Two horses standing on a rock I saw two horses, standing on an elevated rock in front of me. They are both calm, looking at me innocently like could feel my feelings. They are both just a few feet above me. One of them is a white horse and the second is a dark brown horse with a slight reddish shade. I just swayed my hand towards them and suddenly they were both in reins held by me. Even in reins they did not struggle to get away from me, instead they both jumped down from the rock by themselves and stood on my either side. First of all, the elevated rock is a symbol of your dream of achieving a stable future for yourself and your loved ones. The brown horse represents the brilliant idea that would propel you closer to your dreams. Perhaps an innovative strategy or a unique business venture would soon be funded that may become a lucrative source of income. On the other hand, the white horse poses a problem to your endeavors. Someone could file a complaint against you or oppose your moves towards implementing your plans. Achieving your goals is not without challenges but, as illustrated in your dream, you hold the reins of your life and it is within your power to steer your life in the direction you want it to go.
Animals in the flooded yard I walked to my living room and opened the living room door, opened it and saw all of my dogs that have passed away waiting for me. Then, the yard flooded and was full of prehistoric fish. There was a huge crocodile. I swam to a boat and opened the captains door, inside was nothing but blackness and emptiness. All the water drained into the opening of the door and I with it. Then i woke up. I am female. Coming home and realizing all your dogs are dead points to severed ties with close friends or relatives in reality. Unresolved issues could pile upon little misunderstandings, leading to the deterioration of certain social connections and to their eventual dissolution. In the wake of this travesty, you could meet someone who would make this situation worse. The crocodile represents former friends or allies who would deceive or dupe you. In addition to this, it could mean that your enemies would actively try to put obstacles in your way in order to keep you from completing your tasks or projects.
A turtle exploding In my dream a turtle was exploding. Not one huge explosion, but shattering in pieces, one piece after another. Turtles are dream symbols associated with longevity, stability and security. As such, seeing a turtle blow up or explode in a dream vision carries a negative message. You may soon face tremendous challenges which would slowly chip away your financial resources and sense of comfort. The unfortunate events may be work-related or even a possible breakdown of personal relationships. Alternatively, the shattering of the turtle into pieces may be a metaphor for your shaken-up worldview. Events in the waking world may be so unexpected and disappointing that you would begin to question your personal values and beliefs.
Chased by a gorilla I'm in the dark warehouse being chased by a giant gorilla and I have to find a key to get out, but the floor keeps collapsing out from under me. The warehouse in your dream could represent your repressed thoughts and emotions. In particular, the giant gorilla chasing you refers to your primal instincts and sexual urges. You could be suppressing your desires for propriety's sake or out of fear of being judged and it is making your restless. The collapsing floor could mean that you are having troubles managing your emotions and needs to a point when you would eventually give in or lose control over your actions.
A wolf on a football field In my dream I was at a kid football game, then a big wolf ran over to where the people were, then after that it turned into a big cat. Then it asked who likes cats, one walked up and got killed, then a group ran and died than I ran alone and saw someone that saw the group all at once. Watching a football game may represent a situation in waking life where you are privy to some nefarious dealings around you. For example, you may know someone who is cheating on their partner or partaking in illegal activities. While you may feel safe because you are not directly involved, the presence of the wolf in the dream suggests your inaction may not serve you well for much longer. This means that others could condemn you for being complacent with these actions and not doing anything to stop them. Your own conscience could be filled with guilt and regret for some time after this incident takes place.
Giving bread to puppies I was giving chapati (flat bread) to two puppies. Feeding puppies in the dream world often means people consider you to be very reliable, self-sufficient and goal-focused in waking life. Your friends, family and peers probably have much respect and admiration for you because of these personal character traits. You are also likely a good role model for those younger than yourself as feeding puppies in a dream is usually symbolic of outstanding mentorship abilities.
A white owl and white puppy I saw a white owl in my dream sitting on my head and then I suddenly saw a white puppy with many bites on it, but not sure if it was attacked by the owl. A white owl in the dream world usually represents a well-respected or wise individual. The white puppy, on the other hand, could be a metaphor for friendship. Thus, the notion that the owl could have attacked the puppy probably means that you would encounter some social injustice in the waking world. Perhaps influential and powerful personalities would use their authority to smear your and your friend's credibility. Alternatively, the puppy could symbolize your naive and carefree nature. In that case, the white owl's aggression towards the puppy represents growing maturity and personal development you may have been experiencing lately.
Calves with bangles I saw a cow giving birth to baby cows and each baby had red, green and silver bangles in their hands. Seeing a cow give birth and observing the mother with the babies suggests all your current difficulties and struggles would eventually bring you prosperity and happiness. The different colored bangles represent different aspects of your changing personality as it happens, meaning red for passion, green for prosperity, and silver for happy relationships. You are likely to find great comfort and satisfaction in the future.
Animals chasing after a big cat I'm a female. I saw a huge animal, huge cat maybe, when it got up was when I realized it was praying. I saw other huge animals running after it. Lastly a dinosaur running after it, which was just a skeleton of a dinosaur and while running I saw it broke into pieces and fell down and disappeared. The huge cat in your dream may be a representation of your creativity and independent nature. The animals chasing after the cat represent your primal instincts and carefree personality. Meanwhile, the dinosaur represents old-fashioned beliefs and traditional values. The notion of praying is indicative of your search for wisdom and guidance. You may be feeling torn between pursuing your passions and following the traditional path already available to you. Based on your dream, you may be more inclined to value your freedom above everything else.
Frogs coming out from under skin I was going to a football game with my husband and a friend and a child, but I never got in because out of nowhere my hand had a slit and frogs were coming out, and through my whole dream frogs kept coming out, but at the end they were colorful frogs. In general, this vision seems to suggest that you have recently been disappointed by the actions, words or behavior of those around you. As a dream symbol, frogs are associated with someone you care about acting in a way that hurts or offends you. Seeing frogs coming out of your body, then, may point to your negative reaction to such a scenario. The perpetrator could be either your husband, a friend or even a group of people. It may be high time to communicate your unhappiness with them directly instead of ignoring them or giving them attitude when they do something wrong.
Snakes and a mountain lion I dreamt about my friend, he's passed about 3 months ago, that there was a bunch of snakes in here trying to kill him in my bedroom and then he did a mountain lion came in just make it right about the mountain lion but then the mountain lion killed him. Both the snakes and the mountain lion represent threats in the waking world. The nature of this threat is unclear. However, in relation to your deceased friend, your mind could be warning you against your own demons. Perhaps his death has made you angry and pessimistic about the world. This could be making you lash out on unsuspecting friends and family members. You may need to address personal issues that came bubbling up after his death, otherwise you could become susceptible to self-destructive behavior.
Looking for kittens Dreamed of meowing kittens but couldn't find them anywhere. I searched around alleys till I got to a dangerous weird-looking ocean bridge alley that was somewhat connected. My dream ended there and I never found the meowing kittens. Interested to know what my dream is telling me. Hope you can interpret for me. Appreciated. Thanks. Hearing kittens meowing in the distance could be a representation of your search for independence and personal fulfillment. Meanwhile, the ocean bridge alludes to your social connections. As such, your vision suggests that your journey towards independence involves getting to know some shady characters who could either change your perspective on life or ultimately derail you from your original path. It seems like losing your way is part of finding out who you really are at the core. Perhaps your inability to find the kittens also alludes to a loss of innocence and naivete in the process.
Freeing caged animals in a relative's house It was night time, it was raining heavily and I was with other unknown people. We entered a private property and I saw many caged animals. We freed them all, but one I saw was an owl, a huge owl and I was scared to open the cage, but I did and then ran all the way back home where I saw my deceased grandma talking to my ex mother-in-law who is causing me a lot of grief in my waking life. In the dream I knew it was her property that we entered. Rain in dreams often suggests sadness, though on occasion it can also be interpreted as forgiveness. Due to the presence of the caged owl, the latter interpretation could be more appropriate in your case. Owls symbolize wisdom and insight, so freeing the owl from its cage is indicative of enlightenment and rational thinking. For so long, you may have been taken by your emotions, but if you let logic and rationality rule, you could maybe find it in yourself to understand where your former mother-in-law is coming from. In seeing things from her perspective, you may be able to find a way to patch things up. Similarly, your deceased grandmother represents experience and wisdom. Those are the traits required to help heal the misunderstanding or disagreements between you and your ex mother-in-law.
A large cat wanting a sandwich I was walking home in the dark holding a sandwich that was cut in half. There was a large orange cat, possibly a mountain lion, about 100 feet in front of me. He started charging towards me. I threw one half of my sandwich and the cat went and ate it (that's what he wanted). The cat then came to me and sat in front of me, purred, and let me pet him. I gave him the other half of my sandwich and then he jumped on me and loved me and gave me kisses. Sandwiches tend to represent both things in the physical world and things that are beyond our perception. You may be more sensitive than most to the ebb and flow of the cosmic energy that surrounds us. This symbol is followed by the image of the large cat and your ability to tame the cat by feeding it. This suggests you have the power to succeed or positively influence the outcome of decisions in your life. It is possible that your penchant for reading the air or between the lines may give you a one up on your competitors. This vision, then, seems to be a reflection of the special gifts you possess and possibly a guide for how you may use that power in the future.
Monkeys in a room Three monkeys were kept in a room of a house. One jumped onto me and I held him a few seconds. Later I opened the room's door and they have disappeared. I was a guest in that house looking for them. Finding monkeys inside a room in the dream world alludes to suppressed parts of your personality. Perhaps these monkeys represent your playful and carefree side and their disappearance points to an ongoing personal transformation. You may be projecting a more mature and responsible demeanor as part of being an adult. It could also mean that you are struggling to find inspiration or having difficulty getting your creative juices going. Alternatively, as you are merely a guest of this house, the dream may be telling you to keep your wits about you especially when dealing with unfamiliar territory. There could be deceitful individuals lurking about, searching for ways to use you for their selfish interests.
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