A wild animal in the forest smiling Male. In the forest, a skunk, badger in color but body more boar-like type of animal ran out of the bushes. Then stares and smiles at me. Dreaming about a wild animal looking at you could reveal some strong instincts buried deep inside you. You may wish you did not react in such a way, but you probably have little control over it. You may feel like your emotions or latent desires get the best of you when you would rather be more controlled or disciplined. The animal smiling at you could mean that you cannot avoid reacting this way and, therefore, should try to make allowances for this behavior rather that getting upset at yourself.
A horse head through the window A horse walked up to my open window and stuck its head way inside to check me out as if to say hello. Horses are usually a symbol of energy and sexual prowess, so a horse walking up to your open window could mean that there is someone in your waking life who has such characteristics and who is interested in making contact with you. This could be a co-worker, a friend, even a stranger, but certainly someone whom you have noticed before and who has inspired such feelings or desires within you. The notion that the window was open could mean you could be already available for his or her advances.
A white deer running I saw a white deer with antlers running. Seeing a running deer in a dream could have different meanings depending on the person who has dreamed it. In case you are a single woman, it could mean that you would soon find a suitable match for yourself, someone whom you could even marry. In the case of women who are already married, having such a vision is related to the possibility of finding a lover, most likely as an adulterous affair. Finally, if you are a male, married or not, seeing a deer with antlers could mean that you may start having disagreements with your partner, whether it is due to jealousy, suspicion or rumors.
Collecting frogs in a purse I am a 52-year old woman. I dreamt about small cute frogs I gathered on the green grass. I put 3-4 green frogs in my blue purse. I felt happy doing this, and the frogs also seemed happy to let me take them and be put in the purse. Frogs are usually a symbol for a period of transformation, both internally and externally. The frogs you collected in your dream and then put inside your purse could mean a set of changes you are undergoing, with which you are happy and that could significantly improve your life. Since the frogs also seemed to be happy, the process of change itself probably will not be painful or confusing, but rather an emancipation of sorts.
A horse in bed I dreamed that I was in the house I grew up in when I was a child and there was a horse sleeping in my bed. Dreaming about seeing a horse inside your house is symbolic of soon receiving some new information from a close acquaintance or friend. The notion of finding the horse sleeping in your bed could also indicate that this news could be related to some intimate details or sensitive information you want to keep to yourself. Perhaps your romantic affair with someone could turn sour or the person you are interested in meeting or dating will reject you for reasons soon to be revealed to you.
A dead squirrel in a cage So my dream was about that I was with my mom and dad, they are divorced in real life and don't live together anymore. But they were both in my dream with my little brother and boyfriend. My parents were going to pick up something at this house so my bf was driving my brother was riding shotgun and my parents and I were in the back seat. We got to the place and I got down with my parents, my bf and brother stayed in the car. We went into a house of a young couple and I saw they had a baby squirrel in a cage box with a big lock. They told me that they were selling it if I was interested to buy it. I told them that I wanted to show my bf, so I went out of the house to the car i showed my bf and brother. I told my bf if I should buy it? In real life I been telling him if he wants to adopt a animal with me. Anyways, he got the cage and looked at it, I don't remember if he said anything but then gave it back, but right before I looked down at the baby squirrel in the cage I heard my mom calling me back. I told her I was coming back I then looked down at the cage to see it was dead. I was in shocked because it was alive when I had it, but suddenly dead after my bf gave it back. What does that mean? This dream vision does seem to be related to your desire to adopt a pet in reality. The first symbol in this vision, your parents being together despite being separated in reality, could reveal your lifestyle and choices you make. In particular, this symbol reflects your own sincerity and honesty when dealing with others. However, wanting to adopt the squirrel in this dream may also indicate the presence of someone who does not prioritize or even cares about your well-being. This can be seen both in the caged nature of the squirrel and its death while it was being handled by your boyfriend. Perhaps you subconsciously feel that there is some barrier between you two or that he is being distant for some reason. In essence, this vision is probably a message from your subconscious asking you to consider what would happen if you really chose to adopt an animal together. While you might try to rationalize it as a way of solidifying your connection to him, you may wind up having to shoulder the responsibility all by yourself if things turn out poorly.
A sick and hungry monkey I'm a male and I had dream that a sick and hungry monkey enters my room. Please, I don't understand, thank you. Monkeys in dreams are usually ominous signs that you could become unwell in the near future. Since the monkey that entered your room was sick and hungry, it could mean that you may soon suffer from a similar condition unless you start paying more attention to your health and well-being. It could also mean someone close to you is about to become ill, so you should check up on your friends and family members to see how they are doing.
Vicious dogs attacking through a fence Walking by a fence on the sidewalk at night. There were two white wolfish-looking dogs behind the fence that started growling and baring their teeth, so I hit the fence with my foot to scare them. They became more vicious and somehow clawed my leg against the outside of the fence. I then used my left arm to pull my leg away and then they clawed through the fence again and bit my arm trying to drag it through the fence. So I finally managed to pull free by cutting my pants with some scissors. Dogs in dreams generally refer to family members and loved ones because of their loyalty and tendency to be fiercely protective of their owners. Meanwhile, fences allude to protection and privacy. In the context of your dream, the dogs could be a reference to the loved ones of someone in your social circle, perhaps a colleague or a friend. Their aggression could be a result of your closeness to this individual or developing relations. Perhaps this individual's friends and family are suspicious of your motives and intentions, hence they are wary of readily welcoming you into the inner circle. You can either prove that you have good intentions or distance yourself from this individual before things can get out of hand.
A fearful scene involving animals Female. A horse rearing up in my mom's house and I was scared it would harm my 12-year old son. Me and son went out, I then stood behind an owl who was bigger than me, it had bitten the head off a duck an was holding it in its claws. I felt fearful. Horses are usually a symbol of excessive energy, so your dream could mean that you could be fearful that the rushes of adrenaline you may have been feeling for whatever reason could be interfering with routines you and those around you normally have. The owl in your dream symbolizes wisdom, subconsciously admonishing you about such erratic or thoughtless behavior, and painting a picture of possible complications or undesirable outcomes using the duck's head, warning about what can happen if you do not regain full control of your waking life.
Finding rabbits in mud On my travel while walking I found two rabbits in mud. I thought at first they were kittens but I realized they were rabbits when I got them. I got the two rabbits from the mud and took them with me and cleaned them. One is white and the other is kinda dotted grey and white. I did not feed them and brought them with me from my muddy travel walking. When I was sitting, they were on my lap. Seeing rabbits in a dream is a good omen. It suggests an overall improvement in your current living conditions and a significant boost in your material assets. The mud likely represents a tricky or difficult situation which you would fortunately be able to overcome with great success. This experience would give you the wisdom and confidence in order to pursue your goals and passions. Any obstacles or failures you may experience would open up bigger and better opportunities for you. As long as you remain motivated and optimistic, by carrying the luck of the rabbits around, your hard work and perseverance would bear fruit soon enough.
A lion chasing husband My husband was sitting in his car in our driveway. I looked out the window and saw the silhouette of a lion on our dark lawn. I called to tell him what I saw. He slowly started to our door but the lion noticed and gave a chase. He made it inside and closed the door with inches to spare. Being chased by an aggressive lion in a dream reveals pride and a domineering personality. In the context of your dream, perhaps the lion chasing your husband reveals his tendency to use and abuse his position or power at work or at home. Meanwhile, since the home symbolizes a safe haven in a dream, it means you and the rest of the family are needed in order to keep him grounded and self-aware. If he does not contain his own ego or temper, then there is a possibility that his bad habits could affect the household and the entire family.
Saving a dog from wild animals I am a girl. Last night I had a dream. A white dog who is chased by a bear and a lion. And I was worried about the dog, then I brought him home. Dogs, because of their loyalty and protective nature, often symbolize family and loved ones in dreams. The dog in your dream being chased by a bear and a lion may contain an indication that someone near and dear to your heart is currently or could soon be in trouble in the waking world. There may be rivals or bullies taking advantage of his or her weakness and it would be up to you to protect this individual from getting hurt. This vision shows your kind and nurturing side. Whenever someone you love is in need, you are one of the first ones to come to their aide.
A ghost elephant killing people 24, Female. A detailed dream where I was an observer. A "ghost" elephant was stalking a woman who turned out to be the bride at a destination wedding at a manor house with a mountain, forest and plains. Another couple was killed by the elephant, the groom's neck was snapped by its trunk and the bride was trampled. The dream ended when the waiter called the first woman to tell her she wasn't crazy and she and her fiance are in a lot of danger. It wasn't scary to me, I was a silent observer. This vision seems to be both predicting good fortune and warning you about the pitfalls that come from success. First, the setting of a destination wedding reveals two things. One is that you would achieve your goals and become successful, and the other is that your relationships with others, particularly romantic partners, would improve. The violent ghost elephant, however, suggests some well-connected and influential individuals in your sphere may not like your sudden rise to fame and fortune and may retaliate by creating obstacles or busywork for you. Your calm demeanor throughout the vision could reflect your ability to persevere in the face of these challenges and eventually overcome them through your shrewd acumen.
A mouse trapped in a leg A mouse trapped in my calf leg, left leg. Dreaming about a mouse could mean that you would soon be the victim of bad luck. Because you mentioned the mouse was trapped in your left leg, it could mean your bad luck would be related to your mobility or your health, meaning it could be something that keeps you from leading a normal life. It might also refer to some act of betrayal by someone close to you or household issues, such as budgeting or child discipline.
Pigs in a garden I recently had a dream that I had a beautiful corn garden and two pigs, one is big and the other is small. I took them out of their pen to take a picture of them and the larger pig ate the smaller one. I am female, please help. Pigs have the unfortunate reputation of being associated with indulgence and negative traits such as greed and selfishness. These associations hold true even in dreams. The corn garden may be a metaphor for your personal wealth or the assets you have amassed from working all these years. Meanwhile, the two pigs likely represent two individuals in your own social circle who you feel are too self-interested and greedy. They may be putting your finances in disarray as they keep on feeding their extravagances. In that sense, it would appear that the bigger pig serves as the bad influence for the smaller pig. It may be in your best interest to ensure that a loved one does not succumb to the excesses of the individual whom they may hold in high esteem. Perhaps it is up to you to guide him or her in finding better role models.
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