A fox and dogs in cages I dreamt of a fox in a cage that was open. I tried calling it out, however it remained still. There were cages beside it with dogs in it. The cages were locked except for the fox's cage. Dreaming about foxes and dogs seems to indicate that you are about to play a dangerous game of truth and lies with enemies. Dogs tend to be associated with humans, so having dogs in a locked cage suggests the presence of rivals or enemies whom you seek to defeat and make impotent by limiting their movements. The open fox cage may represent the unleashing of your full ability to manipulate a situation to your advantage, especially by utilizing tricks and lies to get your way.
Family member attacked by a wolf I dreamed that my children's father was attacked by a vicious grey wolf behind my house after he left my house. Wolves in dreams represent strength, survival and pride. To dream that your children's father was attacked by a wolf alludes to your expectations of his responsibilities towards your children. Alternatively, you could also be concerned that he is unable to effectively perform his duties as a father due to his other commitments or problems he may be dealing with. The dream is reminding you to remain open-minded regarding each other's parental responsibilities, especially when they could affect the children's well-being.
Cows being roasted outside by men Cows were being put into an outside brick oven. They both had horns. The bottom cow was red, the other black cow was put on top of the red one. Men were adding coal to heat the fire hotter. And other men were pouring water on the cows. Red cows symbolically represent fire, and seeing one in a dream vision suggests being near a fire or a victim of arson in the future. Black cows also have a negative connotation, pointing toward physical discomfort, the onset of disease, and sometimes even death. In your vision, however, the cows were being cajoled into an oven for roasting, which indicates avoiding the negative consequences foretold.
Cats with tails up What does it mean to have cats in your dream with their tail straight up? When a cat's tail is straight up, it is a sign of confidence. Hence, if you dream of a cat in this stance, it refers to a healthy self-esteem and a sense of independence. You may be feeling secure about your present status at work or in your personal life. Alternatively, the cat could symbolize a catty or cunning person in your social circle. It is likely that this individual has an attitude of entitlement and evokes feelings or frustration and annoyance in you.
Not able to escape from tiger attack I am chased by a tiger and it catches me and begins to bite and maul me, but I am moving in slow motion, but the tiger is at normal speed. Tigers are generally considered an ill omen, and being attacked by an aggressive tiger in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of negative energy in your life. More specifically, not only does this vision suggest bad vibes and the stress which accompany this kind of existence, but it also predicts soon becoming isolated from others who are not going through such a difficult situation themselves. Your failure to outrun or escape the tiger further indicates the severity of this issue and your inability to overcome it any time soon.
Mother cat with kittens Hi! I dreamed about a blind, white kitten being chased away by its mother, also a white cat. There was another kitten, which the mother was keeping with herself. I saved the blind one and it cuddled up to me readily. I dreamed of it happening on the terrace of my apartment complex really late at night and my mother and two dogs were with me. None of the cats were aggressive towards me or my mum and dogs. I'd be grateful if you could help. I don't usually see such dreams. Thank you! Kittens refer to transition. Being chased away by its white cat mother is her way of encouraging the kitten to become more independent. On the other hand, it could also be a sign of rejection. Perhaps someone close to you is in the process of emancipation and getting ready to face adult life's problems and responsibilities. This person's lack of support from the family may push his or her into your direction to ask for help. Welcoming the kitten in your embrace refers to your generosity and desire to help out people in need. Perhaps your family's good will may soon come in handy.
A small brown dog coughing I dreamt about a small brown dog coughing outside my dinning room window. What does it mean? This dream represents an ominous portent. Seeing a brown dog outside your house predicts the possibility of being invited to engage in illegal activities. Should you accept such an invitation, things could spiral out of control making you wish you had not gotten involved in the first place.
A white otter Otter. White otter. Seeing a white otter is often considered the manifestation of negative feelings toward other people, specifically being envious of or coveting what does not belong to you. This situation can only turn out badly should you continue to pursue your desires blindly instead of finding more productive ways to spend your time.
Being in a boat and then chased by a dog My dream starts out in a boat with me, my 2 brothers and some random person and everyone around us in other boats are dead. Then we get to a house and they put us to hide in a bath tub. Then we come out of the tub and we see a dog and we go outside and it starts to chase us. While running, I hold on to my brothers and the dog was getting close. I think the dog was a husky. This vision seems to be the manifestation of the opposition you face in wake life on your journey to find out who you are, where you come from, and where you are meant to go. The first symbol, being in a boat, suggests you are looking for answers to life's most important and meaningful questions, but have yet to learn the answers to the questions you seek. Hiding in a bathtub, however, suggests you have had no luck in your endeavors, most likely because the people you need to ask are not around or the sources of knowledge you need are unattainable. This is followed by the image of the dog chasing you which, unfortunately, seems to predict further opposition should you continue searching. You may have to be extremely persistent, diligent and creative to get to the bottom of this situation.
Mules on a mountain slope A herd of dark-colored mules running up a steep green mountain. Mules are generally positive signs to see in dream visions, as they represent hard work and perseverance, especially under pressure. In this case, the mules seem to represent you, meaning you do your best to be productive and helpful in most circumstances. The steepness of the mountain may seem like a bad sign, but you probably like a challenge. The green color of the mountain points toward hard-earned victory and a tendency to get things done no matter the odds.
Wolves devouring real-life enemies In my dream wolves totally devoured the flesh off one person, ate out the entire throat of another, and partially ate out the throat of the other person. These three people live under the same roof as I do, and are enemies who recently hurt me. I had this dream after the fact. This dream depicting wolves attacking and killing people you know in wake life, particularly those who have hurt and disappointed you, is a negative sign often thought to be the manifestation of your darkest feelings at this time. The wolves themselves point toward disappointment and regret over the time and energy that was wasted on these individuals, so your subconscious is probably trying to get revenge for their deeds to you, even there is not much you can do at this point, as you probably realize.
Someone being chased by a buffalo A buffalo chasing someone. Seeing someone being chased by a buffalo is a representation of your own inner struggle. You may have some tendencies or traits that tend to get you into trouble. You may also be repressing these traits of your personality to fit in better with friends, coworkers or family. This, in turn, could be causing you some undue stress.
Being overpowered by an unfriendly dog A dog holding me real hard and he is not letting me go. If I move he gets mad. Dogs in dreams symbolize loyalty and protection. Someone close to you, possibly a confidant, may be becoming a little too overbearing and controlling. The strong hold on you is a sign of great dependency and unwillingness to share you with other people. Alternatively, this could also signify betrayal. If the person you trust suddenly gets hurt for some reason, he or she could end up breaking your trust. Hence, tread carefully in dealing with friends who may be a little too close for comfort. If you allow this person to overstep the boundary, they could soon start feeling entitled to your attention and affection.
Feeding fish with fish and buying birds I have been having the same kind of dream for past two days. Earlier I saw that I am feeding small fishes in a pond and the feed is also a fish. Then I saw an ill hen and love birds in a cage at my grandfather's home. Also, the same day, I saw my father in extreme stress. Next day, I saw that I went to shopping for birds but didn't buy any, so the shopkeeper asked me to see some more upstairs, but there I saw some birds alive in a plastic bag and a snake trying to kill them, but eventually it was killed by the shopkeeper. The combination of symbols encountered in your dream points to several personal issues. Feeding fish to fishes in a pond alludes to your competitive spirit. The fishes are your opponents and you are playing them for fools. The scenes involving a hen at your grandfather's home and your father in extreme stress points to familial problems. There could be a part of you missing and yearning the love and affection from your loved ones. For the second dream, birds symbolize freedom as well as aspirations. Maybe a snake, an individual who appear as a threat, is smothering you, holding you back from spreading your wings and realizing your potential. Your subconscious is telling you to take take charge of all your issues, be the shop keeper and keep the animals - your personal demons, in place to put your existence in proper order.
A gazelle and a friendly lion in a pool Noticed what appeared to be the body of a gazelle in a deep pool of water, a lion appeared and came out of the pool and followed me. Others were less concerned and he approached me and I was able to pat him. He was as calm as a golden retriever! Observing an image of a gazelle in the pool is akin to looking into your consciousness and seeing the possibility of something still undiscovered within you. Gazelles typically symbolize gracefulness, beauty and love. The appearance of the lion after the gazelle's manifestation refers to a romantic prospect. Your vision alludes to the possibility of meeting a potential partner if you learn to channel the gazelle within you. Perhaps this individual is already present in your life, otherwise one of you may soon make this encounter possible. Like a tame lion, this prospect may appear aloof at first, but you would be able to bring out their softer side.
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