Able to control an intruder wolf I was outside of a house and my mom was asleep inside, I saw a big black wolf, so I yelled to my mom, the wolf was able to grab a hold of my hand. I didn't feel any pain from its bite and was able to make the wolf let go, I held it about closed shut with my hand like a dog. I quickly got up went inside to wake up my mom, we tried to find a place to hide in the house, the wolf pushed through the door and followed, as it came towards us I looked into its grey eyes and said sit! And it sat. Dreaming about your mother being inside the house has positive connotations. It is symbolic of all good things coming your way. Perhaps a project which you have started would become a success or you may reap financial gains from recent investments. However, the presence of a wolf in the same dream is symbolic of a money-hungry person who may try to create problems for you financially. This person could start following you ceaselessly trying to get what is rightfully yours, yet you have the ability to resist and prevent this from happening, just the way you ordered the wolf to do your bidding in the dream.
A stray cat trying to get inside the house Trying to get rid of a stray cat, my husband keeps letting it back in the house. It is a buff-colored hairless cat. And it keeps gravitating toward me, even though I dislike cats. A cat which is trying to enter your house without permission could be interpreted as a sign of dishonesty. The closeness the cat desires with you may further predict experiencing negative outcomes because of lies coming from others or omissions on your own part. Because it was your husband who let the cat inside, it is possible he is the one with a secret. However, his intentions may be pure, so it would be unwise to confront him outright or accuse him of anything without proof.
Neighbors killing cats I dreamed that I went to a flat next to mine to complain about their four cats. When they answered the door I saw four women and four cats. They argued and I told them I would report them. When I went back later again the four women were still there but I saw a smallish suitcase with three of the cats laid out next to each other on their backs dead and them busy with the other cat still trying to put it in the case to bury them. The killing of cats in your dream vision seems to represent your growing boldness in acts which border on being immoral or illegal. Others may be calling you out on your change in behavior, as is represented by the women who have the cats. The scene of observing the cats dead, then, suggests that your friends and family may stage an intervention, as they know the real you would never be involved in such terrible behavior or deeds. It is more likely the influence of untrue friends and peer pressure, which is causing you to act this way.
A lion getting inside the house I am at my village, but it is like it is contained with a fence. I jump over the fence and I see this dog that walks around and a male lion 20 meters behind it. I go in the house, we got there locking the door. But a female lion on its two legs walks through the locked door and comes toward me and after approaching me starts scratching me with its big nails like playing, but I tell the animal to stop because it hurts me very much. Fences can have positive or negative connotations depending on the situation experienced in the dream. On a positive note, fences often serve as protection. On the other hand, fences can also represent barriers, obstacles or confinement. Jumping over the fence could be indicative of a desire to break free from the confines of a relationship which is crushing you beneath its weight. The dog, in the context of this dream, embodies characteristics such as loyalty and generosity, meaning you may be reticent to leave some of those associated with your past behind. However, the image of the lion suggests those individuals may be part of the problem, controlling your actions and limiting your choices. It would be wise to make a clean break and leave these men or women behind.
Small dogs with ticks At a home and there are three small toy poodles that appear, one black the other light tan or white. They run up to me and as I'm walking they follow me playfully but aggressive at my feet. The black one latching on. I literally pried it off but it reattached. Then I felt a bite, I look and see ticks. Finally get away from the dogs and see a child with ticks on her. I get angry with the owners and ask why no one saw this and why are they acting as if it's normal. Dogs which follow you and nip at your heels often represent the ill effects that certain activities may have on your health. In some cases, they suggest habits, like smoking or poor diet choices, may soon limit your physical capabilities. The more obvious interpretation points toward getting involved in tasks beyond your skill level or without proper training, which could lead to injury. The ticks on both you and the child predict that, no matter the medical problem you face, it would have serious implications for both your quality of life and the well-being of those who may rely on you for assistance.
A cow and a bear fighting I dreamed that I was on the top of a cliff looking at a cow and a bear from a distance. It looks like they were fighting and somehow the cow slips and I saw it falling all the way down, it tried to hang onto something but later fell to its death. The same thing with the bear. Not soon after I saw them in these big shelves almost like little coffins and I started seeing that they sort of "glitched" and it looked like they started turning into something else. Weird dream I know but I'm just curious! Cliffs often connote difficulties in the real world. In that context, the cow and the bear represent two aspects of yourself that appear whenever you are faced with challenges. The cow represents your nurturing side and the desire to shield your loved ones from the negative circumstances surrounding the problems you face. The bear signals rivalry and competition accompanying your life every step of the way. It can also signify being successful and provide best solutions for problems and issues you may encounter. It is a question of balancing personal and professional goals when faced with precarious situations. Allowing ambitions to take over would result in losing your sense of self and personal integrity.
Protecting black and white rabbits Last night I saw so many rabbits in my dream, they were in large numbers in green fields and I was protecting them from death. Do not remember enough from how I was protecting them. And one more thing, in the dream I was also checking if they were white or brown, but from far they looked like white and going to their nest I found broad lines of brown feathers also. Then after saving them I went to my auntie's house also in my dream. Rabbits in dreams symbolize luck and fertility. Therefore, seeing a multitude of rabbits in a lush landscape signifies an abundance of blessings about to happen in the waking world. Or perhaps you are already enjoying this fortune in reality and your efforts to protect them from death reveals your anxieties about losing your wealth or current social status. Alternatively, the rabbits could also hint at your secret desire towards someone. These feelings could stem from your intent to become intimate with this person or trying to get to know this individual better in order to eventually start an actual relationship.
Being bitten by a large bat I had a dream that my son and I were somewhere, not familiar to me. Something kept flying over his head and when he finally swatted it, it turned out to be a bat. He was able to open its wing and it was black and pretty big in size. It then bit him, I was very scared and tried to help him and then it bit me. I woke up shortly after that, very scared and I actually felt the bite as if it was real. I've been trying to look up the meaning, but have not been able to find out what it means to bit. Bat bites in dream world symbolize the onset of bad habits, addictions or hiding secrets from the loved ones. Based on the recollections and images from your dream, it seems that you are subconsciously suspecting your son succumbing to some abnormal or alerting routines or activities. It could also be just your protective instincts engaging when you witness the aspects of his behavior that make you feel uneasy and concerned. The notion of your son opening the bat's wings could simply tell you that he has a mindset different from yours or is interested in things you would consider inappropriate or vile, and to rid yourself of these worries, you would need to sort things out for yourself or follow through with your parental responsibilities.
Wolves coming from a fenced yard Alone walking down a dark street when I came up on a yard with a broken fence, that drew me to it and when I touch the fence a wolf came out to attack me. I tried to stick my hand out to show him I mean him no harm but it did not work. Then the second one and the third one the same thing happened. I remember thinking I didn't want to hurt them, then their owner came out called them back inside. I said "I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt them" and she says "How do I know you weren't trying to rob me?" Then I woke up. To dream of encroaching or attempting to trespass on someone's property points to your tendency to impose yourself on others. Perhaps you often find yourself needing attention or support from your social circle and this clingy characteristic is putting people off. As a result, the wolves attacking you in this dream signify unnecessary suffering you may be experiencing because of your insecurities or shyness. Perhaps instead of looking to others for self-esteem and validation, you may need to become more confident about your own talents and abilities.
A cat dying in the arms I had a dream my cat had this spear on the side of his neck and that he was dying. I picked him up in my arms with an X-ray sheet that was on him. As I touched him, I could see his bones were cracking, as he was dying. The dying cat in your dream vision seems to allude to some regrets you may hold over actions from your past. The cat itself may be connected with relationships or sexual matters, so it is possible that you may be feeling embarrassed over some aspect of previous flings which has recently become public knowledge. It may be wise to lay low until those who enjoy gossip have some other story to feed on.
A dog biting cat's head A dog was biting a cat's head I could see the dog's teeth down inside the cat's head. Dreams about witnessing a fight between pets is a manifestation of your struggle to resolve some existing conflict or misunderstanding. If you envisioned these animals as your own pets, it could be indicative of you standing in the midst of some major argument happening inside your relationship with someone close to you. If you were just a random observer of the act, it could serve as a hint to stay away from being embroiled in disputes or confrontations which are about to unfold in the near future.
Cow dung on the ground I dreamt of a land full of dry cow dung. Cows, as animals, are often associated with bountiful harvest and having plenty of food. Feces is another positive symbol which is often connected with the idea of money and wealth. These two images combined seem to suggest making profit from some sort of agricultural activity or food-based company. If you have an idea for a restaurant or are thinking about investing in such an endeavor, now may be the good time to do it.
A friendly lioness eating meat I dreamt of a female lion walking up and down in my house and it took meat from my hands and my brother's hands. The lioness placed meat on the ground to eat. The lion was friendly yet pensive. This vision has two opposing images paired together. The idea that the lioness is gentle or friendly suggests you have difficulty expressing yourself and, as a result, struggle to exert authority in certain situations. Seeing the lioness eating meat alludes to your power to sway others with words or grand ideas. You may have been, until now, in a position that prevented you from being in control or sharing equally with others at the table. Now, however, it seems you have a chance to show those around you what you are capable of.
Wolves attacking in a log cabin I was in a cabin in the woods with my dad and wolves came out of the woods and ate the ham I had on the counter. Then they started growling at me and my dad. They attacked my dad, then they were growling at me. I put my hand out and they stopped. Wolves in a dream are often connected to the dreamer's psyche, representing self-confidence or self-efficacy. As such, seeing wolves attack you and your dad can be taken as a sign of being your own worst enemy, meaning your lack of confidence or shyness could actually end up hurting you and your loved ones. It may be wise to share your true feelings and insecurities with a trusted person, such as a parent, friend or professional, who can help you make sense of and outgrow them.
Walking with a monkey and giving it to a coworker Dreamt about walking with a monkey along a road, it then decided not to go further. I believe I then met a colleague whom I passed the monkey over to, and asked him to take it back to base. Monkeys in dreams are often interpreted as symbols of foolishness or bad behavior, especially when connected with work situations or colleagues, like in this vision. Because this monkey was walking with you, it seems that you currently have a hold on some desire to cause mischief. However, passing the monkey off to your co-worker not only suggests you are about to do something inappropriate, but also that you would try to encourage others to join you. This could lead to disastrous results if you or someone else is caught in the act.
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