A lion by the lakeside I was out for a walk on a path which I have never seen, to the left was a large calm clear lake, I could see nice homes that looked over the lake. Suddenly I saw a large lion and heard it roaring loudly as it ran down the path and jumped into the lake, it seemed frightened, it did not notice me. I just stayed on the path watching it. I was not scared but felt alone and lost. It was twilight time. This vision is highly auspicious and predicts much success for you in the future. Taking a walk in a dream vision usually signifies finishing a project or task well, usually with results that are better than expected. This, combined with the image of lake, suggest that your efforts on this endeavor could lead to many more lucrative opportunities. If this is work-related, for example, your successful completion of one duty may lead to a promotion or control of a special project. The lion that roars and runs into the water represents further achievement in this new position, possibly leading to even more opportunities.
A chameleon in general Dreaming about a chameleon. Just as in waking life, chameleons in dreams are tied to the idea of someone in your life shifting and altering themselves in order to gain your trust. This tricky, conniving individual is likely after something only you can provide, ranging from money to valuable information. It may not be readily apparent to you now who this man or woman is, so it would be wise to avoid being too liberal with your trust and only help those who you are sure honest in their intentions or actions toward you.
An old person killing a dog An old man killing a black wiener dog. This vision is highly ominous and predicts events in your life going from bad to worse. More specifically, a small black dog is often thought to represent becoming involved in something illegal or immoral, possibly related to scamming or hurting others. This would likely start out as something small and harmless at first, like petty theft, but can quickly spiral out of control. Watching an old man kill the dog could represent either your group members turning on you or the retaliation of those you sought to harm.
A black rabbit on the bed I opened the back door and saw something running, which I at first thought was a mouse, but when I went into the room, there was a black rabbit sitting next to me on the bed. I only realized it was a black rabbit by its ears. The rabbit was very calm and that's about it what I can recall. Opening a door in a dream vision is synonymous with welcoming positive energy and goodness into your life. This often leads to improvements in relationships, such as more affection and generosity, and even implies meeting new people, such as potential friends, partners, and mentors, into your world. However, the black rabbit that darts inside may suggest that leaving yourself completely open could result in some disappointment. You may not be totally satisfied with the way you are able to interact with everyone, causing some frustration and disillusionment in the process.
Punching a white bear White mother bear with cubs... I scared the bear at first, the bear came after me slowly... Ran into room in a house... Bear got her head through the door... Punched the bear in the nose... Woke up. White bears are often happy symbols synonymous with happy marriages and fulfilling relationships. However, the bear in your vision seems to symbolize more of a desire than an actual situation for you. Scaring the bear could show how fragile the connections between you and a lover (or potential partner) are, while punching the bear in the nose could be the manifestation of your own fears about letting someone get too close to you. Until you work out your issues with love affairs, it may be very difficult to form a strong connection with someone.
Small frogs coming out of the nose I dreamed that tiny frogs were jumping out of my right nostril. The tiny frogs that plague your dream and appear to be coming out of your nose could be representative of an upcoming personal transformation. You may soon find yourself undergoing a significant change, both in the physical and spiritual sense. You may soon discover something about yourself you may not have even thought was there to begin with. This epiphany could, in turn, start a chain reaction in your life.
Animals transforming from one to another A monkey dressed up. After I hit it, it turned into a small white horse with a tall tail and after I hit the horse, it turned into a big black snake with a red spotted skin. Dreaming about a consequence of events when animals are morphing and changing right before your eyes is not a good sign. You could soon be facing a major disagreement with someone you hold dear, such as a lover, parent or close friend. The imagery of this dream warns you to take down the facades and false impressions about the people you are about to confront in order to resolve things quickly and painlessly.
In a pool with large frogs I dreamt I was in a pool with loads of large frogs and as I was swimming towards them I was glad they moved out of my way and was wondering why they were there and so many of them. Pools and other large bodies of water often represent soon having access to a number of exciting and interesting opportunities. This is combined with the image of the frogs which is also a promising sign, especially for those who are searching for love. It means success and fulfillment in your personal life. Together, these visions suggest you could find yourself surrounded by multiple suitors in the future, each of them offering unique opportunities for you to explore.
Trying to treat an injured monkey I was offering to treat a monkey that was injured, was presenting my certification as a doctor. In a few seconds, the certification was misplaced. Dreaming about an injured monkey that you intended to treat could represent an ill omen. It is possible that you may fall to some sort of affliction or injury in the near future. This could equally be applied to someone very close to you. If you feel there could be something wrong developing, do not hesitate to get a second opinion, either from someone whom you can trust or from a professional.
Riding a fox I had a dream that I was riding a fox. What does this mean? A fox in this dream symbolizes cunning and resourcefulness. Dreaming about riding a fox means that you have mastered the art of ingenuity. Things would definitely take a turn for the better. You may feel that things are going your way because you have acted wisely and used the right tactics to get whatever you desire. Be prepared to embrace good tidings because you have been astute and making the right decisions.
Buying bunnies and protecting them from rain I had a dream that I was in a nice public place, it was me and my mum and my brother in this dream. I saw this young man with lots of grey rabbits, different shades. And I went over to ask if I could have a rabbit? And the man said "Sure, yeah, they are $10s each. So me, mum and brother all got one. Mine was a very nice one, light-grey color. We could only keep them for an hour since we couldn't keep them permanently. Then it started to rain and get cold, so we opened our umbrellas to protect them and keep them warm. Rabbits are considered a good omen. When you see rabbits in your dream it signifies happy tidings. It could be something to do with an increase in your income or allowance, or things falling into place, when you receive good news after waiting for a while. On the other hand, nurturing or caring for rabbits to protect them from the rain can symbolize your desire to look after younger children and ensure their happiness, safety and well-being. The fact that you could only look after them for a short time in this dream signifies that although you do love taking care of children, you may not be allowed to look after them as much as you want to.
Slaughtered animals on a truck I dreamt of three slaughtered animals. They were on the back of a truck and I had forgotten they were there. One man took them and said to me they were about to go off and he took them. One was a dog. A dream of slaughtered animals with no apparent reason or motivation behind it signifies your desire to express your ambitions. Additionally, it can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you. The slaughtered dog represents your seeming disdain for loyalty. Perhaps you tend to place your ambitions above loyalty when it comes to time to choose.
Attacked by animals in the bathroom I was chased by a tiger into my bathroom by a tiger and then my bathroom fell off a cliff. When it hit the ground it turned into a a barricade and I jumped out the window and a racoon ran through the door and jumped attacking my face. The tiger chasing you represents your own ambitious side and aggressive nature. Meanwhile, the bathroom alludes to a necessity to flush out negative attitude and aspects which could be detrimental to your character. You may be gunning for a leadership position, so you are exercising a lot of assertiveness and zeal. Those actions, however, could turn some people off. As such, the raccoon that attacked you may be interpreted in two ways. It could be that you may turn to deception as a way to gain power or it may point to other cunning personalities bent on snatching away those opportunities you are eyeing.
Large bats inside the house My dream had many parts, but what stuck with me most is that at some point, I was in my apartment and there were bats everywhere.They were large, too. It's the first time I've ever had this dream, but I'm really confused. Being nocturnal animals, bats are often associated with darkness. As such, seeing bats inside your apartment in the dream alludes to negative vibes and issues taking place in your dwelling. Perhaps you are encountering problems within your residence and you need to relocate in order to avoid getting too entangled in those developing issues. On the other hand, the apartment itself may be a metaphor of your own mindset and the bats are destructive habits and attitudes developing out of your own negative thoughts and emotions. You may need to look inside yourself to root out the origin of your problems.
Lions mating Two male lions mating with one female lion. A dream about lions signifies your ability to exert control and power on other people. The notion that you saw lions mating may point towards a physical intimacy or relationship where you might have an upper hand. In other words, you may be currently in a liaison where your significant other could be providing you with opportunities to have more authority when it comes to physical intimacies or be able to control them in some other way.
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