Being chased by various animals Hey, I had dreams of animals chasing me, sometimes goats, sometimes bulls and sometimes lions. I saw these dreams repeatedly. Please interpret. Finding yourself being chased by several kinds of animals in your dream predicts periods of great joy and happiness ahead of you. If these creatures were drawn or attracted to you for some reason, it is symbolic of blessings which are about to come your way. Alternatively, if you feared the animals in this dream, then you are either running away from your desires or suppressing anger in the real world.
Trying to fight with a hyena Sitting at a picnic table with April, who was eating a sandwich. What looked like a dog ran by with something in its mouth. I went to investigate and found a hyena eating a small boy wearing a blue shirt (6-9) on the road. I started yelling at it and someone yelled "It will see you before it hears you", so I picked up a stick and threw it at the hyena and it charged me, so I went to kick it like a football. Hyenas are known for the sound they make which comes across as mocking laughter. Due to this salient characteristic of this animal, they have come to represent greedy and cunning personalities in the dream world. There could be someone in your life who is acting like a freeloader or worse, taking credit for your hard work. This individual may be in your inner circle, hence he or she can secretly take advantage of your trust and generosity. The boy eaten by the hyena symbolizes the more innocent and naive side of yourself. In the context of your dream, the wicked figure in your social circle is in fact playing you for a fool. This dream vision is your subconscious alerting you about certain individuals who are out to get you and bring you down. Keep your guard up and your wits about you.
Black goats entering the house I saw a dream where I saw two to three blacks goats entering my home from our other home. I tried to stop them and send them back, but I can't do that. The most importantly, when goats enter the home, it was a bit a dark inside the home. Dreams that center around the idea of goats entering your home are often considered negative in nature. Usually, they are indicative of your personal tendency to put people off or rub them the wrong way. This means your behavior or words may make others uncomfortable or even angry. The darkness you noticed could suggest a darkness within you that others recognize when you interact with them. You may want to be more careful in your daily communication.
Being bitten by a cat Bitten by a cat Being bitten by a cat means that you need to be aware of those around you who may have the potential to be liars and manipulators. You may also have to watch out for those who will betray other people present in your life and make things miserable for them and you if you do not manage to find out who these traitors are.
Monkeys and coworkers together I had a dream about two monkeys. Not sure what one monkey was doing. He was just being silly, I think. The other monkey was rubbing my feet. As he was rubbing my feet, he was showing/baring his teeth to others, I think my boss. My boss was there with me and he and I and another coworker were just being silly and joking around. What does this mean? Monkeys are symbolically associated with immaturity, so the connection between the monkeys playing and your co-workers joking around is fairly strong. In this case, the monkey showing hostility toward your boss, in conjunction with the previous sign, could be an indicator of poor work ethic (also applicable to your boss, as he or she could represent the work situation as a whole). On its own, this vision does not seem to predict negative or positive consequences of your current behavior, although it may be wise to consider reevaluating your work-related activities and methods to avoid potential problems.
A grizzly bear attacking I have been constantly having this dream about a large grizzly bear that roams around my neighborhood and it keeps attacking my friends and loved ones. It seems that whenever someone tries to run from it, it attacks. I have not yet been attacked, nor am I ever afraid in the dreams, but it is definitely very eerie. Whenever it attacks it is very brutally. This recurring dream of an aggressive grizzly bear incessantly hunting down your friends and loved ones but never coming after you could be considered a subconscious representation of certain concerns you may have. You may be too worried about or preoccupied with receiving immediate gains, whether at work or when studying. Simply put, patience may not be one of your strongest qualities. You should think of the bigger picture and what can be accomplished in the long run.
Avoiding stepping on frogs in the driveway I was walking into a house with my fiance and we were in the driveway, it was damp and drizzling and I had to hop over with great effort over a frog and then I noted that there were also a lot of little tiny frogs following the larger frog, maybe 20 and it was very important for me to not step on them. Frogs, on their own, tend to be associated with coming of age or going through some sort of transformation, either internally or superficially. This is likely because of their similar change from tadpole to full-grown amphibian. Your instinct not to step on them, then, is spot on and very important because doing so could lead to bad outcomes in the next stage of your life. This seems to be the manifestation of your shift from single to married life, meaning you should be careful about making small mistakes which could negatively affect your upcoming nuptials.
A family of white bears outside the house I saw white bear family sitting outside my house, male, female and their cub are sitting together and loving each other, seems like a happy family and I saw them from inside my room and tried to take their picture. White bears, such as polar bears, are symbolically linked with the idea of love and a happy marriage. This interpretation is further enhanced by the image of the cub. Your desire to photograph them and enjoy their familial happiness suggests you desire similar situation in your own life, meaning you want to get married and start a family soon or you want to work on and improve your relationship with your partner and children if you already have them.
Being attacked by a pack of black wolves I was with people I enjoyed being with outside. I stumbled away from the group where there were two large pine trees and I noticed there were three big black wolves. The leader darted from the farthest tree to the closest, followed by the two other wolves. They possessed ill intent to attack the people I was with, but the leader realized I was there alone and attacked. He ripped flesh from my right arm with his teeth, but I fought back just as much, the second wolf was coming to help. Someone pulled my left arm and saved me. This dream where you are attacked by black wolves signifies suffering which may be your own doing. The pine trees in the background represent your masculinity and the facade you put on to emphasize your strength, resilience and virility. In connection to the black wolves, it seems like you may be dishonest in the way you portray yourself in the eyes of your peers. The group of wolves therefore alludes to the unacknowledged side of you or parts of you that you have not fully discovered yet. Fighting these wolves reveals your struggle to deny or suppress who you really are.
Trying to catch a cow which has gotten away In my dream I was walking with a cow that a red handkerchief was the only tie on the cow's neck. When suddenly I released the tie and let the cow ran. And I just kept chasing the cow. And in that time somewhere out there came a man whom I don't know, he helped me chase the cow and he also declared he can't catch the cow. Cows are symbolic of food and in this vision seem to indicate that your current situation is lacking nothing in terms of necessities. While you may be comfortable, the challenge is in not becoming too comfortable that you take your blessings for granted or treat others poorly. This can be seen in your action of removing the red handkerchief from around the cow's neck. As red is the color of strong emotions, "letting loose" could predict an emotional outbreak which could damage your reliance on someone who currently provides most of your livelihood, such as an older relative or your parents. This conflict could literally cause all your wealth and prosperity to evaporate overnight, leading to a life of destitution and misery.
Frightened by a husky dog on the deck I was sitting on a deck writing, my leg was dangling out between a wooden divider and the floor. I tried to get up with difficulty as space seem to be too narrow. Then I saw a ferocious black husky walking towards me and lay down beside me. I am telling myself to stay calm. I could feel the roughness of its hair. To dream that you are sitting on a deck while writing means that you are trying to understand yourself. This scenario in your dream suggests an attempt to untangle certain aspects of yourself that you may not be fully grasping. The appearance of the black husky which proceeds to lie down next to you symbolizes loyalty. This dream vision conveys the message that in getting to know yourself better, somewhere in the waking world you could encounter an individual with whom you will forge a lasting friendship built on trust and loyalty. This individual's devotion to you, whether platonic or romantic, is beyond reproach. You need only to look beneath the surface in order to drop your guard and form a lasting bond.
Donkeys giving birth I was dreaming seeing donkeys passing in front of me, all of a sudden I saw the first donkey giving birth then the second one and the third one, all giving birth at the same time. In the same dream I saw other donkeys grazing on the green pastures and they were looking beautiful and smooth. Donkeys, as they do in wake life, usually represent obstinate, stubborn people, most likely members of your own family. Watching these donkeys give birth, then, predicts upcoming domestic bliss when these individuals (like siblings or kids) finally give in and become more pacified and manageable. Their more compliant nature should improve the quality of your interactions with them as well as help the household run more smoothly.
Being held down in bed by a black dog My wife dreamed that she was lying on a bed and suddenly a very big black dog came from nowhere and held her tight around her stomach. She was feeling the hard grip around her stomach even after waking up. Black dogs are highly ominous symbols in dream visions usually associated with a loss of faith in a once close friend. This means your wife may soon realize one of her friends does not care about her as much as she cares about them. This is likely to become more clear when your wife sees how her friend tends to disappear when troublesome situations arise, but reappear when it seems beneficial to them.
Animals' reaction to tree trimming I was watching a male trimming down some tree branches and suddenly a cat appeared sitting atop a tree branch up high. The cat was calm and not bothered by the noise and I nudged him off the branch, so he wouldn't be hurt by the male trimming the trees. Then suddenly the male started trimming another tree where there where two hawk nests with one baby in each nest and then suddenly two grown hawks flew down to a fence and waited on the other two hawks to take babies and all flew away. Branches of a tree represent connections and associations with others. The man trimming down tree branches in your dream points to an influential figure in the real world who may be controlling your actions and decisions in forging friendships. Perhaps this man (or a woman) is manipulating you to cut down some ties for your own well-being. Maybe he or she thinks that these other bonds that you have could drain the resources which may be reserved for your close kin. Perhaps this person means well by trying to protect you from catty personalities and predators looking to take advantage of you.
Circus animals dead on the road side I was driving with my younger sister and we passed a large deer (possibly a moose) dead in the road and her babies were around her. Shortly down the street we saw people helping a mother lion and her cubs on the side of the road. Just before waking up I saw many other circus animals and their babies (I can't remember which animals now) all injured on the side of the road and people everywhere stopping to help while I continued to drive through it all. Driving is a symbol often associated with the progression of events during the course of a life journey. Oftentimes the emotions experienced or the images seen while driving reflect the dreamer's state of mind. In this case, seeing multiple dead animals on the side of the road as you pass suggests a pessimistic outlook on your life and the future, meaning you have little passion or interest in the present and a dim perspective on what is to come. Your lack of desire to help the injured or deceased animals could further represent a lack of motivation to change your situation to improve it or to interact with people who could make you feel better.
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