeds of conflict. Perhaps your discoveries will make your current partner uncomfortable or you may feel some incompatibility with your religious or moral beliefs. In either case, take your time when you are exploring these new emotions and desires, so that you do not alienate someone close to you or make rash decisions that hurt you in the long run.
Dead cats on the road Dead cats all over road, had to drive over them to go down the road, lots of, I guess, dead cats on roadway. A dead cat symbolizes a loss of freedom and independence. Hence, the presence of dead cats on the road you are driving on can be an indication of setbacks to your personal goals. Lots of people, both your peers or people in power, could try to limit your freedom and autonomy so you would fit their expectations or standards. However, driving over those dead cats may reveal your stubborn personality. Even when your bosses, supervisors or society itself would try to stifle your self-determination or block your path, you continue to persevere and stay on course. On the other hand, this could also suggest that in your desire to achieve your goals no matter the cost, you may end up stepping on other people's rights or freedom. Your subconscious could be showing you that a strong drive can have both good and bad repercussions, so you need to think carefully about your actions.
A cellar full of cats At a friend's house going down to the cellar to see her new kitchen. The room is full of cats, I chase the cats out of her house. Going down into a friend's cellar can be interpreted as a metaphor for delving deep into the psyche of your friend. In a sense, your subconscious is rooting around your memories and past interactions with the individual to try and figure out something that is bothering it. This is likely because you suspect, at least subconsciously, that your friend is acting strange. Perhaps you are worried they are growing apart from you or may sabotage, back-stab or otherwise hurt you in the future. The cats you see represent those possibilities, but chasing the cats out of your friend's house means you desire to save the friendship at all costs. It may be time for a heart to heart with her so that you can both share your concerns for the present and hopes for the future.
Being chased by a hyena and other animals My dream was about an African woman who came to my house and told me to come with her. We arrived at a vacant lot and I was then chased by a black panther, a pack of wolves, a pack of dogs, a pack of hyenas. Other people were running from the animals as well. The hyena was directly behind me making that funny laughing sound which woke me up laughing at the dream. To dream of being led into a vacant lot means you are looking for a space to breathe. Too much activity could be going on both in your workplace, the neighborhood and inside your own home that you wish to distance yourself from all the chaos in order to think clearly. As a whole, the pack of wolves, dogs, hyenas and black panther represent danger all around you. These are generally thieves and robbers who pose a threat to your peaceful existence. In particular, a hyena signifies an individual who would mock you in reality because of your paranoia or inability to cope with stressful situations. Unscrupulous people who sense your fear would be emboldened to take advantage of you. The more you feed your fear and distrust in people, the more you are actually attracting trouble and conflict.
Cats behind a door Somewhere, I opened a small white door near the floor, first cat white, then 2 other cats, black, another color, just stared very nicely at me, did not move. I just closed the door, all I remember. The small white door represents what your emotional state allows into your life. In a sense, it is the barrier between you and the world beyond. As such, when you open the door you put yourself in contact with situations and sensations that reflect your mental state or feelings. The white cat represents self-doubt and misfortune, while the two black cats that follow it may be the manifestation of enemies in reality. If you allowed these cats to pass through the door, you could be allowing your darker thoughts to take control of your present. However, if you closed the door on these cats and did not allow them to pass through, you would likely gain control over your emotions and hopefully find a way to a happier state of being.
A crocodile blocking the path and a silver coin I am a female that had this dream - crossing a road and stopped towards the end as there was a small crocodile on the path that then proceeds to slide into the river to the right. Once it left I threw a small silver coin onto the path - words that I heard during this was "You threw the coin after seeing a crocodile to bring good luck". Crossing a road means you are putting yourself in harm's way. The presence of the crocodile in your dream means someone in your social circle is going to betray you. This individual is someone you trust which would make the betrayal even more painful. The more you open up to this person, the more ammunition you are giving them to eventually take advantage of you. The silver coin has a similar dream interpretation because it signifies conflict involving your family or loved ones. You could lose a friend or become estranged by your family because of this big disagreement.
Playing with a tiger I saw a tiger in my dream and I was playing with him? Playing with a tiger signifies your natural leadership capabilities. While others may cower when faced with the responsibility of leading others or taking charge, you look at it as a challenge and an exciting opportunity to use your skills. Tigers can also symbolize power which means you have an uncanny ability to connect with influential and powerful personalities. You can use your instincts to further your own career, especially since this vision portends an upcoming meeting or encounter with someone who could open doors or provide rare opportunities for you.
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