Befriending a white monkey There were several monkeys outside my home seen from windows. One of them was a very calm white monkey. Even the face was white. And I was holding both his hands for very long sitting on my bed very comfortably. I felt as if I am with someone very mature and peaceful. Seeing a white monkey in your dream is an auspicious sign to behold, as it usually symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It is possible that this dream vision means you would soon come across a lucrative career opportunity, receive a promising job offer or get a promotion at your current place of work. The tides are finally turning in your favor, so it is important to make the most of the opportunities coming your way. This may include increasing the amount of money you put into savings, bettering the condition of your living space or getting involved with investing.
Slaughtering a white cow Slaughtering a white cow. A white cow embodies kindness and selfless acts. In the context of your dream, slaughtering this white cow could reveal your anger and frustration about people's expectations towards you. Perhaps others see you as a meek, nurturing and domesticated character which is not how you see yourself. You may have grown tired of always giving your time and effort to others without getting anything in return. In that sense, the killing of the cow alludes to transformation. A fire has been ignited inside of you and you are now ready to pursue your passions instead of succumbing to peer pressure.
A mongoose in the bathroom On entering the bathroom I saw a long thing moving. I thought a snake was there, but it was not a snake. I opened the door and ordered my servant to bring a stick, meanwhile that thing climbs up to a little window. Then I noticed it was a long mongoose. It was trying to escape, but a person outside was whispering "Hashhh!". It returned, but kept itself in the window and was trying to go out again. The bathroom in your dream refers to an unfortunate incident about to happen in the near future. The presence of the mongoose means that the nature of this incident is embarrassing or humiliating. A mongoose is also often associated with sexuality, so perhaps the awkward and regrettable situation may occur due to your efforts to deal with sexual or intimacy issues. Since the mongoose was trying to escape the bathroom, this means that the sensitive situation may end up spreading to your social circle if you do not manage to deal with it properly. Perhaps you may want to confront your personal issues before others get involved and things get out of hand. After all, prevention is better than damage control.
An alligator on top of a building I saw my lover, I think she's my twin flame. She was playing with an alligator on the top of a high building. The alligator tried to attack me and I was afraid. Then she told me what to do to escape the animal and when I did what she told me to do the alligator ran away. An alligator is a symbol of an enemy. In that sense, you lover's playful treatment of the alligator may be a projection of your admiration for her. Specifically, you may view her as someone who has a strong character and an uncanny ability to outwit her adversaries. In that sense, you may be looking to her for advice on how to deal with an enemy. Alternatively, the way to neutralize your foe may be by knowing your self-worth and your true value, as symbolized by your lover's advice in the dream. The building means that the enemy you have in mind may be a colleague or a competitor trying to take opportunities away from you.
Buying kittens I was staying with a friend and went to a pet store and found three unique kittens. One was white with the word "Gods" on the side of it. Another was white with black hearts and it said "Love" on its side. The one that I chose was brown and red and excessively loving. I am later sitting with my friend who I am staying with and find out that I have bought all three kittens unknowingly. Kittens generally symbolize little annoyances and petty problems. As such, buying kittens can reveal your tendency to take lost individuals under you wing or help out troubled characters. All three kittens refer to different types of personalities you could meet sometime soon and who would become integrated into your social circle. The white kitten in particular means that one of them could betray your trust. The kitten with the red fur, meanwhile, refers to someone who may try to steal your significant other from you. Finally, the black and white kitten is the one who would stay true to you.
Being bitten by a pig A pig head was trapped in a container and when I put my leg in, the pig tried to bite me, but I was struggling to bring my leg out for the pig not to bite me, but the pig finally bit me. When you dream about trying to evade or escape from an animal attacking you, such as the pig you envisioned in your dream, it could mean you are currently facing an internal struggle with your innermost instincts or uncontrollable desires which could expose you to situations that can become potentially harmful to you. In that sense, the dream can actually act as a warning for you to take some precautionary measures and adjust your behavior or motivations before you subject yourself to unnecessary risk or things get completely out of control.
Hunting for lizards to eat them I am a woman. In my dream we are sitting in our old house where we haven't lived for many years, next to us is a pile of rocks which have always been there since I remember and there have always been lizards in it. My mother asks me to help her in hunting for lizards, which we are going to eat whether this is because we don't have food or simply because we suddenly relish lizards, I do not know. I am disgusted at first, but soon I start grabbing lizards around me (there seem to be so many). Seeing a place you used to live at in the dream world is often the mind's way of going back to place where you once felt safe and content. It also represents a simpler time in life, free of worries and troubles. The reason you are mentally returning to this previous location is likely related to the image of the lizards. Lizards, as symbols, can be associated with a number of different possibilities. On one hand, you may be fighting off or trying to avoid the attacks of your enemies and competitors. This could be a great cause of stress in your daily existence. The idea of wanting to catch and eat the lizards may also point toward troubles with your love life or reputation. No matter the source of your troubles, your mind is searching for a space to be relaxed and to ponder the situation at hand.
Killing a bunny with a knife I was sitting on my front steps, a light fog hanging low to the ground was present. I looked down to see a fox and a bunny sitting at my feet. I reached over and grabbed a knife and stabbed at the fox. I then heard an inhuman scream. Lifting up the weighted knife, I saw the bunny dangling from it, the knife in its back legs. It was limp and dead, yet the screaming continued. Looking downward, i saw an even smaller bunny sitting there, crying. The presence of fog in your dream reveals a troubled mind. There are pressing issues you need to handle, but you are not seeing things clearly. Specifically, trying to stab or kill a fox means you are trying to get rid of little annoyances at work or at home, but your tactics are not that effective. A fox could also symbolize rivals or competitors, which means your inability to outwit them is making you feel frustrated. Finally, the dead bunny symbolizes a loss of innocence. In trying to thwart your rivals, you may end up losing your optimism and enthusiasm. Perhaps winning over or outsmarting your foes should not be the end goal of your plans, especially if it means losing yourself in the process. The upcoming Easter holiday could also be related to the bunny symbol in your vision. Maybe the upcoming season is making you evaluate your motivations and create a fresh start for yourself.
A chihuahua with fangs An emaciated chihuahua dog with a very large head and fangs like a snake tries to devour my healthy chihuahua dog. When you dream about animals turning into monsters, it could mean that you are filled with unreasonable or unsupported fears which could originate from a lack of self-control or excessive amount of obstacles or needs. Meanwhile, the notion of your own dog being in peril could indicate that this situation is forcing you to seek other people's advice and guidance, but you do not show your appreciation to them or are not willing to reciprocate their kindness. This could prove problematic in the long-run as it can lead to potential conflicts.
Licked by a cat A cat kissed me (licked), was an overall friendly, a good mood dream. Dreamed more, just remember the cat. Female. Thank you. Although your dream vision seemed to have been rather pleasant, a cat being friendly towards you is not always a good sign as far as symbols go. In fact, playing with a cat in a dream could mean that someone from your inner circle whom you once trusted could become dishonest and eventually capable of betraying your trust. This seemingly pleasant dream could therefore portend mistrust and conflicts in your future.
Being attacked by a whale I dreamed of witnessing a whale eating up a little girl who happened to be standing by the water. I screamed for help and no one came to help that girl. A little while later this whale jumps out of the water to bite my left foot. I managed to stuff a pillow into its mouth and the whale released its grip of my foot. I remember being very careful and concerned when I saw the whale in the water before it started to attack the little girl and myself. The image of a whale in a dream often refers to a huge burden. It could be a big business project that you are handling or a relationship that is a causing a lot of complications. In your case, the latter interpretation may be more applicable. The little girl may represent your innocence and playful nature. She may also symbolize your potential for growth. As such, being devoured by the whale suggests that someone with a lot of power and influence may be stifling your creativity and spontaneity. Similarly, the bite to your foot reveals limitations or threats to your freedom and independence. On the negative side, the whale could be a controlling personality in your reality that is squashing your dreams. On the other hand, it is also possible that the same person may just be encouraging you to be a little less hasty with your decisions and little more practical. It all depends on your current mindset and priorities.
Herding elephants I dreamed having three elephants in front of me, it was like I was gathering them. Elephants seen or encountered in a dream are symbolic of wisdom, well-being and balance. So, the notion that you were gathering them in your dream could mean you are about to experience some major improvements regarding your current projects, but you should remind yourself to be constantly focused and seek the advice of friends and family when necessary to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Overall, this vision could be a very positive omen for your future.
A hyena and lion in the kitchen A hyena and a lion sitting in my kitchen and I take out some meat out of the fridge. Then the hyena bites me but I hit it and it runs off. Then I feed the lion and the lion was there the whole time with the hyena. Female. The location of this vision in your kitchen could predict that you would soon find yourself in some difficult, troubling situations. You may discover inconveniences caused by others in reality. The source of your troubles may be related to the image of the hyena, a symbol commonly associated with someone who is taking advantage of you in reality, like a co-worker taking credit for your hard work or a friend who is always freeloading food and a place to stay. The presence of the lion further suggests you are under this individual's influence for one reason or another. Feeding the lion, then, may mean you are not ready to get out from under their thumb or that you do not have the means or ambition to do so yet.
Chased to be killed by horses I'm being chased by a dark horse and the horse is trying to kill me. A few months ago, I was being chased by a pale dusty cream-colored horse, and it was trying to kill me. I am female. The horses in your dream could symbolize a sort of primal, instinctive behavior inherent to animals which could be clouding your judgment and may therefore be a sign that you are not thinking clearly while making major decisions. You could be prone to reckless behavior that could be detrimental not only to yourself, but also those you are close to you, eventually getting you into serious trouble in the waking world. This dream could be a call for you to fight your irrationality and try to think clearly about the issues affecting you or your loved ones.
A friendly lioness I dreamt about a lioness living in a farm house, free to roam. I wasn't scared only got nervous when it got playful with my arm, then awoke to a scream. Dreaming about interacting with a lioness could mean that you have some sort of difficulty expressing yourself, because a lioness could symbolize strength and resilience. The notion that you only got scared when it tried to play with your arm could mean you feel like you cannot handle direct confrontations with people, so you prefer to hide your true feelings or opinions from others, while at the same time you could be longing for more power and stronger character.
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