A finger bitten by a strange animal I dreamed an animal bit my middle finger, I couldn't see the face of the animal, but it looked like a big rat, but it wasn't. Seeing a strange animal bite your middle finger and being unable to identify it represents a big surprise in your future. There may certain circumstances that would lead to a big revelation or discovery which would end up shocking and surprising you. The nature of this surprise is unclear, but it would have a strong impact on you.
Newborn mice in the house I saw a large number of newborn mice in my kitchen. And many of them are already dead, many of them are still alive. And I am trying to put them out of my house. What does it mean? An infestation of mice in your household experienced in a dream is a highly ominous sign associated with evil and darkness rising around you. Often these forces work their dark magic on your goals or dreams. In particular, it is important for you to take time to carefully watch those around you. If you are too focused on the prize, you may miss the onset of someone's interference in your endeavors.
An orange dragon and cattle in the sky I saw that I am standing and suddenly saw an orange-color dragon image in the clear night sky and it was causing no harm and I was making a wish on seeing it and was happy. I too saw a large herd of cattle all healthy ones are moving. Please interpret my dream and let me know its meaning. Dreaming about an image of a dragon is an auspicious sign predicting that your existing troubles and hardships are about to end, paving the way for new exciting opportunities and fresh beginnings. This is the reprieve you have been waiting for. If you have been struggling in the waking world, the suffering would soon come to an end. Likewise, the healthy cattle in your dream alludes to prosperity and wealth. You could be getting close to achieving your goals.
Protecting family from rabid wolves My parents, brother and I lived in a town near the ocean that would occasionally board up windows and deadbolt doors to prepare for rabid wolves that would come out at night to hunt. We also were encouraged to wear neutral clothing so we'd be less visible to the wolves. Toward the end of the dream, I realized that we'd left a window open on the top floor and when I ran up the stairs to close it, I heard the sound of wolves entering and moving toward my family who didn't have any idea. Wolves are strong and aggressive creatures as depicted in your dream. Securing your house to make sure they do not get inside reflects fears and apprehensions towards some external influences or forces aimed at negatively impacting your family's peaceful existence. As such, these animals may be a representation of harmful habits or even menacing individuals who could hurt not only you, but also other members of your immediate family. It is something that could threaten your family's ties and integrity. Perhaps this sneaky threat that comes prowling at night is someone's addiction going undetected or a damning secret being kept by one of your loved ones.
A monkey playing with itself A small female monkey fornicating itself. A masturbating female monkey reveals growing dissatisfaction. Your inner child and youthful aspirations may be starting to fade or dim. Through this dream, your subconscious is highlighting a latent desire to break free and be impulsive. Perhaps you are feeling limited or restricted in your current situation, and as such, sometimes you may want to just channel your mischievous side and be spontaneous without having to think about the consequences of your actions.
A lizard getting inside the body I dreamt of a lizard burying itself into my body and I squeezed it out and it ran away and hid. The scenario in your dream in which a lizard is trying to bury itself into your body represents a cold-blooded individual trying to ingratiate his or her way into your circle of trust. It is a warning that you would be attacked by your enemies, be confronted by your rivals at work or in your personal life, or have a possible confrontation with competitors. So beware of those people who have the propensity to inflict any harm to you. Fortunately, squeezing the lizard out means that being assertive and vigilant could throw off malicious figures in the waking world.
Two seals in a swimming pool Me and my boyfriend are at my hairdresser's house which is supposed to be around the beach or ocean (in my dream). Everything is going good, we get into her pool, we are all horsing around when I feel something behind me, it's a seal and there are two of them and one that is bigger and meaner (I knew it was dangerous). So my boyfriend gets all of us out of the water and gets us elevated, but he decides that he is going to help the seal (which I took to be like a leopard seal) and he's fighting with it. Being at a hairdresser's house in your dream reveals your readiness for change. The type of change you are looking forward to has something to do with social status, as symbolized by the seals in your vision. Perhaps you and your boyfriend have been talking about your future in the real world, hoping for some career advancement or financial gain. As such, seeing your boyfriend grappling and fighting with the seal refers to his efforts to compete with others in order to gain a level of success befitting his hard work, ambitions and diligence. The vision is foretelling greater and better things ahead for the both of you, individually and as a couple.
A fight between a fox and lizard Hello, I've had a dream where I was petting a white fox and a lizard went by us and fox suddenly attacked the lizard and I was trying to protect the fox by attacking the same lizard. The dream was placed in my childhood neighborhood and was really vivid. Could you please tell me what it means, since I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. Thanks. :) The white fox and lizard in your dream represent two influential figures in your life. The neighborhood gives a bit of a clue regarding the identity of these two individuals. Dreaming of childhood places typically means that you are feeling nostalgic and remembering a simpler and idealized period of your youth. Consider the characteristics of the animals. A white fox symbolizes a well-meaning figure who tends to use charm and wit to manipulate or gain the trust of others. Meanwhile, the lizard represents someone cold and calculating. Perhaps they refer to your parents and how you view each of them, or they could be individuals you look up to. Either way, you could be feeling protective of the fox and demonizing the lizard, yet you know deep down that they both had a big impact on your development and social skills.
A rat chewing through a dress Hello, my wife had a dream where a rat was chewing on her one particular blue dress and left it with many holes. Please what does this mean? This vision could be a sign that your wife is about to find some much-needed inner peace in the near future. A blue dress is often symbolic of emotional turmoil or stress. Just as blue is a soft color often associated with feelings, so does this symbol represent strong emotional distress which she can feel and you can see in waking life. However, seeing this dress eaten by rats predicts making breakthroughs with this trauma, suggesting that the holes in the dress at the end of the vision show how much progress she can make. Therefore, the more holes she saw, the happier she is likely to become.
A possum out of a box I was going through some boxes full of stuff. It all looked like junk. My granddaughter was there, she is six. One of the boxes started shaking. I thought my cat was in there. That is when the black rat came out of the box, heading right towards me. Then it changed into a possum. The possum was covered in hundreds of babies. It came directly at me. I was a little scared, but more curious than threatened by her actions. It chased my granddaughter and she screamed and ran from it. I was amazed. The boxes in your dream suggest long-forgotten memories or personal baggage you have been carrying around for a long time. The rat that came out of the box alludes to dirty little secrets. A past mistake or regrettable actions may be coming back to haunt you. This is a secret that could potentially affect your loved ones. The transformation of the rat to a possum, however, points to aspects of this long-held secret that may be new to you. Perhaps you need to look into your past for lessons to be learned or information that could shed some light about yourself and your loved ones.
A lizard cut with scissors Gecko cut into pieces with scissors. Dreaming about a lizard that has been cut by a pair of scissors could represent your internal determination to restore or improve your reputation within your social circle or community. While this could be a good sign which depicts your drive and perseverance, it would be wise to carefully consider which path (or paths) you take to do so. Otherwise, you may change your reputation in a way you did not intend or expect.
A giraffe preventing from planting a tree I had a dream that I was planting a lemon tree. Just as I got it planted, a giraffe came by and plucked it up as a whole and moved it. I planted it again and again, and the giraffe would pull it up and move it every time. Planting trees is a highly symbolic image to see in a dream vision. It is often tied to the idea of increasing your wealth or becoming financially-independent. Specifically, it points to finding new income, usually in the form of property or inheritance, though it can also include new revenue streams from business and commerce. However, the notion about a giraffe interfering with the growth of your tree could signify the presence of a person or hindrance which prevents your endeavors from becoming fruitful. Until you are able to remove this counteracting force, your wealth cannot take root and grow.
An indifferent white tiger I was walking into the woods, it was snowing and I saw a white beautiful tiger standing far but straight in the direction I was going and I went to the white tiger. I started to pet the tiger, hug it and scrub my face on the white tiger's face and that moment I felt so great because it seemed like I felt in love with it, but the white tiger didn't pay attention to me. It was looking like its face was angry and with its blue eyes. It was only looking straight and didn't move its eyes, not even a bit. Walking through the woods while it is snowing points to loneliness and isolation. Stroking the white tiger or running your fingers through its fur reveals a tendency to be passive. You may have a habit of pleasing people for fear of being rejected. This vision alludes to your desire to indulge your superiors. However, this kind of attitude would not serve you well in the long run. Confidence and assertiveness earns the respect of others, not submissiveness and people-pleasing.
A lizard with a broken back An injured lizard with a back-side fracture and there was blood, waking slowly. Seeing an injured lizard in a dream could be interpreted as a warning. Certain issues regarding the physical aspects of your current relationship may arise in the near future. These problems may be sexual in nature, most likely regarding either your partner's or your inability to perform satisfactory during intimate moments. Whatever the case may end up being, having an open line of communication with your significant other is always the best answer.
People slaughtering an elephant Hi, please help me with this dream. I dreamt I witnessed a group of men tying an elephant with a rope and slaughtering its body, stripping it from all its flesh and only leaving bones behind. The head was not touched because they wanted to make it suffer longer and it was still alive fighting for its life. I was very upset with them and begged them to stop and shouted out they were merciless, they replied back and said the elephant deserved it because it did something terrible to them. Seeing a dead elephant in your dream vision is a highly ominous warning and should be heeded with caution. The elephant's suffering and dying suggest that your internal balance has been suffering recently. For example, you may be focusing on your career at the expense of your familial relations or vice versa. This could lead to some serious outcomes creating a period of your life filled with unhappiness. The fact that it was not you but a group of strange men who committed this heinous act could reflect the lack of control you have over the situation, meaning another individual or group could be negatively affecting the balance you need. In order to rectify this situation, you need to either assert your will over your destiny or cut those who have power over you out of your life completely.
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